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Black teen anal sex
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The first to wake up was Taylor Swift. Her eyelids opened gradually, feeling extremely heavy, and she felt groggy. Taylor brushed a stray strand of hair out of her eyes and slowly sat up. She was sitting on a bed that wasn't hers in a room that she didn't recognize. She was still in her light blue plaid shirt, jean shorts, and cowboy boots from the night before.

The room was lavishly decorated with beautiful furniture, a large mirror and dressing area, and the bed's satin sheets were lusciously smooth against her skin.


As Taylor looked around, she noticed a large closet full of clothing and a luxurious bathroom complete with a large shower and hot tub. As Taylor was trying to figure out where she was, the others were waking up in their respective rooms. Unbeknownst to Taylor, Anna Kendrick, Demi Lovato, and her friend Selena Gomez were all waking up in similar rooms adjacent to hers. At first, they all thought that they were just in another fancy hotel room.

There was a breakfast tray full of eggs, Danishes, and a variety of other delicious foods on each of their coffee tables.

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They didn't know that there were crushed up birth control pills and mild sedatives in the food for what would come later. There was a minibar and cable TV and everything.

But then they gradually began to suspect that something was wrong. The first indication was that their doors were all locked from the outside. Try as they might, the heavy oak doors stayed shut. Then there were the windows, or lack thereof. Anna, ever observant, was the first to notice that her room didn't have any windows.

There were ceiling lights on, and a bit of natural sunlight flooded in through the skylights, but there were no windows. Finally, all their belongings were gone, and there were no phones in the rooms either. Each of the four captives wandered around their rooms for a while, futilely trying to find out where they were and how to get out.

After a few hours, they'd all given up. Taylor had been at a birthday party for a friend, and the last thing she remembered was driving home and parking in her driveway. Then she'd woken up here. With nothing left to do, Taylor took a shower and then lay down on her bed. Anna had been on her way home from a bar when she'd been taken.

She was still in her glittery black top and tight jeans and had been at the corner trying to call her driver last she remembered. Anna had been pretty drunk, but not to the point of blacking out. She couldn't remember anything after that and sat on the comfortable sofa in the corner trying to figure out what was going on. Demi had woken up and feared the worst. She was still in her club clothes, a skintight neon pink and white dress and six inch black heels.

Demi had been clean now for quite some time, but she was scared that she had somehow relapsed and had blacked out from drugs or alcohol. Now she wasn't sure whether she'd woken up in some one night stand's hotel room or if she'd been shipped off back to some rehab center without knowing it. Selena was scared too. The night before, she'd been at a party hanging out with some friends, but she'd only taken a couple of shots.

She remembered everything up to walking into their hotel, but this wasn't the suite she'd gotten with her friends. Selena was still in her white sundress and wasn't sure what had happened. Selena sat curled up on the floor next to her bed, waiting for something to happen. Each girl had received a dose of a new, advanced hybrid of chloroform specific to their body weight so that they all had woken up around 10:00 am. It was now almost 2:00 in the afternoon as Miley Cyrus watched each camera feed from the control center.

Miley had built this house in Malibu a year ago for this specific purpose. It was a beautiful mansion and housed a movie theater in the basement, two kitchens, and a large Olympic sized pool in the backyard.

But the center of the house concealed a secret. The top floor boasted four hidden bedrooms where each imprisoned starlet now resided. These four rooms were arranged in a square with another large chamber in the center.


Each bedroom had a locked door leading to the two adjacent bedrooms as well as another door that led to the center room. Taylor was in the Northwest bedroom with Selena next to her in the Northeast room. Anna and Demi were the Southwest and Southeast bedrooms, respectively. Three hidden cameras monitored each bedroom. One ceiling camera in each bedroom overlooked the entire space, and another captured the entire bathroom. The third was positioned directly over each bed. Hidden hallways ran between each room as well as around the center room.

The security and control center was directly underneath the center room and was the only hidden room with access to the rest of the house.

The entire hidden space within the mansion had been left off the blueprint filed with the city, and each room was completely soundproof.

Miley took one last glance at each of her captives before motioning to her chief of security, a muscled Samoan man named Fata. "Alright, it's time. Open them up once I'm in there." He nodded as she left the room. A few minutes later, Miley gave the signal to the camera, and a loud buzz sounded.

All of the bedroom doors leading to the center chamber unlocked at the buzz, and the light above those doors turned green. Taylor, Selena, Demi, and Anna all looked up as the doors slowly opened.

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They were all scared but tired of sitting around in their rooms. They cautiously approached the door and walked through. The main room they entered was about three times the size of one of their bedrooms. There was a dungeon-like area with exposed stone and a variety of toys and.other contraptions. Across from it was a carpeted area with a king-sized bed, chairs, a couch, and other normal furniture. Next to that area was a small gym complete with a few treadmills, exercise machines, weights, and mat area.

Miley had taken a chair from that area to the dungeon section and was sitting near the center of the room, waiting for her "guests". She had on knee high black leather boots with heels, black panties, and a black leather jacket with no shirt underneath.

"Come over here," Miley beckoned. "Miley?" Demi asked tentatively as she walked in. "What's going on?" Selena asked Taylor as she walked up next to her. "I don't know," Taylor shook her head and put her arm around Selena.

"What the hell is this?" Anna asked indignantly. "Miley, they got you too?" Demi asked. Miley grinned evilly as the buzzer sounded again, and all the doors leading back to the bedrooms closed and locked.

"There is no 'they'. Just me. You guys are here because I wanted you here." "What are you talking about?" Taylor asked. "Why are we here?" "Well, there are two reasons. Reason number one is that you guys are my competition. I think I'll be making a shitload more money now that I have you guys locked up here." "What? That's insane," Selena cried out. "Is it?" Miley smiled. "Without you guys releasing songs and albums, I'll be one of the only big pop superstars left." "I'm not a singer," Anna protested.

"Leave me out of whatever this crap is. I sing for fun and a little bit in movies. That's it. Let me out of here." Miley chuckled. "You're a little firecracker, huh? We'll fix that soon enough. Anna, you're here because of reason number two, which is because you are just too cute.

You see, I like boys and girls. It's pretty easy to get guys. All you really have to do is offer, but it's a little harder with girls. At least the ones I want. Which is you. All four of you. God I am so wet already," Miley said as she brushed her fingers against her crotch. "Um, no thanks." Anna twisted her mouth. "Miley, you're a really pretty and talent girl," Taylor said. "But I'm not really into that." Selena and Demi both voiced the same thoughts. "Oh shut up Demi," Miley scoffed.

She knew Demi would be the easiest to break because of prior experience. "I seem to remember you eating me out once for a quick hit of coke." "T-that was before rehab," Demi muttered. "I'm off all of that now. I'm clean." "I'm glad to hear that," Miley said. "Now you can lick my pussy just for fun." Selena spoke up. "Come on, we're all friends here Miley. Let's not do this." "Wrong!" Miley laughed.

"I'm your new mistress, and you are my new slaves.

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In fact, you should all address me with a little more respect." "What, you want us to call you 'mistress'?" Demi scoffed. "Yeah, no thanks." Anna rolled her eyes. "Nah," Miley replied. "That's way too formal. You can call me that if you want, but just 'Miley' or 'ma'am' when I'm asking you a question or giving you an order is fine." "Who died and made you Queen Bitch?" Anna asked.

"Let's just talk about this, okay?" Taylor tried to reason with her. "Yeah, come on Miley. Let's just be friends again," Selena implored. "Yeah Miley, this isn't cool." Demi said. "All of you, shut up!" Miley glowered, starting to get a little angry now. "You don't seem to understand that I'm in charge. Get used to it." "Says who?" Anna asked defiantly.

Miley decided that a lesson was in order, and she would start with the weakest-willed girl of the group, which was Demi. "Demi, get your ass over her and lick my pussy." "W-what?" Demi gasped as she involuntarily took a step toward where Miley sat. "No, you don't have to," Taylor hissed. "Yeah, tell her to fuck off," Anna seconded. Miley was pissed and changed her mind. She now decided that she would begin with the strongest-willed of the bunch, Anna.

"You know what, Anna?" she smiled as she slid off her black thong and spread her legs. "You just volunteered instead. Get over here and eat me." "Um, fuck you?" Anna put a hand on her hip. "This is the last time I'm asking you, or I'm going to punish you," Miley threatened through clenched teeth.

Anna continued standing there and flipped her the bird. Miley smiled sweetly. "Okay, have it your way." She snapped and pointed at the camera on the ceiling, and another door opened. A huge, jacked black guy and a ripped and tatted white guy walked in wearing only briefs.

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They all looked at them and wondered what was about to happen. "Meet Tony," Miley pointed at the white guy, "and Mark," she said as she pointed at the black guy. "Guys, I think Anna's being a bad girl. I want you guys to fuck her mouth until she learns to shut up and listen and fuck her ass until you dislodge the stick in it." "Whoa, whoa." Anna's mouth dropped open. "Wait, what? No." "Too late," Miley shrugged. "You had your chance. This is your punishment." Tony and Mark approached Anna, and she backed away.

"Come on, you're not serious." Neither said anything, and she tried to dart between the two of them and get away. They caught her easily as the other girls stood and watched helplessly.

Mark ripped off her top and pulled her bra over her head, showing her plump, pasty breasts and little brown nipples. Anna struggled as Tony threw off her shoes and pulled down her jeans so that she was only wearing her pink briefs. She kicked and fought as hard as she could, but the two of them were much stronger than her. "No, stop!" Anna begged as Mark slid her panties down around her ankles, revealing her juicy pussy and brunette landing strip.

"Miley, don't do this!" Taylor begged from the side. "She asked for it. This should be a lesson for all of you," Miley looked over at the other three. Selena covered her eyes and buried her face in Taylor's chest, and Taylor stroked her hair.

Demi just stood there, rooted to the ground, not believing what she was seeing. Mark shoved Anna down on her knees as Tony whipped off his underpants and revealed a hardening shaft. He stiffened to about seven or eight inches and placed the tip at Anna's tightly sealed lips. She tried to turn away, but Tony grabbed her face and forced it to stay there.

"By the way, I wouldn't bite or do anything stupid," Miley called out. "I'd rather you guys all stayed happy and healthy, but they would probably beat you to death if you bit them or anything." Tony glared down at her. "Suck me off like she said or I'll slap you until you open your mouth." Anna grimaced and slowly opened up her lips, accepting Tony's dick into her mouth. She coated the tip with her saliva and starting blowing him, but she quickly stopped as she felt Mark at her ass.

She turned to look and gave a muffled cry. Mark had unleashed his ten-inch cock, and it had to be the thickest she'd ever seen. Anna had tried anal a couple of times, but not anything close to his size.

"No!" she tried to scream out, but Tony was still in her mouth. "Shut up!" he growled and forced the rest of his dick down her throat.


Anna's eyes bulged as she gagged on his cock, and he began thrusting himself forcefully. Mark spit on his hand and deposited a large glop of saliva onto her asshole, smearing it around with his index finger to lube her up a bit. Then he placed the tip of his penis at her asshole and started shoving into her. Tears rolled down Anna's cheeks as Mark slammed into her ass, her cries still muffled by Tony's cock assaulting her mouth. She was thrown back and forth repeatedly as the two men stuffed her from both ends.

They developed a rhythm as they fucked her ass and her mouth simultaneously. Anna's ass hurt so painfully, but she was slowly getting turned on despite herself. She could feel her pussy starting to get wet while Mark pounded her from behind. Anna moaned as she could barely breathe with that big dick shutting off her air supply, and she felt light-headed as they continued fucking her the hardest she'd ever been fucked.

Mark took her moan to be in pleasure and slapped her ass, saying, "Yeah bitch. You like me in your ass, huh?" Miley watched the show with a wide grin as she absentmindedly starting rubbing her crotch.

She was starting to get really turned on now and yelled over to her original victim. "Hey Demi, I changed my mind again. Crawl over here and eat me while Anna gets her punishment." Demi broke from her trance as she watched Anna get violated over and over again. She looked to Miley, then back at what was happening to Anna, and then back to Miley.

Demi gulped and slowly got down on her knees and crawled over to her. "Good girl," Miley said to her like she would a puppy. "Now come on. I know you're a pretty decent carpet muncher." Demi stuck out her tongue and began lapping at Miley's shaven slit, and Miley groaned in approval.

"Yeah, just like that." She grabbed the back of Demi's head with one hand and pushed her face into her crotch, wrapping both legs around Demi as she ate her pussy. Demi continued shoving her tongue deep into Miley as the juices covered her cheeks. Taylor and Selena watched with a mix of horror and fascination as Demi tongued Miley's wet folds, moaning into her pussy. Meanwhile, Anna was moaning despite her best efforts as Mark kept plunging his giant cock into her tiny little ass. He was slapping her ass hard every few strokes, and her ass was getting red.

Tony was still face fucking her hard, pulling her hair to move her head back toward him at the end of each thrust. This continued until Mark gave Tony the look, and Tony nodded. Mark continued pounding her ass as he turned to where Demi was still on her knees pleasuring Miley, who was watching them with eager anticipation. "In or out, Miley?" he asked. "In," she grinned. Mark started slamming even faster into Anna, gripping her hips hard with both hands as he drove into her ass.

Tony likewise increased his pace as he fucked her mouth, finally shoving his cock all the way down her throat and groaning as he stiffened, shooting load after load into her throat. Anna choked and gagged as his cum shot down her throat. He finally started shrinking and pulled out of her mouth, and she coughed as a little bit of sperm trickled out and slid down her chin. At the same time, Mark groaned as he slammed as deep as he could into her little asshole and came.

Cum gushed into her ass, and there was a loud plop as he pulled out of her. The gooey white fluid quickly dripped down her taint and slit, coating the inside of her thighs.

Anna lay there on her stomach, cum dribbling out of both ends, too exhausted from that intense fucking to even get up for the moment. "That'll be.all.for now," Miley gasped breathlessly as she clenched her thighs around Demi's head in pleasure. Mark and Tony nodded with a little bow, collected their underwear, and left.

Taylor and Selena moved aside as they passed, their faces still taut with shock. "I'm almost there!" Miley squealed as Demi ate her pussy. "Anna! Get over here! Now!" Anna, barely conscious from the anal assault and the lack of air, lifted her head up tiredly. She slowly got up on all fours and crawled over until she was kneeling next to Demi. Miley looked down and shoved Demi hard, and she fell on her back, her face moist from Miley's pussy juices.

"Finish me off!" Miley gasped to Anna. "Hurry up!" Anna shifted over to where Demi had been kneeling, buried her face into Miley's snatch, and began licking. "Oh fuck! Oh yeah!" Miley bucked her hips at the new tongue in her cunt.

"You've definitely done this before." Anna moaned an incoherent response from between Miley's thighs. "Oh my god! I'm gonna cum!" Miley screamed as she grabbed Anna's head with both hands and held it there. Her hips bucked wildly, and she threw her head back with a shriek as she came. When she finally released Anna, Miley's girl cum covered her entire nose and mouth area and had even dripped down to her breasts.

Her hair matted at the corners of her mouth, and Tony's half dry semen still stuck to her chin. "Mmm, you look hot like that." Miley grinned. "Demi, why don't you come over and clean each other off?" Demi approached Anna and slurped up the juices on her chest, then slowly made her way up to Anna's neck and face.

Anna turned away a little, but Miley nudged at her side with her boot. "Hey, I said clean each other off." Anna was still a little disgusted at the situation, but she had been broken.

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She licked Demi's face in return as they made out a little, licking off the remnants of Tony and Miley's combined cum. When they'd finished, they looked up at Miley with sticky faces. "Good job," Miley said. Then she looked over at Taylor and Selena and smiled. "I want the rest of you to take your clothes off, then all of you kneel in a row." Demi started peeling off her club dress almost immediately.

Taylor hesitated for a moment, and Selena looked at her. Then Taylor sighed and started unbuttoning her shirt, and Selena followed suit. Miley beamed triumphantly. She knew that Selena was hers too once Taylor caved. Soon all four of the girls were kneeling in a row before Miley.

"I want you all to understand that you are mine now." Miley spoke loudly. "You will serve at my pleasure and do whatever I say. Anyone who disobeys will be punished. If you're good girls, you'll all get to have lots of fun. Now I want each of you to crawl over here and give my pretty pussy a lick and a kiss to show that you understand and will obey." Miley stood up with her legs apart.

Her cunt and thighs were gleaming from a combination of her juices and Demi and Anna's saliva.

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Demi was first to return to Miley. She gave Miley's snatch a long lick from bottom to top and kissed the pussy lips before smiling timidly and returning to her spot. Anna crawled over next, flicked her tongue once quickly over Miley's pussy, and gave it a quick peck before getting away.

Taylor crawled up gently after Anna, tasting the juices of her friends as her tongue slid over Miley's cunt lips.

She kissed it and then resumed her position. Finally, Selena gave Taylor a look before crawling over to Miley. She trembled as she stuck her tongue out and made contact with Miley and puckered her lips for a quick kiss. Miley smiled jubilantly and looked at her four sluts in training. "Very good," she purred as she licked her lips and grabbed four light pink collars from the dungeon area.

She locked a collar into place on each of their necks. "Now go clean yourselves up and hang out in your rooms for now.

I'll be back for playtime in a few hours." Miley smiled deviously, enjoying the view of their four gorgeous asses and pussies waving back and forth as they crawled away to their respective bedrooms.