Emo boy gay sex stories very descriptive and chubby twink anal vids

Emo boy gay sex stories very descriptive and chubby twink anal vids
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This is my first story. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. "I'm going to tell you about the time I went to the gym and I havent been the same since.

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It was a Thursday back in Februrary. It was a cold day out so I put on my gym shorts and threw my jeans on over them. Grabbed my coat and car keys and was out the door.

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I arrived at the gym a little earlier than I planned so I went to the locker room to put my stuff away. I took my jeans off and realized I didnt have any underwear under my gym shorts. "Oh well" I thought. Nobody can tell the difference. I got to the workout area and it was completely empty except one other guy. But this wasnt just any other guy.

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He was huge. Oh yeah, and he was black. Like black black. We never really looked at each other while we were working out. I lifted, squatted, the usual stuff. Then decided to do a little cardio so I headed to the treadmills. Coincidently, the other guy was jogging so I hopped up next to him on the other open one.

I started pacing a little to warmup and while i was doing this, I couldnt help but look over at him sprinting. He was flying like he was running a marathon. He was.HUNG. It was at that moment I noticed his shorts bouncing in and out, in and out. That thing must have been 10 or 11 inches and heavy as hell. Damn he's a lucky guy.

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Well after I pulled my eyes off of this third leg, i saw he was looking right at me. FUCK! He knows i was staring. Does he think Im gay? I remember thinking if i was him Id be freaked out and leave.

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Luckily he just kept running and we went our separate ways. I finished up my workout and headed back to the locker room. I took off my shirt, shoes, socks, and was about to take off my shorts but remembered I didnt have any boxers on beneath them. "Ah well" I thought. Ive got to shower anyway so whatever. I took off the shorts, grabbed my locker key, and hopped in the showers.

There were four showers in an open area.

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Two on one wall, two on the other. I put my key on the soap ledge, grabbed the soap and started lathering up my neck, my back, my arms, my dick for good measure and I started getting hard.


Thats when disaster struck. As soon as I felt my dick getting hard, *BAM*, the locker room door opens. I didnt even have to look. I knew it had to be the black dude from earlier. I heard him at the lockers and hoped he was just leaving because here I was with this growing stiffy and he'd think I was jerking off. I heard the locker close and waited for either the locker room door noise or footsteps coming my way. Well, for a second I thought I was in the clear, until I heard three step and immediately saw his muscular black body enter the showers.

I also couldnt help to notice I was right about his thing. It was massive. Probaby 8 inches and it was dangling there soft. He walks right up next to me and takes the shower to me left side.

I tried to turn away from him to cover up my growing dick that looked like a baby dick compared to his johnson. I continued to wash off the soap while trying rush so I could get away from this guy. I was still afraid that he saw me accidentally looking at his shorts on the treadmills and thought he could be mad enough to hit me. I was almost done but it was like a scene from a movie, I went for my locker key on the soap ledge and it falls off.

It gets washed to the drain conveniently right between our showers and he looks straight at me.

I had no choice but to make conversation and grab the key. I said "Haha at least it wasnt the soap! Right!?" He didnt think I was very funny and just kept staring at me like he was thinking "go for it boy".

He turned away for a second to wash his face so I took a deep breath and went for it. Bemt over and grabbed it. Boom, got it.


Thats when I looked up and was met half way by a footlong python staring me right in the eyes. He looks down at me on my knees and says, "You thought you were done working out for the night, didnt you." What was that suppose to mean? Well I found out soon enough. Before I could even stand back up, he smacking me in the face with this thing.

Like I was his girlfriend and he was teasing me. To be honest, it kind of hurt so I grabbed it and asked him wtf he was doing! He said "What do you think YOU'RE doing!? Your hand in on my dick." He was right.

I didnt even realize I actually grabbed it and never let it go. I said "Why were you smacking me with your dick!?" He said, "Well you seemed interested in it while we were on the treadmills." I said, "I wasnt interested. I couldnt help noticing it! It was slapping your shorts.

What was I supposed to do?" He said, "Well then why are you still holding my dick?" I was. I was still holding it. To be honest, I couldnt let it go.


I was fascinated! It was so heavy and thick.

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I had never in a million years thought I'd be on my knees in a shower, holding a massive black cock in my hand. But here I was. "So?" He said. "You going to let it go and get up or you gonna soap it up for me? It has to be washed." What was I doing? I just sat there staring at this thing. Admiring it and all its glory. I was actually considering grabbing the soap and washing it for him.

I imagined my hand gliding over it and jerking him while he told me what a good boy I was. I pictured me using both hands because that was the only way to lift it all. Thats when I realized. This was no imagination. I was ACTUALLY jerking him off.

I had the soap in one hand and was holding his cock up in the other. I was loving every second of it and he obviously was too because he was saying things like, "Mmm worship it" and "If you keep up the good work, maybe ill let you kiss it." Had this gone too far? What was I doing? I was clearly enjoying it because my dick was fully hard but it was being ignored for this black man's real dick. After a little while of me soaping him up, I washed the length of it off and it looked perfect.

He looked at me and said,"Give it a kiss boy." "Show me you want me to stay." I didnt know what to do.

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I thought for second, still holding his dick in my hand like it was my pet. After a minute he began to walk away. He shut off his shower and said "alright, your choice." I had to make a decision quick.

He took those three steps back toward the lockers and looked back at me to see me still on me knees. He looked back towards the lockers, took one more step, and I shouted, "Wait! Come back!" He said, "Thats not good enough." I said, "Please! I need to taste your massive black dick! Ill do anything, just please come back!" .What did I just say??? Anyone want me to go on?

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