Sexy slutty brunette abbie cat rides big hard dick to wet orgasm

Sexy slutty brunette abbie cat rides big hard dick to wet orgasm
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​After knowing him all these years, I wanted him to know the truth about everything. I wanted him to be like me, if I wasn't going to age and grow old then neither was he. Selfishness was a personal trait of mine, if I wanted something, I always got it no matter the consequences I might face later. ​For seven years I stalked my prey, followed him to every show he played, ran my finger down the sharp strings of his guitar, hung around the venue exits flirting my ass of with both him and his crew so I could find out every little detail.

His music meant everything to me but he meant more, some people would call it obsessive but I wanted him badly, his perfect body, dark fluffy hair, venomous green eyes, the crooked teeth, the hypnotic voice, I wanted all of it to myself.

​After seven years I found out his address, it somehow slipped into my hands, the same night I got in my car and drove 300 miles to the given address, I didn't bother taking any clothes with me except what was on my back, it was to much hassle.

​I arrived at the address at a little past midnight, the forest surrounding it hid it from the road, the long driveway to the small hideaway was perfect, a place where no one would hear me, or him.

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I left the car half way up the drive so he wouldn't know I was there and neither would anyone else, the tall pines hiding my mini easily. ​Feet barely touching the ground, I sprinted up the rest of the drive.

The door to a cute thatched cottage loomed into my view faster than I anticipated, I was aware I was faster then normal people but sometimes I underestimated exactly how fast I was. Despite having highly enhanced speed and various other powers for over 100 years, I was still unaware of my enhancements for the most part.

My throat was burning, eager to feed, the dead bolt on the door didn't stop me entering without a sound, my weight barely registering as I made my way up the spiral staircase, the loose floorboards not even creaking as they held my feather light steps. The rich scent of copper, booze, sweat and a hint of cigarettes burnt my nose, the scent I recognised instantly as being him. The arroma that wasn't unpleasant came from the room infront, sliding the door open soundlessly, I slinked into his room.

There he was, a tangle of covers, one leg hanging over the edge of his double bed, half lying on his covers half sprawled underneath, he hair splayed out round his head, an untamed black mane of shaggy hair just asking to have my fingers run through it. I lay on the bed next to him.

This was going to be easier than I thought.

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Next to his unaware sleeping body, I was the hunter, he was the hunted. In his deep sleep I turned him so I could freely kneel over him, his naked body pressed between my legs. How i'd wanted to be in this position for nearly a decade. His body stirred beneath me, I had to act. Twining his hair around my fingers I pulled his head back.

He jerked awake at the force, eyes focusing on me 'Al? What.' he didn't have time to say or do anything else as his eyes widened and my now elongated fangs dived straight for his exposed atery. His body grew limp below me, i'd taken a risk in doing it, I didn't know if I could stop myself from draining his veins before I could turn him. But that wasn't the only risk I was taking I was anticipating his hunger for sex would overrule his thirst, the two things vampires craved the most, one of the two would come through strongest when he came round, I was sincerely hoping it would be the former option.

Never moving from my position, I watched as my poison brought him back to the land of the living. Or undead.

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His eyes fluttered opened, the green of his eyes now tinged black. 'I'm a vampire, now you're a vampire. I love you and I want you to feel the same. Oh and sex between two vamps is far better than between human and vamp take it from me' I knew he understood to some extent, i'd stalked the guy and my looks had never changed in the whole 7 years, he must have suspected something. Still straddled across his naked form, I didn't move, didn't say another word.

From here this would go one of 2 ways, he would kill me to satisfy his thirst or he would fuck me, it was up to him which craving he gave into, i'd just mentioned the fucking in hope he would choose that direction.

It felt like an eternity passed me by before he moved, his calloused fingers abruptly moving to my waist, gripping me tight, I slid up his torso, my red tights rubbing up his naked chest, the muscles in his arms flexing as his arms bent with my body.

I could tell by the look his eye which craving had won the mental battle. I allowed my body to rest on his chest, kneeling over his torso so close to his head I could feel his breath on my thighs. I ripped my shirt over my head revealing my braless body, his hands slid up my sides, he thumbs coming to rest below my pert breasts. Needing to be naked on him, I attempted to tear his hands off me so I could stand, but he had other ideas.


Sensing I had no underwear below my tights he lifted me from his chest, his fangs clawing holes into the crotch of the thin material, hands now on my thighs, he pushed me down, pussy firmly attached to his mouth, sucking and licking faster than i'd known anyone to do me before.

His fangs scraped along my clit, liquid slowly dripping from it, I realised seconds to late I wasn't only dripping cum into his mouth, as he got his first taste of blood his fangs grew embedding themselves into my vagina, I came instantly, hot white liquid spurting into his mouth, but with it I was losing consciousness, the hunter had become the hunted.

If this was death it wasn't so bad. Good, he mustn't have sucked me completely dry. Though I must say, it's not everyday you wake up with a cock in you. My legs had been forced back to my head and my body was soaked, obviously a vampire body must still suffer orgasms even when they're unconscious.

His cock was sliding into me with the speed of light, his body a blur as he forced himself in, everytime he pulled back I felt my body release more and more fluid, most of it dripping down my stomach onto my face.


He smiled when he saw I was awake, but never stopped, the pressure in my vagina never easing, the friction causing me to scream out in ecstasy. 'Fuck, Billie, harder' I moaned out, reaching behind me to grab the headboard, Billies hands moved from my ankles which felt like they had been fractured by his grip, to my throat. It was a damn good job I didn't need to breath as his fingers squeezed my airway closed, choking me to death. His face was red as the strain took its toll on him, I was older, I knew I had more strength behind me if I wanted to use it, I heaved myself up, his cock still embedded inside me, and faster than he could say 'fuck me' he was on his back.

Grabbing his throat like he did with me, I held on and rode him hard and fast, he was going to come soon, i'd leant long ago to control my orgasm if I wanted to, I wouldn't be coming for a while. Forcing myself down on his shaft I ground my pussy against his soft skin, he groaned loudly, 'you like that vamp boy?' I teased as his body arching in an attempt to get in me more, but after nearly killing me he wasn't getting off that easy.

Leaping from my position, I crouched cat like by the bed, hissing at him, daring him to take me on. Reciprocating, he bared his fangs his eyes turned from poisonous green to hazardous red. One easy stride off the bed and we was inches from me, snarling like the beast he was. The look in his face said 'you will finish me or I will finish you forever', i'd forced him to retreat from the thing he wanted most, something I learnt years ago: never halt a vampire when they're seconds from coming.

Fingers like wrenches, he clasped my shoulders, locking them tight, his nails biting into the flesh. His muscles twitched with effort as I resisted the force pushing me to my knees, it was exciting me, I loved being a bitch. Down on my knees, hands gripping me tight, I was face to face with his 8 inches. He had to love how vampirism enhanced all your features.

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I pretended I didn't want to take him down my throat, crying crocodile tears, I knew i'd do it, I wanted it badly, but he didn't know that. Unclamping his vice grip, he forced his fingers into my zipped lips, pulling my lips apart, making me unclench my teeth. Faster than sound, his dick was grazing the back of my throat, fucking my mouth, hands clamped over my ears to stop me pulling away.

I reached round the back of him, clenching his buttocks in my razorsharp talons. He growled out in pain, but his cock seemed to grow, he was turned on as much as I was. Over 8 inches were thrust down my throat, my nose pressing into his skin, I ejected my fangs, the needle tips piercing the sensitive area of flesh. He pushed me further onto him, if it was possible, his blood running down my throat, my thirst bursting to life, I sucked hard wanting to draw his blood from him, he moaned as he came down my throat, salt mixed with blood satisfying both my cravings.

Determined to milk every last drop from him, I ran my fingers down his length, squeezing every last drop down my throat, more and more he moaned as 5 or 6 hot loads erupted into my mouth, the last load freely running down my chin and dripping onto my chest.

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I knew it wasn't over, he might have finished but I sure as hell hadn't, with one look into his toxic gaze, he grabbed me, throwing me into the wall, cracks appearing in the plaster where my head struck it. Feet a foot off the floor, left hand pinning me to the wall, tongue licking his spunk off my tits, I was loving it, my pussy was still dripping, glistening drops slowly pooling on the floor.

I reached out and took hold of his free hand, his head snapped up from its devouring of my breasts and growled at me, teeth bared signalling his annoyance at me interrupting him. I didn't care, this was all about me now not him.

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His wrist in my hand, I placed his palm exactly where I wanted it. Hand flat against my pussy, wrist rubbed against what material was left of my tights, his fingers teased my entrance, his nails scratching at the skin, palm running along my clit.

Already sodden, his hand pushed into my hole, not gently at all, not a finger at a time, his whole hand slid straight into my pussy. It was so easy, his fist clenched inside me, my feet still inches off the floor, I was being fist fucked held against a wall. My vagina tightened round his hand, 'fuck me hard' I half pleaded. Flexing his fingers I felt his fingers cut into me as he fucked me, my pussy squelching despite the torture, juices running through his fingers and down my legs as easily as if a hose had been turned on.


Fuck this was beyond pleasure. Hand still firmly inside me, his grip on my throat relented and I fell to the floor, fist never leaving my body. I'd dreamt of this rock god fucking me for years, now he was fist fucking me of the floor, my controlled orgasm not so controlled anymore as more liquid than a fire hydrant could eject erupted from my pussy, Billies hand been expelled from my body at the force of it, the clear fluid covering the sexy vampire beast.

My pussy throbbed with pleasure and pain, standing back up I pushed myself against Billies body, running my hands through the black fluffy hair and down over his tattooed chest, letting them come to rest on his hip bones.

His hands on the small of my back, he leant down and kissed me, a full on rough kiss, wanting more, so obviously planning to do much more than snog. I could carry on forever but after that brutal fucking my thirst had returned, desperate to hunt, I twisted out of his grip and fled from the room, barely half dressed.

Before I jumped from the window I had just enough time to whisper 'i'll return', knowing by instinct he would automatically trust me and await my return.