Black boys gay sex And who else could we have taking that pipe in

Black boys gay sex And who else could we have taking that pipe in
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Tammy has invited her sister to spend the weekend with us. She arrived at the Rome airport and we picked her up. As always, looking at the two sexy sisters hug each other, makes my cock hard.

And the fact that soon I will have both of them in my bed keeps the bulge in my pants stiff as the taxi drives the three of us back to our little home outside Rome.

It wasn't easy talking Tammy into inviting her sister Vicky for a threesome. I had to tie her to the bed, teasing her with ice cubes and candle wax, shoving vibrating balls up her hot cunt and leaving them on for an hour as she came and came. At last, the sheets dripping with her juices, she gave in.

Said she was my slut, my slave, and would do anything I wanted. I told her I wanted to fuck both her and her sister. To have one ride my face as the other ride my cock. That I would lay them on the bed side by side, their hot asses mine to touch, kiss, and lick and move my hard stiff dick from one pussy to the other till both of them came. I then forced her to give me a hot blow job to seal the arrangement. I don't know what she told Vicky, but I get the feeling that they both want this.

Maybe, just maybe, I'm not the first man they have shared. As soon as we get home, the girls go to the bedroom. After about a half hour, Tammy calls for me to join them. Both girls are dressed in sexy outfits, Tammy in a see through black teddy and thong panties. Her sister in red french cut panties and a long night dress, cut up the side both legs. "Well, I see my two sweet sluts are ready.

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Tammy come here and helps me undress. Show your sister how good you are at sucking my cock." As Tammy removes my clothes and goes to her knees, I can tell she has decided to give herself to me completely. No arguments. She wraps her hot moist lips around my cock and her sister watches as it grows and fills Tammy's mouth. "Your sister is a good cock sucker. You should of seen her at our last office party when I made her suck off all the salesmen who made their quota.

Oho, yessss, baby, ahhhh. Oh.yea, you should of seen her face covered in cum.

Ohhhh, baby, you better stop or I'll shoot my load. I want to have your sweet sister suck me for a while." The girls change places and I find that cock sucking runs in the family.

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Vicky's sweet lips moving up and down my shaft, her sweet hands around my balls brings me to a climax. She swallows, sucking me hard, and then lets it pop out of her mouth.

"Ohhh Tammy, your sweet sister is as lovely with a blow job as you.

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Umm, does she ride a hard cock as good as her sexy sister? Come here my slut and get me hard again." Tammy knows all my hot spots and with her moist lips and hot touches, rubbing her tits over my body, I'm soon as hard as a rock. "Darling, since your sister is our guess, let's let her ride my dick first. I want to taste those honey juices of yours while she rides me." I lay on the bed, my cock straight up.


Tammy lowers her hot pussy on my face, her clit finding its way right between my lips. I suck on it grabbing her hips and pulling her down onto my face. At the same time, her hot sister lowers her pussy onto my shaft.

Her tight pussy grips me and she places her hands on her sisters shoulders to steady herself. Tammy is moaning, my tongue raping that sweet hole of hers. I soon feel her juices flowing into my mouth, down my face. At the same time I hear her sister let out little moans each time she slams down on my cock, then she pushes down all the way and shouts out that she is cumming. This triggers her sweet sister Tammy and I am drowning in her cum.

Both girls then get off me and lay on each side, kissing and running their hands up and down me. Having just sprayed the insides of a tight pussy my cock is in need of rest, but not with these two.

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I kiss Vicky and squeeze her breast. "Tammy was right. You are just as hot a cock sucker as she is. And I love the feel of that tight pussy.

But Tammy is my lover and I owe her a fuck." My lover kisses my chest and climbs on top of me. Her moist lips make a wet path down my body to my cock. Her slutty mouth takes me and with her hands on my balls, her sisters lips on mine, my cock soon recovers. As my cock grows in her mouth, her sister moves up and feeds me a soft round tit.


I suck on her stiff nipple, my hand slides up her slit. I finger her pussy, pushing my fingers in and out of her wet hole. Suddenly I feel my lover's pussy sliding down my shaft. Her cunt rides me, her moans louder than her sister's.


I push my tongue into her lovely sister's cunt, my face is now slick with their combined cum juice. Tammy rides my cock, but suddenly I feel her lift off me. I try to shove her sister off my face to beg my slut to continue fucking me. But then I feel her slide back down.

Only this time it is even tighter than before. It takes me a few seconds to realize that I am now fucking Tammy's ass. That sexy round ass of hers. I dig my tongue into her sister harder, licking her slit like a starved man eats a steak. Only this meat is dripping honey.

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I force my fingers under her sister's ass and push my index finger up all the way into her ass hole. I hear Tammy crying out. Such a hot slut. She cries out for me to fuck her hard to drive my cock hard into her. Her sister, cumming on my lips, moves aside. Knowing her sweet sister she helps me and her turn, so my cock never leaves her butt. After what seems like forever, I find myself on top of her, kissing her neck and shoulders. I grab her hips. Vicky encourages me by laying beside me, kissing and licking my ear and telling me to fuck Tammy, fuck her sexy ass, make her scream.

I don't need the encouragement, but it helps, and I drive my cock in and out of Tammy, hard and fast. She pushes back, driving herself onto me. I feel my load ready to explode. I tell her sister I'm about to cum and she leans down and kisses me as my cock goes off inside her sister Tammy.

After a few minutes, I pull myself out of my slut's ass hole and the three of us go take a shower. I can't help myself and go down on both of them as we shower. Drying off the two girls, making sure I towel every inch of each sister, I then run my tongue slowly up their legs till I am again tasting each of their cunts. I then get up and tell them I need to suck on their tits and for the three of us to climb into bed and relax. As I watch the sway of their butt's as they walk in front of me, I realize this is only the first night.

There is a lot of fucking to come.