Anh đụ em mỗi sớm mai sưu tầm)

Anh đụ em mỗi sớm mai sưu tầm)
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It was Sunday morning, my body was so heavy and I felt pain everywhere, my nipples were bright red from all the squeezing, pinching and biting they received from the perverts who gang fucked me the day before. My pussy hurt so bad that I even can still feel like a cock is still in it.

My ass felt like its being torn apart. I had lashes and bite marks all over my body. I took a shower, trying to think that everything will be washed away, I was crying while in the shower, and I stayed there for almost an hour. When I got back to my roomI saw the purse that I had with me yesterday, it smelled terrible, then I opened it and there were a lot of goo inside, then I realized that this goo was CUM from the guys who fucked me at Mark's place, and I even saw the 20 peso bill that the gang members inserted in my pussy.

I couldn't help but cry again. I stayed in my room the whole day, I couldn't eat or even drink.


I just stayed in bed and locked my door. Good thing there were nobody else in the house or else they might notice that something was wrong with me. I didn't notice it but I fell asleep, and I was awakened by the noise of my mobile phone, when I picked it up, I saw 40+ messages and a lot of missed calls from numbers that I don't even know.

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Then I realized from reading all the obscene messages that these were from the guys from yesterday. One guy said that he'll pick me up tonight and fuck me together with some of his friends.

Another said that he'll wait for me in front of the seven eleven where they nabbed me and take me to a place where he'd fuck me and let some of his new friends fuck me too.

But what really scared me was Mark's message, it was the latest message there, and I had just received it. he said that he is in front of the house, inside his friend's van, and he wanted me to get dressed and come with them.

I was really scared and I dint know what to do, until Mark called my phone. He told me to open the door and take the paper bag in front of our door step. I followed what he said, then he told me to just follow what the note inside says. When I opened the bag, I was shocked to see a pair of red high heel stilettos, a micro mini skirt that seemed to be only 4 inches long, and a small school blouse with a pink tie to match it, the note said to wear this outfit and don't wear any panty or bra inside.

And that if I didn't agree, they will show the whole school and my family the video they made of me. The note also told me to fiz my long black hair, let it just fall and wear pink lip sticks and wear some perfume. And it also had a pair of white stocking to match the outfit. After fixing myself, I looked at myself in the mirror, I looked like a little school girl who looks like a prostitute in a club.

I turned around and I can even see my ass showing and in front you can see a glimpse of my hairless pussy even without going down.

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Then I heard a knock on our door, it was Mark, he then grabbed my right arm and escorted me to the side of the van. When the van door opened, I got even more scared, the van was full of old men, all of them were I think in their mid 40's and late 30's. Mark pushed me into them and they grabbed me like some sort of a prize, then Mark closed the door and he went inside the passenger sit. When the van started to move, Mark looked back and in an authoritative voice, told the men, YOU ALL CAN DO EVERYTHING YOU WANT TO THAT BITCH, AND MAKE SURE YOU TREAT HER LIKE A DIRTY WHORE, MAKE SURE YOU ALL GET YOUR MONEY'S WORTH.

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I then realized that Mark, was pimping me out to these men. After what he said, hands came from all directions, and started to grope me. I screamed and screamed for them to stop, but they were all not listening, and I know that no one outside can hear nor see me. Then a man in front of me lifted my hips in the air and started to lick my pussy, the men opened my top and one started to bite and suck my left nipple, while another did the same on the other side.

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Then a man facing my head started to kiss my lips and forcing his tounge inside my mouth, eventually he succeeded, he kissed me deeply. Then I heard one man shout, lets inject this drug into this bitch, I saw the man holding an injection and he just injected whatever that drug was into my shoulder.

I immediately felt dizzy, but still wide awake. The man kissing me, suddenly knelt down and unzipped his pants and just shoved his huge and smelly cock in my mouth, and started to fuck my mouth deeply. I felt his cock growing harder and harder, I almost threw up, he was fucking my mouth so deep that I can feel it hitting my throat. Then without warning the man licking my pussy, just shoved his own cock in my pussy, while he was fucking me, I felt one hand from I don't know where, glide through my ass, and inserted a finger in my asshole.

The men took turns fucking me, but none of them came yet. Then maybe after 2 hours, Marked shouted, WE'RE HERE GUYS, LET'S TAKE THAT BITCH OUTSIDE AND TREAT HER LIKE THE WHORE THAT SHE IS. When they took me outside of the van, I saw that the place was a field with zero population in sight. There were tall grasses surrounding us and only the light coming from the headlights of the van were our light. Then the horror began.


They made a huge circle, when I counted them there where 17 of them there including Mark and the driver. They made me stand in the very middle of the circle, facing the lights from the van, then they all started to remove their clothes and got naked. They all started to laugh like demons. Then Mark shouted, YOU KNOW THE ORDER GUYS, LETS START THIS!!! Then one of them, started to walk up toward me, he was stroking his cock on his way to me. He grabbed me by my hair and ordered me to kneel, and so I did.

He forced me to open my mouth and started to fuck my mouth with his cock, all the while the rest of them kept shouting and laughing at me, he then through me to the ground and spread my legs open, he didn't care at all and just entered my pussy and fucked me while calling me a whore a "PUTA," and kept fucking me for about 5mins, then he knelt up and bent me over so that my ass would rise in the air, he spit on my asshole inserted his middle finger and finger fucked my asshole for a few seconds, then he inserted his hard cock in my ass and fucked me for another 10mins.

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He didn't cum, he just stood up and walked away, then another guy did the same exact thing to me, and so did the third and up until the 7th guy. The next guy, was shouting, I'll mess her up and teach her to be a true fuck toy, he took something from the van, when he walked up to me I saw a long shiny metal rod.

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He ordered me to bend over, and so I did, I thought he was going to hit me but it was worst than I thought, he shoved the metal rod into my ass, I could feel it inside, it was cold and it hurt a lot, its girt wasn't that thick but it was so hard and heavy, he then knelt in front of me and fucked my mouth with his cock, after that he made went behind me and pulled the rod out of my ass and fucked my pussy with his cock, and fucked my ass after that.

After him the next man helped me to stand up, I thought he would just help me and when I finally stood up, he gently held me chin and faced me toward him, he had a scary look on his face, then I saw his other hand raise up and with one swing he slapped my faced, causing me to fall on the ground, he then spread my legs and just entered my pussy, he fucked me for about 15mins, before standing up and slapped me again and spitting on my face. After that one by one they fucked me, abused my pussy and ass, they were like animals, mad animals.

I kept on crying while they had their way with me, screaming to the top of my lungs for someone, anyone to help me. But no one came. When it was finally Mark's turn to fuck me, I had lashes and bruises all over. Mark had a belt in his hands, then he bent me over and ordered me to raise my ass, and all of a sudden, all I could feel was pain, pain that I had never felt before, Mark spanked my ass with his belt with all his might, so hard that it left a mark on my ass, he did that 16 times, he said it was for all the men who fucked me before him that night.

Then he laid me down and spread my legs, he then entered my pussy and fucked me like a real whore, he called me names and pulled my hair, slapped my face and spit on me.

After 30mins of fucking me, Mark came inside my pussy. After that, Mark shouted to the men that they can give me a bath now.

Mark helped me up and made me kneel, he was behind me, he held my head by my hair and ordered me to open my mouth. One by one the men stood in front of me, masturbated and shot their load on my face and into my mouth. Mark told me not to spit the cum that is inside my mouth, he even tilted my head so that the cum in my mouth would not drip out. On one side I just noticed that there was one guys still wearing clothes, and he was holding a big video camera, I thought to myself, "SHIT THIS WHOLE EVENT WAS COUGHT ON FILM!!!" but I didn't have time to react to that.

After the last guy shot his load in my mouth, Mark ordered me to swallow all of it. at first I refused, but then one guy pulled out a gun and pointed it right in front of my face, so right there and then I did my best to swallow all of the cum in my mouth.

Then one guy with a spoon on his hand, scooped all the cum on my face and chest and made me swallow it too, then Mark let go of my head, I felt terrible and coughed a lot, it tasted nasty and I felt like vomiting. But they were not yet finished, all of a sudden this guy walk up to me and pisses on my face, then one by one they all did the same.

So there I was lying on the grass and dirt, cum covered, with pee all over my head and body, I thought the terror was over, this one guy shouted, he wants to really humiliate me, and since I was so weak, I couldn't stop him in what he was going to do. While I was lying on the ground, he stood on top of my head bent over my head with just about six inches from my face, I saw his asshole clinch, the guy took a shit on my face, and forced me to open my mouth and he forced himself again so that his shit would go directly in my mouth.

After that I just rolled over to one side and spit out everything, and vomited. I was so weak to clean my face, and I just fainted. The men got dressed and entered the van, Mark got on the phone and called someone. Then they all left me there on the ground in the middle of nowhere.

I regained consciousness around dawn, and just in time that Mark along with a couple of guys came back for me and had a large pale of water with them, they cleaned me up a little and made sure that the smell was gone, I thought they were going to bring me inside the car, but instead they carried me to the trunk and then took me home, Mark assisted me inside my house, and helped me get inside the shower and left.

I could barely stand up, my body hurts so bad, I was in the shower for about an hour, when I heard my aunt enter the front door, and shouted, that I am going to be late for school. After cleaning myself up I went to my room and shouted to my aunt that I was not feeling good, so she just left and went to her house which was just a few houses away from ours. I slept through the whole day. When I woke up it was around 3am already, and I was shocked to see an envelope on my table beside my bed, it was from Mark, he might have left it there when he took me home, inside was a bundle of money amounting to five thousand pesos, with a note saying this is for being a good little slut and for being a dirty whore.

I can't believe it, I just became a prostitute.