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Bikini model and cougar flirting
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Karen and Michelle's Sad Story Part 1 Chapter 4 By Redlegtiger Please remember that this is fantasy and anyone thinking that they should do these things in real life, deserve to be locked up and have the key thrown away and play sissy slut to their cell mate for eternity. If you are not at least 18 years of age please leave. Chapter 4, Karen's Night of Hell Karen woke up when the trunk was opened. She noticed that they were inside a garage and there were no windows to indicate how long it had been since she left the porn shop or whether it was light or dark outside.

In reality, she was only about a half mile from Darrel's parent's cabin. Lynn knew Darrell's parents very well and had met Darrell briefly when they had stayed at the cabin before.

As a matter of fact, Darrell's parents had participated in a small way in slut's training, but that is another story. She didn't know that the girl she just purchased from the porn shop for a night of fun and games was Darrell's wife. As she had done many times before, she called his parents. When the phone was answered she said, "Hello Nancy" Nancy answered, "Hey Lynn, its been a while. What's up." Lynn said, "Joey called and told me he had a new little plaything available for a night of fun.

I got her for the night. Do you and John want to come and join in the fun?" Nancy answered, "Hold on a minute Lynn. Let me ask John." The phone went silent as Nancy put it on mute and yelled, "Hey John, come here." John came up from the family room where he had been watching a video of a play session they had with some friends earlier that week. When he walked into the room with Nancy he said, "What's up?" Nancy answered, "Lynn's on the line. She says she has a new little play toy to play with for the night.

Apparently Joey found her someone new. She's invited us up for the night to join in the fun and games. We'll have to call in sick to work tomorrow but I'm game if you are." John said, "Let me speak to her for a minute and see if it will be worth the time off." Nancy handed him the phone and he unmated it saying, "Hey Lynn. What's this I here about you having a new play toy?

How old is it and how experienced." Lynn answered immediately and said, "Oh, my guess is that she can't be a day over sixteen. My guess is that this afternoon's activities at Joey's was her first time doing anything like that. Apparently she just got married and her husband traded her for a lot of stuff from his shop." John said, "Sixteen and just married huh. We'll be there. I think I know who it is. And if it is, then I definitely want some play time with her.

We'll see you in about an hour." Darrell's parents always enjoyed their time with Lynn. They immediately left for the hour long drive to Lynn's cabin. As John was backing out of their driveway he told his wife, "Lynn said that her new toy is 16 and newly married. Does that sound like someone we know?" Nancy looked over at her husband with a surprised look and a smile on her face.

I hope it is. I wasn't expecting Darrell to start doing anything like this so soon. I thought he would at least spend a little time alone with her before he started training her.

But it sure sounds as if it might be her. I can't wait to get there. Back in Lynn's garage, slut unlocked the chain and helped Karen out of the trunk.

Mistress had told slut to take cunt Karen down and get her ready for some fun and games. Slut led Karen to a door and went down a flight of stairs. What Karen saw scared the hell out of her. It looked just like a dungeon with manacles hanging loose from several places on the wall, several from the ceiling and what looked like a nightmare version of a gynecologist exam table that allowed for both ends to be spread out at almost a 90 degree angle.

Slut took off the dildo harness, leaving the dildos in place. She removed the cuffs and then ordered Karen to go over and get up on the table. Karen complied and with the help of slut, was soon locked in to the restraints on the table. She spread the bars holding her legs out at about a 60 degree angle.

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This made it harder for Karen to keep the dildos in her ass and cunt. Slut told her, "You better not let the dildos slip out or there will be hell to pay. As it is, you are here for the night and it will be a very unpleasant experience." To increase Karen's anxiety, slut told her, "Let me tell you I have experienced everything in this room more times than I can count.

I've been whipped, electrically tortured, had piercing torture, forced gang bangs and forced sex with animals." After telling all of this to Karen, she told her, "Now do try to get some rest. It's going to be a long night for you." She turned off all of the lights except one and closed the door. Karen looked over at the lighted area and saw that it was a spot light that was focused on a wall of whips, dildos, butt plugs and various other torture devices.

To the right of the lit area was a huge flat screen plasma television playing a video of slut hanging from one of the manacles in the ceiling and being flogged and whipped by Lynn and another man and women.

She did not immediately notice anything about them because she was focused so much on what was happening to slut. But as time went on she realized that the other man and woman were none other than Darrell's parents. She just closed her eyes and sobbed. She wondered how any one could do those kinds of things to other people. She now knew that no matter what her parents had said before, they surely would support her getting a divorce if they knew about this.

She had to get away so she could tell them. She thought some more and realized that without proof they would accuse her of making it all up. If she got a chance she would have to get a copy of a video or something so she could show it to them or to the police. Then she realized that these people do this all of the time.

They must have people in the police helping them. As her thoughts spiraled from possibility to possibility she became more convinced that there was no hope for her to ever again have anything close to a normal life. About an hour and a half after Karen had been taken down stairs, Darrell's parents arrived at Lynn's cabin.

Slut met them at the door, and as they entered, they each kissed Slut in turn, pinching her nipples as hard as they could and causing her to scream into their mouth as they kissed her. Darrell's Dad walked up behind Lynn, who was sitting in a chair watching a television that showed Karen in the room and her reactions to the video. He reached down over her shoulders, leaned down, and grabbed her tits and started squeezing them and whispered in her ear.

"So, what kind of toy did Joey find for us to play with tonight?" Lynn leaned her head back, grabbed him behind the head and pulled him in for a long passionate kiss. When she withdrew from the kiss she said, "John! I'm glad you could make it. Joey really out did himself this time. He found the sweetest little 15 or 16 year old brunette that looked so innocent and so miserable that I just had to have her to play with.

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Joey said her husband left her with him until tomorrow morning in exchange for some toys he wanted. He told Joey that he could do anything he wanted with her but unfortunately, he said not to do any permanent damage and absolutely don't penetrate the skin. However, he did buy some rings for her tits and clit and allowed me to buy the privilege of doing the honors in front of the husband tomorrow morning. That's her on the monitor. She's watching our little session with slut last month.

What do you and Nancy think of her?" They all watched the monitor for a few minutes and Nancy suddenly noticed that the girl they were watching was Karen. She excitedly squealed and said, "John, it is Karen. I only hoped it might be.

I didn't really think it would be her. But Darrell must have moved the time table up a bit from what he planned. I didn't think he would introduce her to this kind of stuff for a week or so. Lynn looked at Nancy and asked, "Who's Karen." John answered, "She's our new daughter in law. Remember the girl the council discussed last year.

Well this is her. Darrell raped her after their senior prom and he got her pregnant. She managed to hide it from her parents for a while but when she turned up pregnant they forced her to marry him. It went just like the reverend said it would. But we didn't expect Darrell to get her started in this kind of stuff so soon.


You know this just couldn't be any better" John said. "I'm proud of Darrell for moving things along a lot faster than I thought he would." He looked at Lynn and said, "Let's have fun. Have slut go into the room and start whispering in her ear about all the things we are going to do to her. I want her to get really nervous and panicky.

That will make our entrance even more dramatic. Oh, and take the gag out so we can here her beg." Lynn looked at slut and told her, "Go down to the room and do as Master John said." Karen heard the door open and watched slut come in. She walked straight to her, removed the gag and bent down next to her ear and started whispering in her ear, "All of the things that saw on the video are going to be done to you. You will be beaten and whipped. They will fill your belly so full of liquid you will beg for mercy." While slut was whispering in her ear Karen's imagination went wild with all of the things she had seen on the video.

She thought about all of the whips and other torture devices she saw on the wall, highlighted by the spot light. Just at that time, the video showed slut on the table that Karen was on and two huge Mastiffs coming in to view. They both went to either end of the table as if they were trained, and got up on their hind legs and put their front legs on the table. Karen could see both of their cocks out and they were huge. All the while, slut continued whispering, "You see my two best mates are getting ready to fuck my mouth and cunt.

Oh, just wait until they get a chance at you. You won't know what hit you. They give me the best orgasms. I bet you'll like it too." Just as she finished, the dogs in the video drove their cocks into slut.

Karen's imagination was running rampant now and she saw in her minds eye that they led the dogs up to rape her and that while they were fucking her vaginally and orally that they started skinning her alive. She started mumbling, "No…no… no…no&hellip.

Karen just started shaking her head and repeating "NO, NO, NO……" louder. Then she said, "Please help me. I don't want to do this. Please have mercy and let me go.

You don't have to let them do this to me." John, Nancy and Lynn had been waiting outside the door and were listening for Karen to start begging.

That was their cue to come in they decided. Just as Karen started begging John, Nancy and Lynn walked into the room. John said, "Don't look for any help from slut, Karen. Lynn's daughter has been trained from birth to be the perfect little sex slave. You see, her name really is slut. Lynn named her that at birth because she knew that that's what she would be called her entire life any way. She will literally do anything that Lynn or any of us tell her without hesitation." Then he leaned down and whispered in her ear.

"She'll even kill if we order her to. What do you think of that?" Karen looked at them with fear in her eyes. She asked, "Why are you doing this to me?" John looked at her and said, "Because we can Karen. You see, we've had our eyes on you for a while. You're the smartest girl your age. Who wouldn't want those gene's in their family. That's why Darrell asked you to the prom. He told us the whole story.

How you refused to put out for him. How he took you to the old deserted logging road and raped you. How he threatened you not to tell anyone as you were getting out of the car. We congratulated him and decided that we would play along with the story that your parents already believed and have Darrell marry you. You are to be not only his wife and mother to his children, but his first sex slave as well.

He's off to a pretty good start in training you isn't he Karen?" Karen started bawling uncontrollably and just shaking her head no continuously. John looked at Lynn and Nancy and said, "Shall we get started." Slut started turning a crank and the table Karen was strapped to, lifted off its base.

They flipped it end to end and Karen was hanging upside down. This caused her perky tits to hang down a little bit more than they did before. Nancy and Lynn each took a tit and started wrapping them each very tightly at the base of the tit until they bulged and formed two very round and red orbs about the size of a large orange. All the while, Karen was crying and moaning in more and more pain as they very tightly bound her breasts.

When they had secured the bindings, they connected the rope to a heavy iron ring. John turned her back over so that she was on her back and took a heavy rope with a hook on it and connected it to the iron ring. Slut lowered the table back down to the base and Karen felt it lock into place. Slut walked over to another crank and started turning it. Karen felt the tension on her as the roped pulled her up by the tits.

The problem for Karen was that she was bound to the table by her arms and legs and as the rope pulled tighter her tits were pulled tighter and tighter, the bindings bit more and more into her tits, cutting off the circulation and causing them to turn purple. Eventually her tits were stretched so much that she screamed hysterically and continually from the pain.

That is when slut stopped turning the crank. The next thing that Karen knew, Lynn and Nancy were on either side of her tits and John was in between her legs and staring at the dildos in her pussy and ass. He looked at Nancy and Lynn and asked them if he should leave them in or take them out as they worked.

They both agreed that it would be much more painful if they were left in because the skin would be that much tighter.

They each took a bowl filled with clothes pins and started attaching them. Lynn and Nancy each started at the base of Karen's tits on either side and pinched the skin enough to attach a clothes pin, eliciting a scream of pain from Karen.

They continued spacing the pins about an inch apart and put them in a spiral until just the nipple was exposed. For her nipple they each took an alligator clip and attached one to each tit at exactly the same time causing Karen to scream even louder. This whole process took about an hour. John, who was watching the whole process got so excited that he stripped naked, yanked the dildo out of her cunt and started fucking Karen as she screamed.

After a good cum, he slammed the dildo back in, and picked up his bowl of clothes pins. He started at the bottom of the inner labia pinched out some skin and attached the clothes pin.

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Because it was already stretched from the dildo, this made it that much more painful and Karen screamed even louder. John looked up at Nancy and said, "Dear, would you please silence our dear daughter in law with your cunt." Nancy immediately leaned down and whispered in Karen's ear, "I know you probably have never thought of licking another girl's cunt dear.

But you had better lick and eat me out good and make me cum before John is through or you will know what real pain is." She then moved over and straddled Karen's head, which was at just the right height, and ordered, "Now get busy." John continued attaching the clothes pins on first the inner lips and then the outer lips, saving the clit for last. Karen tried to eat Nancy as best she could but each new pin brought too much pain. Her screams however were really stimulating Nancy's clit and she was getting close.

Karen tried to chew and nip gently at Nancy's clit. Just as she did, John attached his alligator clip to her clit and gave it an extra squeeze for effect. This caused Karen to accidentally bite Nancy's clit, which sent her into an extremely powerful orgasm. Nancy collapsed, mashing her cunt into Karen's mouth and practically smothering her.

Karen was having a hard time breathing and started shaking and struggling. She screamed into Nancy's cunt to try and get her to move. Just when she thought she was going to suffocate, Nancy got up and said, "That was one of the best cums I've had in a long time.

I think I'm going to like having you as my daughter in law." As she said this Nancy grabbed the alligator clips attached to her nipples and squeezed and wiggled them back and forth eliciting another scream from Karen. Lynn looked over at slut who was fingering herself while she was watching the proceedings and said.

"Slut, you just earned yourself a paddling, you know you are supposed to ask permission to play with yourself don't you?" Slut looked at Lynn sorrowfully and answered, "Yes mistress". Lynn then ordered slut to come over to Karen and take the dildos out and put her hands and arms in to replace them and bend over.

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She also told slut that she would get 25 swats with an additional 10 swats added for each clothes pin she knocked off.

Slut immediately went over and removed the dildos and began by putting three fingers of her right hand in Karen's ass, rapidly fucking them in and out. She added a fourth and repeated the process a few times. Finally, she tucked her thumb under and crammed her hand in as hard and as quick as she could. Once her hand was in her ass, she made a fist as she knew that was what was expected and began slamming her fist in and out. She stopped when she had gotten her arm in halfway up to the elbow.

Karen of course, screamed in pain during the whole process. Slut repeated the process with her left hand and inserted it into her cunt halfway to the elbow.

Unfortunately she knocked three clothes pins off in the process. This meant that she would be getting 55 swats with the paddle.

Lynn had gone over to the wall with all of the whips and other gear on it and picked up a cane that was about four feet long and 1 and a half inches in diameter. One end was solid and the other end was split several times.

Lynn grabbed hold of the solid end and came up to slut and held the cane in front of her face. Slut, without any prompting, kissed the splayed end of the cane and asked, "Mistress, will you please spank this slut's worthless ass for being such a bad and disobedient slave." After slut said this, Lynn asked John, "Why don't you go in front of Karen and gag her with your beautiful cock.

Nancy, disengage the table from the base and lower it out of the way." Nancy had to lower the table a little to align it to the lever of John's cock which put even more strain on Karen's bound purple tits. When she was done lowering the base she went and stood next to Karen and grabbed her by her nipple clamps.

Lynn ordered, "Squeeze the clamps in time with the caning of slut. Push her back toward slut and drive her fists in harder and deeper." Lynn then ordered Karen, "Keep count of the 55 strokes and say, 'Thank you Mistress Lynn for punishing slut's worthless ass.' For every time you screw up, I will start over again and start from the beginning.

Afterwards, slut will be given 10 minutes for every extra swat she received because of your stupid mistakes. She will get to do as she wishes with you." John had moved up in front of Karen and sank his 10 inch cock down Karen's throat while Lynn took a few practice swings in the air.

There was an eerie silence, then the sound of a swish and a sudden crack and scream from both Karen and slut. Slut had several thin stripes on her ass cheeks with a few drops of blood showing where the split ends of the cane had pinched and cut her.

Nancy had tight hold of the alligator clamps on Karen's tits and in time with the crack of the cane had yanked her hard toward slut, which effectively rammed the two fists farther up Karen's cunt and ass causing her extreme pain from both orifices and from the clamps biting into her tits.

Karen screamed so hard in pain that she forgot to count when John's cock was pulled out and then again pushed into her throat. Lynn told Karen, "You forgot to count cunt, so that one didn't count." The next strike on slut was a bit lower as Lynn wanted to spread the damage as much as possible. Nancy pushed Karen by the tit clamps toward slut again in perfect time with the strike of the cane as if she had done this many times, which in fact she had.

Karen was just barely able to count out, "One… thank you Mistress Lynn for punishing slut's worthless ass." before John's cock gagged her. Then came the third and fourth strikes with the cane and Karen counted as she was told. Then on the fifth one, Nancy squeezed harder on the clamps and pushed Karen harder onto slut's fists.


The fist in her cunt battered her cervix hard but could go no further. However, the one in her ass went in almost to the elbow and it seemed as if something had torn inside. Karen screamed so hard and long that she didn't get the count out before John sank his cock back down her throat.

Lynn went up to Karen and spoke into her ear, "Karen, you know that slut gets 10 minutes with you for every extra stroke you cause her. I must tell you that she is even more vicious and cruel than I am. She will definitely want to get you back for all of the pain you've caused her. You really don't want to miss counting any more. Now we'll start over again." Karen thought that she had died and gone to hell she was in such pain. It was hard for her to concentrate on anything.

She thought that no one could withstand this kind of punishment. Why oh why hadn't she listened to her mom and dad and not gone to the prom.

She wouldn't be in this position if she would have listened to them. Lynn went back behind slut and took a swing. Karen, fighting through the constant pain with every fiber of her being, managed to count correctly. This time they got into a good rhythm and Karen was able to keep the count, but only through extreme determination and concentration. John knew he could last through the whole thing without coming, but he wanted to come down her throat on the last strike, so for the last 10 strokes, he started masturbating while his cock was out of Karen's sweet throat.

He timed it perfectly so that just as Karen finished thanking Mistress Lynn for the 55th swat, he crammed his 10" cock to the hilt down her throat and started coming. He had timed it so well that Karen hadn't had a chance to get a breath before he had blocked her airway and she started immediately struggling in panic for breath. She passed out, just as John withdrew his cock.

They quickly revived her by breaking an ammonia vial under her nose. John looked into Karen's eyes and with a big grin of satisfaction as he saw the fear and torment in them said, "That was fun wasn't it Karen?" not really expecting her to answer. Lynn told slut, "Since Karen caused you to get six extra swats, you can remove all of the clips and bindings from her and then you get her for an hour.

Your time will start when the last pin is removed." Lynn knew that slut would exact as much pain as she could in the process of removing the clothes pins. John, Nancy and Lynn then retired to her lounge and they sat and had some drinks watching slut and Karen on the television monitor.

As the Master and Mistresses left, slut reconnected the table and base with out raising it, leaving the tension on Karen's tits. She started removing the clothes pins on her left tit one at a time. To remove the pin, she would grab it at the end pinching the tit and squeeze hard while twisting a pulling the pin off.

This caused Karen to scream and struggle to move her tits out of slut's hands, which in turn, caused the bindings on her tits to pull that much tighter.

This was repeated pin after pin until all of the clothes pins on her tits were removed. Next she went to work on Karen's cunt.

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She put tight rubber bands on the pins just above where they pinched the skin. She took some fishing line from one of the drawers and threaded it through each of the clothes pins attached to her vaginal lips and yanked it hard.

This pulled all of the pins off at the same time. Karen felt like her cunt lips were on fire. Slut went back to Karen's tits and twisted the alligator clamps. She opened and closed them repeatedly up and down her nipple before she removed them. She did the same thing with her clit. She leaned down and whispered in Karen's ear, "Your nipples and clits are now in perfect condition when you get your rings.

After removing the clamps, slut finally went to release the rope binding Karen's tits.

She did this without raising the table, so as she untied and unwound the left tit. Not only did the rush of blood into that tit cause excruciating pain, but the fact that the other tit now supported her full body weight caused the binding on her right tit to tighten and cause even more pain.

Finally, slut removed the final binding on her right tit, accompanied by a scream of excruciating pain from Karen. Slut closed the angle of Karen's arms so that her arms were stretched up parallel to each other above her head.

She disconnected the table cuffs and attached padded cuffs to her wrists that had chains on them with a hook at the end. She took the hook that had held Karen's tit bindings to it and connected the chains to her wrist cuffs to it.

She raised Karen up to about a 45 degree angle by her arms and then removed her ankle cuffs. She finished raising Karen up and lowered the table and base so that the table was flush with the floor leaving Karen dangling so that her toes barely touched the ground.

She got an adjustable spreader bar and attached it to Karen's ankles, spreading it out until her legs were at about a 60 degree angle. Slut went to a drawer and took out a round metal container that could hold two quarts and had six wires with alligator clips on the end attached evenly around the top. She also took out a urethral catheter. She went back to Karen and attached three clips to the inner cunt lips on each side of her vagina. The two quart container now hung from the lips of her cunt.

Slut went and got an electrical control box with three long wires on it. She attached the alligator clips to Karen's nipples and clit and then tested the electronic control by quickly turning the knob to its middle setting and back off. This caused Karen a jolt of shear pain and she stiffened up.

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Slut told Karen, "That was only set at 5, but it can go up to 10 so you had better be a good girl." Slut took the catheter and began inserting it into Karen's urethra none too gently, trying to cause as much pain as possible without doing any damage. Once in all of the way the catheter began draining Karen's bladder into the container attached to her cunt lips.

She took a four liter bottle of water laced with a diuretic with a cap on it that had a long tube coming through it. She threaded the end of the tube through a 6" dildo with a hole through the middle and took the contraption over to Karen. She attached the bottle of water upside down to the hook on the rope holding Karen's hands up and inserted the dildo into her mouth until it was completely in.

She unclipped the hose and water started going into Karen's throat. Karen was initially very grateful, as she had nothing to drink but piss since she had left the cabin that morning. After swallowing about a liter though, she was full and tried to stop the flow.

Unfortunately, the dildo went past the point where she had any control so she had no choice but to continue swallowing the water. Slut then got a bowl and squatted over it and pissed in it.

She slowly poured the piss into the container hanging from Karen's cunt. She looked at the water bottle and noticed that it was only about half empty and went over to the controller and turned it on for 10 seconds. She could hear a muffled scream from Karen and smiled to herself. She was definitely enjoying this. She rarely got the chance to be like Mistress and she really liked it. She told Karen, "You had better drink the rest of the water or in two minutes I will set the setting up a notch and turn it on for 20 seconds." Karen immediately began swallowing more often to try and force more water down her throat.

Karen then knelt in front of the video camera and bowed her head. After a few moments, Mistress Lynn turned on a mike and asked, "Yes slut, do you want something." Slut answered, "If mistress would forgive her worthless slut for wasting mistress' time. Slut would like for all her masters and mistresses to fill cunt Karen's container with their piss to speed up the process please." John, Nancy and Lynn each came down. John pissed directly into the container which was now about a third full.

Nancy and Lynn pissed into the same bowl that slut had. Slut took the bowl and slowly poured the contents into the container. The container was starting to get heavy and pulled the alligator clips down, causing them to bite harder into Karen's cunt lips. The catheter in Karen was now dripping pretty continuously, filling the container more and more.

Slut looked and noticed that there was still about a liter of water left and in the water bottle and it wasn't going down at all. Karen's stomach was hurting terribly because she was so full and had quit swallowing.

Slut went to the controller and turned the setting to seven and held it down for 20 seconds. Karen's body went rigid and slut could hear a muffled scream. She also noticed that a stream of urine flowed out of the catheter while the current was on. After the 20 seconds was over, slut told Karen, "Finish the water now or I will set it at 10 for 30 seconds." Karen began swallowing again trying to force more water into her stomach. While Karen was trying to swallow the water, slut went to another drawer and took out a gallon bag with a two inch diameter hose coming down from it that was about 6 feet long and with a 3 inch diameter dildo at the other end.

It had a two inch hole through the length of it. Both ends of the hose had valves that allowed the tube to be opened and closed. When slut brought the contraption over to Karen, she noticed that she had finished the water bottle. She patted Karen on the ass and told her she was a good cunt.

Slut ensured that the valve behind the 3 inch dildo was closed, dipped the dildo into the container of piss for lubrication and pushed the dildo into Karen's ass. It went in fairly easily since Karen had a 3 inch wide dildo most of the afternoon. She disconnected the gallon bag from the hose and just let the hose hang from Karen's ass.

Slut removed the water bottle and dildo that was in her mouth and took them over and placed them in a sink. She got another dildo with a 2 inch wide hole through its length and a smaller hole that the catheter would fit through. It was only about two inches long and 3 inches thick.

It had a harness that allowed it to be strapped on to seal the dildo in so nothing could get out. Slut went back to Karen and dipped the dildo into the container of piss and then stuck it down her throat. She took the end of the catheter that was draining into the bucket and attached it to the small hole in the dildo down her throat.

She grabbed the container of piss and pulled the alligator clips off without opening them in order to cause the most pain. She never got tired of listening to that muffled scream. She took the container of piss and took it to the sink and poured it into the gallon enema bag.

She filled it the rest of the way up with water. She took it and hung it on the hook holding Karen's hands above her head and attached it back to the hose.

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She opened the valves at both ends to allow the diluted piss enema to flow into her. This whole process took about 30 minutes, so she still had about 30 remaining to torture cunt Karen. It took about 10 minutes for the enema to empty into Karen's bowels.

She really looked like she was pregnant now. She was also having severe cramps that were causing her extreme pain in her abdominal area. When the bag was empty, slut closed the valve at the dildo end. She closed the valve on the bag and took it to the sink and cleaned it and the other equipment and put them away.

She went back to Karen and took the loose end of the two inch enema hose and attached it to the dildo in her mouth. She looked at the clock and noticed she only had 10 minutes left. She reached down and opened the valve at the dildo in Karen's ass and immediately a mixture of piss and shit began to flow rapidly through the tube, through the dildo in her mouth and into the back of her mouth.

So now Karen's ass and bladder were draining into her mouth and she was forced to swallow it down. Slut retrieved cunt Karen's four inch wide dildo and slammed it into Karen's cunt as hard as she could.

When it stopped, it still had a couple of inches left outside her cunt. She slammed it with the heel of her hand several times until it was all the way in.

She then knelt in front of Mistress Lynn and waited until she was acknowledged. She asked, "Mistress, this humble worthless slut begs that cunt Karen remain this way until she has received her piercings and is returned to her husband." Mistress Lynn looked at John and Nancy and said, "Now that is a novel idea. I didn't know my slut was this talented.

I think she should stay like this without any clothes on until we turn her over to Darrell. That includes having her ride in the car like that. My car won't work as its windows are tinted, but yours would be perfect. That way we can ensure maximum exposure. What do you think?" John and Karen looked at each other and nodded to each other. John looked at Lynn and agreed. He then asked, "You said that you purchased the rights to pierce Karen's nipples and clit with rings.

Would you allow us to do her tits and you do the clit?" Lynn agreed. Lynn looked at her watch and told John and Nancy, "It's now 8:40 and we need to get going. Slut, I want you to take Karen down and attach a collar and leash.

Then bring her here. Don't forget to bring her ass dildo." In about five minutes, slut was leading a waddling Karen into the room. Karen was totally exhausted from her ordeal as she hadn't got a bit of sleep all night. They led her to John and Nancy's car and made her get in the back seat. She tried to lie down so as to rest and hide herself from public view. John pulled her back into a sitting position and attached the seat belts and warned, "If you know what's good for you, then you will stay sitting up or else." Lynn slipped in beside Karen on the right and put her shoulder around her so her hand was on her breast and started pinching and twisting it.

Slut got in on the left of her. They then started the drive to Joey's Exotic Videos and Supplies Store. They arrived with about 5 minutes to spare.

They noticed that both Joey's and Darrell's car were in the parking lot. When they walked in, Darrell exclaimed, "Mom, Dad, what are you doing here." John answered, "Lynn called us and told us she had a new toy to play with for the night and that she was so cute and adorable that we just had to come. So we did. Imagine our surprise when we found out that our little pain toy was none other than your dear little wife. We had some fun with her and decided to wrap her up for you." When John finished, slut led Karen in to the store and Darrell's jaw just about dropped to the floor at the way Karen was trussed up with the tubes going from her ass and piss hole to her mouth.

It was a definite stroke of genius and was about as sickening and humiliating as you could get. He also noticed that the nipple and clit rings weren't in yet. He looked at Joey and said, "I thought you were going to put the rings in for me." Joey told him, "I thought that you would like to watch and specifically ordered them to wait so you could be present when it happened." Joey then asked Lynn, "Are you ready to do the deed." Lynn told him, "We three agreed that I'll do her clit after John and Nancy do her nipples." They made Karen sit in a specially designed chair that allowed them to strap her in and spread her legs wide.

Nancy reached to the equipment tray which was set up for them and picked up the piercing needle. She put the tip of the needle against her hand and felt that it was extremely sharp.

Angela White used Two cocks to penetrate Jay Taylors pussy to overcome her fears

She looked at Joey and asked, "This is too sharp. It won't cause much pain. Don't you have any duller ones that would be more painful to use?" Joey reached to the drawer in the counter behind the cash register and pulled out a needle that was a little bit rusty and that had a slightly bent tip.

When he brought it to Nancy, she told him excitedly, "It's perfect." Nancy immediately grabbed Karen's nipple that was very swollen from her night's activities, and pushed it against the nipple. It took a lot of pressure, but it finally pierced the skin.

Everyone could hear Karen's muffled scream from the pain. Nancy kept pushing and twisting the needle to cause the maximum amount of pain as she pushed the needle through the nipple on her left tit.

Once the needle was through, she took the gold ring and threaded it through the hole in her nipple. She twisted it around so that the gap was opposite of the nipple and squeezed it shut.

She took the blow torch, lit it and immediately started soldering the gap in the gold ring closed. Once the ring was soldered closed and was at its hottest, Nancy turned the ring so that the red hot soldered section was inside her nipple.

Karen's scream of pain was so loud that it sounded as if she wasn't even gagged. John repeated the same procedure with her other tit and finally Lynn did her clit. When Lynn turned the red hot soldered side of the ring into Karen's clit, Karen's ass bounced up and down on the chair trying to get away.

When they were all done, Karen was passed out in the chair and all of the rings had been attached. They left her bound in the chair to rest and stood around the counter talking. John told Darrell, "I'm proud of you son.

I can't believe how quickly you have established control over Karen. I told Karen the truth about what we did and didn't know about her pregnancy and she now knows that her future is to be your sex slave.

I would like you to bring Karen to the house Saturday evening for a little coming out reception." Darrell started to protest telling his dad, "But I was going to have a party with the football team and the cheerleaders that we can trust. Karen is going to be the center of attention." They started discussing schedules and found that Darrell's party would be from noon until dinner. They decided that that gave the kids plenty of fun time with Karen and that would leave plenty of time to prepare for the adults to take over at 8:00 pm.

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