Old Men and Sexy Blonde Babe

Old Men and Sexy Blonde Babe
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What the hell is wrong with me? I couldn't help but ask myself this question once again as I drove away from my brothers house, having dropped my nephew off at my brothers again. I shivered slightly, terrified about what could happen if Danny said anything. I close my eyes, just for a second, as I pause at a stop light. In the dark beneath the eyelids my brain swam with thoughts of flesh, the smell of sex, and the sight of those god damn emerald eyes looking up at my innocently.

I shook myself and return to the task at hand, driving safely without adding vehicular manslaughter to my list of crimes. Half an hour later I pulled into the dusty driveway of my old family home.

When Ty told my parents he would be moving to the city it was a dream come true for me, he left me the only heir to the ranch we had both grown up on. It had been years since it held any livestock or grew enough crops to sustain a whole family, but it was big, my closest neighbor was a mile and a half down the road, and the only time anyone bugged me was when one of the people from the closest little town needed something fixed.

Tyler's oldest son, Chase, had been coming out here since he could walk. He loved the open space and adored helping me work, so it wasn't unusual for him to ask to spend his weekends with Uncle Jake. The kid was 14 now, he'd be starting high school after this summer. All grown up now, in more ways than one. I practically crawled out of the truck and up to the house. My home, my hide away from all of the things I hated in the world, was now tainted.

I swore I could smell the little bastard as I walked through the front door. Like pine trees and teenage-boy favored deodorant. I groaned and climbed the stairs, heading into the bathroom. I paused by the door, wiggling the door knob. There was something wrong with the lock, and it was easy to get right through it, all you needed was to shift the knob the right way. It set you up for some accidental embarrassing encounters. I'd never thought to fix it, after all the only person I had over regularly was Chase.

Now that I thought back on that stupid fucking lock I cursed myself, some handy man I was. I stood at the basin of the sink, just like I had last night, and stared deep at my reflection. There hadn't been much sleep last night, and it showed. Dark circles showed through my tan, right beneath a pair of dark brown eyes, my sandy-brown hair was close cropped, but after last nights activity it managed to be as messy as it possibly could be, and the rush this morning hadn't left me time enough to shave, leaving my broad jaw with a coat of stubble.

I closed my eyes, unable to look at myself, I thought back on exactly what happened last night. I was his god damn blood, what the hell was wrong with me!?

But then, he had asked for it hadn't he? =+= I stood at the sink, the water running loudly as I scrubbed my teeth. Steam from my recently-ended shower fogged up the mirror, and I stood naked apart from a towel wrapped securely around my waist. I hummed idly and spit into the sink, enjoying the brief reprieves from Chase's excited chattering.

My moment of peace however was instantly shattered when the bathroom door suddenly opened behind me, I spun on my heel, tooth brush hanging comically from the corner of my mouth as one hand flew to the edge of my towel like a safety blanket.

Chase stood in the door way, a look of what appeared to be shock etched on his face, though looking back there was a glint in his eye that should have been a warning to me. The kid jumped, and scrambled for his own towel, which I quickly realized was the only thing covering his own pelvis, but somehow in the rush the terrycloth slipped from his hands and fell behind him.

We both sat and stared at each other for a long moment. I couldn't help but look, I swear to god it wasn't like I was checking him out, it was an unconscious decision. It was the most I'd seen of him since he was a little boy. And he certainly wasn't a little boy any longer. My eyes trailed head to toe in an instant, same shaggy hair, the same color as mine, same dark green eyes, he was a swimmer, and as a result had a slim compact build, the exact opposite of my thick brawny build.

But it didn't make him look scrawny, on the contrary it gave him a sleek agile appearance, and the muscle tone certainly wasn't anything to scoff at. My eyes passed that six-pack abs that he'd been showing off all summer, he had pubes now, trimmed neat, that was definitely different, and he had a slim, cut dick that sat half erect beneath his little patch of hair. For whatever reason I found myself judging it, comparing it to my concealed member, I wagered he'd fall somewhere between 5 and 6 inches when he was hard, respectable for someone his age and stature.

I didn't linger though, his hips were narrow and protruded, his legs were slim and he had only the lightest dusting of light brown hair on them, he had confided in me once that he shaved them for swimming, something to do with being more hydrodynamic. I took all of this in an instant before shaking my head and growling at the stark naked boy in front of me.

"What the hell Chase, haven't you ever heard of knocking?"I felt my face turn hot, but for whatever reason I couldn't turn away, I was waiting for him to pick up his towel and back out apologetically. "Sorry, I thought you were out already, the door just swung open.

You need to fix that lock, dude." He said hurriedly. He appeared every bit embarrassed, but still he didn't reach to cover himself, it was like he was daring me to look. "Is there any hot water left?" He asked suddenly, I looked at him like he was crazy.

"Uh, yeah, should be." I responded, arching my eyebrows as if to say 'put your fucking dick away, boy'. He seemed to suddenly catch on, he laughed loudly. "What's the matter, Uncle Jake? Haven't you ever seen a dick before?" He teased me playfully.

His taunts caused me to turn defensive, I faced him more openly and crossed my arms over my broad chest. "I wasn't aware you were used to showing it off to grown men." I shot back.

He rolled his eyes and strode into the bathroom, closing the door behind him to lock what was left of the warm steam in.


"I see naked guys all the time, swim team and all that." He said casually, nudging me out of the way to wipe off a spot on the mirror to peer in, apparently examining his face for any signs of stubble. Some part of my brain noted that this put him inches away from me, his dick almost brushing up against the towel that still covered me.

"Maybe you're just embarrassed cause you've got a stubby one." He teased. "Trust me kid, I've got you beat on that count." I said gruffly, moving to put away the tooth paste and my tooth brush, which unfortunately meant having to reach up, I was forced to position myself behind him and reach over his shoulder to place the brush atop the medicine cabinet, for an instant my flaccid dick pressed directly into the crack of his ass through the towel.

I swore, Chase wriggled his hips back at me. "Oh yeah?" He said suddenly turning, I found myself face to face with him, well, I was still a good 6 inches taller, but our faces were tilted to be just inches apart. The awkwardness returned. "Prove it." I was not comfortable with where this was headed, so I just rolled my eyes and turned to leave.

Before I knew it though, Chase had playfully shoulder checked me against the wall, grasping for the towel. I twisted to ward him off. We wrestled often, and he had yet to beat me, but the combination of surprise and the moisture collected on the tile floor led to me losing my footing.

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I slipped, I felt my head knock against the wall and I blindly reached out to grasp anything to keep from falling flat on my ass, my hand found the towel wreck and I found myself in a clumsy half fallen half leaning against the wall position. Chase took advantage, and the next thing I knew my kid-nephew was on me, his chest pressed to mine and his hand pressed to my crotch. "Woah there" I said stupidly, the phrase deer in the headlights suddenly took on new meaning.

He ignored my comment and began groping and rubbing up and down the length of my cock. And god help me that thing started to rise under his palm. He quickly pulled the towel loose, it remained pinned between my ass and the wall but he had access to his goal now, he peered down beneath our chests as he stroked my cock. I'd always been proud of my member, it was a good 9 inches and thick. I had certainly never had any complaints about it.

But now that Chase stared open mouthed down at it, eyes wide, I wished the damn thing would just run away. "Woah indeed." He said softly, resting his hand on the base of my cock. "I guess you were right Uncle Jake, you do have me beat." I managed to stand, I felt the towel slide to the floor. I pushed him aside, maybe a little more rough than necessary, and stepped around him so I was no longer pinned to the wall.

Unfortunately this also left him between me and the towel, and my hard on certainly wasn't about to be hidden by my hands. There was a moment of silence, he looked up at me innocently, and I tried to figure out how best to deal with the situation.

When I was growing up an encounter like this would mean a beating. But I was smart enough to know the times were changing, and you couldn't beat a kid into doing what you want. So I went with the patient, progressive route.

"Chase, are you, like, a fag?" I asked, okay, so I'm not exactly winning any awards for progressive thinking.

Chase shrugged but did not drop his gaze. "Cause it's cool if you are, I mean, your parents and me, we'd still love ya." I finished gracelessly.

He laughed then and I felt that much more stupid, my dick hanging out hard as a rock in front of my equally naked nephew, trying to ease him into his sexuality. It was a lot easier when you just smacked the kid till he started liking straight things. "Why, you wanna help me find out?" he said teasingly, looking up at me through his lashes, those fucking green eyes. It took me a second to realize that Chase, my nephew, was flirting with me. My brain immediately filled with images of he and I, how had I never noticed how perfect his lips were?

I shook myself and mumbled something about going to get dressed, hurrying from the bathroom as fast as I could. I could hear his laughter as I practically dove into my room. I quickly pulled on a t-shirt, but boxers proved to be difficult to negotiate with my throbbing erection. In the end I wound up flipping the light switch off and crawling under the covers, clad only in the t-shirt. My heart thundered in my chest as I listened intently.

He would leave me alone now wouldn't he? I heard the shower flip on and I breathed a sigh of relief, laying there in the dark. I squeezed my eyes shut and I prayed he would go straight to his room when he was done, as he had every visit before. I counted to 500 but I still still too keyed up to sleep. The hard on didn't help. I felt sick to my stomach, my nephew had given it to me. Some dark part of my brain mumbled something about how Chase should be the one to take care of it.

I shook myself again and my hand found myself beneath the covers. Okay, I thought, I'll just take care of this, and in the morning he has to be back early for swim practice, it'll be like nothing happened. I started to slowly stroke myself, but I found myself imagining Chase in the next room showering.

I scolded myself, but I couldn't stop. It was so perverse, so sick, and so god damn sexy. After a couple minutes I gave up, and I found myself thinking of all the things his eyes had suggested. Those too-perfect lips wrapped around my swollen rod, those emeralds gazing up at me, so innocently and so suggestive all at once. And when he was done there, I'd want to fuck him, oh I'd help that little fucker decide whether or not he was gay. I pictured him in a multitude of positions, all fours, flat on his stomach, standing on his knees with his palms on the headboard of my bed, oh god I it was fucked up.

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And suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder, I nearly jumped out of my skin. I could see his silhouette and the self-satisfied smirk on his face. "Whatchya doin' Uncle Jake?" He said tauntingly, his fingers digging into my shoulder. I looked up at him, and he seemed to realize I just didn't have the will power to deny whatever it was he wanted from me. "What do you want, Chase?" I said, it was almost a terrified whimper.

He sat down on the edge of the bed, I realized he was naked. His hair was plastered to his scalp from the shower, and I could smell clean boy from where I lay. He leaned down until his face was inches from mine and I found myself under the full weight of those eyes that held me captive. "Will you fuck me, Uncle Jake?" he said softly.

My muffled groan seemed to be all the affirmation he needed, and he reached over to turn the nightstand light on, casting a ghostly light on us, he pulled the blanket down revealing my still hard dick, and he straddled my knees, pushing my shirt up and off.

I looked down at him, half horrified, half begging. He gave me a delicious little smile and suddenly leaned down and took half of my cock into his mouth in one gulp. I moaned in surprise as he turned sucking dick into an art form. I could feel his tongue, which seemed to have a life of it's own, wriggling up and down the length of my dick as his head bobbed. After a few seconds of feverish sucking, he suddenly went down as far as he could manage, I felt his throat constrict around the head of my cock as his gag reflex kicked into action.

Then he slowly pulled back, pushing the tip of his tongue hard along the under side, swirling around the head and pressing his lips together tight as he pulled my dick completely clear of his mouth, before diving back in to repeat the process.

I clenched the sheets, moaning loudly beneath his ministrations, but we didn't break eye contact. I think he realized the spell he had me under had a lot to do with those two orbs staring back at me, though the blowjob was certainly helping his mission.

He changed techniques again, his mouth was more loose but his tongue worked like mad and he kept taking me as deep as his teenaged throat would allow. It took me a few minutes to realize he was covering my pole in a thick layer of saliva. Natural lubricant. Oh god, this was really happening wasn't it?


I was getting the best god damn blowjob of my life from my kid nephew, and he was lubing me up to fuck his ass. "Will you eat my ass out, Uncle Jake?" He said innocently, the same tone of voice he used to use when he wanted to ride on my shoulders god dammit, "your cock is the biggest I've ever had, I'm going to need plenty of spit." His comment didn't click in my brain right that second, but I flipped us around and he spun around onto his stomach.

He lifted his hips slightly, sliding a pillow down to support his pelvis as he presented his ass to me on a silver fucking platter. I spread his his cheeks with my hands, he shivered at the callused touch. I found myself face to face with his opening, a tiny little thing really. I leaned down and began a full assault with my tongue. Chase started moaning like a bitch in heat, he ground his hips down into the pillow, seeking friction on what I imagined to be an aching cock. I didn't relent though, my tongue lashed his little boy-pussy with relish.

I found myself getting more and more angry as I ate away at his tight little hole. What the fuck was Chase playing at? I was his god damned uncle, how could he seduce me like this? He was a fucked up kid, that's for sure. Well if that little brat wanted his Uncle Jake's rod, he was going to get every fucking inch. Without taking any more guidance, I suddenly sat upright, Chases back arched as he pushed his ass out more, searching for my tongue, he looked up at me and he must have saw the steel in my eyes as I moved into position.

I pressed the head of my cock against his hole and stared down at him imposingly. Once again, he seemed to know exactly what I wanted. "Please Uncle Jake, I'm ready, I'm not a little kid anymore, let me have it." He whimpered, I had to rest my hands on his hips and pin him firmly to the pillow to keep him from backing up on my dick, still I did not thrust forward.

"Please, I swear to god it'll be good for you, I've got a great ass, I'm a hot fuck Uncle Jake, let me show you, please just give me your fucking cock." I punched into him, and the kid must have seen stars. He howled, I wasn't sure if it was pain or pleasure until his hips started straining against my hands trying to get some friction growing.

Content that he wasn't dying beneath me, I started to thrust in and out of him like a mad man. "Fucking. Little. Cocksucker. Turning. Me. Into. A. Fag." I grunted out each word with each thrust. Even as he writhed for more of my cock he still had the gall to show me cheek.

"You fucking love being a fag, Uncle Jake. I bet you've never fucked a bitch with a pussy this tight." It was true, though I wasn't going to tell the little fucker that. His ass seemed to ripple around my dick, pulling it in until I was sure I was spearing his guts to hell. I eventually let his hips go, leaning down further to get better leverage, and he started wriggling his hips in rhythm with mine.

And all the while he begged for more.

He really was a hot little fuck. And I gave him all I had, every fucking inch of my thick cock disappeared into his little hole. I was an animal in heat, determined to breed him. But I wanted this to last just a bit longer. When I started to feel the boiling in my balls I pulled out, he gasped at the sudden emptiness and his head whipped around to glare at me. I didn't explain myself to him though, I yanked his hips up and ate out his hole, tasting traces of precum.

He groaned in satisfaction as I slid a finger into him, wiggling my finger around, pulling out every few seconds to run my tongue along his boy-pussy for a taste.

When my dick calmed down a little more I roughly flipped him onto his back, almost like we'd practiced he hoisted his ankles up over my shoulders and I jammed my rod back inside of him. We were now face to face as I plowed his ass with abandon. The tables had turned, and he'd happily switched from temptress to submissive cock-whore.

"More, Uncle Jake," he whimpered out, I felt his dick against my washboard stomach, he reached his hand down to press his cock to my stomach to revel in the friction there. "Fuck me as hard as you want. All I want is your cum. God please make me your fucking whore. Please Uncle Jake." I sneered down at him but found myself picking up the pace, I don't think I even realized I was capable of thrusting my hips so forcefully.

His begging devolved into a series of whimpers that pitched each time my cock speared into him. His squeaks picked up, mingled with gasps, and suddenly one huge howl, I was suddenly covered in something far thicker than sweat.

I looked down, cum now smeared beneath our stomach. I was about to yell at him for getting his seed all over me when he scooped a bit off of my stomach and brought it to his mouth. I watched Chase gleefully eat his own cum from his fingers, the perversion of it all was too much. I thrust in one last time, yelling at the time of my lungs as I emptied out the load of a life time deep into my nephews bowels. He groaned again, wiggling his ass and going limp.

I pulled back, letting his legs fall to the bed. I looked down at him, now spread eagle on the bed, a look of utmost satisfaction on his teenaged face. I looked down at his ass, his hole gaped slightly and out leaked a steady stream of my fluid. Curiosity got the better of me and I found myself with my tongue back at his ass, casually testing the new flavor. My mouth was permeated with the salty cums flavor, and I found it was more than tolerable. Chase groaned loudly as I lapped my cum out of him, I tried to tell myself that his was to keep as much as possible off of my sheets.

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When I was done with my drink I collapsed beside the bed. Chase's hair was now mostly dry, though I suspected the fluid that remained was the sweat of our sex more than anything. I drowsily reached to the nightstand and flicked off the light.

Chase nuzzled up against me, the smell of pine trees and sex invaded my nostrils. I hugged him tightly to my chest, a simple gesture that I had been doing my entire life, but now took on a completely perverse theme. Without another thought about the consequences of our actions, I fell asleep with my naked, cum filled nephew in my arms "You were always my favorite uncle." He said softly =+= I snapped back to my senses, back to the bathroom, back to the mirror that reflected the sick bastard that I was back at me.

I groaned softly and trudged back downstairs to the small closet-like room I affectionately called my office. I started going over some of the typical invoices, I thought bitterly of the days when it was okay to just show up, do whatever needed doing, take your money and leave.

God damn tax men. The phone placed precariously on a disordered stack of papers rang suddenly.

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I jumped, my whole life flashed before my eyes, Chase had said something, this was Tyler calling to disown me, To tell me that he was calling the police, oh god, oh god, oh god. "Hello?" I answered calmly.

"Hey there Jake, it's Dale." Dale did not hear the sigh of relief that flooded my nostrils. "Hey Dale, what's up?" "Well, my fence is looking awful worn after those spring rains. I was wonderin' if I could get you to come around and repaint it for the usual rate? I'd like it done by the end of the week if you can manage, I've got family comin' around and my wife won't be pleased if it's lookin' a mess." I sighed, doing mental calculations. "Uh, yeah Dale I can get it done.

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But if you want it done that quick it's a two man job." "I'd be willing to pay that boy of yours if you think he'd be up to it." My cock started to rise in my jeans, oh god it was going to happen again wasn't it? "Yeah Dale, I think. Chase would be all over that." == Chase lay in bed that night, staring at the ceiling and waiting.

"I'll be right there hun," he heard his fathers deep voice talking to his mother, "just gonna go say goodnight to Chase and ask him how his time with Jake went." He heard his mother spout out some muffled praise about what a good boy Chase was to help keep Uncle Jake from getting lonely.

In the dark the boy grinned, oh if only she knew. Tyler stepped into the room, and he crossed to the chair positioned by the bed side and sat down, looking down at his son with the same all-knowing grin Chase wore. He sat there as he had every night for a very long time.

He slid his hand over his sons crotch, gently massaging. "Tell me everything" Chase's father murmured excitedly. == Feedback is always appreciated, this is my second story posted and I'm setting it up for a sequel which I will write if there's any interest shown. I'm a little new to writing sex-oriented stories, but I'm certainly not new to using them!


So any response will be taken into account, thanks guys, hope you enjoyed.