Gorgeous ashlynn free sex for free ride

Gorgeous ashlynn free sex for free ride
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Once, in the realm of sweet oblivion; That vast empire of half forgotten dreams, I saw a girl with eyes of pale vermillion Dancing amidst the soft moonbeams.

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Upon the pure and silken sands she danced; Her feet kissed gently by the breaking waves, Holding the breeze in awe, the stars above entranced, Making all mortal men her slaves. Now deep in the languid heart of night she glides Across the boundless obsidian plain.

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Through the spaces in between the hours she slides Where I glimpse her time and time again. Stray threads of thought, her supple fingers weave Into an image subtle and sublime; A rich tableau of myth, of song, of make-believe, An eddy in the stream of time.

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Empress of onyx skies and waning moon; Throughout the realm of dream her dark light shines! Now from her tower window, dawn she spies, and soon, Upon red velvets, she reclines.

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