Sexy Blondie Fucks With Bisexual Dudes

Sexy Blondie Fucks With Bisexual Dudes
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In grade ten, I became friends with a very beautiful young woman. She was the same age as me (15) and I had always paid attention to her in previous years.

Her name was Megan. She's 5'6, has strawberry-blonde hair, nicely shaped, perky B cup breasts, and the most perfectly shaped, plump, perky ass you've ever seen. Everyone knows she is the hottest grade ten in the school, and she knows it, but isn't showy about it. Anyways, back to the story.

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It was the Christmas Dance at our high school, and it was about ten o'clock. Megan was tired so she decided she wanted to walk home. I joined her, as I lived on the next street. When we got to her house, I noticed no one was home. 'Strange,' I thought to myself. 'She never comes home to an empty house.' She invited me inside to watch a movie.

It turned out to be a romance movie. I don't usually like these kinds of movies, but I coped with her and watched it. The first part of the movie was boring. Just couples talking about there relationship in a very cliché sort of way.

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Megan seemed to be enjoying it, so I didn't say anything. Then toward the middle of the movie.

There was a scene at a movie theatre. A couple was watching a movie, just like us. The female character in the movie was 'cold' so she snuggled up to her boyfriend, who reluctantly put his arm around her. Megan copied her exact moves.

She shivered, pulled her sweater up over her shoulder, and snuggled up close. She waited for a second, then looked up at me with extraordinary green, gorgeous eyes that would've made my knees weak if I was standing.

I looked down at her, put my arm over her shoulder, and kissed her. It was the most erotic, passionate kiss ever. I kissed her deeply and she welcomed me wish her whole heart. She kissed me back and then our tongues met, slow encircling each other, send me into overdrive. I was hard instantly, and reach down to grab her perfect ass. She responded with a satisfying sigh, then reached under my shirt and ran her soft hand over my abs. One hand pulled my head into hers, and I took this as a free pass.

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I started rubbing her leg in a soft motion and the reach my other hand for her nice tits. They were very sensitive, and she moaned and kissed me harder as I played with them. Finally I made my move.

I reaches under her skirt, where her panties were already soaked, and teased her clit. She shuttered with pleasure, and reached her hand into my pants and wrapped around my penis.

I dint have the longest penis, about 6.5 inches, but the girth and width is quite substantial, at 2.5 inches wide. Megan let out a sigh as I put two fingered in her virgin pussy. We kept it up for a while, and then we went to her bed. We undressed each other, kissing passionately. She lay on her back, her beautiful figure staring back at me. I inserted my penis slowly into her tight, wet pussy and found her hymen. I asked if she was ready, then took her virginity. She shuttered once more and moaned loudly, turning me on even more.

Started to pick up speed, pounding her with my thick cock. She was so tight and I was so overwhelmed that I forgot to pull out, and came inside her womb with everything I had in me, not leaving a drop. She filled my vim filling her up and she had her first major orgasm, tightening around my cock once more, revitalizing it and making it hard again. I push my dick deep into her, making cum spill out of her and slowly leak onto the sheets.

In Round 2, there was no holding back. I pounded her pussy hard, making get numb and she came four more times! I came twice inside her, filling her to the brim each time. She had turned into my little slut, sucking me off whenever I needed; at school, at soccer practice, and even on the bus home from school.

She always swallowed every drop. The next week, she came over to my house to study for a test we had after Christmas holidays. My parents were at our neighbors house. Megan and I snuck up to my room and got busy.

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I took two Advil to dull my senses, meaning we could fuck for hours. We started off kissing and using our hand to please each other. Then we switched to 69, and after twenty minutes she came all over my mouth. I was aroused, but the Advil was doing it's job. Finally she climbed on top of me and shoved herself onto me.

Moans and winced at the girth of my cock, enjoying it to the max. She started to ride me, squeezing tighter with each orgasm. Finally it was my turn. I started to thus upwards, pushing into the deepest parts of her pussy, and giving a long moan, filled her pussy with my thick, warm, white cum. It overflowed her and spilled onto us.

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It was fantastic. Megan slept over the night in my bed.

My parents didnt find out as they were too drunk. In the morning we showered together, having sex again, and once more I gave her my seed. When I saw her the next day at school. She invited me and stayed away until the end of our last period. She approached me, looked at my with beautiful eyes and a naughty smile and said, 'Hey babe, your going to be a dad!'