Por el culito a mi pelada

Por el culito a mi pelada
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We lived in a rural community with my kids having grown up and moved to the city to work and go to university. My brother in law lived on a farm a mile out of town.

They had six kids with the youngest two being Judy who was almost twelve and Irene who was fourteen. We always joked about them being my favorites and they also would call me their favorite uncle. We had a lot of fun goofing around with each other whether it was work or play.

I had been giving my nieces odd jobs for a couple of years so that they got some spending money by working for it.

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They loved to work on my yard more than at home and I was glad for the help. Their older brothers and sister seemed to be fine with working at home after they had gotten older which gave Irene and Judy a chance to work with me like their older siblings had. I had them do house chores for my wife who was sick a lot. They would take turns doing cleaning in the house and yard work with me.

They both loved to ride the lawn mower and would fight for that job. I always gave them a few extra dollars each time. I liked to heat with wood and the girls helped load the firewood while I would cut the log into fireplace lenghts. We were on their farm where there was a bunch of dead trees in the wood lot.


We had almost finished the truck load when I needed to go for a leak and relieve my bladder. I walked over to get behind some bushes to get out of sight of my nieces when I notice Irene coming my way.

I jokingly told her that she better not follow me because I was going to go to the bathroom behind the bushes and she would not what to see that. We both laughed at that and she told me to hurry as she had to go too. After I finished Irene went behind the bushes, while I waited for her to finish I got the most naughty thoughts of Irene. I had never looked at my nieces in a sexual way before.

When Irene was done we headed back to the truck. "Uncle Dave can I ask you something?" "Sure you can ask me anything." "Promise you will not get mad." I told her she could ask me anything and anytime. This had me very curious as she was very intent and not her bubble self. She looked hesitant until I reassure her whatever it was would be between us. Irene then told me how her friends at school had thongs but her mom wouldn't let her buy any.

I kind of figured she was going to ask me to buy her some. Irene then asked if she showed me her boobs would I give her an extra few dollars so that she would have some money that her family would not know about. Wow, talk about just having naughty thoughts of see Irene without clothes on and here she was offering to show me her boobs.

Irene was five foot eight inches tall, kind of skinny with beautiful long legs and what looked like B cup boobs. She was a natural redhead and her face was almost as red as her hair after asking me that.

I gave her a quick hug and told her I would love to see her boobs but that I would give her enough money to buy a thong even if she didn't show me her boobs. "Have you ever showed your boobs to a guy before?" "No, I have only compared them with my best friends to see who has the biggest so far." "Would you really have shown your uncle your boobs?" I asked her.

With that she turned around and was walking backwards in front of me as she pulled her shirt up over her boobs and then she slid her bra up over her boobs giving me a great view of her boobs.

Small firm tits with a hard pink nipple on each that just begged to be squeezed. Then they were covered as fast as they were uncovered. "Did you like my boobs?" asked Irene.

"They look great." She smiled and was back to her bubble self again. When I paid them for their help I gave Irene some extra money which she quick hid from her sister. The next Saturday it was Irene's turn to mow the lawn while Judy went to help my wife clean the house.

As soon as we were in the garden shed Irene took off her T shirt and her bra saying "Now you can have a good look Uncle Dave." I could not resist touching those nice boobs.

I gently squeezed her boobs and played with her hard little nipples. "Wow, that feels so much better than when I play with my own tits." Reluctantly I said we better get to work before someone comes to see why the lawn mower isn't running. After finishing the lawn and cleaning up the cuttings we put away the lawn mower.

I gave Irene a hug from behind and she gabbed my hands and slid them under her T shirt and over boobs. I pushed her bra up over firm tits and rolled the hard nipples between my fingers.

Irene gasped when I pinched her nipples a little harder. "Oh that feels so good when you pinched them." I told Irene how good her boobs felt but that we had better go in have some ice tea like we always did. I needed to go get some relief for aching cock and I headed straight to the bathroom and jacked off thinking of Irene's firm boobs in my hand. I came in no time.

After cleaning up and having had our usual ice tea I again slip Irene some extra money.

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A week later Irene begged Judy to let her mow the lawn. I found myself back in the garden shed with Irene who had her shirt and bra off in record time with me wrapping her in my arms again from behind.

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I was squeezing and pinching her boobs while slowly humping in to her ass. I moved my hand down her flat tummy and over her pussy.

She stopped my hand and told me she was not quite ready for that. "Can we just do what we are doing for now Uncle Dave, I like your hands play with my titties." "Sure you set the pace." I told her. "Can I see it." "You want to see my cock?" I asked her. She nodded her head and said "I've wanted to see one for so long, I can hardly wait." I moved her hand over my cock and felt her give me a few squeezes.

"What about we mow the lawn first." We finished the lawn in record time. I think we both kind of hurried through the chores. I had a constant boner thinking about what Irene wanted to see and where it would lead to. I knew I wanted to feel her hand wrapped around my cock and have her feel cum shoot out for her first time giving a hand job. After putting away the lawn mower I could see she was ready to explore a little further.

"Now can I see your cock?" "Have you never seen one before?" "No not a real live one, I have seen pictures on the Internet at my friends house. They look huge, are they all that big?" Irene was blushing her face getting beet red. "I don't know what you have seen or how big they were but most guys are about six inches long." "Can I see?" she was getting very impatient.

Irene came close and pushed my shorts and boxers down in one move. My cock was so hard now it just jumped right up. Irene just stood there looking at my cock not moving, I took her hand and placed it on my cock letting her feel it. "It's so hard and soft at the same time, and it feels so hot." "Just move your hand back and forth and squeeze it a little bit." "I can feel all the ridges and bumps, can I pull the foreskin back so I can see the head of your cock?" "Just spit on the head as you pull back the foreskin.

Keep the head wet all the time and it will feel great." Irene spit on my cock a couple of times getting my cock all wet, then slowly pulled the foreskin back and spit on the head while spreading the spit around the head. As I felt my orgasm start I moved her hand back to stroking. "I'm about to cum, keep stroking and you'll have me shooting in a few seconds." I was thrusting into her hand feeling myself cumming real fast.

I began cumming, spurting into the air and then some cum ran down my cock over Irene's hand. Irene kept slowly pumping me until I gave her a hug and told her "Thanks." "Anytime, that was just so cool I could feel your cum coming through your cock." We quickly cleaned up and made our way in to the house for some ice tea. Irene acted like her normal self and I breathed a sigh of relief.

Over the next few weeks I would get a hand job form Irene every chance that we got to be alone together and on her day to mow the lawn I would get a hand job before and after we mowed the lawn.

I got to play with her young boobs which always had me hard in no time. I didn't push her on getting my hands on her pussy but she would flash me her pussy every once in awhile. She had a curly mat of red hair hiding her slit, which I longed to run my fingers through.

Whenever I would give her a hug I started to grab her bum and rub her ass cheeks which she seemed to enjoy. I certainly wanted to do more with Irene and the opportunity came as her mom and my wife were planning on a shopping trip to the city which was a two hour drive from our place.

Judy wanted to go with but Irene didn't want to go. Irene asked if she could do our usual chores for that Saturday and she could do both Judy's and her chores to earn more money.

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Her mom would drop her off early the next morning when they came to pick up my wife. The next morning after dropping Irene off and leaving for the city we had the whole day to ourselves."Irene, what do you want to do first?" "Uncle Dave take all your clothes off first, lets have some fun and then do chores after that." As I removed my shirt and shorts so did Irene, when I was nude so was Irene.


This was the first time I had seen her totally in the nude. Long skinny legs, hips that looked a little narrow, flat tummy, firm b-cup boobs, and red triangle of pubic hairy. Irene moved into my arms squishing my already hard cock between us.

I grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her tight to me as I massaged her ass. Irene was starting to hump into me when she dropped to her knee and grabbed me by the cock, stroking me like she usually does when a I felt her stick my cock In her mouth and started sucking. "Irene what are you doing?" I asked her. She let my cock go with a smile up at me "Did I do that right, you better tell me so I can do what you like." "Yes that felt good, but if you suck me off I will eat your pussy no matter what you say." "Ok, now tell me what to do." "Well keep doing what you were just be careful to not run your teeth on my cock.

When it's good and wet pull the foreskin back in your mouth and lick the underside of the head, that will make me cum real fast." Irene was following my directions and I was humping her mouth faster and faster. "I'm cumming, pull it out quick or swallow." Irene just sucked harder and I started to cum, shooting spurt after spurt into her mouth while she swallowed as fast as she could.

Irene kept sucking out the last dribbles of cum until I pulled her up, "Your turn." "I can't wait to have you do that to me." I led her to the island in the kitchen and lifted her up on the counter. I licked around Irene's nipple while massaging her other tit. Irene was moaning,"That feels so good and making my pussy tingle." I push Irene down and lifted her legs up on counter.

I kissed my way down from her titties to her pussy while spreading her legs apart. I licked and kissed her inner thighs working my way toward her pussy.

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I ran my tongue along the slit making her jerk in pleasure. I work from the bottom of her slit to her clit a few times. Irene was moaning loudly as I circled around her clit and as she pulled my head tight into her pussy I started flick over her clit repeatedly. Irene was humping up at me and I was holding on to her thrashing body as she came.

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I slowed my attack on her clit and licked at her juices as she enjoyed the after effects of her orgasm, tiny ripples running through her making her twitch and jerk. Irene sat up and hugged me tight."That was so good, I came so hard. Uncle Dave your cock is poking at my pussy, are you trying to stick it inside me?" "Well I guess I was as I am kind of worked up." Irene grabbed my cock and slid it up and down her slit getting her juices on the head.

"I don't want to get pregnant." "Don't worry, I have had an operation so I can't make you pregnant." "Will you stop if it hurts to much?" Irene asked. I nodded as Irene line me up with her hot little hole and I slowly pushed in.

With just the head in I pulled back and pushed in again.

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I kept fucking her tight pussy slowly getting a little deeper all the time until I hit her barrier. When I stopped Irene was pulling on me, with her arms around me trying to get me going again. "Do it, push it into me." I just pushed past the barrier and stopped to let Irene get use to my cock being all the way in her pussy. After just a few minutes she was urging me on again.

"That didn't hurt near as bad as I thought it would.

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It feels so full inside my pussy and It feels so good. I'm getting that tingling feeling from everywhere running into my pussy." I was slowly pumping my cock in and out, enjoying the tightness of her pussy and enjoying her respond by humping back on my cock trying to get me deeper.

I felt my orgasm building inside of me and the urge to speed up was to much for me as I started pounding into Irene's tight little pussy.

Irene was moaning, "Ohhhhhhhh, Ohhhhhhhhhh I'mmmmmmm Cummmmmmming." I could not hold back any long as I exploded into her hot pussy. I could feel rope after rope of cum shooting up into her pussy. "That's wasso good." As I took a few last pumps pressing in deep as I could.

"Uncle Dave I want to do that again, that was the hardest I have ever cum." The following weeks were full of encounters with Irene pussy working my cock every chance that we could.

Irene bought a bunch of thongs and had to show them to me each time she got a new one. I would push aside her thong and fill her hot pussy with cum.