Rug munch and anal drilling

Rug munch and anal drilling
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Young Fern Revised Fern, the young girl next door loves breakfast with her Uncle Mike. My next door neighbor, Tom was a handyman and made a very good living out of it doing what most of us had no hope of starting, finishing or completing. Every chance he got he would head off to an old house he was doing up, spending most weekends there and a whole lot of money.

He said he could see that this project would bring in much needed revenue when finished and rented out. I couldn't see it.

He and his daughter, Fern had moved next door when his wife had divorced him and acquired the family home in the settlement. His wife was found to be unfit to keep their daughter and had married and moved away up north. I had been more fortunate following my divorce and, with the help of a good divorce lawyer, left the cheating bitch with as little as possible. Tom and I would regularly get together over a beer or two and toast our freedom.

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I'm 35 and 6'2" and coach the local football club, just to keep myself busy and fit. I work from home as an accountant and find that I'm kept quite busy.

I was having my usual morning coffee on my back veranda when Tom yells out from the fence line. "Mike, I'm heading out to the rental. Could you keep an eye on the place?

Won't be long. Fern's here but she's still asleep. I've left her a note on the kitchen table. Thanks mate." I had to laugh. Typical. Must be important to get him to rush off like that. Oh well, I had nothing better to do this weekend.

I popped over to their house and added to the note Tom had left, that if Fern wanted she could come over and I would make her some breakfast. I then went up the short hall to check on her and peaked into her room. She was sprawled out on her bed with the covers pushed down and off the end of the bed. Lying in what must have been last year's nightie that was way too small for her budding figure.

It had ridden up along her petite frame and was only just covering her small mounds of breasts exposing a flat tummy of porcelain whiteness and a pair of small lacy panties.

At 4'6" she was almost all legs with long dark brown hair down to her narrow, boyish hips.

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Pale skin and blue eyes made a pretty package that both Tom and I had commented on and mused over every time she would parade about in her latest style of shorts or tops, or showing off her latest gymnastic move.

I remember Tom saying, "Going to have my hands full with that one in the not too distant future." I immediately thought that I'd love to have my hands full of that lovely little girl now and in the future. Then I wondered if that wasn't what Tom was meaning in a not to scuttle way. Hmm. I stood there inhaling her freshness and enjoying the softness of all the skin on view.

She rolled on to her front and I was awarded with the view of the nicest, little butt ever. Especially as her knickers had ridden up into her crack while she slept and looked for all the world like a thong. I exhaled, and realized I had been holding my breath whilst staring at this delight to the eyes. With a sigh I turned and headed home and straight to the bathroom where I stroked one off in about 10 seconds and had a huge mess to clean up on the bathroom sink. I was in the kitchen making toast when there was a knock at the back door and I heard the screen door open and close.

I turned just in time to be met with a hug from Fern. Still wearing what she had slept in. Now being so short, she only came up to about my waist so her head was pressed into my crutch and her hands were both on my but cheeks pulling her face even closer to my steadily growing hard-on.

As was her custom, being short, she kissed my lower stomach, just above my waist line and never being shy to voice her feelings, she said that she loved the way I smelled, *giggle*.

I wondered if she smelled my recent cum. She went on telling me about what she planned to for the rest of the holidays and the friends she would see, now and then planting small kisses on my tummy.


All this time bouncing up and down on the balls of her feet and hugging me tightly. Excited? Just a little. I hadn't planned for her to arrive this early and was still dressed for sleep in my loose fitting boxers, it being warm for this time of the year. My cock had swelled to a chubby as soon as I saw her in her PJ's and was now a full on hard-on with all the hugs and kisses, and now my cock head was just starting to poke over the top of my boxers.

She kissed my waist again in her exuberance and it landed right on the tip of my cock. I inhaled my breath and held it, not knowing what to do or say. She had, for her part, stopped with her lips resting on my swollen and leaking knob. Precum was leaking from the tip and spilling out and onto her pursed lips. We stayed like this for what felt like ages as my cock pulsed and leaked. I tried to stay calm and talk normally about her plans for the morning, but it came out in a higher pitch than normal and, and she giggled.

I relaxed and she held me tighter, even caressing my arse with her small hands. I looked down to see her stick out her tongue and lick up the Precum that had coated her lips and chin and lick my knob clean. She turned her head to the side and exhaled a big sigh. Her head still pressed to my pulsating cock. She had to have felt it throb. I put my hands on the back of her head, resting them there and pressing my cock to the side of her face for a moment then moving down to hold the straps of her loose and very thin top, showing her that I wasn't upset with her.

I was surprised when she sprang away and announced, "Let's make it a naked breakfast." and crossing her hands in front of herself, she lifted her top off and over her head.

She then posed for me, resting one hand on her hip, tilting her head to the side and grinning up at me. She was a delight to the eyes. She stood there glowing in the knowledge that what she was doing was a little naughty but loving the stunned look on my face. She had a slim waist and tiny, just budding breasts with rose pink nipples.

I said. "You look lovely." She looked at my cock and said. "Let me help you." and slowly stepped closer, putting both of her small hands on the sides of my boxers and gently pulling them down past my hips and thighs till they fell to the floor and I stepped out of them. My cock, having a will of its own, lowered, as my boxers were lowered and came to rest pointing at her nose. She playfully kissed the knob. I was dying to grab this little darling of a girl and sink my now 6.5" rod into her, what I suspect would be her more than willing mouth.

But again she sprang away with all the energy of youth and said that it was my turn to take her panties off. Trying not to seem too eager, I knelt in front of her bringing my face level with her small tits, so I planted a kiss on each and rested my hands on her hips. My hands seemed huge, my thumbs nearly touching across her midriff just below her belly button.

Hooking my thumbs into the elastic of her small pink panties, I started to lower then, deliberately taking my time, slowly exposing her cute little muffin in all its perfection. The first thing to assault my senses was her sent. Light and sweet like the soap a little girl would use, but with a strong sent of arousal also. I bent my head down and lightly kissed the top of her slit and heard her sigh.

She put her hands on my head and pulled me closer to her giving me the sure knowledge that she was open to me proceeding, so I licked her little peach from bottom to top and kissed it again over her little clit now poking out at the top. So delicious, so sweet and the smell was intoxicating. She stepped out of her panties and in doing so bent her legs at the knee and giving me a closer view of her small, heavenly opening.

The sent now stronger. I lent in closer to her standing there and had another cuddle while still on my knees. I heard her stomach grumble and we both laughed. I stood up and gave her another cuddle this time with her face right over my throbbing cock.

Stepping back she held my hands and pulled me into the kitchen. I could sense that she wanted to experiment but was shy and unsure how to proceed. I started to relax and enjoy my little friend, well all but my lower half was relaxed, as she walked about the kitchen getting herself some serial and a bowl, My cock was as hard as I had ever felt it and as she moved about she would deliberately bump or press herself against it keeping it in the state that she obviously found to her liking.

Laughing and giggling we finished our preparations and sat on the bench at the kitchen table. She sat to my left and immediately rested her right hand on my leg, lightly stroking it, now and then, brushing her small fingers across my swinging balls. I put my hand across her petite shoulders and pulled her closer. This felt nice and we chatted away until we finished.

I got her bowl and my plate and was just going to rinse them off at the sink when she moved in front of me and said "I'll help with the washing up." So I filled the sink and she added the dish soap. We ended up having both our hands in the water and making a wet, soapy mess over both of us. This heightened the feelings in our bodies as they rubbed and squirmed together in a soapy mess at the sink. Giggling, she turned and looked up at me lovingly.

I picked her small frame up and kissed her on the lips. Slowly she started kissing me back, showing her inexperience but also a willingness to learn and go further with these new feelings. She wrapped her slim legs around my waist and held on to my neck with her hands. We walked like this to the couch in the sun room where I sat leaving her to sit on my lap facing me.

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We both looked down at my rampant muscle and she inched herself slowly closer, finally sitting herself hard up against my cock with her small pussy lips surrounding the lower half. "Want to know a secret?" she asked.

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I could only nod and try to breath normally. "My Dad and me sometimes, when its warm enough, cuddle like this after my shower before I go to bed and he gets all hard down there too. I like it when he sits there with nothing on too and I get to play with his wily. I love to push it down almost flat and I sit on it so that its poking me back there.

You know? We sometimes kiss. Do you want to kiss me?" Without another word my lips touched hers and we kissed. Slow to start and becoming quicker as her lips opened and my tongue explored her little mouth.

I wondered, as we kissed, about what she said about Tom and just what else they had gotten up to. She stopped and looked me in the eyes. "You won't tell anybody about me and Daddy will you?" "No." I assured her. "I can tell you love your Daddy and I wouldn't want to do anything to stop that." Then she hugged and we went back to kissing.


"You know I think I love you too Uncle Mike." "I'm all tingly down there now and I feel so comfy just sitting here like this." She was so slippery with all the soapy water still over her that she started to move her hips back and forth along my rod leaving a glistening film over the surface. Her pace quickened and she applied more pressure until she shuddered and collapsed on my chest.

I held on to her slight body while she shook and came over my excited cock. Holding her hips I moved her up till my cock was snuggled at the entrance of her opening and applied the slightest pressure lodging just the head of my cock inside her.


She was just too tight to go any deeper even with all the lubrication she had spilled. But just that much inside her was enough for her pussy to have the effect of squeezing me and making me expel a huge load into her unprotected glove. She could feel the pulsations inside her tiny entrance and she looked me in the eyes and said. "Daddy and me never did that.

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That felt so nice and warm inside me." and she cuddled me until my now relaxed cock slipped from her. Holding her close I said, "We'll have to have breakfast again sometime. I love having you over." I said that we could both use a shower now to clean up and I carried her into the master suit and showered us both. We had just dressed and returned to the sun room when her Dad knocked on the back door.

Yelling, "Anybody home?" We all sat at the breakfast table and had a cup of coffee and some milk for Fern He explained that he had to get in a contractor to do some electrical work and needed to tell him just how he wanted the job done.

The guy would be finishing up tomorrow and would I mind watching Fern again tomorrow? I said, "I love watching Fern." and that it was no trouble at all. To be continued