Hot gay men kissing movieture and twinks masturbate fuck kissing

Hot gay men kissing movieture and twinks masturbate fuck kissing
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Kimiko sat at the makeup table applying her lip gloss, contemplating the scene about to unfold. She was in an upstairs room of an elegant, colonial-style mansion, with huge white pillars in front. This, she thought to herself with a sense of irony, was her wedding day. It was three hours before the wedding ceremony.

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Satisfied with her makeup, she began to brush her long, silky black hair, gazed at her reflection in the mirror, barely recognizing the girl who gazed back at her. She was dressed in a magnificent long white gown, with a low-cut, form-fitting bodice over which the tops of her firm breasts spilled out.

Underneath, she wore a white garter belt, with white, thigh-high stockings, and flimsy, almost transparent bikini panties. Feeling deliciously slutty, she had put on the panties over the garter belt.

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Finishing touches included impossibly high-heeled white pumps, white gloves, and a gauzy white veil. "You look lovely, my dear," said a male voice at the door. Kimi turned in surprise, and her husband-to-be walked into the room, followed by his best man, two ushers, and his father, all of them dressed in grey tuxedos. One of the ushers closed the door behind them, pressing the button to lock it.

"You shouldn't be here!" Kimi exclaimed. "It's bad luck to see me before the ceremony!" "Perhaps I should explain, Kimiko" said the father of the groom. "You see, my dear, there's a rather old and venerable tradition among the men of our family, going back many generations. When we get married, we consider it important to make sure that our wives fully understand what is expected of them.

So we've arranged a little ceremony of our own for you, a ritual, you might say." Kimi stared at the distinguished-looking older man. "A ritual?

What do you mean?" "It's really very simple, really," said her future father-in-law, clearly relishing what he was about to say. "We're all going to fuck you. Any way we want to. In your mouth. In that sweet little cunt of yours. In your tight ass. Again and again, for as long as we can still get it up.

And you're going to cooperate fully with us, do whatever we ask of you. You're going to be our fucktoy, our cumslut, a willing receptacle for our sperm, a whore to be used for our pleasure." Kimi glared at the older man, her face reddening with shock and outrage.

"You can't be serious! I won't do it!" "Oh, but you will, Kimi," said the groom, calmly. "The room is soundproofed, the door is locked. Nobody will hear you, even if you scream for help. You might as well relax, because there is no escape." "I'll call off the wedding!" shouted Kimi angrily.

"You can't make me go through with it." "Oh yes we can, Kimi," continued her future husband in the same calm voice. "We can be very violent men. There's no place for you to hide. We'll find you. You will fulfill your obligations." "One more thing," continued his father, in the same matter-of-fact tone. "After the wedding&'ll be expected to fuck anyone your husband says to fuck, and do it willingly, enthusiastically.

And beg for more. We don't appreciate disobedience in a wife." Kimi contemplated her predicament, and realized that she was trapped, at the mercy of these men. Slowly, she considered her options, thinking about what to do or say next. The five men stood, patiently watching her. This was the most lucrative gig Kimiko had agreed to in her brief career as a call girl.

She would show them what kind of an actress she could be. She would put on a show for these men that would leave them utterly spent. If they wanted slutty, she'd give them slutty. At last, she seemed to come to a decision. When she spoke, her voice was calm, her words slow and deliberate, almost a whisper, indicating her utter capitulation, her surrender.

"All right& win. You want me to be your whore, I'll be your whore. I'll crawl to each of you in turn and suck your hard dicks, until you empty your hot cum in my mouth.

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I'll fuck you one at a time, or all at once, and beg for more as you fill my body with your sperm. I'll be an insatiable fucking machine that won't know how or when to stop. I'll let anyone you say use my body. If that's what you want, how you want me to be, that's how I'll be." The groom's father smiled at her words, and clapped his son on the back. "You see? She's a reasonable girl.


I told you she'd come around." "Okay, Kimi, suppose you start by getting our dicks hard," said the best man. The five men moved to the sectional sofa and began to undress, hanging the tuxes on hangers. "We don't want to get our tuxes wrinkled or stained", explained one of the ushers. "What would people think?" When they were all naked, they sat back on the leather sofa, each of them stroking their cocks into hardness with their hands.

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Kimi slowly walked to the first man in the row, who happened to be her husband-to-be. "I guess it's appropriate that you be first, darling", Kimi purred, easing down to her knees on the plush carpet. Moving between his legs, she rested her arms on his thighs and slid her fingers around his semi-hard cock, feeling it lengthen and thicken as she stroked it with her fingertips. "I plan to be first, Kimi& all of your holes", said her fiance. Kimi leaned forward, her eyes raised to look at his face, her upper lip curled, almost in a lustful sneer.

She extended her tongue and slowy encircled his cockhead, never taking her eyes off of him, making it glisten wetly. Kimi felt her mouth watering as she licked up and down the thick shaft of his cock. Parting her lips, she suddenly plunged his penis into her mouth, engulfing him deeply, her lips sliding as far down the shaft as she could, until his cock slid back into her throat, almost choking her.

Fighting down her gag reflex, she slowly eased back, pursing her lips tightly around the thick girth of his cock and giving him a long, withering suck, until it slipped out from between her lips, glistening wetly. Gathering her saliva in her mouth, she leaned forward, and suddenly spit directly on the head of his cock. As it oozed down from the head, her fingers slid up the shaft and spread her saliva along it, moving easily through the slippery wetness. Then she took his cock back into her mouth, and began sucking him in earnest, in long, slow strokes.

Her spit oozed out from her flooded mouth, past her lips and down to the base of his shaft, her mouth making wet slurping sounds as she deep-throated him. Occasionally, she paused and let him escape, trailing silvery ropes of saliva between his cock and her wet lips. Twice more, she spit on his cock, managing to convey both her utter contempt for him and her growing, ungovernable lust. For his part, he periodically grabbed her head through her bridal veil, and thrust his hips upward, roughly sawing his cock in and out of her mouth, loving the sight of his bride's face impaled on his tool.

Finally, she raised her head, and crawled to the next man, one of the ushers. His cock was longer and slimmer than the groom's, but she serviced him with as much enthusiasm as she had with her husband-to be, bathing his cock with saliva and taking him deep down her throat. And so on, each in turn, crawling from man to man, while the others stroked their cocks and watched her, making obscene comments to each other.

"She's one fantastic little cocksucker", said one of the ushers to the groom.


"Wait 'til you see how she fucks", laughed her fiance. At last, Kimi reached the last man, her future father-in-law. He had the biggest penis of the men, perhaps eight inches long and almost as thick as Kimi's wrist.

She struggled to take it deep in her mouth, but did the best she could, her red lips stretched tightly around it's girth as he slowly fucked her face, his hands holding her head tightly. "Oh, yeah, suck that big dick, baby", he groaned as she lifted her eyes to his face.

Her first task finally ended and she raised her head. None of the men had cum, despite her worshiping of their cocks with her mouth they were obviously saving that for later.

The groom's father now spoke. "Now, Kimi, I think you should should lick your husband's asshole, don't you?" Lost in her magnificent acting job, Kimi only nodded her head obediently, still catching her breath from her oral exertions.

Her fiance slid down to the floor, turned around and leaned his arms on the sofa seat cushion. Kimi crawled up behind him, her wedding dress rustling.

She reached up with her hands and spread the cheeks of his muscular ass. Leaning forward, her tongue slid into the parted crevice, licking upward over the tight ring of muscle. Pressing her face between his cheeks, her tongue bathed his anus, lapping at it and stimulating the sensitive nerve endings there. She heard him groan with pleasure as she stiffened her tongue, and pressed it forward, skewering inside his asshole. She reached around him and slid her fingers around his cock, slowly masturbating it as her tongue fucked in and out.

"Yeah, that's it, baby, tongue-fuck my ass", he moaned. Meanwhile, one of the ushers, a brother of the groom's, had moved behind Kimi, and now pulled her long dress up around her waist, exposing her garter belt and panties, and the tops of her stockings. Slowly, he slid her panties down until they were stretched between her thighs. Leaning forward, he pressed his face between the cheeks of Kimi's luscious ass, and began lapping at her exposed anus, causing her to moan with pleasure. Taking his cue from Kimi's obscene display, he collected his saliva and abruptly spit it out on her cleft, watching it ooze down over her asshole and down to her pussy.

She writhed against his tongue as he returned to licking her with long, lazy strokes of his tongue. Finished now with her tongue-fucking of the groom's ass, his place was taken by the best man. Kimi, immersed in the fantasy and her own arousal, barely knew the difference here was just another ass to be licked and fucked with her tongue. Her fiance got up, walked to a cupboard, and retrieved a small bottle of clear liquid.

Returning to Kimi, he unsnapped the lid, pushed the usher aside and poured a liberal quantity of the viscous oil in the cleft of her ass, where it oozed down slowly over her ass and her pussy. As she continued to lick and fuck the best man's asshole, her fiance slowly worked his thumb and fingers into her nakedly exposed holes.

Tight at first, they gradually relaxed with the help of the slippery lubricant, and soon he was thrusting his fingers in and out of both of her holes, while she squirmed back against his invading digits. Kimi's mind swirled with the sheer, raw obscenity of the scene, her tongue stuck deep in the ass of the best man, while her fiance skewered her ass and pussy with his fingers.

She felt the first of what promised to be a long series of orgasms begin to build inside her. Sensing her growing excitement, the groom suddenly withdrew his fingers, moved up behind her on her knees, and thrust his cock into her vagina in a single hard thrust.

His sperm-filled balls slapped hard against her clit, and Kimi groaned in ecstasy as the added stimulation drover her to the edge of her climax. "That's right, fuck her tight, wet cunt, son", his father urged from the sofa. Her husband to be began to drive his cock in and out of her, forcing her face against his best man's ass with each hard thrust. Kimi's abused body suddenly convulsed, as her first colossal orgasm crashed through her.

A primal groan was forced from her fiance's throat as he buried his throbbing penis into her to the balls and unleashed a torrent of hot sperm into her eagerly clasping cunt, flooding and soothing it with his creamy cum. As the groom slid out of her, momentarily spent, her future father in law lay down on the carpet. Kimi crawled over to him, paused to slip her panties all the way off, and draped them around the base of his massive, erect penis.

Straddling his cock, she grasped it with her fingers and guided it into her sopping, sperm-drenched pussy.

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It slid in easily, despite it's huge girth, bathed with his own son's semen. Kimi, impaled on the biggest cock she had yet experienced in her life, began to slowly move up and down on it, her muscles clinging to it on each upward movement, then releasing as she sat down on it and it sank deep inside her.

The best man now suddenly stood before her, and guided his throbbing penis between her parted lips. Hungrily, she began to suck on it as he thrust it slowly in and out of her mouth. Her future fatherin-law now spoke to the groom. "Son, if your dick is back in working order, I think it's time for you to fuck Kimi's luscious tight ass, don't you? Let's see how she likes a father-son sandwich." Kimi shuddered to herself through the fog of her arousal.

She had never experienced this before, and couldn't imagine her body being able to accommodate big cocks in both her pussy and ass. But she had agreed and could not back out now. Besides, she had seen porn starlets doing this if they could, so could she. She sensed the groom behind her, felt him bunch her wedding dress around her waist again, felt the head of his cock guided to the entrance to her lubricated asshole.

The intense pain nearly overwhelmed her as he forced his cock against the tight little rosebud…then, as she gasped around the cock in her mouth, she felt it give way, and the head of his cock slipped inside her tightly-resisting anus. The pain was blinding for a moment, and Kimi thought she might faint.

Mercifully, he paused to let her grow more accustomed to the lewd penetration. Gradually, she felt the pain lessen, and he slowly began to force his cock deeper in her obscenely stretched ass. Kimi's mind was filled with a mental picture of how she looked, in her bridal costume, with three huge cocks buried in her. The image was electric, searing her brain.

Three! She was filled with cock, everywhere she could be filled! The thought crashed through her consciousness, sending her arousal spiraling out of control. Just as she had told them, she had become an insatiable fucking machine, unable to stop and not wanting to.

Slowly, the three men began to fuck her. The cocks in her pussy and ass, separated only by the thinnest of membranes, began to move. First one, then the other, alternately skewering into her abused body. Then, father and son both thrust into her at once, as Kimi squirmed helplessly and groaned around the penis in her mouth.

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They began to establish a kind of rhythm as they fucked her, and she concentrated on bringing them to orgasm, each in turn. First, her father in law groaned aloud and pumped a copious quantity of sperm into her welcoming vagina, adding to his son's cum. Then his son flooded her bowels with his second load of the morning.

Finally, the cock in her mouth erupted, pulsing and spurting as she struggled to swallow, some of his huge ejaculation overflowing her mouth and oozing down her chin.

Quickly, they switched positions, spent cocks replaced with others. The ushers stuffed their cocks unceremoniously into Kimi's sperm-filled vagina, into her cum-filled ass. Her fiance's father guided his flaccid penis into her mouth and she quickly sucked it to full hardness again. On and on they went. Kimi lost count of the orgasms that surged through her body, the number of loads of syrupy sperm that filled her oozing orifices. The five cocks merged into one, she could no longer tell who was who, nor did she care.

Once, when a spent cock slid out of her sperm-filled mouth, she cried out urgently as cum drooled down her chin: "MORE!! GIVE ME MORE!! FUCK ME!!!" They complied, taking turns endlessly ravaging her body Finally, she emerged from her sex-induced haze to find herself on her knees, while all five men stood around her, stroking their cocks. She sucked the one in front of her into her eager mouth, while her hands, still in her white gloves, grasped two others.

The other two men jerked offtheir fingers sliding up and down their rigid shafts as they brought themselves close to climax. Kimi spit the cock out of her mouth, turned her head and quickly sucked another one in. Slowly, they circled her, taking turns fucking her mouth and letting her masturbate them. At long last, they signalled each other that it was time, and they began to cum, all five at once, jerking off as Kimi leaned her head back and closed her eyes, her white veil somehow still on, and they spurted an endless amount of hot, thick cum all over her upturned face, so much that it descended her cheeks in slow moving rivulets of semen.

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She felt cum on her forehead, on her cheeks, in her eyes and ears, on her lips, her chin, in her mouth. She reached up and caressed her sperm-bathed face with her fingers, spreading it on her cheeks as the five men pumped the last of their semen out onto her.

It was as if a bowl of thick cum had been overturned on her face. At last, it was over. Kimi trembled with exhaustion, cum oozing from everywhere on her body, even her dress. She lay down on the carpet and gasped for breath as the men calmly began to get dressed. The wedding ceremony would proceed soon, but with a different, and entirely unsuspecting bride. She wondered idly if the poor innocent girl knew what she was getting into. After several minutes, her 'father-in-law' appeared within her field of vision, standing over her in his expensive tux and smiling, handing her a hot, wet towel.

The other men were gone. "Kimi, that was absolutely fucking awesome. Or should I say 'awesome fucking'.

You were worth every penny. I hope we weren't too rough with you." Kimi smiled up at him weakly, gratefully wiping the sperm from her face with the towel. "Thanks, Mr. Davis. I may want to wait a bit before I book another engagement like that. I'm not sure my body can handle too much more of that sort of thing." "You might surprise yourself", he replied, chuckling.

"Either you're one helluva great actress, or you actually got off on being fucked half to death." Kimi smiled again, remembering the seemingly endless, unbridled ecstasy she had experienced. "Shhhh&hellip.don't tell anyone, okay?" He laughed. "Your secret is safe with me.

Kimi, your check is in the mail. I added enough to cover the wedding dress I think it's beyond salvaging. Oh, and a nice week on the beach in Cancun. Believe me, you earned it. Take your time, and the butler will escort you out of the house when you're ready. Tell Claude I said thanks, and that I owe him, bigtime." And with that, he turned and walked out of the room, and Kimi was left alone with her thoughts.

Slowly, her strength began to return. She got up, removed her dress and other clothing, and walked unsteadily to the bathroom.

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Filling the tub with hot water and some scented bath salts, and eased herself down into the soothing water.