Ebony babe danielle hunt gives handjob

Ebony babe danielle hunt gives handjob
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Fbailey story number 476 Give It To Him Or He Will Take It This story takes place in 1804 in a small community to the north of Seneca Lake and Cayuga Lake in New York State. In the future our land will have the Erie Canal running along its northern boundary. My father was given land to homestead. It would be his if he cleared it, lived on it, and farmed it.

That was the reason that he moved us from north of Albany to that place. There were eight of us when we left Lake George in the spring of 1803 but Grandpa died along the trail and little Eddie died soon after arriving here. That left Mom and Dad, Billie and Sadie, and Carly and I. We were able to get a log cabin built before winter, a supply of firewood stacked close by, and plenty of meat preserved. We were better off than most.

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Our cabin had but one room with three beds, a fireplace, and a table. Mom put two blankets around her bed to give them some privacy. Billie and I started out sleeping in one bed with the girls in the other but that changed one night when Billie told me to sleep with Carly.

Sometimes late at night I would hear Mom and Dad grunting like pigs, then Mom running to the outhouse. On stormy nights I would also hear Billie and Sadie grunting but Sadie didn't run out to the outhouse afterwards. Come spring Billie and Dad got into a fight and then he was gone one morning.

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Sadie was married off and we never saw either one of them again. Dad removed their bed to give us more room.

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+++++ Carly and I had to walk a few miles to school until I turned thirteen. At that age Dad declared that I was a man, took me out of school, and let me work from dawn to dusk just like he did. Lucky me. Carly was twelve so she still got to go to school. Then when she turned thirteen Dad called her a woman, made her quite school, and help out around the farm too.


Most nights we were asleep before our heads hit the pillow. Most nights we spooned with her in the back. I had felt her tits grow over the past year or so. However, every few weeks Carly would get in front and let me feel of her and let me rest my hand on one of her tits as we drifted off. She said she needed to get to the outhouse on those nights. Then after a few nights she was in the back again against the wall.

I started looking forward to those two or three nights each month. They would come just about the time of the full moon. She would let me touch and squeeze her tits on those nights but then she wouldn't let me touch them otherwise.

When I asked her why she just said, "Boys sure are dumb." I usually noticed Mom and Dad grunting on Saturday nights, then on Sunday he was in a good mood at church. Sunday was our only day of rest, we went to church, and then we talked and played as a family.

Having church on Sunday meant that we had to take a bath on Saturday so that we were clean on Sunday. Bath time was getting more and more fun as Carly's tits grew.

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Mom and Dad would bath first and then leave the water for Carly and I. Our bathtub was an old horse trough and we took turns sitting in the water and washing each other's back. When our Saturday bath and the full moon occurred together I had the best time ever. That was when I got to wash more than just her back and she didn't cover herself up when she got out either.

When I put my hand in the water and felt down between her legs she opened them up for me.

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She sure was different down there than I was but any time I asked a question about it she just replied, "Boys sure are dumb." One Sunday Dad was quiet, Dad was never quiet unless he was mad enough to kill. Carly and I were sitting on the very back end of the wagon as Dad drove us to church.

I asked Carly what was wrong with Dad and she said, "He didn't get any last night." I asked, "Any what." Once again Carly said, "Boys sure are dumb." That pissed me off and I got just as quiet as Dad was. The preacher talked up a storm that Sunday about fornicating, coveting thy neighbor's wife, and sinning.

Neither Dad nor I said a thing. Then at home we all walked into the cabin to change out of our good clothes. As I entered I saw Dad grab Mom, push her face down onto the table and pick her dress up exposing her fanny to me.

He slapped her bare ass hard. The look on his face said that he meant business. Then I watched as Dad pulled out his cock and slammed his hips into Mom's rear end. I was still mad at Carly so when she walked past Mom and was on the other side of the table I grabbed her wrist and spun her around. She landed face down on the other side of the table.

I pulled her dress up, slapped her ass, and fished out my cock. I started ramming my hips into my sister's ass poking my very hard cock into her, not knowing where it belonged.

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Carly was crying, saying that it hurt, and was holding onto Mom's hand. Mom told Carly, "Give it to him or he will take it." There was a pause while Mom grunted.


Then she said, "It is always better to give it to him." Soon I felt Carly's hand guide my cock into her. I immediately knew that I was in someplace very special. I had played with myself whenever I knew that I wouldn't get caught but nothing that I ever did felt that good. Soon I was cumming in my sister and then I knew that I was truly a man and somehow I knew that I had made Carly a woman.

That night Mom had Carly help her take the blankets down around her bed. We no longer had anything to hide from one another. Both girls undressed naked in front of Dad and I.

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Dad blew out the lamp and then he and I got naked too. Carly got on her back, opened her legs up, and said, "Do me right this time." I looked over at Dad. He said, "On your knees woman, facing your son. I'm going to do you like I do Lulu Belle." I smiled because Lulu Belle was Dad's favorite sheep. I spotted him fucking her once and later when I tried it she wouldn't let me in. Dad always joked about virgin wool.

So as I fucked down into Carly I looked over at Mom's tits swinging in the light of the fireplace as Dad plowed into her from behind. Then Dad said to me, "Move your arm, I want to see her tits jiggle." I moved my arm. After that night we worked hard as a family in the fields, in the house, and in bed.

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Anytime Carly said, "Boys sure are dumb" I would slap her bare ass, fuck her good, and make her explain it too me afterwards. She really loved explaining things to me. The End Give It To Him Or He Will Take It 476