Im at it again _)

Im at it again _)
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Ronnie and Kriss walked into the shower hand in hand.

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As Kriss turned on the water, Ronnie set the camera up and aimed it at the shower. They both walked in and felt the warm water wash over their bodies. "Thank you Ronnie." Said Kriss as she held her friend's hand.

"For what?" asked Ronnie. "For sharing your daddy with me! I just want to tell the world how wonderful he was!", squealed Kriss. "No!" Said Ronnie, and then faced the camera. "Daddy, she's not gonna tell anyone."I know" said Kriss, "I'm just excited is all." With this, Kriss pulled Ronnie towards her and kissed her lips.

Ronnie loved the taste of her friends mouth and especially loved feeling her body pressed against hers. They had kissed before, but it was mainly to tease the boys they met online. Ronnie had always wanted to take it further. She wanted to explore the curves of her friends body and ad always wanted to taste her pussy, and today she finally got to. Ronnie's hands moved across her friends body. She grabbed her nipples and pulled on them gently, eliciting a gasp.

She moved her hands down her belly and found her furry little pussy. "You know", said Ronnie, "I've seen the porn that daddy looks at, and he seems to enjoy shaved pussies. Do you want me to shave yours?" Kriss nodded yes to this request, feeling her pussy get drenched just thinking about this.

Ronnie stepped out of the shower and got a fresh razor, her dad's beard trimmer and some shaving cream. She then adjusted the camera so it would be level with all the action. She turned off the shower head and kneeled in front of Kriss.

With the beard trimmer she clipped her friends pubic hair as short as possible. She did have to stop a few times, as the vibrations of the clippers caused Kriss to moan and move around.

After she was done she gently put the shaving gel on her friends pussy. She moved the razor gently across her skin, being careful not to nick her.

Ronnie was overly turned on being this close to her friend's beautiful little cunt, she could smell the sex emanating from her.


She gently slid her finger in Kriss' cunt to tighten up the skin and get a closer shave. Kriss balled up her fists but didn't dare move. Ronnie's hands on her pussy were driving her absolutely crazy.

Ronnie pulled her hood back, exposing her clit and carefully shaving every little bit of hair left. Once she was done, she sat back and admired her work. She then turned to the camera and said, "Let's see how soft it is!" With that, she turned back to Kriss' pussy and slowly rubbed her face against it.

Kriss moaned as she felt Ronnie's face caress her most private parts. Ronnie couldn't help it and ran her tongue across her slit. Kriss gasped as she felt her friends tongue penetrate her still virgin cunt.

If a tongue felt this good, how would her dad's cock feel? Ronnie couldn't help herself.

She was now as addicted to her friends cunt as she was to her step dad's cock. She buried her face deeper inside, lapping up her friend's juices as they poured out of her. She loved when Kriss grabbed her by the hair and forced her face deeper inside her. Ronnie's fingers worked her own clit as she ate her friend out.

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Suddenly Kriss stiffened up again, her grip on Ronnie's hair tightening even more. The pain from the hair pulling turned Ronnie on even more.

She moved her tongue and jaw as Kriss came and came. Finally Kriss let her go, pushing Ronnie's face away because she was so damned sensitive. Kriss then did something she never thought she would do. She helped Ronnie to her feet and then traded places with her.

Now she was at eye level with her friend's cunt. She really had no idea what she was doing, so she placed an awkward kiss on her friends pussy.

Ronnie reached down and spread her lips apart, pointing at her clit with her middle finger.

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Kriss took the hint and took Ronnie's clit into her mouth. She knew she was doing something right when Ronnie's body began to stiffen. Kriss treated it like a little cock.

She sucked and licked at it while her fingers worked their way in and out of Ronnie's cunt. Ronnie began grinding her cunt against Kriss' face. She knew that she was the first one for her and that turned her on even more.

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It didn't take long for her to start cumming, considering she started working her cunt while eating her friend out. Kriss was surprised by what she originally thought was Ronnie pissing on her. She leaned back as Ronnie sprayed her cunt juices across her face and tits. When she was done, Ronnie collapsed onto her knees, face to face with her lover. Then leaned in for a kiss, smearing each others pussy juices all over their faces.


Finally they stood up and took a proper shower, gently cleaning and kissing each other until the water started to run cold. They toweled off and walked into my bedroom.

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I was sitting up as they walked in, towel turbans on their heads and nothing covering their bodies. "That was a lovely little show you both put on in there", I said as their eyes moved down to my highly erect cock.


"You watched us?" Asked Kriss. "I sure did. Can't wait to see the whole video later" I said with a smile.

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Ronnie smiled at me and lead Kriss to the bed. She gripped my cock at the base, looked at Kriss and said, "Are you ready to make daddy your other first today?" Kriss looked at the both of us, kissed Ronnie sweetly on the lips and simply said, "Yes."