Foxy cowgirl bellina gets fucked hard outdoors brunette and cumshot

Foxy cowgirl bellina gets fucked hard outdoors brunette and cumshot
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I would at this time like to revoke the last 2 paragraphs of my previous story and replace it with this one and the following story. Although that is how the story ends I real life I would like to start a fictional version as you all know so this is what I'm replacing it with. "Your cunt is so much tighter than your sisters." I exclaim in wonderment "Some women have tighter pussies than others." She says shrugging "OK I'll take that answer." With that last phrase I slowly push my dick into Tiffany's tight fuck hole.

Grunting with effort I finally get to the hilt of my dick.

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"Wow… you really have a tight pussy" I state loudly. "Maybe you just have a huge ass cock" Tiffany retorts. I nod and begin a slow rhythm of short hard thrusts, even with all of her wet cunt juices running off my balls there still isn't enough lube to fuck her like I did the other two.

So I continue to use short hard thrusts. Eventually she loosens up and I'm able to start fucking her for real. Thrusting in and out she starts to moan… my balls slapping the area where her clit should be is driving her crazy. With the constant cunt pounding I didn't notice the door crack open a little bit and another Native American head peek into the room. It stays in the door for maybe thirty seconds and then disappears without a sound. Tiffany is going insane her back arches lifting her breasts off the bed.

I reached around and cup them pinching her nipples and driving her insane. I reached down and slapped her ass causing the girls to jump and giggle. Tiffany starts yelling my name and screaming for me to cum insider her tight pussy. This is all I can take I thrust hard and deep into her cumming more than I had all night. Her pussy latches down on my dick just before my final thrust and she has the most intense orgasm of her life.

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My cum shoots into her awaiting cunt and stays there for about 3 minutes while Tiffany finally comes down from her orgasm. Her pussy loosens and my dick slides out with a wet pop, causing the girls to giggle again.

About a cup of my cum runs out of Tiffany's pussy and onto a school book of Lily's. We all walk into the hall dressed and smelling of sex. Lily follows me to my room while Tina and Tiffany head to their separate bathrooms. "I wanna take a shower with you" Lily states "We just had sex. I'm pretty sure a shower's ok." With that me and lily undress and head for my bathroom.

I turn on the shower and let it warm up for a second.


I turn around and stare at Lily's perfect form. Her long soft silky hair that flows down around her flawless face, past her smooth shoulders, and finally stopping at her mid back is the most amazing hair I've ever seen. Her perfect, perky, D-cup breasts that stand at attention like two globular soldiers waiting for orders. Her smooth, flat stomach leading down to wide child birthing hips, these turn into two long smooth legs that go on forever.

In between these legs is a picture perfect pussy, small and pouty lips let it show itself in the form of a line with a small patch of hair just above it. Her labia just barely poke out from between the outer folds of her pussy.

She glances up and notices me staring and asks "What?" "Oh… um… nothing I just can't help but notice you're a goddess" I reply suavely "Thank you… you're not too bad yourself." She says winking.

I slowly move towards her and place my lips on hers. She moves back looks me in the eyes and kisses back. My hands automatically move to her lower back and I pull her nearer.

She reaches up and puts her arms behind my neck and pulls me closer as well. I feel her whole body her breasts pushing my chest her stomach, flat and toned, touching mine, her hips pushing against mine, her crotch grinding against mine.

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Soon I have once again gotten a boner and she notices this, pushing away slightly and glancing down at my cock stuck between us at an odd angle. I laugh and reach down picking her up and carrying her into the shower. We brush our lips together and she smiles, as I put her back to the wall. I adjust the show so the water is pouring over our bodies. "I love the sight of a wet female body" I say out loud letting her feet drop to the floor.


"What about this one" Lily says stepping back She runs her hands through her hair and over her shoulders. Moving them over her breasts her hands explore her nipples and her cleavage. Running circles around her nipples she moans loudly and pinches one.

Both of her nipples harden and she moves her hands up and down her breast repeatedly. Soon she moves on to her stomach she plays with her belly button for a second and moves to her pussy.


She moans as she sticks two fingers into it and rubs her clit with her thumb. This is too much and I step in I move my head to her left nipple sucking it into my mouth and biting down on it.

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She gasps as I pick her up and put her up against the wall, I reach down and line up my cock with her fuck hole. Pushing it in slowly and pulling it out before going in again with more force. This was not sex this was love making.


She looks up and kisses me slipping her tongue into my mouth wrestling hers with mine. I pump in and out of her with a steady even rhythm. As her breathing begins to become ragged and quick I start to pump faster and harder. Soon enough her cunt clamps down on my cock and we both climax together. I thrust into her one final time, releasing what's left of my seed into her waiting cunt.

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As I look up I see Lily and myself in the mirror, I can see cum slowly leaking out of Lily's pussy, onto the floor, and into the drain of the shower. I also see Lily's gorgeous tits pressed against my chest and her beautiful wet hair sticking to her shoulders and back.

I slowly pull out of lily and set her on her feet. I glance up again and notice Tina and Tiffany both standing in the corner fully dressed and looking ready to go somewhere.

"What's up?" I ask "Well Tiffany is going to take us all out to dinner for tonight since our parents aren't home and all" "Cool just let us finish our shower" As they walked by I heard a whisper of "Oh my god&hellip. Cutest couple… I wish… had a boyfriend like…" from both of them When they left I turned to lily who was lathering up her hair "Apparently were a couple now" I said She turns towards me and nods her head smiling broadly and winks.

To be continued