Classy stockings blonde sucks on cock

Classy stockings blonde sucks on cock
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Not so much to this one. It's a transition. Mark had just slid his hot cock deep inside of my pussy. I needed him inside of me. He needed to be inside of me. I could have told him not to do it. I could have got dressed and walked away.

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Instead, I spread my legs wide and beckoned him forward. I had reached down between our bodies and guided his cock to the entrance of my pussy. Then I even rubbed his thick head up and down between the lips of my wet pussy. Then I positioned him right at my entrance and told him to push.

His cock slid right up into me. I wrapped my legs around him and held him tight. "Don't move," I told him. "I want to just feel you inside of me." Mark leaned a bit backward and looked at me. "I love you, Ashley," he told me. "I will never, ever forget this moment." "I love you too, Mark," I whispered back. Then I put my hands on his head and pulled him to me until our lips met. We kissed. We kissed a lot. My hands roamed all over his shoulders and his back until finally I reached down and grabbed his ass and pulled him harder against me.

Mark knew what that meant. He began to move his hips back and forth in a steady rhythm. His cock was wonderful. He would slowly pull back until the rim of the head of his cock would slip almost out of me, and then he'd thrust all of the way into me. It was delicious. It didn't last too long.


As I felt Mark's body tense I had to remind him to pull out. "Mark, baby," I said. "You can't cum inside me. Mark, you have to pull out now." He worried me for a second as he really started thrusting into me then.

I was just beginning to feel that tingle when he pulled out and pushed his cock hard against my abdomen. He thrust forward a few times and then shot his load onto my belly. "Ohhhh, baby," I whispered.

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"That's it. Cum all over my belly. It felt sooooo good with you inside of me." We lay there quietly for a little while, and then Mark pushed himself off of me. His cock was soft by that point and his cum was smeared all over our bellies. He brought over some tissue and we cleaned up.

He pulled me up from the bed and hugged me tight. It felt so good in his arms. He gently lifted my chin upward so that he could kiss me on the lips.

He told me he loved me and wished me a good night. The next morning I drove Mom to the airport so that she could fly out to meet Dad.

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I spent the rest of the week with Mark. I didn't wear panties all week. When Mark wasn't with his girlfriend, he was with me.

We made love in all of the rooms of the house. We shared our beds, alternating where we slept each night. The one night we attempted to go out for dinner, I ended up giving him a blowjob in his car while still in the garage. We ended up ordering pizza and staying home.

I watched from the top of the stairs one afternoon while he kissed his girlfriend's nipples and fingered her pussy. Mark knew I was there. He had lied to Amy, telling her I was at a friend's house. When Mark brought her to an orgasm, the poor girl passed out.

Mark looked up at me with a "what do I do now?" look on his face. I waved my hand, urging him to come upstairs to me. He covered her with a blanket and took the stairs quietly. I was naked in the bathroom when he entered. I was standing with my legs spread and leaning forward on the bathroom counter.

Mark wasted no time in dropping his shorts and sliding into me from behind. We stared at each other in the bathroom mirror while he fucked me. When he whispered he was about to cum, I pulled away from him and knelt down in front of him. I kneeled there with my mouth open while Mark shot his load into my mouth and on my lips and chin. It was a wonderful week but it soon came to an end.

Spring Break was over. Mom came back. We had to be discrete again. It was a special time while it had lasted. Mark and I continued to have our special time together for a few years. Mark stayed with Amy and finally made love to her at their Senior Prom. I got into a serious relationship with a guy at school.

Oddly enough, he was from another neighborhood in our town, so our relationship got really serious over the summer.

We got married when I was in my junior year of college. I had a baby boy eleven months later. We gave him a sister two years later.

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Mark joined the Army after he graduated high school. When he deployed for Desert Storm, I sent him care packages with my panties hidden in a false bottom of the box. We never got caught doing that, even though several times, his boxes showed evidence of being searched.

Mark married Amy after seven years of dating. We all knew it was going to happen, but he wanted to wait until he'd finished school.

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Mark and I get together for our special moments a few times each year. It was as if it was meant to be. We'd have coffee, a snack, talk a bit and then we'd finally look into each other's eyes. If we were alone, we'd get right at it.

If the kids were there, we'd sneak off to the bathroom and I'd jack him off onto my breasts like old times. To this day, I still love the taste of his cum. I prefer it to my husband's. Each time that Mark's wife was pregnant, I saw him on a regular basis. He'd stop by on the way to work as soon as my kids were at school. He explained that while Amy was horny, she didn't want to "scare the baby." I helped him survive with his urges during those times.

So that's the story of me and brother. It was special.


It wasn't cheap. I guess it was the motherly instincts in me that started the whole thing. I was protecting him.

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I was helping him. His sexual drive was so powerful that his urges controlled his thinking. If he had ever been caught with Mom's panties it would have been terrible. So, being his sister, I took on the duty of "satisfying his needs." I understood and was willing to help.

I didn't want him going to some cheap slut and getting a disease or a bad reputation. Everything worked out and we're all living great lives with our families. So why did I tell you all about this secret side of my life? Well, it needed to be told so that you would understand what led me to the stories I'll share with you next.


My son was in his senior year of high school when I found my panties under his bed.