Pretty asian delights with rousing fellatio and wang wanking

Pretty asian delights with rousing fellatio and wang wanking
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"So whats next?" I had just recieved the best blow job of my life. My younger step sister, who i had fantasised about ever since seeing her grown up, had revieled that she wanted to try some stuff with me. "well since i gave you a blow job i want you to lick, you know, my pusst?" She blussed at saying the word pussy and that just turned me on even more. "Ok,but lets take this to the bed room, it will make it alot better." I had had my fair share of experiance with ither girls.

I actually had gotten alot of action from girls at the church group i went to. Girls talked alot so when word spread that i was good in bed, girls wanted me to be their first. I had popped 13 cherries and a few of the girls kept in contact for the occasinal booty call.

When we got to my bed room i told Jen to strip down, saying it would make it easier. I really just wanted to see what she was packing. And was it good. Her legs were perfectly toned,and she had beautiful tan lines.

Her hip bones stuck out a little and she had the faintist six pack going. She had a litle tuft of trimmed blond hair above her pussy. Her pussy was the best i had ever seen.

No inner lips were protruding and the sight alone made my cock ache. Her breasts were almost a c-cup. They were pert and had no sag to them at all. I told her to turn around so i could see her ass and took a mental picture of the nicest butt i had ever seen.

Saying this girl was a dime would be doing an injustice to her. "Lay down on the bed and spread wide." This got a smile out of her. She sat down on the bed and i pulled her to the edge so that her ass was a little over the edge of the bed.

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I knelt down a beathed deep. Her pssy smelt amazing. I started to kiss her inner thighs. I slowly ran my tounge up and down her inner legs. She started to breath heavily and i knew i was getting her worked up. I slowly licked the bottom of her slit to the top. The taste of her pussy sent me wild.

I started thrusting my tounge as deep into her as possible. The sudden intrusion made her start to moan loudly. I worked my tounge arond the inside of her pussy, trying to lick up all her juices. I took my middle finger and put it in her slit. I quickly found her clit with my tounge and started doing figure eights with it.

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This drove her mad and she started pulling me in closer with her legs. I didnt let up, and after a few minutes i let my pointer finger join in. I had two finger working her pussy and was teasing her clit with my tounge. All of the sudden her whole body went rigid and she started screaming at the top of her lungs.

"Oh my god, oh my god, it.OOOOOOHHHHH." Her orgasm hit like a tidal wave and her juices started flowing.


I licked them up and started tounge fucking her again. After what seemed to be forever she calmed down and was panting like she had just ran a sprint. "hat was the best thing i have ever felt, I never knew a orgasm could feel so good." "So you've gotten off before?" "Yes, i finger my self all the time, I saw you changing one time and always pictured your big dick fucking me." When she said dick she sat up and grabbed my dick and started rubbing it.

Giving her an orgasm had made my cock swell up so big it hurt. I had precum dripping from the tip of it and felling her little hand on it made me even hornier. "So what noe Jen?" She looked me up and down, bit her lip, and said "Please for the love of god fuck me." Seeing that pretty mouth say those words gave me all the incentive I needed. Being at the tender age of 17 I was hung pretty good. I started maturing at a young age and was shaving midway through seventh grade.

I was lready eight inches hard and had damn good girth. I measured my self frequently so that i could brag to my school buddies. "Well Jen I'm gonna fuck you, but its gonna hurt. you've never had anthing this big in you before." "I really dont care, just get to it already." I pushed her back on the bed and knelt between her legs. I pushed my cock down and started pushing inside of her.

She was so wet and i had so much pre cum on the tip of my dick it made it pretty east to go inside her. I pushed in a little bit them pulle back out. I pushed in a little deeper and thats when i hit her hymen. "This part is really gonna hurt.

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I'll go slow but its gonna be pretty bad until i'm all the way in." "Ok just take it easy." I pulled out a little more than pushed hard. I ripped through her hymen but still had about three inches to go.

She screamed loud and started to cry a little bit. I had witnessed this with every girl i fucked for the first time. Which supprises me still to this day. Not one of those girls went deep enough when masturbating to break their hymen. I just sat there for a moment and let her regain her composure. After about five minutes she said she was ready and i started strocking again.

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i went slow and easy. But i got a little bit more in with each thrust. I finally bottomed out and looked into her eyes. She had lust in her eyes, a real hunger that turned me on like never before. I sayed buried all the way in and started rotating my hips.

I did circles and tried to loosen her up a little bit. Her pussy was gripping the shit out of my cock. After circling for a few minutes i pulled almost all the way out and thrust back in hard. Her tits moved with every thrust and her stomach muscles were sticking out. Her body was driving me wild. I started fucking her faster and harder.

She responded by digging her nails into my back. I was lost in a world of pleasure. She had the tightest pussy of any girl i fucked and she was really getting into it. She started panting and then did something that made me almost cum right then and there. "Oh your so big, fuck me harder, I want you to cum so bad, i need it, FUCK ME BIG BOY." I stopped for a second, pulled her to the edge of the bed and put her legs together and held them straight up.

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This drove every girl crazy. hey love it when i take charge and fuck them silly.


Putting her legs together made her even tighter. "Oh i'm about to cum again." I was quickly reaching my end as well. "Oh Jen i'm about the cum." I kept driving away and her orgasm struck. She started screaming again and her body was going rigid.

I blew my nut so hard I thought it would never end. When i finished i looked up and she was blacked out. Her body was loose and her head was to the side. i pulled out and my cum dripped from her pussy anf ran down her crack. I got up and walked to the kitchen to get a drink of water. I was starteled when i fely arms wrap around my stomach.

She wispere in my ear "Plese do that to me every chance we get." I turned around and said "Jen this is just the beggining. Next time i'm gonna let you do the driving." She smiled up at me and drew me in for a kiss. The next couple months were amazing. jen turned into a sex addict and i was having trouble keeping my mind on anything else. Things got alot better when she had some of her friends spend the night. She had been bragging to them about how great i was.

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The good thing about having a cheerleader for a sex toy is her friends. Four girls spent the night, all dimes, and all virgins. Life was looking good.

I fucked each and everyone of those girls more times than i can remember. I was a bonafide man whore. And i loved each and every moment.