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?????? POV: Friday night around 8 p.m.

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It's been two days since I have been house sitting for Heath Thompson. A mutual friend of Kaye and mine set me up in this situation to give me a chance to collect on a old bounty that eluded a bondsman 20 years ago. I have been after a one Tyrone Mathis aka Tyrone Robertson.

It was not only a high paying bounty to collect, but a very personal one for me. Back in those days I was a beat cop in Birmingham, Alabama. I was just out of the academy when I heard what happened to my oldest sister. The police report stated suicide, but I knew different as she was the most caring and loving person I had ever known.

I asked the Captain if I could look into it. He told me I was not a detective, but a beat cop that walked the streets. I explained in more detail that Janice was my sister, and that she would of never committed suicide unless something drove her to it.

He gave me a sincere expression then out of the blue picked up his phone dialing a number that would change my life. He called a P.I.

that has been working with the department on a case that would steer me in the direction to finding out the truth. I still remember that day that Cal took me under his wing showing me the ropes, but he thought being a bounty hunter would be more up my alley.

During that time I heard of a underground fight organization was taking homeless people and prostitutes off the streets and was giving them a chance to win a free way to start a new life, or a early grave.

Cal introduced me to a woman that did survive the assault on her. She told me that a few of the ' Guards' would go around and con the girls into acting like escorts, but by the end of the night they were turned to slaves after the brutal fucking they had experience.

I showed her a picture of Janice in which she slowly nodded saying after that my sister was turned into a whore and traded amongst the guards and gang banged a few times. I asked her how she knew all this.

She said that she was caged up with a few others, and that her and Janice was the only ones to make it out. She did tell me the man's name that brought Janice into the life of two months ago. His name was Tyrone Mathis and a underling to a more terrible sadistic man that ever lived in Birmingham.

The young woman Debra got away by getting help from one of the daughters of the ringleader. Debra also said that Tyrone was learning the ropes so to speak as he was next in line besides another named only G.


I guess I felt some sympathy for this woman as I gave her my number in case she needed someone to talk to later down the road. She had tears as she hugged me thanking me for my kindness.

Cal and I left as she had to get to work since she worked at the local diner in the evenings as a way to change her life around.

As Cal drove me to our next stop I asked him what was his involvement with this. Cal stated he got mixed up with the asshole at one time, but was given a chance to make things right.

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He also said that there was a task force being made up of Birmingham's finest and a few from Missouri that were going to help as well. I asked him why Missouri, and then Cal said they wanted to help as the sheriff from a small town was the one that helped Cal see he was being played.

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It was the day of the raid that I was given a chance to help. The captain said I could help since I was 6'2, 230 lbs at that time. As everyone sat outside waiting I was teamed up with two from Missouri plus Cal who had spent all his time getting information for the department to take down the son of a bitch that was corrupting our good city.

It seems the department had two inside the warehouse that decided to help. I heard later they were the daughters of the criminal boss. I looked at the Captain as he motioned us all to get ready. I had already geared up with my vest, rifle, tazer, and tear gas just in case.

Once the go ahead was made we went in. As we approached the main door we watched as a few of the guards came running out. Then one matching Debra's description came running out. He was 6'4, 245 lbs with a shaved head.

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I knew who he was as I stepped out of formation going after him. I heard my name being yelled, but ignored it. The bastard ran to a car that was not really street legal. I gave him a warning to stop in which he ignored. I shot once in the air which he ignored.

He got to the driver door opening it up so I aimed taking my shot. I pulled the trigger to only hit him in the shoulder. He screamed, but got in the car and pulled out racing away. I was making my way to one of the police cars to only be stopped by one of the lead officers. He told me to stop that I was needed to secure the premises. I protested until he told me we would find those that ran.

I lowered my head as tears came to me. I just nodded as I looked up telling my sister Janice I would get the one that hurt her, the one that caused her to take a life she shouldn't of taken by her own hand.

I looked down at the road Tyrone drove down only to make a vow to him. " I will find you fucker and when I do so help me god my sister will see Heaven." I said in a low voice so no one could hear As I was in my thoughts Batman started to growl from where he was on my left side. He was growling towards the front door. I eased over to my laptop that I had on to monitor the surrounding sides of the house. I also parked my van across the street with a mobile video camera set up towards the house.

I looked at the screen rotating until I switched to my van camera and what do I see a tall black man at the front door trying to get in. I motion for Batman to stay in which he did, but kept his growl going. I made my way over to the door to look out of the peep hole.

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I left the outside light on as a invitation. I knew people with Tyrone's temperament having captured or helped take down over the years. They were persistent at getting what they wanted no matter how many they hurt along the way. And what Heath and his family told me I was in the right place. As I looked out I seen the man wasn't Tyrone, but someone even better for my first act of revenge.his punk ass son Trey.

Like I said I had all the intel I needed on Tyrone and his family. Kaye was the only good one as she saw the light and changed her life protecting Heath the past few years. As I watch the door knob open I un holstered both my bone collectors from my sides and stepped over into the dim living room. There was enough light for me to see. I stepped over to the stairs to take a seat as the door opened. Trey stepped in to only shut the door behind him.

Batman looked over at me as I shook my head no. He was a very smart dog which I found rare, but respected him. Once Trey stepped into the living room he caught wind of Batman's growl pulling out a gun and turned it sideways aiming it at Batman. I know if he had shot the family dog four little kids would be very sad. " If your smart you fucking mutt you will stay right there while I plant some cocaine in your owners house." Trey says making his way over to the stairs in which I smirked He didn't take his eyes off Batman until I quietly stood stepping up behind him.

I stood the same height as him. I put both of the barrels of my toys to his head cocking the revolver in my right hand making him stop. " Drop.The.Gun. Don't you know it's wrong to point a gun on a sweet innocent doggy?" I asked as he stood there either scared or debating " who the fuck are you?

Why are you here as I know the people that are living in this house left?" He answered with fear but asked with shock " Oh think of me as the house sitter and I take my job to heart, and now drop that pea shooter that you call a gun before I have my new friend over there make you fatherless." I told him as I watched him lower the gun leaning down placing it on the floor He stood back up until I shoved him to the middle of the living room.

I kicked the gun to the foot of the stairs making sure not to touch it. He turned to see who I was as I gave him a smirk. " So you thought it was smart to break into a person's home and plant drugs?" I ask as his expression showed fear " Hey man it's none of your business.

I am just doing what I was." He didn't get to finish as I cut him off " What your father Tyrone asked you to do Trey?" I asked as his eyes grew wide " do you know my father?" He asked as I gave him a grin " Oh I have come to know of him. Gave him a scar on his left shoulder." I told him as his face changed to worry " Hey look I am just a underling.

Let me go and I won't come back." He tells me as I shake my head " No sorry can't do that. I know your pathetic father is close. So tell me where he is?" I say as his eyes narrowed " My father is not pathetic. He is a smart and brave man.

He will get what is his asshole." He tells me as I shake my head but am curious " And what would that be you little ass wipe?" I ask as he looks sternly at me " To take everything that Heath owns even his women.

He has friends that would pay good money to buy them for their own pleasure." Trey tells me with some good information " So your dad is a sick fuck interesting. I see old habits die hard." I say as I decock my revolver making Trey think I'm lowering my guard " Wait.what are you going to do?" He asks as I kiss the barrel of my gun looking at him " Well Trey it's like this. Have you heard of self defense?" I ask as he shakes his head before I continue " Damn you must be dumb, well since you broke into this house I can claim self defense.

I could shoot you and get away with it. You see I am not the average house sitter." I say stepping back kicking the gun he held over to him as I kept my eyes on him " What are you doing man?" He asked sounding scared " Pick it up if you feel you can take me little boy." I say with sarcasm as he looks down at the gun then back up at me " Man are you crazy I just came to plant the coke." He tells me as I shake my head " No you came in to be stupid.

Trey your just a stupid no good ass wipe. You praise your father up high when he is just a bully that treats those around him as his pawns. Your sister was smart and got away helping to keep someone she thinks of as a REAL brother safe from him and you." I say giving him a bit of information " No she isn't as she is in college in Montana." He says as I chuckle " Sure she is hmm now that is weird as I could of swore I saw her the other day.

Oh and the picture on the wall behind you has her face in it." I tell him bringing the truth out for him to see I watch as he slowly turns to see the family picture of Heath and everyone taken recently. I hear a gasp from him as he turns back to look at me. He looks at me with some conflict before I hear Batman growl a bit louder. It's at that moment that Trey made the most dumb decision. He actually picks his peashooter up to only point it at me. " NO THAT CAN'T BE HER.

KEISHA WOULD NEVER CHOOSE THAT BABY OVER US!" He yells as I point at the other picture on the mantle with the gun in my right hand He looks over at it shaking his head.

It's at that moment Trey looks back at me holding the gun tight in his hand. He cocks the hammer back as if to shoot me. " You really want to do this kid?

You really want to be some guys bitch in jail?" I ask as he shakes his head " That's the thing I won't go to jail.because I'm going to kill you and the fucking dog asshole ." He says as I just shake my head as I lower my gun barrel a little then pull the trigger surprising poor Trey as he goes down dropping the gun only to grab his left lower leg " SON OF A BITCH YOU SHOT ME!" He screams as I smirk I stepped over to only kick the gun again this time to the chair behind me.

It was only a minute later that Batman went to Trey to make sure he didn't move a muscle. " It's ok Batboy, but if you insist guard him." I say as my new friend barked I pulled my phone out calling the police telling them there was a break in at the Thompson residence.

They said they would be out asap. I stood there just staring at Trey who was bleeding on the floor. I knew I would have to clean it up since I shot the freaking idiot. It was around 9:30 p.m. when there came a knock on the door. I went to answer it and found a beautiful lady around my age standing with a very concerned expression on her face.

" Hello sorry but I heard a gun shot is Heath and the family alright?" She asks as I nod " Yes they are as they are away on vacation. I am house sitting and the shot you heard was me defending myself from a idiot that broke in." I explained as her eyes grew wide " Oh my are you alright? Who are you anyway? Heath never said he was leaving." She asked as I nodded " Yes I am fine, I am a friend of Kaye's and now Heath's, and it was a sudden thing as the whole family wanted to spend a day together before going on a week long cruise." I answered as she sighed in relief " Sorry for being so concerned as I took Heath in as a nephew.

So should I call the police?" She asked as I shook my head as we heard sirens " Nope already called them." I say as she nods " Well I guess I will go back home then. Just wanted to make sure Heath was ok." She says as I grin nodding before she continued " My name is Gina I live in the house up the beach. If you need anything just knock. My husband is over the lifeguards." " Thank Gina, Heath told me about you and your family already.

He said your good people and I have to agree, but he didn't say you were beautiful." I tell her trying to break the fear she had in her eyes " Aww thank you Mr.?" She exclaimed asking " William Augustus Grimm.but you can call me William." I exclaimed using my first name " Thank you William that is sweet of you. Well your busy I shall talk to you again I hope." She says as I nod watching her show me a grin before turning to walk away I watch her walk away as my eyes go to her tight sexy ass.

I grin thinking her husband was one lucky son of a bitch. I shrug the thought that was running through my head. The police finally arrived with the local sheriff in tow. They came in as I showed them my bounty hunter badge along with my identification. They asked what all happened and I explained everything. The sheriff asks me for proof of me staying at the young man's house that he considered a son.

I went to the mantle and got the letter Heath had wrote for just this very thing. I handed it to him as the paramedics came in to look at Trey.

He read the letter then smiled. He said that he would book Trey himself as I told him about what Trey was doing tonight. They took Trey away, but escorted by two police cars as he would be arrested shortly after surgery.

The sheriff shook my hand thanking me for protecting the home of someone he again called a son. After they left I started to clean up the carpet as Batman watched. I could say this was the first. I knew I was doing this for myself, but thinking on a higher level I knew I was protecting a home that meant something to so many. Once I was done with the blood soaked carpet. I returned to the couch to relax once again. Batman joined me as I started petting him in thanking him for his assistance.

That night I looked up above the mantle at the portrait of a older woman and a man. I guess they were the original members of Heath's family.

She seemed happy as did the man, but with some sadness. I could relate as the only family I had was long gone from me.

Janice was my family as our parents died when we were younger. I kept to myself mostly except for Debra who I talked to from time to time. She never married telling me she would always wait on me to return one day. I felt so alone at that moment wishing I had her right now in my arms. I then started to think I was in a nice home by the beach. I grinned as I grabbed my phone and dialed Debra's number. I let it ring until she answered. " Hello William is that you baby?" She asked as I grinned " Yes babe how are you doing?" I asked being concerned " Good baby missing you so much though.

When are you going to come home and truly be with me?" She asks as I let out a sigh " Soon honey once I have who I am searching for." I answer as she sighed " Baby please let me come to you. I could help my love I want to be in your arms so much." Debra tells me as I smile " Debra, do you deeply love me that much?" I asked just needing to know again " Yes William so very much. Please come home and be with me." She answers as I smile again " Actually babe why don't you come where I'm at.

I am house sitting for a friend. Her brother took her and all their family on a weeks cruise and I am alone except for the family dog. It could be our vacation so to speak." I exclaimed as she got silent " You sure they wouldn't mind baby? I don't want you to get in trouble." Debra tells me as I chuckle " They don't mind babe they just said to clean up after myself." I tell her hearing a gasp " Baby your not having sex with anyone without me are you?

You know we made that pact." She asked a bit hurt " No babe although I think the neighbor lady wants to, but I wouldn't without you so what do you say?" I ask as she squeals " Where are you at I will leave in the morning sexy.' She asks as I chuckle I gave her the address as she again said she would be here as soon as she could.

We talked a little bit longer saying our ' I love yous' before hanging up. That night I slept on the couch as I have been as I didn't want to sleep in another's bed. That night my dreams came alive with Debra showing me the love I have been needing for so long. ============================================================= It's Saturday making it our second day on the cruise.

It's around 10 a.m. as I stand in a jewelry store. I am just looking at the rings as a sales lady comes over and asks if I am looking for anything. I tell her I am. In fact I was looking for four engagement rings. She looks at me puzzled until I point out across the way at the 4 ladies standing looking at lingerie. She giggles with a smile as she takes me over to look at some really beautiful rings. I have spent the last few weeks thinking of taking my relationship with my four loves to that next step.

As she shows me different styles and colored gems. I notice four that would fit each of them. All four have dolphins on the sides with a different colored jewel in the center. I ask about them as the lady smiles. She tells me that are the dolphin love collection. She tells me the price in which I tell her that price means nothing compared to one's heart.

She agrees as she places each in a small box as I pay with my card. Once I have the rings I make my way to find my god parents, Momand Faye. Once I find them out over the deck just relaxing around I let out a breathe before I speak to them. " Dad's, mom's I need to ask you all something especially Father Ricky, momma Verna, and momma Faye." I say as they all look at me concerned " What is it hun?" Verna asks as Faye sits up to listen as does Ricky " Well I want to say I love you all and respect you.

I know I have been hard to be around as of late, but it's because of adjusting to everything." I state as all the mom's get up to comfort me " Son yes you have been a pain, but your our pain in the ass." My mother says as we all laugh " Heath honey we love you very much so what is it you want to ask? I know it's not money as you already have that, and we haven't given you an allowance since you were 13 so what is it?' Ellie says as we all laugh again " Ok you know I love Jasmine, Diamond, Hannah, and Tiffany.

Well since I can't ask Diamond or Hannah's parents this I am asking about Jasmine and Tiffany. Can I get your permission's to ask them to marry me?" I ask as they all got quiet before my god dad's stood up coming over Ricky, Nate, and Mike move in front of me as the mother's all stand beside me or them.

They each look at me with a stern look. " First of all son those four young women are our daughter's." Mike tells me as I nod " Second when were you going to ask them, and do you already have the rings?" Nate asks as I nod as I show them the jewelry bag The mom's come over and ask to look at the rings. I take the four small boxes out to show them. As they look I answer Nate. " I was thinking at sunset on the forward deck with all the family around." I answer as my dad's nod " Oh Heath these are so beautiful son." Faye says as the other mothers smile " Yes they are as my loves deserve the best in life." I say as they all nod in agreement I stand there looking at Ricky before he smiles stepping up to me giving me a big hug.

" You have our blessing son now how do you exactly plan to do the proposal?" He asks me as I shrug I feel a hand on my right arm to only turn my head to see my mother standing there. She looks up with a smile before having me look over across the way. I turn to see my loves and my kids still shopping as the mothers place the rings and boxes in the bag as I put it behind my back. " Son why not ask your kids for help?

Have them be part of something so beautiful and loving." My mother says asking as I look to see the parents all nod again in agreement I stand there thinking of the idea and grin knowing my mother was right. I thank them all as I make my way to my loves after having the parents promise to not say a word. I go to the kids who are still with my loves.They are standing around looking bored at the four mothers that I hope say yes, as they are still shopping for clothes.

I smirk thinking I am about to save my kids. I walk up to them in which Karen sees me and comes running. I pick her up and that is when she whispers to me. " Daddy help we're bored." She says as I chuckle " Ok princess as I need to ask you and your brothers something anyway." I state as she gets a look of worry in her eyes " It's nothing bad honey so get that worry out of your mind." I say as she giggles Diamond notices me coming over to me with a smile.

" Baby we found a few things that we want to wear for you. Is it ok to buy them?" She asks as I give her a nod " Sure, is it ok if I take the kids for a bit I want to talk to them?" I ask as Diamond looks with concern " Baby is something wrong?" She asks as I shake my head " No I just want to talk to them about something darlin." I exclaim as she sighs in relief " Sure baby as it will give us ladies time to look for some adult clothes if you know what I mean." She says with a sexy smirk I give Diamond a kiss then make my way to the others.

As I take the kids to somewhere quiet on the deck. I sit down in one of the lounge chairs as they sit in front of me on the same chair. " What's wrong daddy have we been bad?" My youngest son Dakota asks with a pout " No son you haven't. Daddy just needs all four of you to help him with something." I answer as they all look at me confused " How can we help you Uncle Heath?" My nephew asks me as I grin " Well first off Karen, Lil Greg, and Dakota how would you three feel about your mommies and daddy being married?" I ask in which makes all four kids go wide eyed " Daddy are you saying you want to marry mommy?" Karen asks in a excited voice " Yes princess I do.

So how do you feel about that?" I ask again answering her I see them all look at one another with smiles then at me. " We think that would be great daddy, but what about Mommy Hannah?" Karen asks as I nod pointing at Lil Heath " That is where Lil Heath will come in.

Look four rings and four kids. Each of you will hand them the small jewelry boxes I have in this bag." I exclaim as they all nod smiling " Ok daddy we got it. So how do you want us to do this?" Karen asks as I then tell them I explain about how I want them to present the rings and if they want to say anything that it was up to them.

They each get handed a small box that I chose for each of my loves. Jasmine a aquamarine, Diamond a clear sparkling diamond, Hannah a ruby that matches her lips, and Tiffany a bright sapphire since she was my first when my eyes were once that color.

Karen suggest they put them in her purse in which the boys do. I tell them the key words to listen for in which again they nod. The remainder of the afternoon is spent with the god parents and the kids. The god mothers help the kids with what to say as they want to say something themselves. Ellie tells them to just say what is in their hearts. As dinner time comes all the ladies are dressed in nice dresses even my daughter.

Damn I know now I am going to have to keep all the idiots away from her. As we all get seated around 7 p.m.

that evening. I stand to make a toast getting everyone in my families attention. They all look at me with smiles. Each of the kids are in my four loves laps as I give them a wink and smile. " Before we eat I want to say a few things." I say pausing as they each nod before I continue " First I want to say thank you all for being here.

Mom, Michelle.Travis thank you for teaching me right from wrong. You three taught me what love was when I was little." " Aww baby your welcome." My mother says with a smile " To my god parents I say thank you for taking me in as your own. Thank you for the the times I felt lost and hurt.

I love you all so much." I tell them as they also smile " We love you too Heath." All six say in unison " Now to Chris, Selena, and Tiffany you three were always with me growing up.

Even when things were tough you were there. I love you all and sorry I left as I did." I exclaim as they all three nodded " No worries bro as we are back now as a family." Chris says as I nod agreeing " I am just glad to have my brother back." Selena says with a tear " Adam and Jack you two showed me what the word brothers deeply means.

You both helped me in my darkest hour only to bring me back to the light." I say with my heart as they both nod in agreement " Of course bro you think you were going to leave us without a butt whoppin in which we still owe you." Jacman says as Adam chuckles " Yeah you wish, but I agree and later." I state as everyone laughs as I continue after " Jasmine what can I say, you came back into my life giving me a chance to love again.

You started breaking that wall down that surrounded my cold heart." " Awww baby and I would do it again if I had to." She tells me as I look at her eyes " Diamond and Hannah you two have been a big part of my life.

Diamond what started out as a week of togetherness turned into love. Hannah you were a big sister, but now a very close girlfriend." I say to them getting smiles " Awww baby I am just glad Jazzy asked me." Diamond says with a wink " Your so right sexy and I love you." Hannah tells me with a sexy wink " Kaye I have to say I never saw you being my true sister, but my love for you as your brother has not changed as it only grew stronger." I say as she has tears " Thank you baby brother.

I love you so much Heath." Kaye tells me as I turn to Sierra and Mandy " Sierra and Mandy I thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving my oldest son. I love you both as my sisters and will always be here for you." I say as they both nod with a grin " Your very welcome brother." Sierra says as Mandy agrees I turned looking at the kids on either side of me. " As for you four little ones. Each of you have filled my heart with new life. I love all four of my precious little munchkins." I say getting giggles from them " We love you too daddy." Karen says as the boys show smiles and nods I take a breathe then let it out.

I look at everyone before I finish my words that have to be said. " As for two that are not here, but in spirit I hope. To my dad I say thank you for marrying mom and giving me life. As to Grandma May I say thank for giving me a second chance at knowing what a family can be like. I love you grandma May and dad." I say as everyone joins me before I continue " Now lets eat." Our food is delivered to the table in which the kids go wide eyed.

I smile knowing they will never have to go without as long as I am alive. As the evening dinner is filled with talk and laughter I look out the sky light window to see the sun is still up, but also slowly going down. I look around to see everyone is close to being done as I just finish up my last bite of food.

It's around 8:15 that we all make our way to the upper deck. I have Jasmine on my right arm as Diamond is on my left. Each one has our other two loves on the free arm. I lead the way to the front to watch the sunset. This is where I plan to ask them that BIG question. Once we are in the right spot I look at all the parents and see smiles with nods I smile as I look upon the ocean.

I look at the loves of my life and see them smile looking at the same thing I do as I start in. " They say sharks and dolphins don't get along." I say as my loves turn to look at me " True baby, but they coexist don't they?" Diamond asks as I nod " That's true but." I say as I take a few steps back taking Karen and Lil Greg's hands I watch as Jasmine, Diamond, Hannah, and Tiffany turn to look at me with concern.

" Baby what is going on?" Jasmine asks as I turn my head nodding at the kids in which they take their cue stepping to their mothers and aunt " Mommy I love you and my daddy. Here this is for you." Lil Greg says handing Jasmine the small box She takes a look at it then down at a smiling boy.

Jasmine opens it up then goes wide eyed bringing her left hand up to her mouth. " Jazzy what is it baby?" Diamond asks as Jasmine can't speak as tears come to her eyes Dakota steps to Diamond catching her attention. Diamond turns from Jasmine to Kota as he speaks. " Mommy I love you and daddy. This is for you mommy." He says as Diamond accepts it As with Jasmine, Diamond does the same, but she starts to cry looking down at Dakota then to me.

Karen steps up to her mommy with a smile. " Mommy I love you and Daddy. This is for you." She says as Tiffany accepts it and does as the first two had done Lil Heath steps up to Hannah. He looks back at me as I wink seeing him smile. He turns looking up at the woman he took in as his mommy as well. " I love you mommy Hannah as I do Uncle Heath. This is for you." He says as Hannah takes the small jewelry box I watch as she is in the same state as my other three ladies after opening the small box.

The kids all stepped back grabbing each other's hands before they spoke. " Mommies we love you with all our hearts." Lil Greg says before looking at Dakota " Mommies we care about you so much." My youngest son says " Mommies Jazzy, Diamond, Hannah, and Tiffany we are here because we are family." Lil Heath says as Karen smiles " Mommies on this day as the sunsets our daddy has something to ask." My oldest says as I take a knee as my god parent's, mother, momma Faye, my brother's, and sister's all come to stand behind me as the kids come to me " Jasmine, Diamond, Hannah, and Tiffany each of you have come into my life for one reason or another.

Each of you have given me your love and passion. You each have my heart and soul. Three of you have given me a child that I promise to help raise with all that I am. One of you will carry one when you are ready. I love each of you not separate, but together.

Five hearts have become one in this life and on into the next. As my father and grandmother watch from above and as our family watches this moment in time. This shark asks four beautiful dolphins the question that starts a lifetime of love with hearts of gold.

Jasmine, Diamond, Hannah, and Tiffany will you each and together do me the honor of marrying me?" I exclaimed hearing sobs as my four beauties cried looking at each other then looked at me nodding " YES OH GOD YES WE WILL MARRY YOU!" They all said in unison coming over to me They handed me the small boxes in which Karen stepped up. " Here daddy let me help you." My daughter asked taking the boxes handing me one at a time I placed each ring on the right finger.

Once I was done Karen was snatched up by someone behind me making a squeak as I was tackled to the deck being showered by kisses as our family all cheered or laughed. After a few minutes I was helped up by my ladies as each had smiles but also tears. " You sneaking bastard is this what you were planning earlier today with the kids?" Tiffany asks as I nod " Yep are you mad?" I asked with a smirk " No baby just so overwhelmed.

I never thought you would include me.

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I thought it would be them without me." Tiffany says with a tear " Tiffany don't think like that as we all love you baby. And Heath most of all as he never got over you." Jasmine says as Diamond nods " And how do you know?" Tiffany asks they both giggle " He talks in his sleep and the way those dreams must of been I just have to say damn." Diamond says as Jazzy nods Tiffany looks from them to me before smiling.

All the family gives us hugs as the mother's and my sister's all look at the rings. The guys all patted my back when Jack spoke up.


" You know what this means Bachelor party." Jack says as Adam smacks the back of his head " I doubt that as those four would cut our balls off if you called strippers into the house." Adam says as Jack's eyes grow wide " Jacman bro is right.

Our sisters will show you what a woman's scorn means." Chris says as Jacman looks defeated After all the hugs and congrats my mother comes to Jasmine and I with a look of concern. " Can.can I talk to you two for a moment alone?" My mother asks as we both look at her nodding She takes us not far making the family look on with worry. Once we are about 10 steps away my mother talks in a soft voice.

" I need to ask you both something, and please don't think bad of me." She says as Jasmine and I nod " What is it Momma Maggie?' Jasmine asks as my mother looks up into our eyes " I want to um ask you both if it would be ok to ask um Faye to marry me?' She asks us as our eyes go wide, but smiles start to show " Mom you love my momma Faye?' Jasmine asks getting a nod " Yes Jasmine as she has well helped me on so many levels that I have fallen for her.

There are two people I have fallen in love with in my life one was Heath's father, and the second is standing over there with a worried look on her face. Look I hope this doesn't make you both hate me, but I need her so much, but I also need something else in which I will ask about that later." My mother explains as I look at Jasmine We look into each other's eyes then to my mother with a smile.

" Mom get over there and ask her. Do you have a ring?" Jasmine asks as mom nods " Yes I do baby girl it use to be my grandmother's.

I want Faye to wear it as I already got it sized." Mom says as I step up to embrace her in a hug before feeling her arms around me " I love you mom and only want you happy. So go get your woman and her love." I say as Jasmine comes up to join us " Go get her momma Maggie as I know she loves you too." Jasmine says as mom looks at us both " I hope so honey as I couldn't take any more pain." Mom says as we let her go We walked back over to our family as Jasmine and I went to our loves.

Each embraced us with looks of concern which I smiled waving off only to tell them watch. Mom got over to Faye taking her left hand in her right before speaking. " Wow this has been a good night for this family. My son taking that big step with four beautiful ladies that I think of as my daughters, but soon they will be. I don't know if I can beat them, but I intend to try.

As of yesterday around 4 o'clock in the afternoon I became a divorced woman." My mother says as we all smile before she continued " So since I am single I want to ask a special woman something from my heart." Everyone watched as my mom turned to Faye getting down on one knee before looking up at the woman she loved.

" Faye you have helped me the past few weeks. You have shown me that love can come from a beautiful, caring, and loving lady. I love you Faye honey and I deeply hope that what I am about to ask doesn't scare you away." Mom says as Faye has a smile with tears in her eyes before mom continued " Faye Marie Bradford will you be the lady of my heart and soul?

Will you be the woman who I go to bed at night and wake up in the mornings with in my arms? Will you marry me my love?" Faye is looking down at my mom with tears as my mom places the ring on Faye's finger.

I notice Faye nodding before getting down to be at equal height with her lover. She took mom's hands into her's with tears still falling.

" Maggie you just made me the happiest woman here besides our daughters. Yes my love I will marry you. I have searched for so many years for a woman to love me and it is you. I love you Maggie baby." Faye says leaning for placing her lips on her fiance's lips We watched them kiss making it a sealed deal. It was so romantic for them as my own loves caressed me with hugs and kiss to my arms.

" Well guess I have two ceremonies to perform. One for my kids and one for my sisters." Momma Verna says as the family nods " Well looks like one son stepped up to the plate how about the other four." Mike says as Chris, Adam, Jack, and Travis look at one another then at the loves that stood by them " Dad you know Selena and I will one day but we wanted to make sure we had Heath back as he missed so many family moments already." Chris says as Mike sighs but shows a smile and nod We all got with our loves as each of my own loves picked the kids up as we watched the sunset before going to our rooms.

It was Jack, Sierra, and Mandy's night with the kids. We all gave them hugs and kisses on the forehead. Selena tried to give Heath a hug and kiss, but he moved away from her going to Mandy. Selena looked so hurt until my boys went to her giving her a son's love.

I prayed that before the end of the cruise I could help my sister reconnect with her son just as I was reconnecting with four of my moms. ============================================================== Maggie's POV: Around 9 p.m.

in her and Faye's room After taking our dresses off and bras Faye and I are standing in our cabin in a loving embrace. Our eyes on on the other as Faye smiles to me as she melts my heart. " Maggie you are so beautiful how am I so lucky to have you." She tells me as I smile " Your love captured my heart baby, and your more beautiful then I am.

I want you my love so much. Please make love to me. Help me get Tyrone out of my mind and erase all the memories of pain he caused me." I say with a few tears " Maggie baby I will, but I want you to know he will never hurt you again. He will have to get past me and the family. As I see it we are one sexy, now get on the bed and let me show you how much I love you." Faye tells me taking me over to the big bed Faye has been the only one besides a few to make me so wet between my legs.

Ever since I asked her to be mine I have soiled my panties. I am so wet for her that one lick from her tongue I may squirt all over her face. I get on the bed laying back as she crawls over me. Our eyes meet in the moonlight that shines through the window.


My beautiful love leans down to place a kiss on my lips. Our mouths open to let our tongues roam invading the other's mouth. I feel her right hand caress my left breast. I let out a moan as she fondles my hard nipple. I feel her breast lay against mine as he lays upon my body. Her hands go to either side of my head as mine go to her sexy tight ass. We both moan to each other's touches. I feel her pubic mound against mine as she slowly grinds against me. I break the kiss to look in her eyes.

" Baby I am already on the verge of cuming. You keep that up I will pee." I say as she gives me a wicked grin " Baby if you pee I will drink it as I can be very kinky, but I don't want to get the sheets that wet beautiful so just cum for me." Faye says kissing her way down my body I spread my legs as she moves between them. I feel her hand slide against my panty cover pussy. I let out a moan feeling her lips on my inner right thigh.

Faye is rubbing my panties against my labia as my clit throbs for her love. " Cum for me baby. Make this one in your panties." Faye tells me as I grind my pussy against her hand I moan loudly as I can feel my orgasm coming. I look up at my lover to see a loving smile as she starts rubbing my pussy faster. " Come on my love cum for me. Let my hand feel you squirt those sweet juices on your panties." She says as I feel my body give in " FAYEEEE!" I scream as I clamp my thighs on her hand I cum feeling myself gush in my panties.

I look up at Faye who is smiling down at me. " That's my girl now let me take these soiled panties off. I want to taste them before I make love to my fiance who I love so much." Faye tells me as I smile nodding I raise my ass up watching her pull my panties off me.

I help by raising my legs up as she pulls the thin soft material off my legs then off my feet. I pull my legs back so Faye has total access to my wet cunt. I watch as she brings my wet panties to her nose to smell my juices before she licks the crotch. She lets out a moan while sucking on the material in her hand.

I smile as I place my right hand between my legs only to spread my pussy lips to show her the pinkness she has grown to love. After she gets all that she wants from my panties. I watch her toss them before taking hers off. She hands them to me, but I open my mouth to see her grin placing the crotch in my mouth.

I lick her sweet juices as Faye slowly rubs my clit. I spit the panties out as she tosses them on the floor. " I want you baby, I need you Faye my love." I say as she shows me a sexy grin " How do you want me beautiful?" My loving Faye asks as I show her a wicked smile " Your sweet pussy against mine.

Fuck me with your pussy baby." I tell her as Faye smiles getting in position I feel her legs across my body as she places her pussy against my cunt.

Her wet juices mix with mine as we start fucking one another. The cabin room starts filling up with moans from the both of us. My hands go to her right leg as hers to my left.

I love this woman who is helping me forget the horror of what Tyrone would do to me. I have told her so many times I wanted to forget all the rough meaningless sex he gave me.

I feel Faye grinding against me as we both moan with clit's hitting the other. Faye is getting so into it as I am. I want her so bad as I grind fast and hard against her pulling on her leg. " Don't stop baby I am so close." Faye tells me as I don't plan to stop " Me to baby I am going to cum again.Oh god." I say as I feel my orgasm building up " Cum with me.I want to cum my sexy love." Faye says as I moan with her After some fast and hard grinding that is when we both moan with love.

" MAGGIEEEE!" Faye screams as I join her feeling myself let go " FAYEEEE.HEATHHH!" I moan as I squirt on Faye's love spot as she does mine We both collapse on the bed catching our breathes. After a bit Faye licks my wet pussy before crawling up to lay on my body.

She looks in my eyes with a smile. " Does my girl want our son?" Faye asks me as my eyes go wide " Oh shit I am so sorry Faye I don't know what came over me." I say with a hint of fear " No Maggie it's ok really, but what made you moan his name after mine?" She asks as I place my arms around her " Faye I do want my son, but only to help me forget the last images of being with Tyrone." I tell her as she looks at me concerned " Maggie what did that bastard do to you?" She asks as I shake my head feeling tears come to me before she continues " No baby tell me what did he do to my baby." I look up in her eyes with my tears coming to me.

I see her love looking back at me as I pull her tighter against me. She lets me cry as she rolls us making me be on top. She holds me close to her running her finger's through my hair. " Please Maggie darling tell me. How can I help you if you don't tell me?" She states before I raise my head to look down into her eyes with tears " He raped me every night even when I was on my period. He made sure I covered my bruises up. He hurt me Faye so bad.

I have for so long waited for Heath to come back into my life as he is the only man that can help me. I know that sounds bad of me, but I need him to make my nightmares go away." I explain as I am then pulled back down to her " Shhh it's ok baby, it's ok and it's not bad my love. It shows you love and trust our son. Look I will support you in this decision baby, but what if you get pregnant by accident?" She says asking me as I raised my head from her right shoulder " I wouldn't mind that if it happened, but there is no worry in that happening.

I went to my ob/gyn a few months ago. She said I couldn't have anymore children. Seems all the.rough sex Tyrone gave me stopped that dream." I tell her seeing tears " My poor baby you wanted another baby?" She asks as I nod my head " Yes I have been thinking about it as of late, to help ease the painful thoughts Michelle and Travis put in my head of my baby hating me and never wanting to be around me, but I can't have your baby my love, but I am so glad I never carried Tyrone's baby." I say as her eyes go wide " Wait you want our baby?" She asks with a hint of excitement " Yes I did, but the way my doctor talk I can't." I say as she looks deep in my eyes " Well darling I see it this way we have grandbabies that are like our own.

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And all the kids we have together. We don't need a baby as we have them." She tells me getting a smile on my face " True sexy so what do you want to do now my beautiful woman?" I ask as she shows me a wicked grin " 69 I want to eat that pussy of yours as you eat me out." Faye says as I give her a devilish grin We give each other a passionate kiss before getting in our usual position. Faye and I have found the one position that makes it all so much romantic and intimate for us.

We found our love making is more of love with each other between the other's legs. We don't like dildos or strapons anymore. We like to touch and feel each other. Once in position I look at her beautiful hairy cunt and smile before I tell her. " I love you Faye." I say before she responds after licking my clit " I love you too my Maggie." As she says those words I start in loving this beautiful Latina woman who I have fallin in love with This night we spent the next two hours making the other orgasm multiple times not caring who heard our moans or screams of pleasure.

All we cared about was our love for each other growing more and more this beautiful night. ==================================================================== I woke up the next morning feeling something warm and wet on my nether region.

Once my eyes were open I looked to see Hannah and Tiffany both working me to hardness. Hannah was sucking me bobbing her head up and down slowly while Tiffany was sucking on my balls. I smiled as I placed my hands up under my head. I watch for a few minutes as I notice Hannah putting all her love into it. " Where is Jasmine and Diamond?" I ask as Hannah keeps going as Tiffany stops and looks at me with a smile " They went to get the kids and take them for breakfast.

Hannah and I stayed to be alone with you baby is that ok?" Tiffany says filling me in " Of course babe keep going as I am getting close." I say as Hannah stops easing off my dick only to slowly stroke me " Baby I am ready." Hannah tells me as I look at her confused as she continues " I want our baby darling." " Are you sure Hannah? As I don't want you to feel rushed." I say asking as Hannah nods " Yes baby I am. I want to conceive on this romantic cruise. I want to tell our baby one day he or she was conceived with love on a romantic getaway." She tells me as I look at Tiffany " What about you darlin?

Don't you want another baby?" I ask as she looks at me before smiling " Yes.yes I do baby. Karen is 4 years old going on 5, and it's time for me to have another baby. I love you Heath so much and want another baby with you." Tiffany tells me as I nod " Question is are you both fertile though?" I ask as they both nod " Yes baby I am." Hannah says as Tiffany nods " My period starts in a few days, and even then I want this in me while we shower." Hannah says as I show a wicked grin " Same here stud as I want it everyday.

We have 7 years to make up for." Tiffany says as I nod " So which one of you sexy vixens of mine are first?" I ask as they both giggle " Hannah baby since she hasn't had a baby yet.

I want to witness my future husband and wifey make us a baby." Tiffany says with a big smile Hannah stops stroking me as I am rock hard. She crawls to lay next to me placing a kiss on my lips before laying on her back pulling her legs to her chest.

" Make love to me baby. Plant that sweet love seed in my womb." Hannah says as I sit up I pull Tiffany to me placing my lips on hers. She strokes my cock while caressing my ass. She breaks the kiss with a smile. " I love you my darling love. I want you tonight doggie style like our first time, but this time I will know it's you sexy." She tells me as I smile with a nod I move over between Hannah's legs as Tiffany comes over placing my dick at Hannah's entrance.

I place my hands on Hannah's thighs. Tiffany asks her sister wifey if she is ready and Hannah smiles nodding. Tiffany leans over licking Hannah's pussy then wets my cock before placing the head at Hannah's entrance in which I ram into Hannah who lets out a moan loudly. At that moment we are one again.

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I thrust in and out as Tiffany gets behind me caressing me as she massages my balls. She moves with me kissing my neck. Her body is up against as I feel her hard nipples against my back. Hannah is writhing under me as her hands are up against my chest.

" Oh yess.pound my pussy.fuck me baby.give me a baby." Hannah says moaning as I smile obliging her Hannah meets my thrust rocking back and forth on my cock. Tiffany keeps kissing my neck as she moans. I chuckle knowing she is rubbing herself to cum with us. Hannah has love and desire along with want at this moment. I increase my pace as I feel my balls are turning. "" I say not finishing as she cuts me off " Me.tooo.cum in my womb." She tells me as she moans " ME THREE.OH GOD." Tiffany moans loudly as I thrust as few more times before holding my place as my cum erupts deep into Hannah " OH YESSS.OUR BABY.IS CUMMING." Hannah screams out moaning After Hannah milks my cock with a big smile.

Tiffany moves to the right side of me to get ready to clean my cock. Ever since our night of coming back together she loves cleaning my cock saying it helps her to feel that much closer to all four of us tasting her lovers juices.

As I pull out of Hannah, Tiffany leans down taking my cock in her mouth as Hannah keeps her legs up. I reach behind Tiffany and feel she is extremely wet. I smile knowing she came with us as she sucks my cock. Once she is done I am hard again. I look at her small smile before smiling back before turning her around.

" Heath what are you?" She doesn't get to answer as I enter her as she bends over as she continues " OH BABY YESSSS!" I start pounding into her as she moans wildly.

I lean over to kiss the back of her neck as she raises her head. Tiffany turns her head only to look at me with loving eyes.

We kiss as I thrust into her as Hannah moans. " Oh god that is sexy. Pound her baby as you did me. Take that chocolate pussy." Hannah says as I do just that After just a few more minutes I erupt deep into Tiffany who backs up against my cock milking it with her kegal muscles.

After I am milked and cleaned by Hannah this time I get dressed as the two say they will be along shortly as to make sure my cum don't come out. I chuckle as I make my way out of the room to momma Ellie and dad Mike's room. Once just a few doors down I knock but don't hear any answer. I slowly open the door to hear noises. I shut the door quietly making my way in looking around. I see three sets of panties on the floor.

I look at my watch and see it's 9:30 a.m. Once to the bedroom door I see it's at a crack. I take a look opening it slowly to only be shocked at what I see. All three of my godmothers are in a daisy chain on the bed.

My eyes are wide as I see Verna between Ellie's legs as she is between Kiko's as she is between Verna's. I quietly, but quickly make it out of there back to the hallway. Once out of the room I stand there looking at the hallway floor not believing what I just witnessed. Does my god fathers know? How long has this been going on? Does my mother even know? All these questions race through my mind as I go find Jasmine and Diamond as I need to figure out what to do or say about all this.

Why did I have to go into that room and why me? To Be Continued.Heath found their secret now what does he do?