RUGI Ngga Nonton Cewek Indo Putih Behel Colmek

RUGI Ngga Nonton Cewek Indo Putih Behel Colmek
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I went to school that daybut cold barely keep my attention on class. I kept thinking about how much my life had changed and what Mom would make me do next.

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I couldnt wait to get home. Before I knew it I was in gym class, trying to hide my hard on as the rest of the boys showered. Watching them soap their bodies up. Wanting so bad to fall to my knees and suck those glistening clean cocks. Wondering if I could take one in my ass now. I almost came. I did have to wait for just about all the other guys to leave before I could throw a towel on and run to my locker to get dressed.

I daydreamed through the rest of my day and finally got on the bus to go home, cock hard as ever.

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When I got home Mom acted like nothing was unusual. She made me do the regular chores and homework. We watched some TV and then my little sister and I went to bed. I was so disappointed. I was hoping Id get to be used again, and my cock was starting to hurt from being so hard.

I thought about jerking my dick but decided against it. If this is what Mom wanted then Id follow her wishes. I was just about to drift off to sleep when my door creaked open. Mom was standing in the doorway. My heart leapt. "You up sissy?" She whispered. "Yes Mommy." I replied quietly. "Good." she said as she approached the bed. Now i could see she was only wearing a robe. She had the stick in her hand and my panties.

"Time for you to get dressed baby." "Yes Ma'am" I got up and naked, my hard on bobbing around everywhere. "Hard again huh baby?" "Yes Ma'am. Ive been hard since I came on you this morning.

It felt so good and I loved licking all the cum off your tits." I moaned as I bent over, ready to receive the stick in my ass. "You liked that didnt you slut?" Mom teased as she slid the stick all the way in. "Yes Ma'am." I moaned as I felt the handle hit my ass cheeks. "Here are your panties my little slut." she said as she handed them to me.

I put them on and again felt so good with them on.

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"Thank you Mommy. Do I get to cum on your tits again in the morning Mommy?" I implored, hoping. "We'll see baby.

Now be a good slut and go to bed." "Ok Mommy. Good night." "Good night little slut." and with that she closed the door and I went to sleep. I awoke in the morning with a start.

I could feel Mom behind me on the bed pulling the stick out of my ass. I relaxed and let her pull it out, hoping Id get to jerk my cock all over her tits again.


"Ah awake I see, my little slut." she exclaimed. "Yes Ma'am." I grunted as the stick came al the way out. "All right ass in the air slut." she commanded as I put my ass all the way up in the air.

"I have a surprise for you slut." she said almost excitedly. "You are getting sized up, and milked." she explained as she started lubing my little asshole up again. I figured what sized up meant was that she was going to stretch my little asshole out with the next size of stick but didnt know what being milked meant. "Milked? Ma'am?" I asked without looking back. "Yep milked, you'll love it slut." "Ok Mommy." It didnt really matter if I didnt love it, she was going to do it anyway, I resigned to myself.

I could feel the tip of the next stick and it was fairly much thicker as she started sawing it in and out of my little asshole, teasing it and me. I started bouncing back at it. "Oh my little slut likes this does she?" Mom exclaimed excitedly. "Yes Ma'am." I managed through the huffing, I was getting hot and wanted the whole cock like object in my ass. She put the first 3 inches or so in and I though I was going to cum. She kept pulling it out and then shoving more in on the next few strokes until the whole thing was in my ass and she was pulling all 8 inches or so in and out of my ass.

I would say the dildo she was using was pretty thin these days but it was probably 2 or 3 fingers bunched together in girth. It felt so good coming in and out of my ass and I was basically fucking it while Mom held it now.

She started teasing my balls with her hands, gently stroking them as I backed onto the fake dick. It was killing me. I wanted something thicker and longer in my ass.

Something to grab my shoulders and cram itself inside me. I wanted a man to fuck me, I knew. I wanted him to fuck me hard and deep and drive his cum into my bowels, and then have my Mom jerk my cock like she had just started doing. Before long I was about to cum.

"Can I cum Mommy? Please!?" I could tell she was almost breathless when she said 'Yes slut. Cum!" and smacked my ass.

That was all I needed. She stopped jerking and just grabbed my cock. She moved her other hand to get something and I shot cum everywhere.


It was like she was holding a hose. I pumped and pumped cum with that dildo in my ass. When I finished cumming Mom stood up and told me to roll over on my back.

I was exhausted but did as I was told. She opened her robe so I could see thos huge tits of hers.

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She was holding a babyfood jar with my cum in the bottom of it. I couldnt believe how little there was. It felt like I came gallons but it was just a few tablespoons. I suddenly realized the dildo was still in my ass but I just didnt care.

It felt good and Mom looked so hot. She straddled my stomach with her bare pussy and told me to open my mouth. I did so obediently and without taking my eyes away from hers. She started stroking my cock and it came to life and got hard instantly. How, I dont know but it was ready again. She slid back and slipped her pussy over it.

I WAS FUCKING MY MOTHER! I was loosing my fucking virginity to my mother. Actually she was fucking me but I had my dick in her. She moaned and started riding a little as she fingered her clit, until she came too. Then she started pooring my cum in my mouth. I gobbled it greedily and made sure to swallow. I could tell that put her way over the edge and she came again.

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She got off of me and made me eat her pussy till she came and then told me to get dressed and go to school. That was Tuesday. The rest of the week went pretty much the same but I didnt get to put my dick in her but that once but i did have ot eat her and my cum everyday. I was really beginning to look forward to it. The weekend would somewhat change that.