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The Battered Lamp by mypenname3000 Chapter Nine: The Insight of the Rakshasa Copyright 2014 Note: Thanks to b0b for beta reading this! Tuesday, January 21st South Hill, WA Kyle had been concerned about Aaliyah all through kendo practice despite Christy's texts assuring him that she was just fine.

He couldn't contact her at all during practice, sapping his concentration and keeping him from focus on his kendo. His form was terrible tonight. And now matter how hard he tried to calm himself and stay grounded, he couldn't stop wondering why his genie wife was ignoring him.

What did I do to piss her off? Or was she really sleeping like Christy reported? After watching Fatima and Aaliyah fight this afternoon, Kyle was all too aware that with four loves, and a few concubines, he faced a potential landmine of angry women. As soon as practice ended, Fumi found him, a shy smile on her round face, her almond-shaped eyes sparkling with lust.

"I need you," she whispered in his ear, her delightful perfume tickling his nose; his cock hardened in a blink of the eye and all his worry over Aaliyah was overwhelmed. "Let's slip off and find a cozy place so I can suck your cock, and drink your wonderful cum." "Yeah," Kyle grinned, taking her hand and dragging her behind the building.

"I've missed you so much," she whispered, her hand reaching down to squeeze his cock. "Did you miss me?" "I did," Kyle smiled. Then their lips met again and he moaned into her hot mouth as she unlaced his hakama, the wide-legged trousers worn in kendo, and fished his cock out. She broke the kiss, looking down at his cock in her hands, her dark eyes lighting up, color suffusing her delicate cheeks. With a hungry moan, she fell to her knees and engulfed his cock.

"You're so beautiful," he groaned. She smiled around his cock. She pulled her mouth off, and licked delicately at his tip, looking both cute and so sexy at the same time. He groaned, caressing her cheek. She bobbed her head, slow at first, then picking up speed. One hand cupped his balls, the other pumped his shaft. Her perfume—a sweet, lily aroma—filled the air, making his heart beat faster.

That delicious scent permeated his body all the way to his balls. "That's it. Suck my cock. God, your mouth is amazing, Fumi." She moaned, her eyes looking up at him with such love. He erupted into her hungry mouth. For a moment, her perfume overwhelmed him, bathing his senses. Then it faded as the last few drops of his cum were sucked into her mouth. She sighed, shuddering. Fumi always came when he flooded her mouth; she hungered for cum. His cum, another guys cum. He was certain that she had sucked off other guys since their date on Saturday.

He was okay with that. He felt her love, and he had his other wives and concubines. She gave his cock a few licks, cleaning the last traces of spunk, then put him away and rose up. A few strands blue-black had escaped her tight braid, plastered to her pale face.

He gently pushed them away, then kissed her softly on the lips. "I'm looking forward to our date tomorrow," she sighed, resting her head on his shoulder when they broke the kiss.

He enjoyed the feel of her against him. Kyle shifted uncomfortably. "Yeah. I don't have a car right now." His mother had taken away his car for the next two months because he had been caught fucking his concubine Alexina at school yesterday. Kyle had learned some of the limitations of Aaliyah's powers with that stunt. "I can drive my father's car," Fumi offered. "Good. I get home from school around three. Come by. There are some people I want you to meet." My wives and concubines.

I hope you'll fit right in. "Sure." "Kyle!" Fatima shouted. "Stop cuddling with your girlfriend! Uncle Ethan's ready to go!" "Okay!" He gave Fumi one last kiss.

"I can't wait for tomorrow." "Me either," she sighed. The moment Fumi was gone, his worry for Aaliyah roared back. He needed to get home and find out what was wrong with his Genie. Maybe I was too lenient with Fatima. Aaliyah must have been hurt more than I thought. His sister bounced with excitement. I can't let Fatima get her way all the time. She needs to learn to think about other's feelings before she acts. "We're going to sit down and talk to Aaliyah when we get home," Kyle said.

"Ohh, I love talking with her," she grinned, licking her lips. "No, not that." His cock stirred at her grin. "I think she's still mad about what you did today." "Oh, really? I thought I smoothed it out. I don't even get what's the big deal." "You used her, Fatima. You took advantage of her good nature and I let you get away with it." "Because you love me," she grinned, pressing against him.

"I'm serious. You have to think about what Aaliyah might feel or Christy." "You're starting to sound like dad," she accused. "Always be good, don't do what you want." "Do what you want, so long as it doesn't hurt someone you love, Fatima!" She flinched at the gravel in his voice.

"Wow. You're really angry about this." "I think we both hurt Aaliyah really bad today. She's just good at hiding things and we didn't notice, but she's not answering me." "Really?" Her eyes widened and her expression fell like a candle guttered by a sudden breeze. "I didn't mean to hurt her. I just got excited with Ann and Kayleah.

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They're both so cute and submissive. I didn't intend to make them my concubines. It just happened." "I'm sure we can straighten this all out when we see her," Kyle smiled, touching her chin. "Okay." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The car stopped. Aaliyah was completely disoriented. They had thrown a black bag over her head and stuffed her into the cramped compartment of a car's trunk. Christy's treacherous gift—a gold and silver serpent biting its own tail—hung like a weight around her neck, freezing her body and absorbing her power.

How did I miss it was an Ouroboros trap? Because I trusted Christy. The necklace acted like a magical circle, cutting off both control of her body and directing her powers back at her.

So long as it was around her neck, she was helpless. Fear writhed in her belly. Her new biology teacher, Ms. Franklin, had a hungry smile on her face when Christy captured her. Her nursemaid had filled her mind with tales of young Djinn lured to the mortal world and captured by evil sorcerers, forced to do their bidding or, worse, to be drained of their powers. One of the few ways to end her existence. Kyle will save me! Somehow! He loves me, and won't stand for my disappearance!

she tried to send her thoughts to him, but her they were just reflected back at her by the necklace. After what felt like hours, it was hard to judge time in the suffocating confines of the hood, the car stopped and the trunk opened. Hands, like talons, grabbed her arm, fingernails biting into her flesh, and hauled her out.

More hands seized her. She wanted to struggle, but the amulet had robbed her body of any control. She could only scream and yell and hope that someone would hear her and come to her rescue.

None did. The wind whooshed out of her lungs; a fist planted in to her stomach. She coughed and gasped, too stunned to scream for help as they hauled her, grunting and cursing. All she could hear were women's voices and gravel crunching beneath feet.

Then they were climbing a few wooden stairs, a door creaked open, and she was dumped unceremoniously onto a hard floor. She blinked when the bag was ripped off, bright light shining down on her. Ms. Franklin stared down at her, emerald eyes shining with greedy lust. Five other women—no, teens—stood around her.

She recognized two of them from school. They all were naked except pendants that hung between their breasts. Each girl wore a different stone: onyx, garnet, tourmaline, opal, and jade. Dangling between her teacher's breasts was a clear stone—celestite. Aaliyah knew that sorcerers or wizards used gemstones as foci, matching the gem to the strength and color of their natural aura.

If Ms. Franklin has a celestite aura, then she was very powerful. She looked around the room; the walls were made of hewn logs set atop each other and dark shapes lurked in the corners, massive and furred. They were some sort of familiars, beasts twisted to the service of a spell-caster. Like the rat that had poked around the house last Thursday night.

"What do you want with me?" Aaliyah asked, keeping the fear out of her voice. She was the wife of Kyle Unmei the future Sultan of the Hidden People. She would not show cower for these witches amusment. "Your power," purred Ms. Franklin, ripping off the amulet.

Aaliyah could move again and tried to transform herself into a whirlwind of dust to escape. She couldn't. "I want every last drop of that sea brimming inside you." The teacher started chanting a prayer to the dark goddess Hecate. Light glowed around her, pure white, and Aaliyah realized she sat in a magic circle, a seven pointed star inscribed within its circumference. The light reached out from the circle and star, creeping towards her like slimy leaches.

She flinched when the lights touched her skin and tried to sink into her flesh, hungry for her power. She resisted, focusing her will to drive the silvery hands away. It was easy. For now. Please, Kyle! Find me! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Christy trembled. I did it! Aaliyah is gone, and everything can go back to normal. Kyle would be home in any minute. He had sent her several text messages, worried about Aaliyah.

She had lied to him, letting him think the Genie was sleeping. She clutched the leaves of a maidenhair tree leaves in one hand and her amber pendant in the other. The broad leaves weren't necessary, but they helped to focus her spell. Kyle had a diamond aura, and she would need surprise and every bit of her strength to work the spell oh him. She had already modified Kyle's mother and the six concubine's memory, erasing Aaliyah out of their thoughts.

When Kyle and Fatima returned, she'd edit their memories as well. Kyle would be all hers, and Fatima would have her two concubines to keep her happy.

The front door burst open, Kyle stood there, his angular face twisted in worry. Fatima was right behind him, looking downcast for once, her normally bright fire burned down to coals.

Christy didn't care what had soured the girl's mood; she had to act now. "Great Goddess Hecate," she chanted, "let the ancient power of these leaves flood their minds and fog their memories." The leaves smoked in her hand, a sickly-sweet scent filled the hallway. Kyle and Fatima breathed in, their faces relaxing as she focused her will, modifying their memories, erasing Aaliyah and Fumi from their minds, and changing the relationship between Kyle and his sister.

"Christy," blinked Kyle. Then he smiled, and hugged her. "How's my cute wife doing?" "Just fine," she breathed and kissed him. Fatima made a disgusted noise. "You two shouldn't do that in front of such an impressionable youth like me!" Kyle laughed. "You're one to talk the way you kiss Ann and Kayleah." "That's different! When we kiss, it's beautiful and magical.


But watching you two is like watching a pretty woman kissing a stone. Such a waste." "Well you're.uh.scrawny," Kyle retorted lamely.

"Really? Scrawny? Is that the best you could do, big bro?" Fatima laughed. "I guess it's not just your face that's stone, but your mind, too!" Christy caressed Kyle's face. "It maybe stony, but it's a handsome face. Like a marble statue carved by a Renaissance master." "You have no taste, Christy! Let me spend five minutes kissing you. I'll make you so hot and bothered you'll forget all about my dense brother." "Umm, he's dense in all the right places, Fatima!" Christy giggled.

His sister made a retching noise. "I don't need to picture my brother doing things with you." Joy bubbled inside Christy. Her spell worked; Kyle and Fatima didn't think they were a couple, and Aaliyah and Fumi were completely forgotten. Kyle's heart was all hers again.

"Come on, I want to feel every inch of your denseness in me!" Kyle grinned, and pulled her up the stairs; Fatima's fake retching followed them.

Kyle's concubines were lounging on the floor of his bedroom. She had decided to let Kyle keep the four ladies. She couldn't do anything about Chyna thanks to Ms. Franklin's spells, and she found it arousing having four women around that she could boss about. "Master!" Chyna and her mother Shannon purred. They were naked and lounging against each other. The pair were quite affectionate, and it was so disturbingly hot watching the incestuous pair fuck.

As hot as watching Kyle and his sister, a voice whispered inside her. She ignored that. It may have been hot watching them fuck, but Fatima was her rival for Kyle. Alexina and Carla leaped to their feet. Carla took Kyle's kendo bag while Christy let the blonde Alexina start undressing her. It was sexy standing there as a naked, hot teen carefully removed every article of clothing while Kyle watched with hungry eyes.

The concubine took liberties with her, nipping her nipples with her mouth, giving her asscheeks a squeeze, and taking a quick lick through her pussy. "She tastes ready, Master," Alexina giggled, then took a second lick. Christy was very glad she decided to keep the concubines around. Kyle didn't love them, he just liked fucking them.

And so do I. While Alexina had stripped her, bleached-blonde Carla had undressed Kyle, and she had wasted no time in burying his cock into her mouth. "Making sure he's ready for you, Mistress," she giggled between bobs. Kyle seemed ready to her, so she grabbed a handful of Carla's bleached hair and yanked her off his dick. Then she threw her arms around his solid body and kissed him. His muscles were stone against her soft skin, and she ran her hands up and down his yummy body.

His rock-hard cock rubbed against her belly, streaking her with precum. "I love you," she moaned as she pulled him down onto their bed. His hand found her round tit, thumbing her nipple. "I love you, too!" She kissed him passionately, thrusting her tongue into his mouth. She pulled him on top of her, spreading her thighs for him. She was wet, ready to be fucked. She didn't have to share him any longer with that damn Genie. What are you doing, Christy? The memory of Aaliyah's fearful words reared up in her mind.

Don't think about her! You have Kyle! Don't think about what Ms. Franklin is doing to her! Ms. Franklin said it won't kill the Genie, just rob her of her annoying powers. Kyle entered her; pleasure washed through her, drowning out the guilt. She kissed him, writhing her body against him as he pumped in her. A furnace burned inside her, growing hotter and hotter as he plunged in and out of her. She gasped and panted, inhaled their musk.

She was distantly aware of the concubines fucking each other, all her attention focused on Kyle. Her Kyle. She ran her hands along his muscular back, enjoying his muscles rippling beneath her fingers.

His strong hands roamed her body, rolling her nipples, sliding along her hips, stroking her cheeks. His face hovered over hers, dark, almond-shaped eyes full of lust and love. She ran a hand up and cupped his stubbled cheek and ran fingers through his dark hair. "I love you, Kyle!" she moaned "Always!" he grunted. "I'll always love you!" Her orgasm built, growing closer and stronger. "Nothing could stop me loving you, Christy!" She erupted. Her pussy spasmed on his cock, massaging him as she quaked in his strong arms.

He drove harder and harder into her, his rock-hard shaft kept her orgasm shaking through her. She pulled him tight, moaning into his strong lips. His passion exploded into her. Strong jets of cum flooded her pussy. Kyle pumped a few more times, then collapsed on her.

His body pleasantly heavy on hers. Warm, strong, secure. She had nothing to be afraid of, nothing to worry about. What are you doing, Christy? Her body shook as the guilt came screaming back up inside her. "What's wrong?" Kyle gasped. "Christy?" She couldn't stop her tears. Kyle hugged her tighter. She sobbed into his neck. How could she tell him about her guilt. I sent one of your loves to have her powers drained, and wiped your mind because I'm a selfish bitch! "Tell me, Christy?" Tell him how you sent Aaliyah to her death!

But I didn't!

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They'll just steal her powers. Right, because Ms. Franklin can be trusted. She pushed down those dark thoughts, telling herself over and over that Aaliyah would just be a normal girl from now on. Kyle was all hers. She made this sacrifice, she could live with the consequences so long as she had him.

Her tears dried up, and she clung to her love and let him stroke her dark hair and whisper his compassion into her ears. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wednesday, January 22nd Kyle woke up alone. That's not right. Where are Christy, Fatima, and Aaliyah?

He sat up, rubbing the sleep from his eyes, and frowned. Who is Aaliyah? And why would my sister be in bed with us?

"Christy," he murmured. "Hey," she answered. He found her sitting on his computer chair wrapped in a blanket and staring out the window. "What's wrong?" he asked her softly, stepping across the concubines sleeping on pillows on the floor. "I just couldn't sleep," she answered. A soft, yellow light from a neighbors porch light lit her face up. She looked haggard. "Did you get any sleep?" Kyle asked her. She shrugged.

"C'mon. There's still an hour before we have to be up." He grabbed her hand and led her to the bed, pulling her down next to him. "I'll hold you, try to get some sleep." She smiled wanly at him. He watched her lie there, her face relaxing as she slipped into sleep. She woke up gasping a few minutes later.

Her face was pale, and he could feel the sweat breaking out of her body as she trembled. "Shh, it was just a nightmare," he whispered to her.

"I'm sorry," she cried into his chest. "I'm so sorry." "It's okay, Christy. It's okay. The nightmare's gone." "Aaliyah," she whispered. "I'm sorry, it had to be this way." Who is Aaliyah?

he wondered. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Aaliyah was growing weaker. It was getting harder and harder to fend off the silvery leaches. The witches worked the spell in turns, chanting, relieving each other every few hours. The Djinn was curled into a ball, hugging herself, and praying for Kyle to come and save her. He had to come. He loved her. He must be tearing the world apart to find her.

A silvery light tried to attach to her body. She concentrated her will, and forced it away. Another damned silvery appendage replaced it, and another, and another. Hope was all that kept her going. Kyle will save me! She kept glancing at the door, hoping Kyle would burst in with Earthbones, the magical sword she had gifted him, and chastise these witches for daring to lay hands on the wife of such an important man! But it had to be soon. Once her will failed, her powers would quickly be drained—and then her life would end.

She would be nothing but dust blowing on the wind. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Where is Aaliyah?" Britney asked as she set her lunch tray at the table. Kyle's best friend frowned, her green eyes questing about behind thick glasses, her body remained still, like the surface of a calm lake. "Who?" Kyle asked. For a moment, a memory of a smiling, dusky skinned teenage girl appeared in his mind, then a sickly-sweet scent wafted it away.

"Is she a new student?" Britney fixed her emerald eyes on him, still as a forest pool.

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She inhaled deeply, "Maidenhair," she muttered. "And where is Christy?" "At home," he answered. "She didn't sleep at all last night. She seemed.scared about something. I don't know what. She wouldn't tell me." "Of course." Britney sat down, her eyes becoming calm pools. "I should come over after school and make sure she is okay." Kyle looked suspiciously at his friend. "I thought you didn't like Christy." "It is not that I dislike her. It is that I am afraid she is going to hurt you." "She'd never hurt me," he dismissed.

"So why do you want to see her?" "Aaliyah," Britney answered. "Who is this Aaliyah?" he demanded. "Christy mentioned her name this morning." But Britney ignored him, calmly eating her food while she read from a text book.

Kyle sighed. Alexina set a green, plastic cafeteria tray in front of him loaded with food, while Carla plopped down on the other side of them.

Looking miffed, Chyna sat down opposite from Kyle, then grinned and unbuttoned her blouse a bit, leaning over. Kyle's cock hardened as he looked at her ample tits almost falling out of her blouse. Kyle wished he could fool around at school, but he couldn't afford to get caught again.

That thought tugged at his memory. Yesterday he hadn't cared about getting caught when he had taken Carla behind the bleachers during gym and fucked her with. No, I fucked Carla alone, right?

Then why did he remember fucking Carla while she ate out someone's pussy. He strained, but all he could remember was a sickly-sweet scent wafting through his mind.

No. It had to have been just the two of us. And it had been very risky. I can't take chances like that right now! Kyle's resolved failed when he saw Toni Buckley walk by, her aura a light pink. Kyle tried not to think where his ability had come from, but for the last few days he could see women that desired to be dominated by a man.

The more they wished it, the pinker their auras, and Toni really wished for it. She was also drop-dead gorgeous in her pleated blue-and-silver cheerleader's skirt and a blue, long-sleeved top with the schools mascot—a gray, charging ram—printed on the front.

She had long, auburn hair caught in a ponytail, and flashing, green eyes. "Alexina and Carla," he whispered, point at Toni. "Why don't you invite her to sit with me." "Umm, she's scrumptious," purred Carla, toying with a lock of her reddish-brown hair. "We'll get her, Master," Alexina giggled. Britney looked up from her reading, and shook her head at Kyle. "What?" he asked her. "I promised your mother I would keep you out of trouble." "Nothing's going to happen," he dismissed.

Alexina and Carla caught up to the cheerleader. Kyle didn't know what they said, but it involved a bit of giggling, and pointing at Kyle. Toni blushed, but didn't resist as the two concubines grabbed her arms and led the cheerleader to his table . "Hi," he smiled, patting the seat next to him. "Hey, Kyle," she muttered. She sat down; a sweet, fresh scent tickled his nose, and he leaned into her auburn hair and inhaled.

A fruity shampoo. She squirmed, and he put an arm around her shoulders and pulled her next to him. "Aren't you just a hot piece of ass?" he asked. She blushed more. "I guess," she whispered. "I want to make you one of my concubines, would you like that?" he asked her. She didn't answer, staring down at her food on her cafeteria tray. He leaned in, and whispered into her ear, "I want you to take off your panties." "Right here?" "Right here, right now, slut." Alexina giggled on the other side of Toni.

"You should do what he says, or he'll spank you." She placed her hand on Toni's thigh. "I bet your ass will look so pretty after it's been spanked." "He wouldn't really spank me?" Toni squeaked. "Right?" "He would," Alexina answered, sliding her hand higher up Toni's thigh, disappearing beneath her skirt. "And we'd all watch and get so horny.

So please, don't do what he says." "And after he's done spanking you," Chyna purred, "we'd all kiss your red ass to make you feel better." Toni looked around. The cafeteria was full of students talking, yelling, eating, joking around.

But no one seemed to be looking at their table. She lifted her ass off the bench and reached beneath her skirt, pulling down the blue cheerleading spankies and a pair of frilly, pink panties. She slipped them down her legs and over her shoes. Kyle snatched her panties and held them to his nose.

She smelled tangy. "Her crotch is wet," he said, holding the panties up so his concubines could see. Britney wrinkled her nose, and buried her face deeper into her book. "Kyle, you dog," laughed his friend Corey as he walked by.

"You are going to get so busted." "I won't," Kyle promised. "You have got to hook me up, man. You can't have every pretty girl in school." "Try Aleah Buckley," Kyle said, flashing his friend a grin. "She's looking for a guy to take her in hand. Trust me." "Cool. Well, I'll let you get into trouble with your ladies." With a big grin on his face, Corey walked off to find a different table to eat lunch at.

Kyle turned his attention back to Toni. He smiled when he saw Alexina's hand beneath her skirt. "She is so wet, master," the concubine giggled, pulling out fingers damp with Toni's excitement.

She sucked them into her mouth, savoring the cheerleader's flavor. "What a slut," giggled Chyna, her breasts jiggling and seemed about to spill out of her blouse. "She'll fit right in." Alexina shot her hand back between Toni's thighs. The cheerleader squealed and squirmed.

Alexina's fingers came up damp again, and she held them out to Kyle. He sucked them into his mouth and enjoyed the cheerleader's nectar just as much as his concubine had. "You taste delicious," he told her.

"You're making my cock ache." "I.okay," Toni whispered. "Can I put my panties back on?" "Not yet." Kyle cupped her chin, and kissed her lips. She didn't resist as he shoved his tongue into her mouth, moaning into his kiss. "I want you to be my concubine. If you want to be used by me, then slide beneath the table and suck my cock." "You are supposed to be staying out of trouble," Britney said without looking up.

"This seems like quite a bit of trouble. You will be expelled if you get caught. How will you get into college then?" "Don't worry, we'll keep her hidden," Carla promised.

"Right girls?" Chyna and Alexina nodded. "We don't want Master getting in trouble, Britney." "See, it'll be fine. You worry too much." "Someone has to. You are far too blinded by the desires Aaliyah has awakened inside you." "Who is Aaliyah?" Carla asked.

"Would she make a good concubine?" wondered Chyna. "It does not matter who she is," Britney answered. "All it matters is the changes that she has awakened you to, Kyle. You have forgotten about caution. You cannot get away with everything. You cannot give in to your desires every time a pretty girl makes your penis tumescent." "Relax, Britney," he grinned.

"No one will notice." He looked at Toni. "So, do you want to be my concubine or not?" Toni licked her lips, looking around at their classmates who were all talking and eating. She squirmed more, then she slid beneath the table.

"What a slut!" Carla exclaimed. "She's perfect, Master." Alexina and Carla slid next to him, leaning towards the table to block the sight of the auburn-haired teenager unzipping his pants. Her breath was warm on his cock, and her tongue wet and rough as she licked up the shaft.

She reached the tip, swirling her tongue about it, then kissed back down. "I bet she gives great head," Chyna smiled. "All the cheerleaders are sluts for the football team." "I heard they blew the entire team when they made it to the State Championship," Alexina chimed in.

"Maybe if they waited until they actually won, our team wouldn't have gotten creamed," Carla added. She looked down and hissed in annoyance. "Master said to suck his cock, not lick it, slut!" Carla grabbed the cheerleader's ponytail and hauled her up from the base of his cock, then shoved her mouth down his shaft.

"Thank you, Carla," he groaned. Carla beamed and he rewarded her with a kiss on the mouth. When he broke the kiss, he saw a teacher approaching over his shoulder—Ms.

Capello, his hot English teacher. Adrenaline shot through Kyle; he tried to look natural, but his face burned, and sweat was breaking out on his forehead. He was sure he was going to get caught, and that just made the pressure in his balls increase. Getting caught was such an exciting thrill. Ms. Capello's locked eyes with Kyle and gave him a smile, walking towards the table. Kyle tried to lean forward, resting his elbows on the lunch table. His eyes kept focused on his teacher's impressive rack.

She wore a low-cut, salmon blouse, and her double D's jiggled wonderfully; he couldn't have looked away if he wanted to. "Kyle," she smiled, stepping up at his table. "And I see your harem is here." She frowned, looking around. "I thought there were more girls." "Christy's sick," he answered. His balls were boiling. He gritted his teeth; not wanting to cum in front of his hot teacher. She was gorgeous, tan skin and honey-brown hair that was the same shade as Britney's, only hers was carefully styled to fall in a curly mass around her head, accentuating her beautiful face, the complete opposite of his friend's unkempt mane.

"I wanted to talk about your paper, do you have a minute?" "I.not really," he groaned.

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Her tits were so fantastic, and Toni's mouth was so wonderful. He wanted his teachers luscious mounds wrapped around his cock. "It's not up to your usual standards," she continued. "I understand that you've married three different women, and that's added some pressures to your time, but school needs to come first." Why did she have to say come?

He bent over the table, his cock flooding Toni's hungry mouth. His fist clenched as he strained not to gasp and moan. "Are you okay?" Her hand rested on his shoulder; she leaned over and her heavy tits were almost in his face, straining her blouse.

Her hand tightened. "What the hell is this?" Toni looked up at the teacher, cum glistening on her lips. "Hi, Ms. Capello," she winced. "Umm, I dropped my pen." "I guess you didn't learn your lesson, Kyle," she sighed. Her cheeks were flushed, and Kyle noticed for the first time that she had a pink aura. He hadn't been paying attention to whether any of his teachers were submissive, focusing on his classmates instead.

A possibility was born in his mind. "All of you, come with me. We're going straight to the Principal." Her eyes lingered for a moment on his cock. "And put that away!" His concubines trembled as they stood up. Kyle handed Toni her panties and spankies back, and she quickly pulled them on, flushing deeply as Ms. Capello looked on. Then the teacher marched the group out of the cafeteria. Corey shook his head, mouthing, "I told you." Kyle gave his friend a confident wink.

Ms. Capello marched the group out of the cafeteria and across the quad to the main building. "We're going up to my classroom, and you're going to wait there while I fetch the Principal. His office is too small to fit the lot of you." Kyle nodded, grinning. Toni clung to his arm, shaking with fear.

"It'll be okay," he whispered. "I have a." "And no talking!" They entered the main building, walking through the mostly empty hallways, past the rows of beige lockers, and climbed the staircase near the library to the second floor. Her English class was the second door on the right, and she pulled a key out of her skirt's pocket and unlocked her classroom, ushering them inside. Kyle let his concubines enter first, then he snagged his teacher's arm.

She froze in disbelief, staring at his hand.


Her mouth worked, and she started to protest as he yanked her inside the classroom. "Lock the door," he told her. "What?" Her brown eyes were wide, and her impressive bosom heaved. "I said to lock the door," Kyle said, sounding firm as a rock. "You're not going to tell the Principal anything." "Of course I am," she whispered. "You're just making things worse for yourself, Kyle." Chyna, the boldest of his concubines, hooked her arm around Toni, and whispered in the cheerleader's ear.

The girl blushed, and let Chyna lead her farther into the classroom. Ms. Capello saw them, and blushed as they kissed. "You need to listen to me! I'm a teacher!" "You're a woman that craves to be mastered," Kyle stated.

"And I'm going to be so masterful to you." He groped her tit, delighting in the soft feel through her blouse. "Stop that, Kyle!" "Lock the door and submit to me." "I won't," she whispered, her voice trembling. "Yes, you will. You are going to reach into your skirt pocket, pull out your key, and lock the door. And then we're going to have some fun." Her hand reached into her skirt pocket, the keys clinking as she pulled them out and locked the door.

"I'm going to bend you over your desk, and fuck your cunt." She nodded. "You want to be my slut, don't you?" "Yes," she whispered. "I love it when the students stare at me. It's why I wear such low-cut blouses." "You've been dying for one us to have the balls to grasp what you've been offering?" He gave her tit a hard squeeze.

"God, yes!" He let go of her tit and slapped her ass. "Then what are you waiting for?" His English teacher scurried to her desk, her pleasantly plump rear writhing beneath her tight, charcoal skirt.

She bent over, then reached behind her to hike up her skirt. Her ass was covered by a sheer pair of red panties, pressed so tight against her cunt it was obvious she shaved. She pulled them down and spread herself open. A pink tunnel winked at him as she writhed on the desk.

"Fuck me!" she moaned. "I'm such a bad teacher! Every night I fuck myself with a vibrator pretending it's one of you hot, young studs reaming my pussy!" He walked over to his teacher, pinching her ass. "No tan lines?" "I always tan naked at the salon!" she panted. "Please! I need your cock! I've been dying to do this!" "I know," Kyle grinned.

Socks fetish A woman walking in a sandbox with socks

"I can always tell which women are the dirty little sluts that need to be taken in hand." "You've changed so much," she panted. "You've grown so confident and sexy. Is it because of Aaliyah?" "Who?" he frowned, pulling out his cock. Why was everyone talking about her? A sickly-sweet scent tickled his nose. "Your wi—" He speared her, a low moan cutting off her answer.

"Oh, fuck! Pound my naughty cunt! I'm such a bad teacher! Make me cum and you'll get straight A's!" He gripped her hips, her cunt tight on his cock as he reamed her. He savored every inch of her spongy, hot flesh. Her ass jiggled as he slammed into her. She looked over her shoulder; her mouth wide with ecstasy. "We should form a study group!" Kyle grunted. "Me, my concubines, and Christy! We'll 'study' English long and hard!" "Umm, it does feel like that!" "That's your student's cock you're enjoying!" "I know!" she moaned.

"I'm so baaad!" His concubines were moaning as loud as Ms. Capello, Toni perched on a chair as Chyna feasted on her twat, and Alexina and Carla on the floor scissoring their legs together. He wished Christy was here. And Aaliyah and Fatima. Who is Aaliyah?

"Yes, yes! I'm cumming!" his teacher moaned. "I'm cumming on my student's cock! So bad! I'm so fucking bad!" Her massaging pussy drove the Aaliyah question right out of his mind.

He loved the feel of a cumming snatch wrapped about his pumping shaft. He sped up, balls full of cum slapping against her clit. His face clenched, his fingers dug into her hips, and he grunted. His balls spewed his load into her hungry sheath. "Oh, fuck," she moaned. "Oh, fuck that was wonderful." "What a bad teacher you are," Kyle grinned, his cock softening.

He pulled out, and a glob of white cum dripped onto the floor. Ms. Capello glanced at the clock. "Darn. Lunch is almost over." Then she looked at Kyle.

"We can't tell anyone." Fear crossed her face. Kyle stroked her face. "You're my secret slave, aren't you. My hidden concubine" She nodded. "Until you graduate." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hurry, Kyle! Aaliyah chanted over and over in her mind.

Her will was fading. She wasn't going to last much longer. The sun was sinking, the cabin darkening. Hurry, Kyle! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Britney took the first seat on the school bus instead of sitting in the back with Kyle and his concubines. He frowned as the bus pulled away from the school. She sat stiffly, almost on the edge of her seat. She wasn't even reading.

He couldn't remember her ever seeming so agitated. Even when she was stressed over a big test, she never seemed to lose her calm. At a stop sign, he moved up the bus's aisle, ignoring the drivers yells, and sat down next to her.

"What's wrong?" "I am just eager to see Christy," she answered, her breath coming in quick, rapid intakes. "You seem really stressed." "I am," she answered as the bus slowed at his stop, the doors squeaking open. Britney was up in a flash, striding to the doors and down the stairs before he could even react, moving at a brisk walk, practically a jog, towards his house. Kyle followed after her, almost falling down the stairs, and had to run to catch up with his friend. "What has gotten into you!" he shouted.

"Nothing!" she roared, her face angry like a storm-tossed sea, and she suddenly raced towards his house with a burst of speed, leaping up the steps and landing lightly on the porch. "Kyle!" He glanced away from his friend's strange athletic display and saw a Japanese girl waving at him. She was beautiful, with blue-black hair, and a very lithe body.

She seemed to know him, though Kyle couldn't place who she was. Fumi, a faint voice whispered in his head, then was wafted away by a sickly-sweet scent. "Christy!" Britney growled. There was a splintering crash. Kyle gaped; his best friend had just kicked in the front door of his house. He caught a momentary glance of Christy on the other side, a bunch of leaves clutched in one hand, and then Britney was on her and the two girls fell to the floor in a tangle of wild hair and limbs.

"Shit!" Kyle raced to his house, taking the porch steps two at a time, and hurtled through the shattered doorframe. Britney was atop Christy. His girlfriend was curled up in a ball to fend off Britney's wild attacks. He grabbed his friend, anger burning in him, and yanked her off his wife, heaving her to the right. She tumbled across the floor and came up in a low crouch. Her glass had flown off, and her green eyes seemed to glow, growing into slits like a cat's eyes.

Dark markings blossomed, striping across her face, and her bushy hair no longer seemed like a tangle of hair, but the mane of a magnificent beast.

"Get away from her, Kyle!" she growled, fierce and feral. "What the fuck are you!" he demanded. Christy whimpered on the ground behind him, her face scratched.

"Wh-what's going on, Kyle?" "Get away from her, Kyle," his once friend-turned-monster slowly said. "She is dangerous!" "Really?" he demanded. "You could fool me! You need to get the fuck out of here, Britney. I'm not—" Britney leaped at him. He set himself, falling into a judo stance, and lashed out at her. She ducked his thrust and grabbed his arm. He tried to fend her off as she twisted, reaching out to seize her hand and pry her fingers off his arm.

She pivoted and he was thrown across her hip, landing hard on his back. "Kyle!" Christy shrieked. "Help me." Britney grabbed his wife by the throat. "Release your spell, witch!" Kyle struggled to his feet, coughing hoarsely as he struggled to regain his wind.

Fatima flew in the door, and launched herself at Britney, screeching at the top of her lungs. Britney's hand lashed out, striking Fatima in the solar plexus, stopping his smaller sister's charge dead.

Fatima reeled back and crashed onto the floor, gasping for air. "You fucking bitch!" Kyle roared. "Stop, or I will break her neck!" Britney growled, her eyes shining and her stripped face as fierce as a tiger's.

"I can do it! You saw what I did to your door!" Kyle froze. Christy struggled on the floor, her face turning red. "Why are you doing this?" A plaintive tone crept into his voice. He didn't understand; he had known Britney since they were kids. "Why, Britney?" "Release your spell, witch," Britney hissed at Christy.

"Or I will kill you!" A strangled gasp escaped Christy's lips. "Can't.breath." "I will relax my grip for you to release the spell. But if you try to cast anything else." Christy nodded; Britney relaxed her grip.

Gasping, Christy spoke, "Goddess Hecate, lift the fog on the mind of all those in this house." A clean breeze seemed to blow through his mind, driving away the sickly-sweet odor. He stumbled; Aaliyah was reborn in his mind, the memory of her dusky face smiling up at him as she materialized on his bedroom floor, joyous at finally being freed from her lamp.

And not just Aaliyah was restored to him, but his love for Fatima and Fumi surged through him, a burning wind of desire. He stumbled, catching himself on the door. He looked at Christy. She made me forget.why? Then the panic he had felt last night crashed into him. Aaliyah was missing. And Christy could cast spells. His eyes widened. "What did you do, Christy?" His heart beat faster.

His stomach tied in knots. "What did you do to her?" "I." Tears brimmed in her eyes. "She stole you from me, Kyle!" "Stole?" His heart shattered in his chest. "Who? Aaliyah?" "Yes! You were all mine and then she came!" "She didn't steal me! She loved me! And I stilled loved you. We were still together." "I loved you, Kyle! You were mine! I was yours!

We didn't need the others! We were happy!" "So you.what?" Kyle struggled to understand what she did to him. "You did something to me! What?" "I cast a spell." Tears leaked out of her hazel eyes. "I made you forget." "She is a witch," Britney answered. She let go of Christy, and Kyle noticed the stripes fading from her face. "She serves the dark Goddess Hecate." Christy flinched at the disgust in Britney's words. "I didn't know what I was getting into.

I.I swore an oath. I need the power to save my mom. And then she ordered us to find the Djinn." Panic pushed down the betrayal. "What did you do with Aaliyah? Did you kill her?" Christy shook her head. "No. I just.I captured her, and handed her over to my coven." "To drain her?" Britney asked. "Yes." "Drain her of what? Her blood?" "Her power," Christy answered. "I'm sorry, Kyle.

I swore oaths. And when I found out." Her face tightened, anger blossoming. "Did you really just expect me to share you? We were dating first! I shouldn't have to share you! That's not the way love works! " "And casting some spell on me is?" he roared back. "And handing over someone I care about to be drained." His eyes widened.

"Fuck! Is draining her going to hurt her?" "Just make her human," Christy answered. "She'll be fine." "No, she will not," Britney answered. "The Djinn's power is her life. Once it is drained, she will return to dust." Christy gasped, stumbling back in horror. "No. That's not what." "Why didn't you just say something, Christy?" Kyle demanded. "Why did you make me think you were okay with all of this.

We could have talked this over. We could have found a way. You didn't have to wipe my memory and capture Aaliyah!" She looked up at him, her face quivering, tears running down her cheek.

"You made it clear that I had to share you or lose you! You didn't care about my feelings! You just wanted to fuck any woman that got your dick hard, and I just had to live with that!" "But Chyna?" Kyle frowned. "You didn't care about me and Chyna. I thought—" "A spell was cast on you, Kyle! You couldn't help wanting her! My damn coven leader's been trying to break us up and she enchanted you and Chyna." Christy shuddered. "The bitch wants me as her.lover. The things she makes me do." "Shit!" Kyle cursed, trying to think.

Aaliyah was in danger. Christy's reason for her betrayal didn't matter right now. "Where is Aaliyah? Where is she?" "A cabin," Christy answered. "Near Eatonville. 24509 Timber Road." She reached out towards him. "I'm sorry, Kyle. I just.I love you so much. I didn't know she'd die. I just wanted you to myself." He withdrew. "I.fuck, Chasity. I can barely stand to look at you right now! How can I trust you? And if Aaliyah dies." His fist clenched and he leveled her a flinty look.

"Goddamn it! What am I supposed to do about this?" "I'm sorry, Kyle," she sobbed. "Please!" Anger burned inside him. His body was tensed, wanting to lash out. It was like trying to contain an avalanche.

Fear, anger, hatred, love, betrayal crashed inside him. He couldn't think. He didn't know what to do with Christy. How could he forgive her? How could he still love her? "Forgive me, Kyle!

Please! I can't lose you!" "How?" he roared. "How can I possibly forgive you? You sent Aaliyah to her death!" That fact hit him in the gut. He stumbled back. "Oh, god, you sent her to her death. Fuck, Christy. How could you do that?" He didn't try to hide his disgust. Christy gave a single, ragged sob, then fled out of the living room.

He didn't stop her. The room was silent for a moment, and then Fatima dropped the weapons Aaliyah had given Kyle on the coffee table with a loud clatter. He hadn't even noticed his sister leave. "We can deal with the bitch later!" Fatima shot the retreating Christy a glare full of fire. "We need to save Aaliyah now!" Kyle grabbed the katana. Earthbones.

It felt right in his grip. Steady as the Earth, as violent as an avalanche. Fatima picked up the yari, flames dancing on its long, straight blade. Two other weapons lay on the table, a curved dagger inlaid with blue metal and a shortbow, it's wooden arms embedded with a green metal.

Britney frowned, and leaned in, picking up the dagger. The dagger glowed with a watery, blue light, enveloping the entire weapon. It flowed, rippling, and transformed into a long, triangular blade held in her clenched fist, rising up from her knuckles. Kyle recognized it as a katar, a punching dagger. Britney grinned like a cat. "Waterclaw. What a masterful weapon. I would be honored to wield it, Kyle." "You're coming?" Kyle blinked. "Of course. I swore to protect you. I can hardly do that if I remain behind." She paused.

"Besides, I like Aaliyah. She is quite proper." Swore to protect me? He was about to ask, when another figure entered the room, moving with an airy grace.

Fumi's lily-scented perfume wafted into his nose, stirring desires within him. It took Kyle a moment to remember why she was here. We were supposed to go on a date tonight. He didn't even know how to explain this to her. "Fumi, um, I don't think this is a good time." She smiled at him as she reached down and picked up the bow.

The weapon glowed a deep green and lights swirled about the bow, growing and elongating in her astonished grip. When the glow faded, she held a yumi, the Japanese asymmetrical longbow. "What a graceful weapon," she cooed. "Windfeather." She drew the string back, an arrow made of green wood materialized. "You are a very interesting man, Kyle. Let's go save this Aaliyah. I so dearly want to meet the other women in your life." To be continued.

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