Sexy crossdresser secretary in a hot silk shirt teasing and touching

Sexy crossdresser secretary in a hot silk shirt teasing and touching
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Note: Thanks for the feedback so far… keep it cumming! September came and I realized I was in a bit of a quandary: the cold weather would soon be upon us and Stevie would soon be covering up in flannel pjs and a comforter when he slept, as opposed to his summer evening wear of just boxers.

I suppose I could have tried to flat out seduce him… I figured it wouldn't be hard for a cute girl like myself to get in the pants of a sex depraved teenage boy, even if he was my brother! But I wanted to keep it discreet… obviously trying to get a hold of my brother's cock is incest and wrong. Plus there's no telling how he might react and I don't want to jeopardize the foundation our little family has built the past few years. I can only imagine how mom would react and I would no doubt be living under a bridge by my next birthday.

Luckily, it wasn't very long until I saw my opportunity. We had a small cookout Labor Day weekend little Steve had eaten quite a bit. Mix in temperatures in the 90s, unbearable humidity and chasing around our little cousins for a few hours, and he was feeling pretty rotten by about 8:00.

The scene that unfolded next was one for the books: "Mom, I feel nauseous… do we have anything to take for it?" "Aww my little dumpling, what seems to be ailing you?

Let mommy have a look at you!" (Yes, my mom talks to my brother like he's five, especially when he's sick, lol. I guess it comes with being the baby in the family.) My mom made her way over to Steve, bending over in front of his slouched body. She was wearing a low cut tank top, and as she bent, her cleavage was hanging inches from my brother's face. There was a thin layer of moisture on her breasts… probably a mixture of perspiration and humidity… the sun was setting and the light caught the moisture just right, and her cleavage glowed like a vampire in one of those Twilight movies.

It was really beautiful and I had never been so jealous for a nice set of boobs before in my life. Just as I was taking it in, mom reached up to Steve's head to check his temperature, and that's when it happened.

"AAARRGGGG!!!" Partially digested ribs, hamburgers, cornbread and cola shot from my brother's mouth, onto mom's breasts, town her tank top and onto the deck. "Holy shit!" I screamed as the beautiful sight I was admiring became covered in a stream of vomit. It was like I was staring at Mona Lisa one second, and then it spontaneously combusted the next. "Watch your fucking mouth young lady!" my mother screamed back at me.

"Can't you see your brother is SICK?! Go get some paper towels and the hose!" I ran and fetched the paper towels, and the hose shortly after. I sprayed down the deck as mom cleaned the puke from Steve's mouth and her cleavage. I couldn't believe how much there was!

This scene of horror must have been enough to get freak out the rest of our family. They cleared the table, gathered their belongings and quietly dismissed themselves as mom and I rinsed the remaining puke from all surfaces and people caught in its path of destruction. "Abby, sweetie, I smell like bile and need to get myself cleaned up before I put on a puke show of my own. Can you get your brother up to his room, undressed and in bed? Grab him some Pepto, a wastebasket and glass of water too please and let him sleep this off." "Sure thing, mom.

Let's go shitstain… and if you get any of that vomit on me, I'm pushing you down the stairs." "Abigail! That mouth!" my mother shook her finger at me. All Steve could do was muster a few heavy breaths.

As I got him into his room, I helped him peel his vomit covered shirt off. Next came the shorts, and as you can imagine, I was trembling in anticipation that something might pop out as I peeled them off.

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Steve supported himself on the wall as I undid his belt buckle. As I pulled them down, I could see the clear outline of his cock through his thin boxers. I made sure to brush a few fingers across it as I tugged down on his trunks, and I swear the thing jumped like a fire hose getting filled from a hydrant.

It took everything in me to stop myself from ripping his boxers off and popping it into my mouth. "Not yet Abby, you'll have your moment shortly, show some restraint," I thought to myself, grinning.

Pants off, Steve collapsed onto the bed. I took notice that there wasn't any vomit on his shorts. Mom's cleavage caught it all. If she had my tits, Steve's vomit would have landed on his lap and undoubtedly some would have seeped through onto his cock.

That may have been enough to spoil the intentions I had for him later. "Lucky girl," I thought to myself. Apparently I'm alright with sucking my brother's cock, but not a cock covered in vomit… I'll admit, I have some weird standards.

I ran downstairs and fetched the wastebasket, water and Pepto my mother had requested and brought them back up to Steve. I open his windows and brought his drenched clothes to the laundry room so his room wouldn't smell like vomit later. "Steve, lay on the edge of your bed and roll on your side in case you need to puke again. I brought some stuff up for you in case you want it. If you need anything else, I'll be across the hall… just holler." With a groan he rolled on his side like I had asked.

"Abby?." he moaned. "Yes, do you need me to wipe your ass for you too?" He managed a smirk before replying, "Thank you, you really are the best." His words almost made me feel bad for what I was about to do. Almost. "Tell me something I don't know. Goodnight." I crept out of his room, leaving his light on and the door cracked. I went downstairs to check on mom. She had cleaned up, poured herself a drink and passed out on the couch in the time it took me to clean up after Steve. A half drank glass of wine was resting by her on the coffee table.

Mom often slept on the couch since dad passed. It was like she was uncomfortable sleeping in their bed without him. I really felt bad for her sometimes, and guilty that there wasn't more I could do to help. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and went up to my room.

I figured I actually should be there should Steve need anything. I guess I was a pretty good older sis to him at times. The next few hours felt like days. I really wanted to go in and start the show, but I needed to wait until he was in a deep sleep so I wouldn't wake him.

I thought about reading but couldn't concentrate. I thought about pulling out my phone and pleasuring myself to ease my mind, but I wanted to save myself for after. I would soon be handling his cock, and should all go well, I'd have a few more pictures to look at.

A smile swept across my face as I thought of the intense orgasm I'd soon be having. I sat there for hours, literally tapping my fingers on the bed and checking my clock every two minutes. Some point, shortly after midnight, I heard it: snoring. NOW was the time.

I crept into his room, opening the door slowly, not making a sound. I figured I should test the waters. "Steve?" I whispered. Nothing. "Steeeeeeeeeeeve?" this time a little louder. Still nothing. I walked over and shook him. "Steve!" I put a little something behind it. Nope, he was out cold. If it wasn't for the snoring, I might be worried he was dead. I knelt down before my brother.

My instructions to him earlier to lie on his side at the edge of the bed would grant me easy access to the hole in his boxers. I was really impressed with myself for formulating such a detailed plan on short notice. My hands trembled as I reached for his boxers. As gently and delicately as I could, I pried the hole open with two fingers and reached through with a finger on the other hand, hooking it around his penis. Due to its girth, I had a really hard time getting a good hold with on finger, but I slowly and meticulously began working it out of the hole.

The head of his penis was snug inside his undies and I was sort of pulling on the center of his shaft, looping it out, exposing inch by inch, little by little. I got about four inches out and suddenly I wasn't able to move it anymore. The damn head was pinched between his bony thighs! I pondered how I was going to get around this for a moment and then I got brave and just gave it a good tug.

The whole damn thing popped out, flopping against the side of the bed. I was surprised the weight of the damn thing didn't pull Steve off the side of the bed with it! I sat there, frozen, my heart pounding furiously. I was half expecting the thudding inside my chest to wake him up. I waited a good few moments, and when I realized Steve wasn't waking up, I took it gently into my hand, pulling it away from the bed. The shaft was soft and smooth, just as I imagined, yet it felt heavy as a bowling ball.

I estimated that I was holding about seven inches of flaccid penis in my hands. I could bend it any which way, and when I laid it out in my palm, it reached past my hand and down my wrist. It was a perfect combination a beauty and power.

Still resting it in my palm, I began to slowly caress it with my other hand, making sure not to wake my sleeping brother. After a good minute of doing so, it actually began to grow. I remember thinking to myself, "how is that possible?" It was practically slithering down my wrist like a snake! It was soon too big to simply hold in my palm.


I took it up in both hand and slowly started to pump it. It was getting hard, but still had some bend to it. I kept on with slow strokes until it was completely firm and stopped growing. I laid it across both my hands… it had to be at least 11 inches. I thought maybe more, but dismissed the thought thinking no way a penis could be a full foot long.

Either way, it was at least twice as big as any cock I had ever touched, and just as that thought crossed my mind, the first drop of precum seeped out through the hole. I smeared it around the tip so it wouldn't drip off, but it kept coming. This was everything I had hoped it would be and as my nerves settled and my heart rate slowed, I began to take it up to my mouth. I closed my eyes and pressed the tip against the now-purple head. Pulling them away, a string of precum still connected my lips to the head.

I licked my lips… salty, but not overpowering. Moving around to the side of the beast, I licked the shaft, moving my tongue up and down it. It tasted magnificent and my mouth watered. I knew I had to stick it in my mouth, and I grew aware that the area between my legs started to burn as I thought of it. Moving back to the head, I gaped my mouth wide open and slid it in. I sat up on my heel as to apply some pressure to my clit to quench the fire burning in between my thighs.

I slid as much into my mouth as I could, but I barely got past the head, when all of a sudden my gag reflex hit me. I pulled out, gasping, waiting for Steve to wake up, but it never happened. As much as I didn't want it to, I knew the night's festivities had to end there. I had already pushed my luck several times in waking him, and I had to do something about my burning cunt… my panties were once again soaked through. I grabbed my phone, and again, took a few pictures of all different angles.

His hard cock, covered in my spit and his precum, was now documented on my phone. I staggered up, a bit light headed, and just stared at Steve's manhood, wondering what I should do with it.

There was no was I was getting it back in his boxers, so I just said "fuck it," and left it hanging there. He could take care of it when he woke up. Back in my room, I closed the door and dropped my panties on the way to my bed. I plopped down and immediately started fingering my pussy. It was so sensitive and hot, that I thought I might see steam coming from my fingers when I pulled them out.

I didn't even bother opening the pictures on my phone, the image of Steve's cock and the feel of it in my hands in mouth were still fresh on my mind. I immediately regretted not having the foresight to grab another banana, or something larger than my fingers (I had not worked up the nerve to buy a toy, I don't think I could live with the embarrassment should mom or Steve find it).

But it was too late now; I wasn't going to last long and didn't want to ruin this orgasm by making a trip downstairs to search the fruitbowl again. I don't think I would be able to make it to the stairs anyway without succumbing and fingering myself right there. It had to happen now.

I slid my fingers into my moist slit and pounded my g-spot. I came almost instantly, and you guessed it: waterworks. I clawed at the bed, trying to stop my convulsing body from slipping off. The orgasm seemed to last forever. I wanted to go again, but my body just couldn't handle it… the intensity of that first orgasm drained the life out of me.

I rolled over and passed out in a puddle of my own cum and I didn't care. "STEVE OH MY GOD!!" I heard my mom shriek. I sprung up in my bed. "Oh shit, Steve was dead!" I thought to myself. That was the only reason my mom would yell out like that in such horror. "He must have choked on his vomit. It's all my fault. The last thing I ever did to him was suck his dick!" I was mortified! I wanted a sharp object right there to end my life with.

"MOM HOLY SHIT! WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HERE?!" I heard Steve's door slam, followed by footsteps running down the hall at an Olympic pace, and the words coming from my mom's voice, trailing off as she flew down the hall: "oh-my-god-sweet-baby-jesus" Right then I knew two things: 1.

Steve was alive and well, and 2. Mom had seen his cock. I might also add she never spoke to him in that baby voice from that point forward. The next few months were, well, hard to describe. The new pictures on my phone kept me satisfied for a few weeks, and I had some intense orgasms over that span.

After a while though, the feel of his dick in my hand, the taste of his soft flesh and precum in my mouth, and the sensation I got from blowing him wouldn't leave my mind. My fingers simply weren't satisfying my craving anymore and well, the world's supply of bananas can only grow so fast.

I slipped further into social isolation as I became obsessed with finding new ways to pleasure myself. At one point I tried fucking my bedpost, because I thought that would be the closest thing to Steve's cock that would ever enter my vagina.

Of course, it didn't fit into my tight teen pussy, and that experiment was over before it started. I began to hate myself and the cruel trick God was playing on me by placing the world's most perfect penis across the hall from me, then attaching it to my baby brother.

Snow was on the ground, and with temperatures below freezing, Steve was bundled up every night, making it impossible for me to catch a glimpse, never mind get it in my mouth.

There was no way I was going to last until the warm weather without feeling it again. Furthermore, by some miracle, Mr. Socially Awkward himself found a girlfriend! It's like our lives were moving in opposite directions.

I thought it might be hot to hear Steve fucking her, but mom was pretty adamant about not letting them alone in his room together.

I was cut off at all passes and had nowhere to go. My pussy constantly burned, but I couldn't seem to find a way to put the fire out. I had even snuck off to the girl's room a few times at school and masturbated in the stalls to ease my mind, but sure enough, hours later, the sensation was back. Every day that went by without his cock in me, the more I hungered for it. There were simply no opportunities like that Labor Day weekend, and it was possible there never would be.

Late December came, and mom announced to Steve and I that if we wanted, we could have some friends over for New Years and have a few drinks if we were responsible about it (something dad NEVER would have allowed). The guidelines were: no getting shitfaced, anyone that came over would not be driving home that night, and if it was going to be co-ed, there would be no opposite genders sleeping in the same room. I think she offered this because she saw I was in need for some social interaction.

Also, she had been treating Steve more like an adult since walking in on him that day, and I guess that translated into having adult fun. Steve invited his girlfriend (Jessica) and a couple of his nerdy friends. I invited my BFF Carrie, which meant I had to invite her boyfriend Bill (they are attached at the hip), which meant I had to invite Bill's friend Sam (they are also attached at the hip).

Sam and I have a bit of a history. I blew him sophomore year. He's a bit of a hunky jock, and a meathead, and he has had a thing for me since. I would have considered dating him had he not told the whole school about our hookup the following day.

I have shot him down every time he has made a pass at me since, yet he still tries to get in my pants every time we are at some social gathering together. Naturally, Carrie and Bill pressure me to date him so we can go on double dates. Needless to say, I was not thrilled about this addition to the party. The party came and went without much drama, minus Sam trying to kiss me during the ball drop (again, shot down). I actually felt normal for the first time in months. Being that we're all young and can't hold our champagne very well, everyone was off to their separate beds or couches by 12:30.

Now as I mentioned, we have a fairly big house, so everyone was pretty spread out. I was sleeping in my room, and Jess was in Steve's. I don't remember where everyone slept, but it seemed all the girls were upstairs, and the boys were downstairs.

I got up in the middle of the night to get a drink of water, and while downstairs, I decided to check if Steve stayed down there or if he tried to sneak up with Jess. Like a good boy, he was down on one of the couches, alone in the living room nobody every used except for when we had special gatherings. I took a swig of my water while looking at him, and nearly spit it out when I noticed about three inches of meat protruding from the wasteband in his flannel pants.

The normalcy I was feeling earlier? Buh-bye. I decided right there that this opportunity wasn't going to be wasted. I still had a good buzz going and also decided on the spot that I wasn't going to just stick his dick in my mouth.

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I was going to make him cum in it. I didn't want to wake him, I wasn't even sure if it was possible to make a guy cum without waking him, but I was going to try. Wasting no time, I carefully peeled back the wasteband on his trousers, exposing most of his manhood.

I wasn't going to be able to slide his pants down, so I would need to keep my hand there for access to his cock. I would need to make due with only one hand and my mouth for his penis. I started pumping gently, and it began to grow immediately.

Once it was hard enough, I spit down the top of his cock, getting it nice and lubricated so I could continue stroking it with ease. Once I put my mouth on it, I stopped caring about being gentle. It became a mission to get as much of his cock in my mouth that would fit, make him cum as soon as possible, get out, then make myself cum.

His precum was oozing into my mouth pretty steadily. My hand didn't fit nearly all the way around his shaft, but I had a decent grip and was pumping it hard.

I could sense he was about to cum any second now and that when it happened. He woke up. "Mmm Jess, that feels… Ab… Abbie? What the fuck!?" he whispered loudly, sitting up in disbelief. I was caught blowing my brother. My worst fear had come true. I spit out the first lie that came to my head. "Steve?! I… I thought you were Sam! Oh my gosh." "Gross! Why…" I cut him off. "Shhh, keep it down!

Don't tell anybody! I'm going to throw up and go to bed, we can talk about this tomorrow." And like that, I ran up to my room and cried myself to sleep. Tomorrow came, and we didn't talk about it.

Then the next, and the next and so on. A week went by and neither of us could look the other in the eye or bring it up to talk it out. I had ruined our loving relationship, and I couldn't handle it. The sort of good news was, I was so mortified, I managed to stop obsessing over his cock. Finally, one night when mom was out, I couldn't take it anymore.

I walked across the hall, and knocked on his door, but just let myself in. He was at his computer doing homework. "Steve, can we… I think we need to talk." Reluctantly, he turned around, "Yeah, I suppose we should." "I'm so sorry Steve… I thought you were Sam," I lied. "It was dark, I was tipsy," I said truthfully this time. "It's ok… really.

We were all a little tipsy. It was an accident and let's leave it at that." "OK, fair enough, and please don't say anything to anyone." "Yeah, no worries there. I'm enough of a social outcast without people thinking I get blown by my sister." "Don't say that, you're a sweet guy and you have a girlfriend!

Finally!" "Yeah sure… and Sam? What's the deal with that? I thought you hated him? The guy is a douche bag. You can do better." "Hey, spare me your judgment. I was horny and make a mistake… actually several," I grinned. "Gross, I didn't need to hear that you're a slut." "Alright, this conversation is over.

I'll see you at dinner you little prick," I lied again lol. "Hey Abs…" "Yes?" I shot back. "I'm sorry too." "What for?" I asked surprised. "I… I woke up once I felt my pants go down.

I thought it was Jess at first but after a minute I knew it wasn't, but I was afraid to look. I should have stopped you earlier." I was floored. "You let me blow you! You perv!" (I'm such a bitch sometimes.) "And how did you know it wasn't Jess if you weren't looking?" "Because Jess doesn't suck dick like a pornstar.

I thought it was Carrie… certainly not you." "So I suck dick like a pornstar? And what, you have a thing for Carrie now or something?" "No!

I like Jess, but it felt really good and didn't want it to stop. I was just about to cum when you stopped. When you went away I had to run into the bathroom and finish myself because it wouldn't go down." "So you're saying you liked getting blown by your sister? Perv." "No! I… ugh, I hate you. Weren't you leaving?" "Yeah I'm going.

Just one last thing Steve…" "What?" "Be careful with that horse cock of yours. That thing could do some damage," I smirked and slammed the door behind me. So after our little convo, things went back to normal. And by normal I mean that Steve and I were finally talking again, and I was back to thinking about his man-meat 24/7.

I couldn't stop thinking about our conversation either. Mainly the parts about me sucking dick like a pornstar, and him not wanting it to end.


I couldn't just walk in and offer to finish. I really wasn't attracted to my brother, just his cock. I didn't want this to be a shared experience, as selfish as that may sound. I just wanted to suck it and have it cum in my mouth. I kept thinking about the way he precum alone flowed out of his cock… I couldn't imagine how much cum that thing could actually hold. I needed to know if he wanted me to blow him again though… I might be willing to do it once if I could get him to cum in my mouth.

Although I knew very well that doing it once may lead to more. Ah, who am I kidding, of course it would. I just needed to find out… So back when I was about 13 and my brother was 10, our father made us keep a journal everyday during our summer break to "keep our minds active," or some bull crap.

I stopped once school started back up and dad said I could stop. Steve, the nerd that he is, kept writing in it and keeps it to this very day. I used to read it when he wasn't around, but quite frankly, his life is boring and all of his entries were about video games or other lame activities he participates in. So I stopped reading it for a while, and eventually kind of forgot about it. But I knew that he would write something about our encounter. It's probably the most exciting thing that's happened to him, and he doesn't think anyone knows about his journal.

Finally, he was leaving the house for what should be a good amount of time. Mom was taking him clothes shopping, and mom loved to go clothes shopping. It didn't matter who for. It didn't take long to find the journal. It was in his underwear drawer, shoved in the back. So unoriginal. He's smart, not creative. I skimmed through until I found what I was looking for… the entry on our little conversation. I read it and my heart jumped through my throat. "So, my sister and I finally talked about our 'situation' from New Years that I mentioned in my previous entry.

It went really well! We chalked it up as a misunderstanding and we are back to our same old selves. I couldn't help but feel a little disappointed though. I casually mentioned that I really liked the bj she was giving me, because, well, I thought she enjoyed it too. She said she thought I was that asshole Sam. It couldn't be true though because she has blown him before (he practically announced it over the PA at school) and should know what his penis looks like, right? Not to mention, I've seen him in the showers after gym class, and I know that I'm A LOT bigger than him.

Actually, I'm the biggest I've seen. I try not to look at the other guys junk, but I can't help but sneak a peak to you know, compare?

I guess I find it hard to believe she'd mistake me for him. Or that she would willingly hook up with him again after what he did to he last time. Maybe it's just wishful thinking on my part because I want her to do it again. I know it's wrong because she's my sister, but I've never felt anything like it. I wish I had pretended to sleep through it. If she does it again, I will for sure. I feel like some inbred hick having these unnatural thoughts about her. She did say I have a horse cock though.

=) Til next time. -S" This… was perfect. Almost too good to be true. I could get my fix of my brother's cock, without the string attached. Let me reiterate this: it is his cock I want, not him. I love my brother dearly, and always will. Despite how much I want to suck his cock dry… I just don't think I could handle him moaning my name while I did it.

I don't want to look up and see him watching me. I don't want him giving my pointers like "massage my balls" or telling me he's about to cum. If it were someone else, I wouldn't care… but not Steve. He's my baby brother and I don't wanting him loving me more than anything but a sister. I don't care if he knows that I'm blowing him… I just want to be focused on his cock and not the person it's attached to while it's in my mouth.

And it goes without saying, but I will anyways: NO FUCKING IT. That's just a whole other level and there's no way Steve could convincing fake sleep through that. I guess I have SOME morals, as few and far between as they may be. But anyways, naturally, I was both nervous and excited at the prospect of having a green light to do my deed.

He was right in his journal… his cock was much larger than Sam's. I guess my lie wasn't very well thought out. He knew I was seeking him out and it was kind of sweet of him to practically off to "sleep through it." While I'm sure that was for his own pleasure, I'd like to think that he thought he was helping me out too. I was hell bent on doing it, but there were a lot of questions to sift through before I would get around to it. How do I go about it? I couldn't just jump into bed, rip the covers off and climb into his pants.

I'd at least like to have "it" in my hand or mouth before he wakes up. At least by then I'd be too high on my own horniness (come to think of it, his penis really is like a drug) to care.


I think I'd have to start off in stealth mode to get to his cock, and once I had a hold of it, my horniness would kick in and I could go into "pornstar blowjob mode." Does he want this to be a regular occurrence? Do I? Maybe I'll do it the once, wait a few days to see how I feel and check his journal to see how he feels and then go from there. Sounded like a solid plan to me. It took a few days, but I finally worked up the nerve to decide I was going to do it.

I made it a point to not pleasure myself that day, or the day before. The reason was two fold: I wanted no delay in the amount of time it would take for my horny "high" to set in, and I wanted to have my most intense orgasm yet afterwards.

Not like that was going to be an issue, but I wanted it to be extra special. So again, shortly after midnight, I crept across the hall and held my ear up to his door: snoring! That boy saws logs in his sleep. I entered stealth mode and opened the door, entered, and shut it behind me without a sound. His lights were off, but there was a soft moonlight streaming through his opened blinds. I gave my eyes a minute to adjust to the darkness; I didn't want to risk wakening him by turning on the lights or tripping over something in the dark.

Once I was able to see, I tiptoed over to the bed and grabbed the edge of his comforter and slowly began to peel it back. Steve was sprawled out on his back.

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I took my time, nearly two minutes according to the glowing red numbers on his clock, to pull back the covers to the point where I'd have access. Flannel pants again. Looks like I'd have to utilize the one hand method one more time.

"No, scratch that," I thought to myself. "This time was going to be different. Special. All or nothing." I grabbed the elastic waistband on each side of his hips. His thin frame left plenty of slack around the waste, so I would only have to slide bottoms a few inches before I had unrestricted access. Still, I made sure to move slowly and precisely, like a surgeon making an incision into a patient. Right as the base of the penis became visible in the moonlight, my heart jumped as I knew I was almost home.

All I had to do was fish the cock out of his trousers and I was free to feast. It proved to be more difficult than I anticipated as he was already semi-hard. "He must be dreaming of me," I thought, letting out a little snicker. I lifted up on the wasteband, and with some crafty maneuvering, I was able to free the mighty dragon from it's dungeon.

I took a quick look at Steve; he was still out cold and there had been no break in his snoring.

None that I had noticed anyway. I held the stiff rod straight up… the outline of it glowed in the moonlight like something from another planet. A tingle from between my thighs was my signal that I was beyond the point of no return. Even if I put the cock down now, my pussy would be on fire by the time I reached the door. Hovering over the head, I collected a good amount of saliva in my mouth and let it slowly spill out onto the tip. As it began to run down the sides, I gripped the cock with both hands, one on top of the other.

I remember marveling at the fact that there were still a good three or four inches protruding out the top that my small hands couldn't cover. I started pumping slowly, massaging the spit into his soft penis skin. I had to unload another two mouthfuls of spit before the member was completely covered.

As my strokes picked up pace, I brought my mouth to his swollen head and extended my tongue, making contact with the slimy surface.

The unexpected taste of precum so early on sent my cunt into a frenzy and my knees buckled. I nearly lost it, falling over Steve, but managed to catch myself just in the nick of time. My primal instincts kicked in and I turned into a savage beast. I closed my mouth around the head and managed to push my lips just past the mushroom tip. I was now pumping furiously with a tight grip as my head bobbed up and down, sucking in as much precum as I could as it oozed out in a steady stream.

I was in a trance of pumping and sucking and nothing would have been able to break it. I took no notice as to whether or not Steve was still snoring, nor did I care. Hell, the ghost of my father could have appeared before me and I wouldn't have noticed. Mixing it up, I released my mouth and used my left hand to fondle his swollen balls. With my right, I started to jerk Steve off with long and powerful strokes. Without my mouth there to control it, precum dripped down the shaft and over my hand.

My hips squirmed in a failing attempt to extinguish the fire burning in my panties. Next I stopped my right hand from jerking and squeezed the head. Arching my head down, I showered the base of the thick shaft with kisses, before extending my tongue and running it up and down its length several times. That's when I noticed out of the corner of my eye a hand reach across the bed and grasp tightly a handful of sheets.

Steve was awake, and I didn't give one shit. I started thinking about how good of a sport he was being. That he was holding up to his end of our unspoken bargain to feign sleeping while I blew him. That thought was cut short though as my mind began to process WHY Steve had clamped down on the sheets. He was about to cum! I felt his dick begin to jerk and not wanting to waste a drop, I quickly moved my head back to the tip, but I was too late. The first string of his cum shot out and hit me right on the lips before I could even open my mouth.

I hammered my mouth down onto the head and managed to catch the second string, which seemed to be every bit as large as the first. As was the third and fourth and so on. His hot cum filled my mouth. String after string of his salty spunk. I lost count around eight when I realized it was coming out faster than I could swallow it. I could feel his semen trickling out of the corners of my mouth and down my chin. I thought this cock might hold a lot of cum, but even then, I underestimated just how much.

As his barrage of cum finally slowed, I managed to get things back under control. Finally, the last shot of cum hit the back of my throat. I gripped his shaft at the base and gave it a few sturdy pumps, milking every last microscopic sperm out of it that I could. Out of the corner of my eye, I glanced over at Steve. His eyes were pinched shut and he was breathing heavily. I would have loved to sit there milking that juicy cock, maybe even try to get another load out of him.

Unfortunately, I had my own problems to deal with as my cunt was about to spontaneously combust. And with that, I got up and left without a word. I ran down the hall to the bathroom. My plan was to wash Steve's cum off my face the race back to my bed and go to town on my pussy. That plan went haywire, however, once I flipped on the light in the bathroom and saw my face covered in Steve's spunk. The sight of the white goo on my face set me off.

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It looked so incredibly hot and slutty. I dropped my panties to the floor in the blink of an eyelash, propped one foot up on the sink and pushed three fingers into my vagina.

I stood there watching myself hammer my aching pussy with my face covered in my brother's semen. With my free hand, I used a finger to shovel some of the cum on my chin into my mouth. Right as the salty sensation hit my tongue, I came. Hard. I saw my eyes roll into the back of my head as once again, my knees buckled.

I had to use both my hands to catch myself on the sink to prevent myself from toppling over completely.

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As I pulled the one hand from my pussy, a powerful stream of my own cum shot onto the tile floor below me. I pulled my foot off the sink and rubbed feverishly at my clit as my juices continued to pour out of me. I know I've said this a bunch a times so far, but it's been true each time: I never came so hard. With a pool of cum at my feet, however, my orgasm festivities were turning into Bambi on Ice.

I was losing my footing and it became apparent that I did not have the required physical dexterity to stand up and continue pleasuring myself at the same time. Stopping the latter was not an option for me at this moment, so I propped my torso up on the counter around the bathroom sink and fingered two more orgasms out of me.

Nothing compared to that first one, but they were both still very intense. After my third go around of squirting on the floor, I started to transform from "Hyde" back into "Jekyll" and decided that was enough fun for one night. I washed the remaining cum from my face and needed a towel to soak the puddle of cum from the floor. "At least I'll be sleeping in a dry bed tonight," I thought to myself. So that's how it has been for the past few months, which brings us to current times finally.

I've been sneaking in to blow Steve just about every other night now, so as you can guess, his journal entry from the following day left him wanting more. He's maintained his fake sleep each time, which I think is better for both of us.

He has taken to sleeping in the nude or sometimes just boxers, which I really appreciate, lol. As for me, I've been sticking to fingering myself in the bathroom… it's really nice sleeping in a dry bed and not having to do laundry every day, lol. There have been a few time where I fingered myself while blowing him.

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It's really great, but I feel bad leaving a damp spot on his carpet each time, so I mostly do the bathroom. The other great part in all this is that we've never gotten along better. We're still really close and I love that our personal relationship has only benefited from our lustful one.

He's still seeing Jess, but as long as he doesn't mind me sucking him off, I'm going to keep doing it. Also, I'm no longer sexually frustrated, nor do I have any desire to take it to the next step. Why risk ruining a good thing, right?

I'm sexually satisfied, my family is great and my social life is finally getting back to normal; everything is on the upswing. I'm only looking forward to what the future holds. =)