Mother friends daughter man nina north fucks the pool man

Mother friends daughter man nina north fucks the pool man
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A couple of months after my crazy two weeks with my sister I was home alone. I went exploring in my mother's room and I found her diary. She hid it in the box spring mattress of her bed. She must have used a box cutter to create a slit on the side to slipped it in. I found the key taped to the bottom of her underwear draw. I read most of it.

But this one entry really stood out because it was about my sister and it happened only a few months before our crazy two weeks of having sex with each other.

She wrote it by hand but I'm typing it into my computer to post. She has amazingly good hand writing. It's like a computer printer. Here's what she wrote: I can't believe what just happened. I love Kim so much. I hope this doesn't scare her or something. She is so precious to me I would not be able to stand it.

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It wasn't meant to be this way but it just happened. It happened to me and I turned out okay. Well, mostly okay. I think she will be fine.

This is all John's fault. I know he's cheating on me. It all started today when I got home from work. John is away on his "business" trip. But I know he's up to something. I was able to figure out his laptop password. Using your dog's name 123 for your password is really dumb.

I was snooping around. The idiot doesn't know how to clear out his browser cache either. He's into some really effed up porno. Then I found an Email from Susan. Who the eff is Susan? Apparently Susan and John have be sending sex Emails back and forth. I have to admit the Email from Susan worked for me.

I could feel my juices starting to stir and I found myself rubbing my clit as I read it. Anyway, so there I was after reading this effing Email and feeling sad I might be losing my husband. I was sitting there thinking about the time in high school when I was dating Jeff the co-captain of the football team and he dumped me. Now I was really sad.

Just then my daughter walks in. I was getting ready for bed and I'm only wearing my bathrobe. She must have just come out of the shower and only had a towel on.

She says, "Mom, do you have any more of the hair bands you buy for me? Mom, what's wrong?" She must have seen I was crying. I said, "Nothing" as I stared forward. She knew I was lying. So gets on the bed with me and puts her arm around me. I instantly start thinking about the time when Jeff broke up with me in high school. I was only 16 and I was so distraught about Jeff dumping me. I was crying on my bed in my room for hours. My mother comes in and sees me crying. She says, "What's wrong sweetheart?" I tell her about Jeff.

She tells me everything will be fine but that just makes me cry even harder. I was so distraught I actually wet my pants with a little pee. My mother says, "Let's get you ready for bed." She takes off my shirt and bra.

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But I am so distraught I just don't care. She takes off my pants and socks. She takes off my panties and says, "Your panties are wet. Oh sweetheart. I'll be right back." She comes back in with a warm wash rag and rubs it around my pussy.

It feels really good and I mostly stop crying from her distraction. She gently uses her forefinger to wipe around my pussy lips. She is actually pressing her forefinger inside a bit and I swear she rubbed my clit up and down a few times.

She's working it around and then goes really low. I can feel her wipe the rag across my asshole with her finger. It feels really good.

There I am on my bed completely naked. She gets my nightie and slips it over my head and tucks me into bed. But she gets into bed with me and I scoot over. She tells me to lie there quietly.

The sheets were cold and snuggling next to her felt so warm. Under the covers she's lightly dragging her fingers over my body. It feels really good and calms me down. After a while I stop thinking about Jeff. I felt a ping of chills rush over my body every time her hand brushed over my pussy area. She would also drag the back of her fingers lightly over my tits.

My nipples were instantly hard and it felt so tingly. Her caresses really had all of my attention and I was able to finally calm down. Then she says, "See, there are ways to forget about boys who break our hearts." After she says this she puts her hand on my pussy. She knows just how to press her fingers into me. As she's rubbing my pussy and it feels really good.

My mind is gone. I could not say anything because I was just getting over crying so hard about Jeff.


I just let her do whatever she wanted to do. And it felt really so good I just didn't care.


This went on for some time and then she pulled my nightie up and put her fingers directly on my pussy area. It felt amazing.

She pressed a little harder until her fingers were slightly inside me rubbing up and down against my clit. I couldn't help myself at this point and I was moving my hips up and down to meet her hand. Soon I was no longer able to control myself, my body stiffened, and I had a huge orgasm into my mother's hand.

It felt so amazingly good. I was so relieved and spent. It felt like every emotion in my being was drained away from my body.

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I just fell asleep in her hand. We never talked about it after that and nothing ever happened again. But this is what was on my mind when my daughter put her arm around me to console me on my sadness. My daughter then starts rubbing my shoulders and says, "Come on mom, you need to relax.

Whatever it is everything will be fine." All of sudden my daughter is acting like my mother. And it made me feel better so I didn't care. After rubbing my shoulders for awhile she tells me to take off my robe and lay face down.

She starts rubbing my shoulders and back. She starts working her way down my back. She starts rubbing my lower legs and works her way up. A few times she was rubbing dangerously close to my pussy lips. I spread my legs just a little apart without thinking. She starts rubbing my butt but only briefly.

She hops over and starts rubbing the other leg the same way. She then hops between the lower part of my lets and starts rubbing both my legs upward. She starts with her hands on my calves. She then rubs the back of my knees. She then works her way over and around the back of my thighs.

When she gets to my butt she starts rubbing in circles. Each time she goes around she is slightly spreading my butt cheeks. It feels very good and I begin to get tingling sensations in my stomach and pussy. She's doing a really good job. I don't know how many times I let out a, "Mmmmmm". At one point she was spreading my butt cheeks and I swear she was lightly blowing cool air on my sphincter. It felt amazingly good. It kind of felt like she was licking me. But I know it was just cool air.

Maybe she was just lowering her head down and smelling me and I was feeling her exhale on me. I'm not sure. She then tells me to roll over. I felt like I was under her control so I just did whatever she said. She started rubbing the top of my shoulders. I just closed my eyes. My breasts and pussy are on display but my daughter has seen my naked body many times. She's rubbing my shoulders working her way down to my breasts. She was gently caressing her fingers in circles around my breasts.

Occasionally her finger tips touch my nipples which are extremely erect at this point. She works her way down to my stomach.

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She's rubbing the area above my pussy and occasionally her finger tips would run through the top of my pussy hairs. She then starts rubbing my legs. Every now and then she is coming dangerously close to my pussy lips.

She then starts caressing her finger tips over my pussy hairs. She would start low and drag her finger tips upwards over my pussy hairs. Her light touch on my pussy hairs was very exciting.

I felt like I was getting wet. At this point my daughter completely succeeded in getting my mind off my sadness.


Without really thinking about it, I reach out with my right hand and I started caressing the bottom of her butt area. Her towel was covering most of her back but my hand was able to reach underneath her and I started to caress butt and pussy hairs. I started doing the same thing to her she was doing to me.

My finger tips were touching her soft butt skin an occasionally I would feel my fingers tips glide over her pussy hairs and pussy lips. My finger tips were lightly strumming her butt and playing her pussy lips like a musical instrument. We kept caressing each other for several soothing and tingling minutes. Kim then takes off her towel and puts it to the side.

She then moves her leg over and straddles my head. She then lowers her pussy down over my mouth.

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It just felt so right and natural I did not protest her doing it. I simply start licking her. I have tasted my own pussy juices before and it has always excited me. But I never licked someone else's pussy before.

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It was so much better than anything I ever imagined. I was really getting excited and so was Kim. She was using her fingers to rub and massage my clit the whole time.

My clit feels almost painfully swollen at this point like it was about to burst. Kim knew exactly how to move her fingers to rub it in just the right way. As she's rubbing my throbbing clit she continues to press her pussy into my face. I'm working my tongue furiously. It did not take long for Kim to orgasm. Her body got really tense and she was letting out the sweetest little moans. I think she was trying to be quiet so her brother who was most likely playing video games in his room would not hear what we were doing.

She then rolls over and gets between my legs. She looks up at me and our eyes meet for a brief moment. Her eyes were slightly glassy and there was no doubt in my mind that she was completely possessed by the moment.

She licked my pussy once, paused, and then she started licking my pussy furiously. She was amazing at licking my pussy. She is so much better than my husband ever was at doing it. Plus her soft face pressing against my legs and pussy area was so amazingly hot.

Men's whiskers suck. It did not take long and I think I orgasmed more than once. I was not as quiet as Kim. I think maybe our next door neighbor might have heard me at one point.

Hey, sex is part of life. I don't care what they think. It's my orgasm not theirs! Afterwards Kim climbs up into the crook of my arm. Her head is now resting on my bosom. Her mouth is only inches away from the nipple of my right breast. I can feel her exhale lightly brushing over my nipple. My nipple is uncontrollably erect as she's breathing on it. She's watching it with her eyes and she asks me, "Why were you so upset before?" The whole thing comes back to me in an instant.

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I tell her about what I suspect is going on with her father. She assures me I may be misinterpreting the whole thing. I tell her, "Don't worry, I will make him pay. Your father is my sex slave. I will make him tell me exactly what he's doing. He belongs to me!" I can tell by the look on her face she was little taken aback by my proclamation.

That's okay. I really will make him pay if he's cheating on me. Even if he isn't cheating on me I will make him pay. Maybe during one of our sessions I will arrange for Kim to watch him serve me without him knowing it.

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Maybe I will force him to lick Kim's pussy if she lets him. This is going to be so much fun! I can't wait!