Sehen und hören mir masturbiert

Sehen und hören mir masturbiert
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Zachary waited eagerly for his new babysitter to arrive.

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He always played pranks on the new babysitter in order to get rid of them. He was already 13 years old and believed he could take care of himself but his parents wouldn't allow it and treated him like a baby. Ding Dong! "Zachary, come down here to meet the babysitter," said his mom. Zackary walked downstairs waiting to see an old lady walk through the door but he was wrong. An old lady didn't walk through the door but a teenage boy did.

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"Zachary, this is John." said Timmy's mom. "He lives down the street and said he wouldn't mind babysitting you so don't cause him any trouble." "Don't worry ma'am," said John. "I'm sure Zack here will be fine." Zack's mom said thank you and walked out the door.

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"Alright Zack I'm gonna watch some TV so do what you want but don't make a mess or anything." John walked toward the living room, jumped over the sofa and landed on the cushions.

He grabbed the remote and turned on the TV. Zack just looked at him. John looked like he was about 18 and had shaggy black hair, the total opposite of Zack's straight, blonde hair. He was pretty tall too. Zack was already 5'7 and John was at least half a foot taller than he was. He also seemed to be pretty built because the muscles in his arms could be seen with out him having to flex. Zack was surprised when he felt himself getting an erection in his pants.

"Zack!" yelled John. "Can you get me a pop? I'm really thirsty." John walked into the kitchen and grabbed a cola out of the fridge. He walked into the living room and handed the cola to John and sat down.

John opened up the can and took a drink. "So," said Zack. "How old are you?" "I'm 17," said John, keeping his eyes on the TV. "Why did you want to baby-sit me?" "I needed some cash," said John, rubbing on his crotch over his white shorts still watching the TV.

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"Oh." Zack turned to look at the TV and saw a woman showing her breasts to a guy. This movie had a sex scene in it! Zack could feel his dick getting even harder now and saw a big bulge in John's shorts. Zack turned his head away from Zack's growing bulge but really wanted to stare at it, but then John pulled his shorts down and revealed a thick, 8" cock.

"You don't mind if I jerk off right here right?" said John, stroking his hard cock. "N-No, I don't," stammered Zack, staring at the huge member, surprised that John just pulled it out.

It was a tannish color with a light pink head. The pubic hair around it was wild and bushy and as dark as the hair on John's head. His balls were hanging down and weren't too hairy. The guy on the television was sucking on the woman's tits and she was moaning.

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Zack's dick felt tight in his pants and he really wanted to relieve the pressure. So, he unzipped his jeans and pulled down the briefs he was wearing and revealed a hard, 4 ½" cock.

"Wow," said John, "nice dick." Zack didn't think so. It was white with a pink head and his blonde pubic hair made it look like he had none at all. His balls were pretty small and whenever he jerked off he never seemed to cum a lot.

"Mmm," moaned John as his pace quickened. He looked over at Zack and asked if he wanted to help him out. "Umm, ok," answered Zack. "What do you want me to do?" "Just suck me off," said John. "Its really easy and I think you'll like it." Zack got onto the floor on his knees and bent over John's cock.

Pre-cum already coated the top of it. Zack nervously lowered his head and licked the top of John's cock. The taste wasn't bad so he put his lips around the head and started to put more of the cock in his mouth.


John moaned at the intense feeling of having Zack's mouth over his cock and feeling his tongue swirling over it. "That feels so good," said John. "Keep going." Zack started bobbing his head up and down getting John's cock as far back in his throat as he could. He was also massaging John's balls with his right hand and was playing with his own with the other. John moaned again and tilted his head back. He started rubbing his chest under his shirt and put his other hand on the back of Zack's head pushing his head down a little rougher.

"Come on," he said. "I'm almost there." Zack was beginning to gag as John's cock was going farther down his throat. "Ahh, I'm about to cum!" moaned John.


His hips started to buck forward and a wad of cum shot to the back of Zack's throat. Zack choked as more cum started to shoot into his mouth. He took his mouth off of John's cock in order to breathe and more streams of cum shot onto his nose and cheek. "That was great," said John. "Now I'm going to return the favor." Zack sat on the couch while John got onto his knees. He took his shirt off revealing hard pecs and cut abs.

He immediately put his mouth over Zack's cock and started to suck.

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He sucked ferociously on Zack's cock, swirling the head in his mouth using his tongue and getting the whole thing in his mouth. He spread Zack's legs and put them over his shoulders and held his thighs in his hands "Mmm," moaned Zack, feeling a pleasure he never felt before. He felt his nipples getting hard under his shirt and his dick started to throb.

"I'm gonna cum." John started to suck faster. Zack started moaned more and started to buck his hips.

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"I'm cumming!" screamed Zack. John felt four hard shots enter his throat and then the rest dribbled onto his lips. He took Zack's cock out of his mouth and started to lick the sides cleaning it off. "That was great," Zack said, catching his breath. John got up and sat next to him. He leaned toward Zack and they started to kiss, their tongues fighting against each other.

Zack could taste his cum in John's mouth.

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They kissed each other for several minutes before stopping. "I think we need to go clean ourselves up."