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I could feel my limbs being moved into place. Arms pulled my legs apart and the insides of her feet were placed inside cold. I couldn't tell what. Only the tiny part of my brain hidden away wanted to look.

To know what was going to happen next. But the rest of my thoughts knew what would happen. It had happened before, many times, before I had been domiciled. But part of me still belongs to me. Flame was here. The click-click-click of her heeled boots strode into her vision while the aroma of her perfume drifted in behind.

Dressed immaculately as always, Sara risked a glance to take her in. Jet black ankle boots that merged into a pair of trousers that looked like they had been sprayed on wet a few moments before.

A flamboyant white blouse that reminded her of David Bowie. A wide leather belt around the base of the blouse, with the material billowing below it. A halo of flame red hair. Sara didn't know her name, but that hair meant she was her Flame. And like lightening, Flame had grabbed her chin. Flame's eyes pierced through the docile facade. "No movement. No staring. No nothing." Sara's body chilled. Flame had drilled so many rules into her over the last few days (Weeks?

Months? She was beginning to loose track) that she only remember a few. No movement meant no looking. Always and only straight ahead. "This could have been a time where we would have treated you with care. With a little respect. The Chief said you needed longer in the hole. I argued you were ready," the chin was released, "but you're not, are you." Sara couldn't reply. She wouldn't reply. She was in enough trouble as it was, but this place was new. Clinical. Almost surgical. "This could have been such a lovely time.

You've been needing something since you got here, haven't you?" Flame's hand reached down and rested on the top of my mound. There was heat down there, but after her comments Sara dared not move. "What we have here is a situation where I need to get something from you.

And you've made the decision on how I am going to do this." Her index finger reached out to a panel in the wall. Sara's aching limbs screamed in protest, as the unnoticed cords attached to her wrist cuffs reeled themselves into opposing walls at painful speed. Pulling her arms out of their sockets was putting so much strain across her shoulder blades that the escaping sob was inevitable.

Flame looked at her like she would with a scolded child. "Can you feel your collar around your neck?" Sara nodded slowly, and my eyes never left hers.


"So tell me why you felt it necessary to scream?" She click-clicked around Sara, ducking under the cord. "Answer." But I couldn't. Because Flame was running her manicured nails over my shoulder and straight towards the solitary welt running across my strained shoulder blades. She clicked back in front of me. "Scream for me now," and Flame gripped my welt with all her strength.

It was too much. The pain had to be released. It was. And without hesitation my mouth began to protest. Something was forcing its way into my cheeks. I tried to force it out, push it back with my tongue, bite down to stop it going in any further, But that was what was wanted.

Her sharp tug pulled my head back, and I felt a huge strain on my jaw line. Flame had clamped her hand over my chin and pulled it open.

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My teeth were being forced apart and my tongue pushed down. It felt horrible. Then the hand eased my protesting jaw back into place over the intrusion. It was horrible, rough in places, and between my teeth it dug into the soft flesh of my cheeks. "We're slowly getting there, aren't we?" I could only talk with my eyes, and I was afraid the fear was showing.

I tensed my arms again, as Flame reached out to the wall panel again. What must have been the gag tried to force itself through me and towards the ceiling. Cords continued to pull at the side of my mouth, and my chin was being forced into my throat.

Now I knew why I had been fitted with the smallest collar. That strip of leather with a basic clasp, was enough to tell me I was under control, but would not impede my binding. Part of me screamed for an explanation. Why take me from the safety of the city? From everyone I knew and loved? Why take me, when there are hundreds of people who like this lifestyle? All I ever wanted was to meet a nice man, settle down in a nice apartment and enjoy life.

I thought I had found him, except I fell asleep in his apartment and woke up in that godforsaken cage- "Recognise this?" It looked to me like the sort of glove a Doctor would have when examining.

someone. This is not going to be good. "Normally I would use this to protect you." There was too much emphasis on normally. Flame left my field of vision, and I could hear something trundle into view. Coated in black leather, it looked like a small vaulting horse, with two funnels open in the middle, centred in an oval rim around two feet long. And it was now directly under me.

"You would have seen me attach this to the edge, so that you'd have a chance. So you would be protected. So your cervix, your prostate and your delicate insides would enjoy what's going to happen." A motor started to spin up to speed in the vaulting horse.

"Not now. Now you're going to feel fear.

And discomfort. And pain." The horse started to rise up from the floor. "All because you couldn't follow a simple rule." I could feel the cold leather surface against my inner thighs. It was vibrating at a high speed. It forced itself higher and I had no choice but to watch it come. It stopped abruptly. But there was still movement. Like a knife edge pushing around my panty line.

The pressure was too much and I had to bow my legs. Which led to more strain on the shoulders. It was all I could do to stop collapsing completely, but that would cause me even more pain.

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"So I'll let you suffer." Flame ducked behind her. "Alone." And the door slammed closed. A suckling noise sprung from within the horse. It was pulling me down onto the knife edge, the suction forming a painful seal between my thighs.

This was different from from had happened before.


When I saw the whip I knew what was going to happen, and could prepare myself. But this was the stuff of nightmares. My shoulders began to complain to my crying mind. I could feel the blood seeping from where Flame had reopened my shoulder. My legs, holding up my body, were on the point of collapse. Another noise started and I could feel a wetness being fired up against me from within the horse.

It was cold, but not uncomfortable. It reminded me of when I had once decided to shave myself for a dare. The foam then was as cold as what I felt now, but then I knew everything would work out. Now? The foam was becoming colder, and it was seeping into me. I could feel it pass between my labia and pushing into my rear. I shivered against the cold.

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For the first time that I had been here, familiar sensations were beginning to stir inside me. It was staying cold down there, and the temperature was approaching my clit. There was a slight sensation coming from my rear end. The foam was tapping against my ring. I could feel that some of it had seeped through and was thinking of getting out again.


It felt unnaturally nice. God, I was wet, where did all that come from? Should I be showing how I feel, what this is doing to me? I couldn't help but squeeze. Just a tiny amount, to get some pressure inside me. And the machine knew. The heat rushed out of me as the force of the foam suddenly became violent. Rushing up inside me, powering its way into me, both front and back. My muscles were flexing against something solid now, not the watery sensation there had been just moments before.

I could suddenly see my apartment again. In my mind I was back with Nick. I had dared him that he couldn't stay in me for five minutes without going rock hard. Naturally he lost, so I got the choice of position for that evening. I want to be back there. It wasn't pleasant any more. I felt full, and while it had been pleasant enough before, it wasn't stopping now.

There was painful dilation behind, distress and swelling in front, and fear was clawing at the rest of me. Now the suckling became clear. With the upward thrust that was being forced into me, my lower body was trying to free itself from the trauma.

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The rest of my body was fighting against the pain with it's own torment. The cold was digging into my ankles and my thighs were complaining more than when I ran the marathon for charity. God what I wouldn't do for that level of discomfort now. A tear escaped from my eye. Oh god, I mustn't show them any weakness. My shoulder was protesting and the partly healed wound was ready to rip open again. And that one teardrop, if anyone saw it, would mean another punishment.

The machine started to roar. Do I have any more room inside me? I was instinctively trying to force the intruder out of me, but even squeezing against it was sending shocks of pain through my body. The gag was forced to hold back a scream. And another. Please stop it. I don't want this. Anything but this.

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For chrissake take it out of me! Please! Why me? Sara felt herself swell open beyond what was possible. She could feel something solid enter her, brushing her clit, aggressively driving into her.

And then the hardness pushed her over the edge. Not only was the machine forcing her open as never before, it was now rushing vibrations deep into her body. her body that was betraying her with excitement and lust.

An electronic rasp jolted her back to the real world, and the sense of strain pulled at her lower body. A weight was pulled out of her, forcing it's pleasure as it left her abused. The white hot pain gave way to blessed darkness. And from the shadows of the room, a watching Flame smiled.