Extreme gay sex hunks and twinks pissing free movie Fit Straight

Extreme gay sex hunks and twinks pissing free movie Fit Straight
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As the next hand proceeded, Ginny seemed driven to make a quick win, by bidding high early hoping the others would simply fold, leaving her with Sarah's services the rest of the evening. First Judy, then Mary dropped out, but Gail simply called Ginny's incessant raises up to the last card.

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When Ginny went all in, Gail called the bet and goaded Ginny by saying, "Since I have more money than you, do you want to sweeten the pot a little?" "Yeah bitch, before you call, you should know that I'm willing to go all the way with these cards. You and Sarah will end up waiting on me the entire evening.

Can't wait to see your flowered underwear…" Gail, remaining quite calm said, "So, all the way huh?" Ginny shot back, "You don't have a chance." All the while, Ginny knew that if Gail called her bluff she was in deep shit.

"Fine", said Gail, "All in, so whoever loses joins Sarah in servitude the rest of the night, right?" Ginny, knew she was fucked, and just nodded real quickly, and watched Gail lay down a full house, Kings over 8's. "Well Ginny, what do you have in that stacked hand of yours?" Ginny turned over her cards with only a queen high.


The table went wild!!! Gail looked over at Sarah and said, "Get Ginny another drink, I think she needs it." As Ginny was collecting her thoughts, Sarah presented her with another scotch and water, and Ginny threw it down quickly. Gail then cut through the laughter and said quite sternly, "Ginny", throw you top and bra on the table and get my friends a drink, you're our new topless waitress!" With that, Ginny turned completed red-faced, and tried to talk herself out of it, but Judy said, a bet's a bet!

With that, Ginny stripped off her shirt and unsnapped her bra, letting it drop into her hands and then with a flick of her wrist, flung it onto the table.


Everybody noticed her rock hard nipples and flushed face, even Sarah who stood back from the table had a bit had her eyes focused on Ginny's nipples, and unconsciously had let her right hand drift to her pussy.

Mary saw Sarah out of the corner of her eye, and exclaimed to the group, "Sarah seems to have a thing for Ginny." Ginny seemed to stiffen up a bit with the knowledge that a young woman was checking her out, and obviously turned on.

Judy said, "Sarah dear, why don't you dear since you seem to care so much for Ginny, why don't you give her a light shoulder rub to take the edge off her nerves." Gail interjected, "She's mine to control, but I like your idea, just face each other and Sarah, just hug her like a friend but massage her shoulders for a bit. With that, a naked Sarah and a topless Ginny embraced in front of the group with Sarah gently massaging Ginny's shoulders.

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The last drink was obviously affecting Ginny because after a while Ginny tilted her head back and closed her eyes enjoying the buzz from the scotch and the gentle massage. Judy leaned over to Mary and said, "This could be quite a show," leaning back to Gail, Judy said, "let me tell you what this Sarah will do." With that Judy told both girls about the afternoon antics.

Both seemed real interested in taking this as far as it would go… Gail told Sarah, "Sarah dear, gently unbutton and unzip Ginny pants, then slowly slide them off her hips.

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Hook your thumbs on the waistband of her panties and pull them down as well." Sarah knew how to follow orders, and a drunken Ginny was quite compliant moving her hips to allow the pants to slide down and stepping out of her clothes when they bunched around her ankles. Sarah was getting quite horny again, and could smell Ginny quickly moistening pussy.

She went back to massaging Ginny, but letting her hand roam all over her back, down to her ass cheeks, up her sides. Judy blurted out, "Sarah's getting quite horny, do you want to suck on Ginny's nipples and massage her pussy??" Sarah nodded in agreement, but quietly said, "I'm real horny Aunt Judy, could you tell Ginny to do me? I'll do what ever you need me to do, but please…?" With that Gail said if you start, we'll get Ginny to finish you first." With that Sarah began nibbling on Ginny nipples, and let her hand glide across Ginny's thigh to her sweet spot.

Ginny spread her legs slightly giving Sarah easier access to her now throbbing pussy.


Sarah straightened up slightly and planted an open mouthed kiss on Ginny's lips, which Ginny accepted by opening her mouth to accept Sarah probing tongue. Sarah guided the two beside the sofa and knelt down on the cushions taking Ginny's pliable body with her.

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Ginny ended up on her knees in front of the sofa between Sarah's outstretched legs in the middle of the sofa. Looking up at a naked Sarah, Ginny looked confused.

Mary scooted her chair over to behind Ginny and positioned her leg between Ginny's like she had done to Sarah earlier and nudged Ginny closer and closer to Sarah shaved pussy. After the third or fourth nudge, Ginny began grinding back into Mary's leg, and Sarah placed her hands on the back of Ginny's head, and guided her face towards her pussy.

In a last bit of resistance, Ginny tried to extricate herself from that position, but the alcohol had caught up to her, and she eventually collapsed with her elbows resting on either side of Sarah's hips, and her mouth just inches away from Sarah's pussy. With a little pressure on the back of Ginny's head, her lips met Sarah's pussy eliciting a deep exhale from Sarah.

The combination of her mouth on a sopping wet shaved pussy and Mary's shin virtually parting her own pussy lips and massaging her throbbing clit caused Ginny to begin to rocking back and forth on Mary's leg. Sarah began to virtually fuck Ginny's face with her cunt, but Ginny took her queue and began licking and sucking like a pro exploding in her own orgasm just before Sarah came all over her face.