Ich habe eine cremige sabbern Orgasmus mit meinem Vibrator

Ich habe eine cremige sabbern Orgasmus mit meinem Vibrator
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The sun shined through the crack between the curtains.

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I squinted and propped myself up on my elbow, and came to realize that Marc's arm was wrapped around my waist. I laid back down and turned around to kiss his forehead. I ruffled my fingers through his course and curly hair. He grumbled and hid his face making me chuckle. "What time is it?" he grumbled into the sheets. I reached for my phone one the nightstand and clicked on a button. The screen lit up brightly.

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"7:00 am." "That's soo early," he whined. I laughed and got up and out of bed. I put on a silky robe that reached the floor and pulled apart the curtains letting the sun to shine through the window in a gentle yellow as it began to rise above the beautiful beach horizon. I stretched, then went to the shower and quickly popped in while Marc was still sleeping soundly.

I scrubbed myself clean from the remnants of last night with a my very own vanilla body wash I brought along with me and washed clean my hair with sweet-smelling strawberry shampoo. I shaved my legs once again since yesterday and went over my pussy though it was waxed just to make sure no stubble appeared.

Once finished, I dried myself off with the hotel's towel and blow-dried my ravenous hair dry. I brushed my teeth and washed my face. I applied some lotion to my body also.

I walked out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around my body.


I opened my suitcase and pulled out the bikini I wanted to wear for today, it was black and white striped that tied at the neck and on the sides of the hips for the bottoms. "What are you dooing?" asked Marc from the bed. "I'm just getting dressed for today," I said. "Come here," He said smiling.

"No I have to get dressed," I stated, determined to find the teal blue cover-up shirt I usually wear with this bikini. "Coome heere," he laughed as he pulled me up by my hips making me shriek. He yanked off my towel in a quick motion.

He planted a kiss to my tummy. His hands grazed lightly on the inside of my legs and he sat on the bed and I was standing in front of him. Marc spread my legs with his feet and then rubbed my pussy slowly. Then he spread my inner lips apart and ran a finger back and forth my pussy from the tender flesh between my asshole and pussy all the way to my sensitive clit. My eyes began to close then I realized that I was supposed to meet Rachel and Kelly in the lobby at eight when I texted then before I had hopped into the shower.

I pushed his hands away from me. "Get dressed. We're supposed to meet Kelly and Rachel in the lobby at nine," I told him. He pouted, "What time is it now?" "It is 7:50 am," I said looking at the digital clock on the stand next to the TV.

"Oh shit," he said and quickly took a shower and got dressed in some khaki shorts and a black wifebeater, which showed off his amazing arm muscles. We arrived in the lobby just in time.


Kelly and Rachel stood there in front of the entrance/exit. "Hey!" Kelly said, "You ready to spent a whole day shopping?" "Whaaat? We're going shopping?" Marc whined like most guys would, "I thought we were going to go to the beach." "We'll have plenty of time to go to the beach. We'll probably shop for a few hours at the stores that are directly facing the beach and the one around that area also," Rachel explained.

"Ugh fine," Marc sighed. The walk wasn't long until we arrived at the stores. We went from one store to the next and Marc trailed behind like a sad puppy. After about three hours of clothes shopping, Kelly and Rachel wanted to get a henna on their arms. So they said just continue going on without us and that when they're done that they would call me. "Okay, see you later," I waved. Marc pulled me closer to him with his hand around my hip, "That was terrible!" "Sorry!" I laughed, "A girl always takes the opportunity to shop when she wants to." We stopped by a few other stores before I saw this black and dark store with a couple of dim colorful lights inside.

"What kind of store is that?" I pointed out to Marc. "I don't know.

Just go and find out," he stated looking bored as ever. We walked inside and in the front was clubbing clothes and dresses. And I looked around a bit. Later I made way to the back and then I saw some fancy lingerie. "I think I'm starting to like this store," his eyes lite up.

I shook my head, chuckling. At that point I wasn't really doing the shopping, but Marc was and declared I he will buy all the things I want plus the stuff he wants me to wear too. After a good ten minutes he had a large pile of sexy revealing lingerie in his arms and he was grinning ear-to-ear like a kid out of a candy shop. We walked even further to the back.

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An employee came to us, "Hi, do you guys need any help?" "No not really. Thanks," I smiled.

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"Okay no problem, If you need anything just call for Julie, that's me," she giggled, "Oh and if you want to test try the products back there just make sure to use condoms provided in the blue basket to keep things sanitary." She left without saying another word and soon I was being dragged to that enclosed section of the store by a black curtain.

"Holy crap!" Marc exclaimed, "It's like sex toy HEAVEN!" He placed the lingerie we chose down on a table and then he picked up a whip that was labeled "Sample." I was gazing at all the various kinds of toys from dildos to vibrators to floggers to things I didn't even know. I screamed when I felt the sting of the whip.

"I think I'm getting this," he nodded approvingly, "ooh what's this?!" He held up a purple "Y" looking thing with the word "sample" labeling it.

Then in his head it finally clicked and his eyes bulged. He took two condoms from the blue basket Julie was talking about and put them onto the double-hole dildo. He poked his head out of the curtain. "Is there a place to try the toys," Marc asked Julie.

"There's the rooms to your left," she shouted from the cash registers. Marc pulled me into one of the small rooms and pulled down my shorts and bikini bottoms. He gave it a nice slap with his hand before squeezing my cheeks and spreading them open giving way for him to lick both of my holes mercilessly.

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My body shook with my hands pressed against the wall as I stood under his control. Then he took the toy in hand and gently pushed it upward into my body. The toy was quite lengthy and I felt it spreading my pussy walls apart along with my asshole. "Mmmph," I moaned and bit my bottom lip, "That hurts a bit." "It'll get better sweetie, I promise," he kissed my left ass cheek.

He pulled it out slowly and in again. I groaned. When he was increasing the speed, he pulled me from the wall and bent me over in doggy style on the floor. He began thrusting it in and out of me so fast that his hands were just a fuzz of motion. My eyes rolled to the back of my head and I moaned louder and louder by the moment.

I felt my pussy clamping down on the toy and yet it was still going quick. "Mmm I'm gonna cum!" I squealed and bit down on my own arm from screaming too loudly. My body jerked back and forth in no rhythm of his thrusting. I came hard on the toy and in an instant Marc licked me up making sure not to waste a single drip.

"You taste amaaazing," he stated licking his lips as if he was indulging in ambrosia. I was breathing heavily and in a few seconds I finally managed to stand up with the help of Marc.

Thankfully tissues were provided inside the room so I wiped myself completely clean before putting on my bikini bottoms and shorts again. Marc looked at more toys and took about seven things he said were a secret and that he wouldn't tell me. Finally he grabbed the lingerie from the table before heading to the cash register and purchased all the items with his credit card.

"We're gonna have a lot of fun with this," he grinned. "Oh boy," I sighed and leaned against him for support. "I don't think I can handle anymore pleasure today," I said leaning my head against his shoulder. "Well I'll have to test that to make sure," he smirked with a hint of mischievousness in his golden eyes. I checked my phone and noticed the three missed calls from Rachel about fifteen minutes ago.

I finally called her back and she said to meet at the "Food Shack" on the beach for something to eat. We walked to the place she said and we ate some burgers and french fries that were amazingly delicious. We finished eating and Kelly said, "We should have fun on the beach now and hand out til evening!" "Sure why not!" I smiled and looked at Marc which nodded in agreement.

Kelly and Rachel ran to the ocean before I could say another word and stripped their clothes of along the way. I laughed and shook my head. "I have another idea," Marc said and led us to a more quiet are with almost no people.

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The person that was there was an old guy with a hat covering his face, laying on a beach towel snoring loudly. Both of us played in to ocean for twenty minutes and finally we decided it was time to stop. "Sit here baby," he patted the space between his legs. So I did. He kissed my neck and suckled on my sweet spot, making me groan. He rubbed on my semi-dry bikini bottom, then slipped his hand underneath and played with my sensitive inner lips.

The he stopped and opened one of the bags from the lingerie and toy store and pulled out a brown discreet box. "What's that?" I asked. "You'll see my love," and he pecked my cheek, making me blush. He opened the box and pulled out a silver round bullet/egg that was wireless. He put in the batteries provided and then pulled a condom from his shorts laying beside us.

"I took a few from the store," he chuckled. He slipped it around the egg and then he turned it on and it hummed gently in his palm.

He tugged on the bow on the side of my hip until it untied. "Marc! We're in public! We can't do this now!" I sternly whispered to him. "Calm down baby, no one is around that is close enough to see," he said rubbing on my pussy. He tugged on the other bow and the he pulled it out from under me.

He spread my lips with two fingers and then pressed the egg against my clit. "Mmm yea, right there," I moaned softly, letting my head rest on this shoulder. He moved it in circular motions and then he pressed a button on the remote and it buzzed even faster. "Oh!" I squeaked as he turned up the speed to an even faster rate. He kept at that torturous circular motion and then he took it off and I whimpered. My clit was extremely sensitive at the moment and it swelled up into a pretty pink button.

He rubbed my clit gently with his own fingers before he pressed the egg against my again. And I arched my back to its extent and my hips writhed between his legs. My mouth was formed in a silent scream and my eyes were shut tightly closed.

Marc was trailing many kisses all over the side of my neck. I came blindingly and I was trembling for moments afterwards. I breathed heavily and my heart was racing too. I was soaking wet with cum and then something I didn't expect for him to do was to push the egg deep inside of my pussy until the ring of the condom was only exposed.

I got dressed because hours had passed even though it only felt like an hour. We met up with Rachel and Kelly. We walked back to the hotel and we entered the elevator. The doors slid closed. "Do you hear that hum?" asked Kelly, looking around having no clue where it was.

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"What hum?" Marc asked as if he didn't have any idea. "Wait, I hear it. It's getting louder," Rachel nodded.

They both shrugged before exiting on their floor and we all said goodnight. My pussy was throbbing as the egg vibrated at a furious speed. I gave a devil glare at Marc and all he did was smirk back. Then planted a kiss on my cheek.