Dudes robust rod is driving fascinating babe wild with pleasure

Dudes robust rod is driving fascinating babe wild with pleasure
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Deep Desire My wife and I married very young at nineteen. She got pregnant right away. Had trouble at birth, her blood changed on her to R.H. The Dr advised us not to have any more, if possible. It would be to dangerous for the baby. So from then on, it seemed like our sex life was a shambles, always afraid she would get pregnant again.

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But our healthy daughter grew up to be a good looking, very well stacked woman of eighteen. Next door was the neighbors daughters also eighteen. She was the best friend of our daughter Abby. Her friends name is Helen, she is also stacked like they say.


A little brick shit house. Nice round ass on her, her tits a nice hand full, I would say. She spent more time at our house than her own. She calls me Uncle Bob! Always purring around me, touching me every chance she got.

I should feel honored I guess, but it makes me uneasy, she acts like she has a thing for me. I'm not old, just thirty seven, don't look a day older than twenty five, built nice.

We always like the outdoors, camping and fishing, I always treated Abby as a son we never had, but she loved to fish and camp. So we bought five acres of woods next to a lake, decide to build a cabin for weekend get a way. So while we are building the cabin, we have been camping out in tents while we are there. This one weekend Abby told Helen we would be gone for the weekend. Helen wanted to know if she could go along with us.

Abby asked if Helen could go along with us, I said sure no problem, Helen ran to her house to get her things, she came back wearing tight, really tight fitting shorts. So tight you could almost see her pussy hairs through the material, you could see the imprint of her pussy. Wow I said to myself. "Do you like my shorts Uncle Bob?" "Sure do sweetheart, just love them." "I didn't want to tell her how much I loved them, she really turns me on.

My cock starts swelling when I look at her some times. We all jump in the van, and we take off. It takes us about an hour to get there. The first thing we do when we get there, is to sit up camp.

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Put the tents up, fix the fire ring, gather wood for the fire. Every time Helen bent over to pick up a piece of wood, you could almost see her little crack. I just kept running around all afternoon with a bonner. I would have jerked off, if I could have found a place to hide. That evening we had a nice fire going, had supper, then about nine or so we decided to call it a day and go to bed.

The girls had their own tent, a four man tent like ours. Every thing was fine, until some time in the night a very bad storm came up. A lot of thunder and lighting, really bad. Then we heard the girls at the door of our tent wanting to come in, they were scared. I said sure come on in." It was dark and could not see who was who, all I know is a nice warm sexy body crawled in next to me and cuddled up to my back.

Some time during the night I awoke to find some one running her fingers up and down the inside of my leg. Not knowing who it was at first, I didn't think it would be my wife in these close quarters, and surly not Abby. Just give me one guess, I lay very still and pretended to be asleep, just to see how far she would go. She kept running her fingers higher and higher, until she came to the opening of my boxer shorts, where I already had a bonner the size of a tree trunk.

Then she took it in her hand an began jerking me off.


I stood it as long as I could, I didn't want to shoot my wad all over the blankets. I would have a hard time explaining that to my wife the next morning.

I reached down and took her hand off my raging cock, took my fingers and placed them over her lips to be quiet. She immediately took that as the wrong sign, and started to suck my fingers.

My wife started to stir. I taped her on the shoulder, told her I had to go pee, she mumbled okay and went back to sleep.

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I crawled slowly form the tent, I didn't want to wake Abby who was a sound sleeper, and Helen followed me out. As soon as she got outside the tent, she was all over me, kissing my lips, pulling at my cock, trying to take my shorts off right there. I put m finger to her lips once again to keep her quiet, as I lead her towards the van. Once inside I closed and lock the doors, the windows were tinted, so no one would see us, even if they walked up to the van.

The floor of the van had nice thick carpet, and an extra blanket. I pull off my shorts immediately, she had already took off her tight shorts. I could see her large tits heaving up and down in her sexual excitement. I reached over and started messaging them, kissing the nipples on each one.

She was thrashing around, raising her hips up to me. I started rubbing the lips of her pussy, which was already sopping wet. Stuck one finger in, and the virginals walls grabbed my finger wanting more. Put it in Uncle Bob, she begged lifting it up to him.

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I got on top, found the entry, forced my enlarged cock between the lips, and steadily push it down warddeeper and deeper. She thrust her hips up to me, wanting more. I kept driving deeper and deeper until we were touching pelvic to pelvic. I could feel the walls of her pit tightening and tightening, then she exploded. He could feel the warmth of her deep hole.

Closing in around him, then he let go. With a mighty surge. He could feel his creamy load hit the bottom of her pit. He could feel her nails digging in the small of his back, trying to get more, as she bit down on his ear. He had to shake her lose, or he thought she might bite it off in all her excitement. They lay there, his cock still embedded deep within her pussy. She started kissing is lips, running her tongue deep inside his mouth.

He could feel the walls of her pit, sucking and pulling, trying to get him going one more time. I got it hard one more time, but Ill tell you, that little eighteen year old knew how to fuck, she just about wore me out. We did slip back in side the tent just before daylight, with no one the wiser I think. I'll have to admit we had several more times we made out, that was some young chick.


The one time I really remember more than some of the others, was the day I went fishing by myself In one of our canoes, we had three of them of them at the cabin.

I had been gone for about two or three hours, my wife got a little concerned. 'Will one of you kids go see if you find Bob? He's been gone for a long time." Helen jumped up before the others. "I'll go," she said. "Okay be careful out there," Bobs wife Trish said. "I will," Helen said, as he ran and slid the other canoe into the lake before Abby got there wanting to go with her. She paddled slowly long the lake looking for Bob and is canoe. She sees him about two or three hundred yards on down the shore line fishing from the bank.

She gets there, and lets her canoe glide up to his. He sees her and smiles. What are you doing way out here? You pretty thing. 'I'm supposed to be out here looking for you handsome, catching any fish?" "Yeah caught a few, I was about ready to head in for lunch, are they in any hurry back at the house?" "No not really, she was just trying to figure out what to have for lunch." "Well let me get my stuff gathered up so we can start back," he puts all his fishing gear in the canoe.

'I have to go back here and pee," he said. 'Do you need any help?" she asked. 'I know what kind of help you would be!" He grins 'You don't have to go all that far back, you know I've seen you before, lover boy." 'Yeah, I know you have." he grunts as he takes it from his pants to pee.

Helen gets out of the canoe, walks up beside him around and takes it in her hand while he is peeing, he lets her hold it. Then for fun ,when he has stopped peeingshe even shakes it for him.

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Then she unsnaps his pants, and lets them drop down around his ankles, she pulls his boxer shorts down, and starts giving him a hand job. Then all of a sudden she gets on her knees, and takes it in her mouth. Not very deep at first, the she deep throats him. He just about shot his load right then, but held off, he doesn't know how, because he felt it starting from his balls up, he almost let it fly.

Is cock was so enlarged it was ready to bust, he told her if she wanted it In her pussy, she had better quit what she was doing, or he was going to come right in her throat. She pulled her head back grinning with seaman stringing from her lips form his cock. Then she pulled down her pants and lay on the clothes that laid there.

Opening her legs wide for me to inter. I got on my knees and found the lips of her pussy, and drove it in. Pushing deeper and deeper. "Go deeper Uncle Bob, deeper," she begged. "I'm trying sweetheart, I'm trying," he groaned, as he drove deeper an deeper.

Then he exploded deep inside her pit. He could feel the warmth surround them both as it spurted form the end of his enlarged cock. They lay for a few minutes, then Bobs spent cock slid from her swollen pussy. 'Don't you think we had better get back before some one comes in the other canoe looking for us?" "Yeah Uncle Bob, I guess we better.

You know Uncle Bob, you get better and better all the time." "Well no wonder, it's you that make me get better an better all the time, when I get my cock in that little sexy hole of yours it doesn't want to stop." he says grinning. Oh Bob quit kidding ," she says then reaches and grabs his cock again.

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"No, that's enough sweet thing, save some for tomorrow," he said, as they climb into their canoes, and start paddling back towards the cabin.