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Hot shemale Pamela M wants oral sex
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It was a windy day at Hogwarts. Harry and Ron could hear the harsh wind howling outside the Gryffindor tower as they sat down for a game of wizards chess. They enjoyed the warmth of the common room, and the solitude of it so far. The roar of the fire their only companion as they battled for supremacy on the board. "Drat" Ron exclaimed as he realized his folly, seeing that Harry's queen was about to murder his king, causing him to be checkmated out. Harry leant back in his chair, folding his arms behind his head, a smug grin on his face.

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He tried to stifle a yawn. "What time is it anyway?" Ron asked as he looked out the window into the darkness. "Late" Harry responded. "We should probably go to bed" he continued. Ron shrugged, "Why mate?


Its weekend tomorrow. Besides, there's gotta be some girls still up" he remarked. Harry paused to think. "By the way, if you get a chance, try and get Gabrielle to give you a blowjob, best head I've ever gotten" he said to Ron, whose eyes lit up. "Will do mate, will do. Where do you think Ginny is, she's not in her bed or anything." Ron asked Harry. Now it was Harry's turn to shrug "Dunno really, probably out fucking some stranger".

As if on que, Ginny burst into the common room, looking frustrated and exasparated. "Urgh!

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I hate some guys!" She yelled out and flung herself into an armchair, sulking. Both Harry and Ron laughed. "What now Gin. Couldn't get an older student to do your homework for you?" Harry teased her. Ginny rolled her eyes.

"No, not that, idiot. Some 6th year Ravenclaw jerk wanted to fuck me, but then as I was lying in a pool of my own juices, he couldn't get it up. Didn't even eat me out the fucker!" she exclaimed, getting up from the chair. "I'm going to bed now" she exclaimed as she started to head for the stairs. Harry and Ron shot each other furtive glances and intercepted her before she reached the stairs, Ron from behind, and Harry from the front.

Ron grabbed her sister by the waist, tickling her in the process. Ginny started to laugh/scream at the sudden stop, bending her over at the waist.

"Oh no you don't you little minx" Ron said from behind her, as she felt Harry upright her and she felt his hands on her tits. "Stop it you guys! I don't want to today!" she tried weakly protesting their advances, but the two guys quickly overpowered her.

"Oh, but we want to" Harry assured her as he parted her robe. "No panties or bra? Aren't you a little slut. And already wet aswell" he remarked as his hand started to rub against her bare pussy. Ginny blushed a bit and her hands instinctively shot to both boys crotches. "Well, I'm hungry" she said as she licked her lips with a smile on her face. *** A loud boom resounded through the dungeons, dust and debris filling up the corridors as the blast rocked the stone walls and floors.

"Yes." a strong male voice said. "Yes. It will do quite nicely" he continued. "Are you sure we are far enough down?" he asked someone. "Yeah, it's hidden away enough that it's. well. hidden, without being too obviously hidden. It's not a dead-end or any place that would be a dead giveaway like that." a young female voice rambled on. The male interrupted her stream-of-consciousness speech.

"Yes, yes, thank you. It will be fine." he sighed. "Did you get the list? If those people at Durmstrang can do it, I don't see why we should be prohibited from it. Besides, what's the harm" The girl snickered at him. "Yeah, we might be able to teach those mudblood a few things about who should be on top." She stopped to look at their work.

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A section of wall blown out into something resembling a bare classroom. "Do you have a teacher in mind?" the girl asked him after a period of silence. "Well, I had thought it was to be an auto-didact sort of thing, just like those traitors did.

Of course Umbridge has given her approval to a special student project, and I want her to be able to claim plausible deniability" he paused and aimed another blasting curse at a piece of wall. "I have also thought of one of our first test subjects" he continued.

The girl paused "Who?" she asked. Draco smiled and whipped out his wand, firing off a stunning curse at the girl. "You." *** Fleur was feeling horny. Very horny. And there was no-one to fuck her. Atleast no-one that she would fuck. Fred and George were serving detention, Harry, the saviour of her sister, was busy fucking Ginny. She needed to get her minds off of things and just practice some spellcraft. That was why she was heeded down a corridor towards Barrowman's office, who had promised to help her and provide some duelling tutoring.

As she approached his office/classroom, she heard music coming from the door. Slowly, opening the door, she peeked inside, seeing Jack playing a guitar, and 2 other guitars and a drumkit being magically animated to play by themselves.

Jack was quitely singing a song Fleur had only heard in passing on one of her trips to america. He looked up as he heard the door creaking, putting his guitar down, causing all the other instruments to stop aswell. Fleur warmed up even more as she met his gaze, that strong, confident look she hadn't seen the likes of ever. He got up from his chair, clad in clothes that looked so out of place in hogwarts.

His usual dark-blue coat and dark suit-like pants would like more in place in the muggle world. He walked over to the door as Fleur stood there stunned.

He opened to door fully, extending his hand. "Fleur, welcome. Glad you could make it" Fleur courtfully took his hand and did a courtful courtsey. "Jack, pleased to see you again" she said in lighty accented english. "How can I help you this time, Miss Delacour?" he said in fluent french as he walked back to his teachers desk and sat on it, the old wood creaking slightly. He flashed her his signature dashing smile. "Monseiur, I was hoping we could do some duelling sparring. Normally I would do it with other students, but Umbridge outlawed it." Jack smirked and faster than Fleur could react, he flung a knockback jinx right at her, hitting her squarely in the chest, causing her to stumble backwards, sending her almost half-way through the room.

Fleur landed heavily on her back, drew her own wand and prepared for battle. Another knockback jinx flew towards her, which she barely managed to avoid by throwing up a shielding spell.

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"Well, that's better than last time, but still not good enough" Jack taunted as he managed to disarm her. A few hours passed as Fleur and Jack furiously duelled throughout the classroom. Fleur was propping herself up on a table, panting heavily, sweat covering her body, her clothes tattered and her hair unruly.


Jack sat slumped on a chair, out of breath, and just in a light blue shirt instead of his coat. "You've gotten better, that's for sure. Some day you might even give me a run for my money" He said, folding his hands behind his head and closing his eyes for a few seconds.

Fleur looked at him, out of breath still.

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She looked around. "We might have to do something about this mess" she said in french. Jack snickered. "Don't worry, I'll take care of it. Anything else I can help you with?" he asked her. Fleur paused. "No, the training was all I needed, thanks!" she sashayed over to him and gave him a quick peck on the cheek.

"See you tomorrow!" she said as she made for the door. Jack opened his eyes. "Oh and Fleur? Next time you are horny, just say so, I'm always up for a good fuck" He laughed and closed his eyes again.

Fleur stopped and went beet-red, regaining her composure after a few seconds, she smiled to herself naughtily and exited the room. *** Ginny was on her knees, a cock on either side of her. She looked up at both the boys, biting her lip as she tried to decide which cock to taste first.

Her left hand was playing with her pussy, while her right was groping her own breasts. Feeling impatient, Ron decided to just grab her head and force her down on his hard cock. She moaned out as she felt his cock in his mouth, her right hand grabbing Harry's cock, stroking him lightly while she happily deep-throated her older brother's dick.

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Ron let go of her head with a groan as Ginny popped off his cock for a breath of air, although she was quickly back at work, adopting a much more leisurely pace as she bobbed her head along his cock, swirling her tongue around the head as much as she could, eliciting moans from her brother.

Slobbering all over his dick, she looked up at him, drool dripping form her chin as a result of her sloppy blowjob. She soon switched to Harry, stroking Ron's now rather wet cock with her free hand.

Harry decided to just let her work her magic on him, enjoying the feeling of who was probably the schools third best cocksucker. He started stroking her red hair, caressing her and offering her words of endearment. "That's a good little girl, getting our cocks nice and ready" he said as Ginny smiled up at him, giving the head of his cock a kiss.

"Which hole do you want mate?" Ron asked as they pulled Ginny up from the floor, her nipples rock-hard and her pussy almost dripping with her wetness. "Pussy" Harry said promptly, as he lifted her up, Ginny's leg wrapping around his waist. She grabbed his cock and guided it towards her pussy, letting herself sink all the way down. She sighed out happily as she felt Harry's cock penetrate all the way.

Harry gave her a deep kiss, tongues battling inside their mouths as Ginny started to bounce up and down Harry's cock, riding him while he stood up. Harry moaned into Ginny's mouth as he felt her pussy squeeze him like a vice. Ginny let go of Harry's mouth and screamed out as her first orgasm of the night passed through her body.

Ron had been lining up his cock to his sister's tight ass. As he noticed and heard the orgasm, he plunged his dick into her ass in one stroke, causing Ginny to scream out in mixed pain and pleasure at the sudden intrusion. She felt so full, loving a cock in her ass and pussy at the same time. Soon, Harry and Ron settled into a regular rythm plunging in and out of her young body. It didn't take long for Ginny to reach her second orgasm, the feeling of the two cocks too much for.

She bit down on Harry's shoulder, trying to stiffle her moan, but failing. "YES! Harry, Ron, I'm your little personal slut! Never stop fucking me!" She managed to moan out, holding on for dear life as they increased their tempo, spearing her young body mercilessly.

They heard someone enter the common room and froze, although Ginny slowly started to move up and down their cocks. They saw Fleur stumbling through the room, clearly exhausted, she shot the three teens a glance and laughed as she made her way to her room.

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Harry shrugged and continued with the task at hand. He could feel his own end approaching quickly. "Ready to fill this slut up?" he asked Ron. Ron grinned. "Sure thing mate. I'm nearly there" The two high-fived as Ginny was sandwiched between them, moaning incoherently, just holding on at this point, letting her brother and her friend fuck her.

"Here we come, take it you horny little slut" Harry taunted her as he thrusted one more time, burying himself to the hilt and spraying her insides with his warm cum.

Ron came aswell, his hot cum shooting into deep into his sister's bowels. Ron pulled out and plumped himself down into a nearby armchair, his wet cock slowly softening. He rubbed his forehead, breathing heavily after the fucksession. Harry and Ginny took a few seconds to make out, Ginny still impaled on his cock. "I love you sweetheart" he said lovingly into her ear. "I love you too Harry. But are you okay with this?" she looked deeply into his eyes. Harry laughed and slapped her butt.

"How could I not? You're my little slut aren't you? I love you, no matter how many cocks you fuck and suck, as long as you always have time for me." He nuzzled her nose with his and withdrew from her pussy, setting her down. "Now it's time for bed, don'tcha think?" He said as he led her to her dorm, going as far as the stairs would take him.