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Deep throat 2 tube porn
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Fbailey story number 390 I caught My Daughter In The Act My daughter was a quiet little thing when she was younger. As she grew older she got out of her shyness. By the time she hit puberty she was extremely outgoing. With her new tits, pubic hair, and her period, came a new awareness of her body. I tried to keep her under more control but her mother out ranked me and gave her, 'her space.' By the time Jessica was fourteen I had noticed a drastic change in her wardrobe, in her manors, and in her school grades.


In my mind she was 'boy crazy' but once again her mother ruled the roost. All I knew was that my daughter was really turning me on and I had no doubt that Jessica had even more of an affect on horny young boys. I started paying more attention to her. Then unbeknownst to her mother I started monitoring her. I bought Jessica a cell phone with a GPS chip in it. I put a program in her computer that allowed me to see what she was doing from my office or from my computer at home.

I even monitored her phone calls. It was just a couple of weeks later that I intercepted a plot for her to slip out of the house on a school night, to meet with some boys, and that there would be drinking involved.

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I waited patiently for my wife to fall asleep, I listened for the squeaky step on the stairs, and then I listened for her to close a car door.

I quickly jumped into my car and followed her tracking signal out of town and out to the softball fields. It was used by all of the teams in town. Practically every factory or business had a team. I was on one of the teams myself. I was in the mixed league where we had to have at least three women on our team. They had to play too they couldn't just sit on the bench and look pretty.

I parked in a place that was not too obvious, checked her GPS position, and then started for that area. As I approached the area I saw several cars parked in a semicircle with their headlights aimed toward the center.

In the center were eight teenage boys and three teenage girls, one of which was my daughter Jessica. I saw a few six-packs of beer and everyone was drinking.

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I watched as my daughter drank three full cans of beer as the boys cheered her on. Jessica appeared to be the youngest girl there. The boys were all old enough to drive and one was probably old enough to purchase the alcohol. Music was blaring from one of the car's stereo systems.

It was that damn thumping music that I hear everyday coming from cars that kids drive. I pulled out my video camera and set it on a bench to capture what I was watching. Soon the other two girls started dancing and the boys were cheering.

Quickly Jessica joined in. It looked like a setup. The other girls were pretending to flash the boys but in reality they weren't showing the boys anything. On the other hand Jessica was lifting her top and showing the boys her bra full of titties. As the boys shouted for her to remove her bra one of the other girls smiled and helped unhook the back of Jessica's bra and the other girl helped pull it out through her armholes. When the boys chanted 'show us your tits' the other two girls stepped back out of Jessica's view and again pretended to lift their shirts.

Jessica didn't pretend, she simple lifted her top right up to her neck.

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Those two girls grabbed a hold of her shirt and helped it up over her head and off. As Jessica stood there topless she just smiled and kept dancing to the music.


She was long gone by that point. As the boys cheered and asked to see more skin the other two girls went to work on her. Her jeans were unbuttoned, unzipped, and lowered to her ankles but not removed.

Her panties followed soon afterwards. Standing there nude in the car light she kept smiling and dancing. Soon she was lowered to a waiting blanket and the eight teenage boys were on her. They were everywhere at once. With sixteen hands not a spot on her body was safe.

I watched as the oldest looking boy lifted her knees, separated them, and then knelt on the material between her ankles. She was helpless to his exploration of her virgin pussy. He leaned into her causing her to cry out but a mouth or a hand over hers cut off her scream.

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I though about going to her rescue then I thought about my wife and the way that she keeps interfering with me doing my job. Fuck her! I then watched as all eight boys took a turn fucking my daughter while the two older girls cheered them on. I decided that it was an initiation of sorts. She was joining a gang and that was her initiation.

The boys that weren't fucking her pussy were feeding their cocks into her waiting mouth, jerking off on her body somewhere, or grabbing her tits roughly.


I watched as one of the girls dropped her jeans and panties, squatted just above Jessica's face, and pissed in her hair. Then as suddenly as it had started, it ended. I looked at my watch and saw that it was two o'clock in the morning. The two girls tried to stuff Jessica's T-shirt into her pussy.

They got some in and then let the rest just hang out. Two boys picked Jessica up by her wrists and ankles. They placed her in the bed of a pickup truck. Her panties and jeans were still around her ankles. Everyone climbed in there vehicles and took off. I made my way to my car and followed them from a safe distance assuming that they were taking my daughter home. When I pulled in my driveway I saw Jessica lying on our front porch. Her panties and jeans were still around her ankles and her T-shirt was still sticking out of her pussy.

I took a couple of minutes of video of her lying there. I thought about going up, waking my wife, and bringing her down to look at her daughter but I didn't. Instead I picked her up in a Fireman's carry and took her around to the back of the house. I sat her in one of our lawn chairs, turned on my camera, and then turned on the garden hose.

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When that cold water hit her, her eyes flew open, her breath caught, and she let out a silent scream. I aimed that hose at her face, her tits, and her pussy. She couldn't cover everywhere at once. Soon she acquired the power of speech. Then I aimed the cold water right into her mouth and told her that she did not want to draw attention to herself. She was quite and begged me to turn the water off so I did.

Jessica asked, "How did I get here?" I replied, "Well, young lady, first you snuck out of the house, you drank three cans of beer, and then you let two older girls undress you in front of the eight boys that fucked you and then dumped you off on your front porch just you are now." Her response was simply, "Oh!" I asked, "So was that some kind of gang initiation?" Jessica took offence to my question and said sharply, "No!

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I wouldn't do that. I just wanted to have some fun." I asked, "Was it fun getting gang banged and coming home with your T-shirt partially stuffed into your pussy?" Finally I saw something in her eyes that said that she was sorry but her voice said, "So I screwed up.

I had to loose my virginity sometime. I can live with it." I sarcastically asked, "Can you?" Jessica asked, "Are you going to tell Mom?" I said, "No!" She looked so relieved, then I said, "You are!" Jessica started crying.

I turned off the hose, turned off my camera, and went to bed leaving Jessica in that chair. The End I caught My Daughter In The Act 390