My Favorite Slut Always Does The Job

My Favorite Slut Always Does The Job
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Authors note: this is the rewrite to chapter 3 sorry about chapter 2 double post. As always this story contains themes some people not like such as young, incest, mind control and possibly bestiality down the road. Thank you for reading my series thus far nothing much has changed in this chapter just a few word changes and some extra dialogue. thank you and enjoy and previously stated in the original chapter 3 there will be no sex in this or the next chapter so I can develop my characters and story more.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = CHAPTER 3 rewrite I woke up the next morning to a soft sort of mewing sound behind me.

Groggy but curious I turn my head to see my sister sleeping next to me in bed; I guess she must have sneaked in with me last night while I was sleeping. Not wanting to wake her beautiful sleeping form I slowly slipped out of bed trying as best as I could to not make a lot of noise.

I stripped off my clothes as I got to the bathroom desperately needing a shower after all that happened yesterday I was sweaty sticky and just tense as hell.

I started up the shower waiting a few moments for the water to heat up. when it was finally ready I stepped in and felt the warm water run along my body slowly waking me up from my stiff zombie like state. As I stood there I thought about the past two days and all the events that had happened.

The car, me and sis ending up together, the floating bottles the man who claims to be my father and claims I have powers of my own, the doctors and the doctor with the missing eye who I refer to as the white Russian and my escape from the hospital. All the stress had hit me like a brick I fell to the floor of the shower from the stress the past two days I didn't have time to think about what was going on it just happened but here I had all the time in the world to think.

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I began to worry as thoughts flew through my brain a mile a minute " The doctors have my address they have to there's no way I could have been admitted to the hospital last night without my mother filling it out. They'll come for me and my family to get me wont they and they'll also." my mind kept shooting out worry after worry.

After I pulled myself off the floor and got out of the shower. I dried myself off and draped the towel around my waist as I walked over to my room to get dressed. When I entered my room my sister was no longer there asleep on my bed. " huh she must have gotten up and went back to her room" I said to myself. Just then I noticed a little note on my pillow kinda like they leave in hotels.

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I thought maybe it was something cute my sister set but as I read it I realized it was the exact opposite of my cute angel of a sister and more like the devil of the man from yesterday.

The man I wont ever recognize as my father. The letter stated: "Hey kid thought I surprise you with this letter but I'm guessing your just getting angry ahahaha" not kidding he really wrote "ahahaha" " I noticed your little brain over there working overtime with worry so to burn out your fears I went a head and deleted all known information on you throughout the entire hospitals networks I even went as far as to erase a few doctors memories but I might have gone a bit far with that one now those poor poor doctors don't even remember they have a family to go home to hahaha" seriously he wrote the laughing.

"just remember don't be getting to emotional there you might just blow up literally!

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I must go now bye~~~" "asshole" I muttered under my breath when suddenly more words started to fade onto the paper. "P.S.


I sent you a little gift it should be there shortly" and that was all it said I wondered about the "gift" he sent I had a feeling it will be dangerous, but I did finally calm down my worries slipped off of me as I read the note; the feeling of knowing my family was safe was a huge weight off my shoulders.

I walked out to the bedroom hallway which immediately connected to the kitchen as I stepped into the kitchen I saw my mother leaning over the sink doing the dishes with an odd sort of beautiful finesse. the light from the kitchen window illuminating her beautiful face. Strands of hair draping down the side of her face just for her to reach back and tuck it behind her ear.

I just don't know what it is about women that makes there every action so perfect and beautiful totally lost in her image for the moment forgetting about where I was momentarily.

As I came out of my trance from my mother I gave a weak "m-mom" she heard me luckily and turned my way. "oh sorry honey I didn't see you there give me just one minute" she said while turning off the sink and drying her hands.

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She hopped over to me and gave me a hug like usual, and as usual her face pressing right into my crotch but the look on her face seem to say she didn't even notice.

She had a big grin on her face as she asked me "do you need something sweety?" "yeah actually mom I want to know what happened with my father." I said with a stern strait face as I looked her in the eyes.


She visibly took a step back by this question "Y-your father!? Sweety why would you wanna know about that?" "i just think its time for me to hear about what happened it's alright if you don't wanna tell me though" she was quiet for a few minutes then suddenly sighed "i guess I would have to tell you one of these days why not today then I guess" "are you sure I know it must be hard to talk about it".

"no its fine I knew this would happen someday I just wasn't expecting today" I nod my head letting her know I understand and she takes her time trying to figure out the words she wants to say.

"I'm sure you know about the base details of it like the fact that when I was 8 years old I met a man and some say he raped me I still don't to this day but we did have sex and I was impregnated by this man and gave birth to you and your sister. I'm sure you know all this already correct?" "yes I do" I simply stated "well there's a bit more to the story than just the base facts to this story.

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On the day that I met your father it was a bright and sunny day in spring the birds chirping the bugs humming along and I was none the wiser about the world. I was walking home from school that day when suddenly it felt like something was calling to me. My body on its own began to move to god knows where.

When I finally stopped moving I don't remember the name of the place but it was this old motel the place looked like it hadn't been clean in years the floors were this disgusting mix of yellow tiles and mold in fact I think every wall of the place had mold on it.

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As I stood there unable to move I felt a hand on my shoulder I tried to look but my head was stuck in place all I could see was what I later figured out to be a trench coat my body suddenly started moving along with him as we walked up to the counter.

"i would like to order a room for one night for me and my daughter" the man said to the clerk. I stood there unable to speak only nod as the clerk looked over the counter to see me. As we entered the room I felt even more fear flow through my body at the thought that I didn't know what the man wanted to do. I started shaking in fear then he knelt down and that's when I saw your fathers face. The best way to describe your father would be that he looked young but had a thick face but was pretty skinny his hair and beard were both bright orange and he looked very dirty almost like he had been in a fight or was rolling around in mud for days strait he wore a long trench coat that looked worn and old like as if had it for a while.

He had tears running down his face and he was apologizing profusely saying things like "I'm sorry this has to be done please forgive me" over and over again while moving me over to the hotel bed.

I knew at this point your father wasn't a bad person. He then proceeded to have intercourse with me. When he finished he left the room still apologizing just as much even more actually and then he was gone. Jump to nine months later and there you guys are being born, the happiest day of my life.

Once everybody had left the room that's when I saw your father a second time. "wait dad was in the hospital with you!?" I said shocked at this "yup he came right over and sat down next to me he was quiet for the longest time as he tried to think of the words to say then guess what" "what?" I asked curiously "out of nowhere you started crying in my arms you actually got your father to smile and made us both laugh" "hes got a good voice I can tell he'll be a fine man someday" your father said very proudly "look I wanted to apologize for putting this heavy burden on you I know right now you wont understand but in the future there will be things to happen some behind the shadows but many out open to the world for all to see and our son will be there to guide it all this great change to the world I can feel it" he smiled while wiping a tear from his eyes "just one more thing" I looked at him curiously "what?" "may I please have a picture with my kids" "and that's how my story ends please excuse me for a bit I'm just getting emotional nothing to worry about." I let mom walk away I knew she would be fine shes strong.

I had a lot to think about now the man she described in the story sounds nothing like the man I met they sound like polar opposites to be honest. I decided worrying wouldn't help right now and that I should just relax.

I sat down on my couch and started watching an episode of an anime called sword art online on my T.V. When about halfway through the episode I hear a knock at the door. I slowly opened the door revealing a fiery beauty at my door and man she was hot.

Think my tongue fell out of my jaw. She was this short redheaded girl bright red almost like a fire. her face was round and she wore heavy eye liner just the right amount to make her look incredible. then her body My god her body her ass was amazing I could already tell just by looking at her front, and her tits they were amazing I gotta say E's at least she was wearing these tight jeans and an equally tight black tank top that complimented her huge breasts nicely its like she left home this morning and made sure that every man she walked by had an instant hard-on.

By the time I realized I was staring to much I readjusted my self and held out my hand "hi I'm Ale." she walked right past me ignoring me completely as she sat down on my couch.

I was surprised to say the least I mean she just walked into my house and sat down on my couch like it was nothing. "Awesome! I love SAO" she said as if she didn't just barge in here but honestly I wasn't complaining. Its not every day you got a hot girl on you couch watching anime. I move behind her just as the episode ends and clear my throat loudly. She turns around and stares at me intensely "yeah what do ya want" she says with a temper.

"What do you mean what do I want you enter my house, watch my anime so I'd really like to know why your here" I said starting to get angry myself. "your old man sent me" she said making me have even more questions.

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"what do you mean he sent you?" "didn't you get the note he said he would tell you I was coming" all the note said was a gift was coming.

wait a second does he mean her! Shes the gift! "why would he send you for what reason?" "fer god sakes you're loud shut up for a sec god damn he sent me cause I'm supposed to train you" she said while scratching the back of her head in an annoyed manner.

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"train me? Train me in what?" "magic dumb ass what else would there be? cause he obviously didn't train you in fashion sense" she said while looking over my closes which was just an outfit I threw together at the last moment.

I felt myself getting more angry at her here she comes barging in sits on my couch and then starts critiquing me on my fashion. "magic? What magic?" I said while remembering the time in the hospital with that man when he stopped all my movements completely.


"ugh do you ever shut up you're given me a headache goddamn it I know what kid of training you need !" she flick up her hand and out of nowhere a pencil flew up into the air and then suddenly flew at my head .I quickly dodged it before it hit me, and when I looked back half the pencil was imbedded deep in the wall.

"H-HOLY SHIT!! Jesus lady you trying to kill me. for fucks sake how the fuck did you do that" I screamed "like I said with MAGIC retard you know for someone who's race is the strongest there is you sure don't know shit"