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Chapter 6 Mary woke up, but she kept her eyes closed because she wanted to hold on to her dream as long as she could.

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It was so hot, wet, and realistic that it seemed real, in fact she'd swear that she still felt 2 cocks filling her pussy. Reluctantly she opened her eyes and when she rubbed the sleep smut out of her eyes she realized that she was looking at her twin, Billy.


Not only that, when she squeezed her pussy she realized she actually had two cocks stretching her fuck hole, not only that, it felt like she had at least two loads of cum soaking into her womb. "It wasn't a dream," Mary realized, "I really did fuck Freddy and Billy last night." With a satisfied sigh Mary squeezed the cocks in her pussy again and watched her brother's face twitch, she hoped he was having a nice wet dream.

She looked past her brother's head and gave a sudden jerk when she noticed the display on her alarm clock. "Billy, wake up," Mary hissed at her brother. "Fifteen more minutes," Billy muttered, "just give me fifteen more minutes and I promise to get up." "Billy you need to get up now," Mary hissed again, shaking her brother's shoulder.

"You too, Freddy," Mary added, poking the boy behind her with her elbow. "What's up?" Freddy asked sleepily. "My mom's going to be home in a half-hour," Mary started.

"And you want us to fuck you one more time before she gets here," Billy finished hopefully. "I wish," Mary sighed, giving the boys another squeeze with her pussy muscles, "but you guys need to mess up your rooms and we need to clean my room, and we all need to get a shower.

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We all smell of sweat, cum, and pussy juice. If my mom smelled us right now she'd know what we were up to all night." "We can do all that and still fuck you," Billy said, "or did you forget that we can change and do everything at super speed?" "For a second there, I did," Mary admitted.

"Well," Billy said, pulling his cock out of his sister's pussy and shifting toward the edge of her bed, "first we have to say, Shazam." In a flash of light Billy was replaced by Captain Marvel who looked at his sister with the same mischievous smile that Billy had worn on his face.

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"Once you guys change, Junior and I can take turns, while one of us fucks you, the other one will mess up his room, and then we'll switch off. And after that we can all clean your room before we change back and get in the shower, all before your mom gets home." "I like it," Mary said before she called out, "Shazam," and changed into Mary Marvel. "Sounds good to me too," Freddy said before he called out, "Captain Marvel," and changed into Captain Marvel Junior.

"So, who's first," Mary asked, giving both of the boys an impish smile "Junior, why don't you fuck Mary first while I go take care of my room?" Captain Marvel suggested. "I think the two of you could use some practice at super speed fucking if you're going to be ready for Monday." "What happens Monday?" Junior asked. "I'll let Mary explain while I go take care of my room," Cap said as he rushed around to collect all of Billy's clothes from where they were scattered around the room.

By the time Junior turned to Mary for an explanation Cap was out the door. "So, why do I need practice for Monday?" Junior asked, stripping out of his costume as quickly as Mary stripped out of hers.

"It's my plan for how the three of us can fuck all through the week," Mary said. By the time she had explained her plans for fucking Cap in the morning and Junior in the afternoon the two of them had each other so hot they were already on the edge.

"So," Junior said, fingering Mary's pussy at the same time that he sucked and massaged her tits while she stroked his cock and they both hovered over her bed.

"As I understand it, your plan is to fuck Billy in the morning before school, and me in the afternoon after school," Junior teased. "That means you get to fuck twice a day and we only get to fuck once a day." "At least on the week days," Mary giggled. "On the weekend I figure we can take our time and fuck as Billy, Freddy, and Mary.

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People are use to us spending our weekends together so we can spend the whole day fucking and no one will ever suspect what we're up to." "Are you sure the two of us will be enough to keep your pussy happy?" Freddy asked, fucking Mary's cunt with three fingers at once.

"No," Mary gasped, her whole body shuddering through its first orgasm of the day, "but between the two of you and the fuck toys you bought me I think I can manage." "I just hope the two of us can keep up with you," Junior chuckled, swinging between Mary's thighs and brining the head of his prick up to her slit.

He looked at Mary for permission and slammed his cock into her pussy with one quick thrust so that his balls bounced off her bare ass. "That's what I want," Mary cried, wrapping her arms and legs around Junior and fucking him back just as hard. "Fuck me, Junior, fuck me and fill my pussy with your baby juice." When Cap returned from messing up his bedroom he saw Mary and Junior spinning above her bed.

First one would be on top, then the other, it was hard to see who was fucking who, not that it seemed to matter to Mary and Junior. Cap was just starting to enjoy the show when Junior gave one last thrust and held his cock deep in Mary's belly while his balls jumped against her ass as he shot 3 or 4 good loads of sperm straight into her womb.

"Thank you, Junior," Mary sighed, giving him a kiss as she released her death grip around his chest and waist.

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"No, thank you, Mary," Junior said as he pulled out of her pussy. "If this is what it's going to be like every afternoon I'll be looking forward to seeing you every day." "And I'll be looking forward to seeing you," Mary said as Junior drifted away from her before settling down to the floor. "Tag, Billy," Junior said, tapping Cap on his bare shoulder, "I've got her hot and ready for you." "Thanks, Junior," Cap said as he rose up to meet Mary where she hovered impatiently above her bed.

"Don't forget to pat your mattress and pillows down to leave an impression." "Good idea," Junior said, "see you guys in a few minutes." "So," Cap said, hovering next to Mary and running his fingers down her body, making her shiver in anticipation as he did it, "how many orgasms did Freddy give you?" "Including the one he gave me when he came in my pussy?

Two." "In that case I'll have to give you three," Billy said with a broad grin." "You know, if the two of you turn this into a fucking competition," Mary said. "What," Cap prompted. "You're going to make my pussy very happy," Mary finished with a grin. "Good," Cap said with a grin, "because if your pussy is happy, I'm happy." "So let's make my pussy very happy with three orgasms and big load of cum." "I'll do my best," Cap promised, sliding into his sister's drooling pussy with one quick thrust.

Mary threw her legs around Cap's hips and swung him around so he was on the bottom so she could ride his cock. "Play with my tits, Cap," she told her brother. "Play with my tits while I ride you like a stallion." "A red, white, and gold stallion," Cap chuckled, "that's me." Cap reached up to massage Mary's bouncing breasts.

"Oh God," Mary screamed, leaning forward to shove her tits into Cap's talented hands while she rode his cock as fast as she could. Her belly was already starting to jump with her approaching orgasm and she slammed her pussy down so hard it actually made Cap's ass sink a little closer to her mattress before he corrected for her enthusiasm and thrust both of them back to their previous height. "That's one," Cap cried when he felt Mary's pussy claim down on his cock while it was buried balls deep in his sister's fuck hole.

He was glad he was fucking her as Captain Marvel instead of Billy Batson because he knew that if she squeezed Billy's cock that hard she'd snap it off at the root. "Two more to go," Cap said, pulling his sister closer so he could suck her nipples while she continued to ride his prick. Mary started rotating her hips as she fucked her brother, gasping when Cap's shaft rubbed against her clit and sent a spark of sexual energy running up her spine. She tried adjusting her pussy until Cap's prick was stroking across her clit with every stroke.


"I'm cumming again," Mary screamed as her body shivered through another orgasm." "That's two," Cap said, clenching his teeth as he held back his own orgasm while Mary's cunt tried to milk his cock dry. "I'm now tied with Junior," he gasped, "one more and I win." "No," Mary chuckled, "I win.

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I don't care who gives me the most orgasms, I'll take all I can get." Once Cap knew he wasn't going to lose it yet he grabbed his sister tight and spun both of them around so he was on top and slamming his cock into her wet fuck hole as fast and hard as he could. And Mary matched him stroke for stroke, racing him for one more cum.

The twins were fucking so hard that the sound of their pelvises smacking together could be heard through the whole house. Finally Cap slammed into his sister's belly one last time and held it there as his balls clenched up and he shot several blasts of baby juice deep into his sister's body. Mary was right there with her brother, as soon as she felt his cum shooting into her womb her whole body shuddered through her third orgasm.

"Oh wow," Mary gasped, drifting down to her bed with Cap's prick still leaking cum into her quivering cunt. "That was the best fuck yet." "I think you're right," Cap chuckled, "but I bet the next one will be even better." "No bet," Mary grinned. "We've only been fucking for a day so I'm sure things are going to get better and better." "That was a great show, you two," Junior said from the doorway. He'd taken the time to get redressed in his costume.

"Did Mary and I give you as good a show as that?" "You sure did," Cap said as he and Mary hopped out of her bed and got dressed. "What now, Mary?" Junior asked. "What do we need to do before your mom gets home?" "We just need to get everything put away and picked up from the floor," Mary said, grabbing the things Freddy had brought her the night before.

"As long as we do that and we're in the shower before my mom gets home we're fine." While Cap and Junior picked up her clothes from the floor and ran them to the hamper in her bathroom Mary took her new toys over to her locked cabinet.

She got the key from it's hiding place in the molding and unlocked the drawer so she could add the new items to her collection. After locking the drawer Mary returned the key to it's hiding place and turned to make her bed with a few quick pulls on the bedding. "I wish I could make my bed that fast," Freddy said. "My bed never looks that good, and it always takes me forever to get it that good." "All it takes is practice," Mary said.

"Even though we have servants my parents expect me to do things for myself. That includes cleaning my own room and getting myself dressed, which reminds me, I better put out my clothes for the day before I start my shower." "If we're done here then we better get to our showers," Cap said, heading toward her own room with Junior close behind him.

Mary set out her clothes and ran to her own bathroom. Once there she used her magic word to change into Mary Batson as soon as she closed the door.

Mary turned to look at her naked reflection, "Well, I don't look any different," she thought, "except for the cum running down my inner thighs.

I'll have to see if I can do something about that when I get out of the shower." "Mary, are you here?" Mary heard her mother call. She realized her mother must be standing at her bedroom door if she could hear her so clearly. "I'm in the bathroom, mom," Mary called out. "I'm just about to start my shower." "Well, when you get dressed I'm making breakfast for you and the boys." "That sounds great, mom," Mary yelled back.

"We'll be down in a few minutes." "Take your time." Mary stepped into her shower and adjusted the stream of water, enjoying the way the water swished over her body, washing away the sweat and dirt as she scrubbed her skin with the soap. When she was sure Mary was in the shower her mother eased the bedroom door open and slipped quietly into her daughter's room.

Once she was in the room Mrs.

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Broomfield stopped to take a good whiff of the air and smiled at the smell of sex that permeated the air. She hurried over to Mary's bed and placed the clothes on the floor before she pulled the covers back to look at the drying cum and pussy juice stains on the sheets, and when she looked close she could just make out the imprint of three bodies in the mattress. She quickly remade the bed and put Mary's clothes back before she moved on to the girl's locked cabinet. The key was right where she hid it when the cabinet belonged to her.

With half an ear listening to shower running in the bathroom she opened the drawer Mary used for her porn stash, her eyes ran over the new magazines and video before settling on the 4 dildos.

"Now those are new," she thought to herself, "especially that one," she added when she noticed the large realistic prick. "I'll have to see if I can find one of those for myself the next time I go shopping." With the drawer locked and the key back in it's hiding place Mary's mother slipped out of her daughters room, closing the door behind her as quietly as she could.

"Well, that worked out even better than we hoped," she told herself. "Philip will be so happy when I tell him that our plan worked. It's just like we said, the three of them may be superheroes, but underneath it all they're still horny teenagers. And if we can't trust Captain Marvel and Captain Marvel Junior to fuck our little girl and knock her up, who can we trust." Mrs. Broomfield headed for the kitchen to start breakfast like she'd promised, but with one corner of her mind she started considering the color and wallpaper pattern for the new nursery.