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Pretty transs strokes and cums
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Can We Survive Damned in trouble again, my dad is going to be pissed, All I was doing was sitting. atop of the water tower in the center of town. Well I could say, 10 years ago it wasn't the center of town. The town had grown. My name is Jacob(Jake) Tinsley I am 16 years old. 5' 9" tall, I weigh 155 pounds of solid muscle. I am not ugly nor am I handsome. My Mother always said I was ruggedly good looking.

I sure miss her, she was killed last year by some black youths (Their words) playing the knockout game. The idea ts to pick an unsuspecting person and hitting them trying to knock the target out with one blow.

My Mother was a very fragile person, the blow struck her in the neck and broke it with that one blow.

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She never regained consciousness. My Dad pulled me out of school the next day, Then he quit his job and withdrew all his savings. We were a family of outdoors men (our name) or survivalist (their words). I had a feeling, if the kid didn't go to prison for a long time.we would be going hunting. Years ago my parents had purchased some land which had a large cave at the base of a mountain. First we cleaned out the cave and expanded with the help of a bit of dynamite.

Then we framed the cave and began to work on our survival home. All of my summer vacations and holidays were spent at the Cabin. Every vacation time except when my grandparents passed on, was spent there.

One of my favorite things was when my dad would blind fold me and take me to a remote area. He would tie me to a tree and leave me. He would time me to see how long it took me to make it back to the Cabin.

The first few times he took my shoes, After that I would tie them around my neck. I felt more comfortable to be bare foot.

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I could feel my way I had learned to identify different patterns of the ground. I needed no compass, the stars, the trees, the sun and moon even the way the forest smelled was all I needed. The house had all the amenities but was mainly powered by solar power. The water well was ran by solar also. But what didn't show was the spring that was in the cave. It formed a small pool and was real sweet water. The house itself was a two bedroom with a den and a work shop garage combo.

We had 4 wheelers and motorcycles and bikes in the barn We had a steel door and the windows were bullet proof. And the door frame was steel with our own home made dead bolt made out of 3/4" re-bar.

That was above ground, We had a basement which was larger than the house above. The entrance was a 6' x 8' pantry. One set of shelf's had a hidden latch when tripped opened a door into the rest of the basement We had an underground gasoline storage tank which was about 150' from the house and an under ground path that opened up near it as one of our escape hatches.

There was also one in our barn, and one in our well house. Our total land was only twenty acres but was surrounded by a National Forest. There were numerous game trails that crossed our land and we only hunted with Compound Bows and cross Bows. Don't get me wrong we had our complement of guns pistols and rifles with a few shotguns thrown in for good measure.

In fact one section of the basement was a solid wall of weapons and shelf's of ammo. We bought all our guns and ammo in another county. The cave was filled with supplies we were prepared for the 2nd revolution. After mother died Dad sold our house in town. Dad went out of town and converted the cash to gold coins which would not lose its value. It was nearing the time for the trial of mothers killer. Dad wanted me to hold to a low profile.

And here I sit on the water tower just looking around. I hear sirens, damn I have been spotted. I move over to the ladder and put my feet on the outside of the ladder and slide to the bottom in an instant. Grabbed my mountain bike and was away out of sight before the police arrived. Glad I got away Dad would have been upset if I had been caught.

Especially with the trial being close. Dad never appeared at the trial. I was there every day and sickened by the whole procedures.

They made it out that these punks were poor innocent babes. It sounded like they blamed my mother for being there to tempt them. In a nutshell they got off Scott free.

I stood on the courthouse steps and just watched and memorizing every feature of the three that had went to trial. I would not forget them nor would I allow them to get off killing my mother.

They were dead and didn't know it as yet.


The Media was interviewing each one of them. when three shots rang out all three teenagers dropped to the ground with a bullet hole in their fore heads. Justice had been served. I smiled and did a fist pump. The reporters came to me and asked me what I thought I told them it was inevitable, Now Justice has been served. I also told them I sure wouldn't want to be one of the Jurymen responsible for that gross miscarriage of justice Soon they had triangulated and determined where the bullets had been fired from.

As near as they could figure it was fired from somewhere up on a cell phone tower. Naturally there was no one around, but witnesses said they saw a man working on the tower but didn't see him leave. My Dad was the first one they suspected. They grabbed me and asked where he was, I said I didn't know. They had already dispatched a car to our cabin.

Before they arrived they could hear gunshots. Cautiously they got out of their car with guns drawn and edged around the house. They found my dad at our makeshift shooting range trying to sight in a Black Powder Rifle.

He looked around and saw the police with guns drawn. He immediately dropped his rifle and threw up his hands. "Don't shoot I was just practicing. " The police radioed in as to what they found. They held my dad until a detective arrived with a search warrant. I arrived just behind the detective. They took all four of our rifles including the .22 Marlin and the Black Powder Replica Sharps .50 dad had been sighting in when they arrived. The Detective wanted to bag my dads hands for gunshot residue.

The policemen who had arrived first explained it would be inadmissible evidence since my dad had been firing a gun when they had arrived. It turns out they did not have enough evidence to even arrest him. He was told to check in a few days for the release of his weapons. The next few days The radio and TV was rampant with crazy news.


Texas had started procedures for reinstating their right as a Republic. Approximately 25 other states were making noise like they were going to join Texas. A few days later dad received a call that a black group from out of town was coming after him for the murder of the three punks.

Nothing had been found that even pointed at my dad. This Black militant group didn't need evidence. I asked dad if I needed to be worried when I was in town, are the blacks turning against us. He told me not to worry about our locals. It was a Black County Commissioner and staunch Republican who had warned him of the Militants. He had offered his help and a few friends if we needed them.

Just after dark one of our hound dogs began to growl and stood up and faced the road. The other two started to bark and moved that way. A shot rang out and one of the dogs yelped. A booming voice demanded that Moe Tinsley (that is Dad ) come out with his hands up or they were going to burn the house down. Dad slipped out the escape hatch to the pump house. I slipped out into the barn. When I heard dads bird call. I let fly with my crossbow. My aim was true, at the same time my target yelled I heard another yell from the other side.

A few minutes later headlights flashed on and I heard Commission Orville Johnson. "All you vigilantes drop your guns or prepare to meet thy maker. You was not invited by the blacks of this community and you weren't invited by the whites either.

There are about 50 guns aimed at you we are a mixed group of delegates both black and white. I must admit there are some itchy trigger fingers." Weapons began to hit the ground, Dad Hit the floodlights and lit up the whole place. Commissioner Johnson says," Sheriff I think that is your cue." There were 15 of the raiders two of which were Preachers cut in the Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton mold.

The rest were just hangers on type. Sheriff Reed asked Dad if he was going to press charges, Dad said I want to see them in jail, I want o see all of their pictures, Mugshots, in the paper and on the local news and I want them named On TV. Then we can go from there. Commissioners Johnson, black and Commissioner Toomywhite spoke to dad, "Moe we know you said you didn't need or want our help but it would have caused a problem if we had to explain 15 dead folk around your house. So we decided to step in.

Dad smiled and quipped"Nobody lets me have any fun." Dad was getting a little antsy when he had bought this property we were 15 miles out of town.

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The town had grown and now our turn off was less than 10 miles. Dad had been in a constant battle with the County Commissioner they wanted to pave our road. Dad wanted to disguise the road not advertise. Six weeks later a van was in our front yard and was honking their horn. Dad and I both picked up a pistol and headed for the door.

There was a second Van behind the first. The driver of the first was Commissioner Johnson. Dad asked him, " What is going on Orville?" "Moe we need your help." "What's with the Vans?" "Just let me explain, Texas has declared their independence and a few other states or trying to follow them. The President has declared Martial law and has brought in the United Nations Troops. They are moving our way and we are not happy with the stories we have heard, Beatings and rapes are common." "We want to leave our kids with you, take them into the National forest if need be.

But we feel you are the only one who planned for this. The front van has the kids and the second is loaded with backpacks and sleeping bags and other supplies." "How many kids?" "A total of 12the oldest is Ebony my 15 year old daughter. The youngest is Tom Mills 10 y.o.

There are 4 boys and 8 girls." Three Black girls 15, 14, & 12, Five White girls 14, 14 ,13 and 11. Three white boys 12, 12, & 11 One Black boy 10." I opened the wall and had them unload the second van and carry everything into the basement.

I helped them layout their sleeping bags the girls in one room the boys in another. Dad told Commissioner Johnson we needed some C-4 and a tractor.

"Once I get the tractor up here ( I failed to mention our road was a twisting road and at about a 15 degree slant it was a bitch when it rained) I will blow the big pines near the turn in. Hopefully blocking the access to the road. It is not visible that well from below." "One other thing, Your wife's younger sister Rosie wants to to come along to help with the kids. " Dad just nodded, Rosie was only 6 years older than I was and I knew my Dad had the hots for her.

She walked around the front of the second van carrying a small duffle bag, right past us and into the house and right into the master bedroom. I spoke up, " Mr Johnson I wish to put in an order too. I need 6 bunk beds." He smiled, " Tomorrow. " Later I noticed that everywhere I went The little black boy Tom Mills was right behind me. Finally I asked him what the deal was.

He said his mother told him if he wanted to grow up and survive. Not to worry about Moe he had his own troubles. She told him to follow Jake, he knows how to survive. I asked who his mother was and he said She was the librarian. I thought for a moment and I remembered her, We had had a few conversations about the books I checked out.

I said "Okay tom I will try to teach you what I know." He handed me a book his Mother had sent to me. The Title: 'How to survive in our Nations Forests' I thanked him and handed it back to him and told him his first assignment was to read that book and to asked me about anything he didn't understand. The next day the tractor arrived pulling a trailer loaded with bunk beds and mattresses i2 instead of the 6 I asked for, and a box of C- 4 and detonators.

A pickup followed the driver of the tractor got off and said there are a few other things the mothers sent for the girls. He got into the pickup and they were gone. I got the boys together and they helped to carry the frames and mattresses. Rosie collected the things sent for the girls. I began assembling the beds.

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I had never spent very much time thinking about sex, I guess the nearest I had come to thinking was when aunt Rosie was around. She always wore tight pants which a lot of the time her camel toe was showing it made me dizzy.

Also she never wore a bra. Now here I was surrounded by girls and even the youngest a 11 year old had tits and a tight ass. I heard giggling and glanced over at Ebby and Maddy … they both had their shirts open and no bras, They leaned forward and shook their tits at me. I stuck by my resolve and started to turn away. That is when I noticed Ruth and the twins all were wearing dresses and they were pulled up to their waist, and their legs were spread.

I was looking at the first real pussy I had ever seen. I glanced into the other room and all the boys were starring. The boy twins had their peckers in their hands and were masturbating. Like a dummy I kept assembling beds. Sue walked over to me and reached over and stroked my cock in my pants. She said, "Ooh a big one." "Girls if you don't fasten things back up and let me continue you will be sleeping on cold concrete again tonight." This seemed to change the whole atmosphere of the room they all pitched in and the job was done in no time at all.

I Headed up into the house. Rosie and Dad were sitting at the table. I sat down with them. "Dad I think we are going to have a problem." I explained what had happened. He and Rosie smiledbut it was Rosie who spoke up.

" I am going to tell you exactly what the kids were told. But first how the kids were chosen. All the parents drew lots, the criteria was the kids not over 15 nor under 10 and only two from a family." Mr Johnson Told the kids, " Kids Our country is going to hell we are in a state of war, Our people and our government against each other.

You 12 kids are the legacy of our town. WE are going to send you to our local survivalist Moe and Jake Tinsley. If things go as we foresee them it will be up to you kids to breed and repopulate this area. Girls, the boys are a bit young right now but Moe and Jake are not.

It is up to you to get them to breed." I looked at them in amazement "Are you for real." Rosie said there is one thing that wasn't expected. Your Father had a Vasectomy years ago. That means it is up to you to knock up all of us girls.

I stuttered and said"You mean I get to. I mean have to screw you too? " "Yes." The next morning dad and I set the charges on the big Pines when we were far enough away dad hit the button and blew the pines.

They dropped perfectly to crisscross the road to its Maximum length with out falling straight. A week later UN Troops moved in to our town. Our people were determined to stand against them. The UN Troops set up in the school Gymnasium In the middle of the night they set off the charges they had rigged in and around the Gym.

The Soldiers ran back to the Gym and found them self facing the townspeople fully armed and there was a massacre on both sides. Only a few on each side survived. They really succeeded The UN Troops pulled back and the town was left alone. For awhile that is. A few days later two boys around 18 arrived at the house. Both were seniors at the local High School, Ralph Goines and Bill Winters. "Mr. Tinsley my dad told us if we needed help we were to contact You. We are the oldest left in town there are 15 girls over 17 and 6 boys.

Our real problem is we also have 10 babies from newborn to 6 years old.

The rest of our kids were taken by the Blue Hats. Our parents hid us then they were killed. Dad went with them to get them started on the re building. He told everyone I was in charge. They all smiled as if to say we knew that.

That night I decided to learn a little about sex. I entered the girls room and found Ebby on her top bunk, sitting with her legs spread and her heels on the edge of the mattress. She was rubbing her finger in her pussy. Although I hadn't really had to many sexual thoughts I wasn't totally stupid. That looked tasty.

I walked up to her and moved her hand and inserted my tongue. I reached my arms around her hips and pulled her closer burying my face in her crotch.

Lynn was sleeping on the bottom bunk the movement woke her up she smiled to her self she grabbed my waistband and pulled my pants down. I was so involved with eating Ebby's pussy I didn't even realize what was going on below my waist.

Then Lynn sucked me into her mouth. In less than a minute I blew my first load from sex that I had ever had. Lynne sucked it all down and never removed my cock from her mouth and I never lost my hard on. A few minutes later all the girls were awake as Ebby had her first orgasm and screamed from the sensation. Lynn had removed her mouth and was on her hands and knees trying to guide me into her tiny slit.

The Twins, Toni and Tina were lifting Lynn 's butt to help her get me inside I felt the head enter her and come up to her hymen. I heard her tell the twins help me. I couldn't do any thing Ebby was holding my face tight to her pussy. The twins did help one pushed Lynn and the other pushed my butt. Then something broke loose and I was all the way inside of Lynn. She had screamed and was crying, I was almost collapsing I was standing as still as I could. I continued to suck on Ebby her clit was so sensitive she was in constant orgasm.

I felt Lynne start to move, she was still being supported by the twins She began to speed up and I could feel my stomach boiling and my skin was tingling. I couldn't hold it any longer. I pulled my head back from Ebby' s crotch and released my load into this recently busted cherry and bathed her insides. Then I crumpled to the floor, I lay there unable to move my cock still standing straight up. Ebby said, "That is mine." She straddled me and aimed my cock into her juicy pussy and forced her way on to me.

I heard her intake of breath as she forced her way passed her hymen it brought tears to her eyes. After a few moments it was no longer tears of pain but of pleasure The way she was moving reminded me of riding a bike.

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She reached her first orgasm from screwing. But barely slowed up I reached up and and rolled her nipple around and kneaded her tits. The first tits I had ever touched. I loved them. I heard her start chanting hurry, hurry, hurry ooh nooowww and she exploded. And a second or two later I matched her and soaked her insides. Ebby eased off me and lay on the floor. One of the twins kissed me, my first, the other began licking me clean. Maddy began licking out Ebby' s pussy and Sue was cleaning out Lynn.

Ruth wasn't going to be left out so she stepped over my head and squatted on to my face. I ate her till she too exploded.