Porno silicone tits

Porno silicone tits
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This is a story about the first time that my girlfriend and i had a gangbang. enjoy! One night after having sex with my girlfriend, we were both satisfied and happy and she asked me if i had any fantasys. We'd had this chat many times and she had always done as i had wanted, for example stockings etc.

This time as a joke i suggested a gangbang with about 3 or 4 men, thining that she would laugh and find it playful, she actually seemed to love the idea!

She had gotten all moist again thinking about it. We talked about it and i actually liked the fact that another man would be pumping and dumping his load on my girlfriend. We decided to sleep on it and the next day we would talk about it.


The next day arrived and we were still keen on the idea, so together we posted an add on craigslist- Coventry (England) we didn't expect many replies, so we left it for the day while we went out. when we returned home and checked our emails we were surprised how many men had offered, all shapes and sizes, ages, races. We decided to only go with the men who had pictures, so we whittled it down to what she wanted.

Now i am quite muscular with a good bodytype surprisingly she chose older man who were chubby/fat (very different to me) but it is what she wanted so i was happy to oblige. We contacted the men back and asked when they would all be free, we decided that next Tuesday night would be best for everyone, we had no place to host so one of the men offered us all to his flat, so thats what we chose, his flat with two other men and me so she would have four men hard over her, four men wanting to fuck her brains out.

As Tuesday came we were both very excited! She had been and had a good wax and had bought some sexy underwear. I should now explain what my girlfriend actually looks like.

She's 21 withh neck length brunette hair, very pretty. Her body is quite thin, yet she has a few wobbly bits (which i like about her) she has a sexy big ass, DD boobs which are beautiful to suck and a one of the best vagina's ever.

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Anyway, we called at the mans flat and there were two other men there. She was in a tight top and leggings, ready to get her clothes off so that these old men could fuck her wild.

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We greeted everyone and she sat down on the sofa between a rather fat old man and a slightly skinnier older man, the host was watching same as me. Without any warning she started to feel the mens trousers where their penis's are.

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She looked a little nervous but at the same time very horny. She felt their dicks and in return they started feeling her tits through her top.

She then took off her top and another man undone her bra, each man had a tit each. She groaed as they licked her tits and she made them ever harder. She then started to kiss the man on her left and started to undo his trousers, th other guy followed and the host was naked by now!

he suggested we go into his bedroom which had more room for everyone to get involved. Walking to his bedroom the men had taken off their clothes, including me i was wanking while i was watching her wank off the men.

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She was wanking two off while sucking another on the bed. She then proceeded to place two cocks in her mouth at the same time. By now her pants were off and she was getting licked by the host, she groaned as he licked her tight pussy, sucked and played with her arsehole.


She was groaning and so wet! the other guys were getting tiurns to have a blowjob. The guy lickig her pussy then put his old dick into her, she made out a little cry of plasure as he put it in, he started pumping away, his fat body moving about and her tits bouncing up and down. As she was tossing off two of the guys i moved in and she sucked my cock.


She asked me to touch the other guys dick and toss him off. Now im not gay and i have never done anything like that but i was so turned on so i grabbed his cock and started to toss his dick, and he did the same to me while we both groped my girlfriends tits.

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The guy fucking her grew closer and closer to cuming and eventually his quite tiny cock come all inside her, she didnt want anyone to wear comdoms, she wanted everyone to cream inside her really deep.

So this guy did just that as he come he groaned and so did she, and he went deep and stayed there and then pulled out, some cum dripping.

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Then the other guy started having a go on her, she wanted his come deep in her too. Me and the other guy and my girlfriend took it in turns to toss each other off and then he came on her boobs and she rubbed it in and licked up as much as she could in her mouth. The other guy fucking her had also come to climax he had come in her really deep again, she was loving being such a naughty little slut.


Finally I fucked her wet pussy, she had som much cum in there but she loved it and so did i! Eventually i came inside her and we both showerd at the mans house and left. We still stay in contact with these guys hoping to do this again.

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Infact the other day i came home from work and she was upstairs fucking one of them. So i joined in! Thanks for reading!