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Helena White Lara Amour Linda Ray Mandy Bright
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I absolutely love putting on a little black dress for work.

Cut just enough above the knee to draw interest, paired with kitten heels if I'm feeling playful or drop dead stilettos if I'm feeling particularly predatory, the effect of a well turned out dress and accessories on men as I walk to work is always enough to make me feel the power of my gender.

I know they see the way my hips move, appreciate the line of my legs, the curve of my neck. I thrill at the thought that some fantasize about what I'm wearing underneath. A simple gold necklace, strand of pearls or cameo brooch on a velvet ribbon can stir the imagination of a man as he lets his gaze drift down the curve of my body.

Make no mistake, gentlemen, I know you're interested, I know your mind is wandering away from those morning meetings and toward a more particular dialogue as I sense your eyes appraising me and I adore all of you for it.

If I'm wearing one with a looser cut to the skirt, I'll tease you with a pair of champagne or satin black stockings attached to my garters - no pantyhose here. I want you to catch sight of the ripple, the imperfection in the skirt that signals the presence of a garter belt know that I can be just a little more open to exploration than the put together professional you see on her way to work.

I want you to thrill to the thought of your hands sliding up my silk clad thigh and encountering the lace covered snaps and straps… feeling your fingers tremble a bit as they linger there.

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My inner wild child is found just beneath that professional exterior, guys. The lingerie is always lacy, usually black, and definitely tending toward romantic or sexy. Why?

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Simply because I like to fantasize too. I like the feel of the dress sliding across my legs, love the attention you give me with those appreciate glances. I allow myself the chance to brush against you in passing and press ever so quickly into you, excusing myself with down cast eyes and a murmured "sorry" and a little smile.

My mind usually sees you following me into the building and saying hello, asking if I'd be free for lunch that day. We'd meet at a little restaurant down the street and enjoy a simple lunch and discover shared interests, with a growing physical attraction jus beneath the surface of the conversation.

As we left to return to work, you'd reach for my hand and pull me into a quick hug, thanking me for sharing lunch. I'd surprise you with a kiss on your cheek and squeeze your hand as I walked slowly away, letting you day dream as you watch me leave. The note I left in your pocket is a pleasant surprise as well, with an email address and an invitation to meet for drinks after work. My heartbeat races a bit when I see your confirmation in the inbox just minutes after I get back to my office… The bar down the street has never looked better as I enter and see you at the bar with a pair of dirty martinis and a big smile.

I slide in next to you, my leg resting gently next to yours as we talk. You're so easy to be near and I'm loving every minute of this flirtation, and I let you know with a smile, a touch of my hand on your arm and increasingly intense eye contact. Feeling bold, I ask if you'd like to take a walk as evening closes in around us. Taking you by the hand, I lead you out of the bar and into the night, pulling your arm around me as we slowly stroll down the street.

Your smell is hypnotic, your presence is exhilarating and I press in close. As we enter the small park, I reach up and kiss you and throw my rams around your neck, letting myself get lost in the moment, feeling your body react to mine.

Your hands slide along me, I can sense you holding back, not sure if you should let them slip lower, so I help you decide by wrapping one leg around yours as the kiss deepens.

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Feeling your hands slip down my legs, from the hem of my dress onto bare skin is delicious. I inhale sharply and let a soft giggle in your ear as your hand tracks up under my dress and along my thigh, you can't understand how erotic this feels.


or can you? My teeth graze your ear as you hands continue to explore… my fingers are assessing the shape of your shoulders and the way your back reacts to me tracing your spine.


Your fingers are at the edge of my panties, you have to be able to hear my heart pounding now… the curve of my thigh is so sensitive, and you seem to enjoy the soft line between my cheeks and leg as much as I enjoy your attention there. I reciprocate with an exploration of your chest, breaking our kiss to look in the eyes as my hand slides across you, smiling as I let my hand slip lower and brush over your beltline… how excited are you?

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Oh my&hellip. The pulsing hardness my fingers encounter answer that question quickly. I'm feeling very adventurous now hoping you'll follow my lead; I walk into a small glade off the pathways and turn to find you right behind me.

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I look into your eyes as I reach down and remove my panties. Turning around, I hike my dress just enough to let my cheeks feel the cool night air and smile back at you as I lean against a tree. I hear your zipper… god I'm sooo ready for this… then feel your hands reach around me, cupping my breasts… then the heat from the head of your cock slips between my legs and searches for the entrance… a quick movement of my hips and I can feel you ease inside me.

So nice… you fill me up and I begin to rock to you, grinding against you, letting you fill me up. I glance back at you, your eyes closed, and blissful smile across your face and close my eyes and let the feeling fill us both. The noises of the night surround us, but all there is here is soft sounds of our coupling, our breathing growing a bit more ragged with each thrust and counter thrust… the sensation of your hands moving over my ever so sensitive breasts and grabbing onto my hips as we continue.

All I want right now is you inside me; all I need is to coax you and me to a shared sense of sexual insanity&hellip. And I can tell you're getting close… you cock almost feels as if it's doubling in size… and I want to take it all. I never did this before, but I pull away and spin to face you on my knees and take your cock in my mouth, tasting us both there… my tongue works up and down your shaft as I look up at you, begging soundlessly for your release.


The sensation of you pulsing down my throat is unbelievable&hellip. I'm lost in the pleasure of your orgasm ad enjoying this very naughty feeling, hoping you are as well. Looking up, your glazed and happy expression says it all, but you need to help me, stud… I turn back around and guide you back in me and begin reviving your cock with slow strokes… coming closer to my own release as you harden and join the fun… so close, I simply press against you and let you rapidly thrust in and out as I feel my entire body clench up and then release in an explosion of sheer pleasure… my walls clench and milk you, knowing your empty but wanting you to feel my joy.

Recovering our senses, we kiss tenderly and walk back on the path startling other couples with or appearance from the trees, encountering knowing smiles as we saunter out of the park. A kiss and a promise to call and set up a "real date" ensue as we part for the evening, exchanging numbers. My smile may seem cryptic to you as I walk away, but you'll understand soon enough… when you find my lacy black panties stuffed inside your jacket pocket… to remember me by.