Nackt geile frau macht es selber

Nackt geile frau macht es selber
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The day I lost that job was a rough one. I had been living on my own for years, but I had to take a roommate just to pay bills.

It was tough to make ends meet, even with Joe living in the other bedroom of my apartment. The day had gone badly. Managers yelling, coworkers griping. All in all, a stressful day. Finally, one of the guys on my shift screwed up one of the packing machines, and I blew a gasket.

The shift lead took me into his office. "Tom, I know you have been here for a few years," he began. I knew what was coming. ". but the plant is going to have to let you go. I suggest you take some anger management courses." They escorted me out of the building, and the door slammed behind me. My shoulders sank and I walked slowly to the bus stop.

Every day, I remembered what had happened over in that little hill. I smiled and pulled my un-eaten sandwich out. When the bus came, the bus driver looked at me in a knowing way, and I sat, alone on the empty bus. I dug in my pocket and looked at the paper I had balled up in the bottom of it. My god. It was a 9, not a 4.


I looked at the paper, unbelieving and astonished. I had misread the number the first time I called, and, assuming I had been a fling, never called back.


If I called, she would think I was a complete asshat and not want to talk to me. But it was worth a try. The day could not get any worse. When I reached downtown, I hurried to a pay phone, and very carefully dialed the number. "Hello?" came a soft female voice at the other end of the phone. "Hi, Shelly? It's me, Tom." "What? Oh! Um, okay." "I wanted to apologize for not calling sooner, but I misread your number.

I thought you were a Chinese take out place!" "Huh? Tom! Yes, Tom. Okay. You want to get together?" "Sure, Shelly. Where do you want to meet?" "Where are you?" I looked around. Downtown was a busy as it always was. "Ohio and Michigan, downtown." "I'll be there in a bit. Stay there." Ten minutes later, an Audi drove up, and the driver honked at me.

I looked once, then looked again. It was Shelly, but she had changed dramatically. She opened the door for me, and I slid into the seat next to her. We drove off. "I am going to say what I have to say before you speak," she said, much more forcefully than I ever remember her speaking.

"My name is not Shelly. My name is Denice Vanderhoff.

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My parents are both dead," she took a sudden turn, pressing me into the door, "but they control me still using a trust fund and an asshole of a estate administrator.

I was not supposed to date or have sex with anyone until I turned 18," another turn, this time, I had to lean towards her, "or I would get nothing. My 18th birthday was a month ago. I figure if you are calling me this early," she turned and smiled at me, making me nervous, "that you have lost your job at the place you worked." I nodded to her, and she turned back to the road. We had left downtown, and were headed towards the south end of the city.

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"I want to offer you a position," she smiled, "tending the grounds at my dearly departed parent's estate. Just don't ask questions and follow directions and we will both be happy." I felt my groin tingle at this.

I wondered what she had in mind. We pulled through a gate. I saw no house, but a long, gravel driveway. We drove for a minute or two and found a huge, a-frame house. The next few weeks were a blur. I got Joe on as the pool boy, as there were three pools spaced around the grounds.

Denise was always distant, treating both of us like servants, which I suppose we were. But, considering just three months before I had this plump teenage beauty bent over and moaning, it irked me that I saw none of her former passion. One day, as I was using the riding mower to trim the grass on the estate, I stopped it's engine and took a break to drink some Gatorade.

I had pulled my shirt off, and began to admire how the hard work and being outdoors had turned me from a slightly pudgy ghost into a brown Adonis.

I even had gotten my six-pack back! "Hey handsome," a voice said, "I've been looking for you." I turned, and Denise stood, shading her eyes and looking up at me. She had on a mottled blue one piece swimsuit, and a large, floppy hat. She wore sandals, and was carrying a small plastic bag with clear sides. I could see suntan lotion as well as a few odds and ends. "Yes, Miss Vanderhoff?" I said, displeasure hidden as best as possible from her.

Three whole months I had worked for her, and this was the most I had seen of that delicious body. I was wondering if you might like to take a break back at the house. I have some, uh, chores for you," she said, smiling. I followed her back to the house.

I mean, I liked the job and all that, but I was seriously lusting after her, and she had shown no interest in me since that day at the bus stop. The walk back to the house was pure torture. I watched her beautiful full rump bounce as we walked.

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When we entered the house, she led me into the living room. All of the furniture was white and pristeen. In fact, I had not been in that room before. She turned to me, and, smiling, said, "I have a surprise for you. Sit." I found a chair, and very self consciously sat down, hoping I would not sweat too much into the expensive fabric. A minute later, Denise walked in with Joe. She was wearing a similar swim suit, but this one was a two piece. My brain suddenly melted.

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There were two of them. The woman I found out really was named Shelly explained. "We are twins. When you called, I was on vacation, and Denise took the call. She knew what had happened between us, Tom, and we had decided that if you popped back up, we would hire you. We never expected you to bring such a handsome friend with you," she glanced at Joe. "I just got back," Shelly continued, "and Denise and I have a rule that we share all things, but together. So, she waited for me to get home." "What about.?" I started.

"Oh, that?" Shelly laughed, "Denise had broken the rule, so I got a free playtime." Slowly understanding, I sat there, once again stunned.

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"So," Denise said, "since you got Tom last time, you take Joe, and I can have Tom." For some reason, being treated like playthings appealed to me. Shelly smiled and walked over to Joe.

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She led him over to a couch by the wall, where the both sat and she began kissing him. At first, I felt a tinge of jealousy, but when Denise climbed into my lap while I was paying attention to Shelly and Joe, I suddenly found myself facing a pair or well shaped breasts. I soon lost my focus on the other couple, and buried my face in her ample cleavage.

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I played between those beautiful mountains for a while, the decided to start things off right this time. I pushed her down to the floor. I pulled her bottoms off and dove between her things, tongue out. I forced her legs apart, although I have a feeling I needed to use quite a bit less force than if she hadn't wanted me to do what I was about to do.

I began to lap at her wonderful cunt. She tasted very fresh, and I realized that she had been swimming not too long ago. I flicked her clit with my tongue, and ran my tongue down the length of her slit, touching every sensitive part, finding every spot that made her squirm.

I glanced up as I lay on the floor, and saw that Shelly had Joe in her mouth, and she glanced at me with a quick content look before opening her mouth in that special way and deep throating him. I smiled and dove into my work, licking and sucking at Denise's pussy, identical to Shelly's. I slid my middle finger into her, and sought out her G-spot.

When I found it, I brought her to a quick orgasm, then slid up her body, letting the friction from the rug we were on pull my shorts off.

As I reached her face, I felt my manhood slide between her legs. I was hard enough to enter her, but I merely pressed the head to her opening. She wiggle her hips, desperate to feel me inside her. I held off, but, then, smiling, I slowly slid the whole length inside of her. She gasped, as I am a bit larger than average. I held myself in her for a moment, then was distracted by Joe manhandling the coffee table away. Shelly lay down next to Denise, and Joe threw her legs above his shoulders.

He mounted her, hard, and began to slam into her, very much like I had months before. Denise smiled up at me, dark hair framing her face.


Her pussy felt so good cradling my stiff member the way it was. I didn't want to move, but Joe's motions, the twin's faces, and my own animal nature took over. I began slowly, but my motions increased in tempo and power until I matched Joe stroke for stroke. The girls locked fingers as we plowed into them. With a grunt, quickly followed by her gasp, Joe and Shelly came together.

Denise, feeling her sister cum beside her, came as well, squeezing me with her powerful vaginal muscles. The pressure was too much, and the chain reaction was complete, as I flooded her wonderful love canal with my seed.


Joe rolled over to one side, and I rolled over to the other, and the four of us lay there, exhausted. I smiled at Denise, and the four of us drifted off into sleep.