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Tier porno deutsch
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Being a twin has its advantages, growing up you always have someone to play with and now as a teen you still have someone to "play" with.

Before I continue I should explain the kind of relationship me and my sister have. We're really close, we always play together and we're always there for each other, I always treated her as one of the guys. Now my sister and I are fifteen and up until a couple of days I never really noticed her in a sexual way. Before I continue I will introduce myself, my name is Billy and my sisters name is Rachel, we are both 15 and I'm about 6'0 and my sister is about 7 inches shorter than me at 5'5, and we are also thin, in an athletic way.

Now to get to the real story. Last week my mom and dad left me and Rachel home alone during the weekend while they went upstate to go visit our older sister Becky who had just had a baby.


As my parents left I already had the weekend planned out, from the moment they left till an hour before my parents came back home. About half an hour after my parents left I left to the park to go play soccer with my friends, about two hours later I came back home.

Being sweaty and tired from soccer I went upstairs to go take a shower, not even noticing that my sister wasn't home. After my shower I went downstairs and to go look for something to eat, but I couldn't find anything so I went up to Rachel's rooms to ask her what she wanted to eat so I could order but she wasn't home.

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I ordered pizza and watched tv in the living room, it was almost midnight when my sister got home. When my sister came in I noticed she was drunk straight away, she reeked of alcohol and when she tried to talk her voice was slurring.

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"Hey, where have you been?" I asked "Where do you think?" Rachel replied with an attitude And so she made her way to the stairs to go to her room but she was too drunk to make it, so I had to help her. As I tried to help her up by grabbing her from her waist, she stumbled back and my hands somehow made it to the sides of her boobs, as my hands felt her soft and warm skin my cock twitched a little and it was at this moment when I started thinking of my sister in a sexual way.

As I continued to help my sister up the stairs I made sure that this happened a couple more times.

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Since her room was in the far end of the hallway from the stairs I decided to carry her to her room. "Rachel, you cant walk, I'm just gonna carry you to bed" I said Rachel mumbled something, she was way too drunk to and I was unable to make out what she said.

So I picked her up and dropped her off in her bed.

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I was about to leave when this idea just popped into my head. My sister was so drunk she was practically passed out, and I was pretty sure she wouldn't remember anything that was going to happen so I decided that I was gonna have some fun.

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Before I did anything I wanted to make sure my sister was completely out of it so I snapped my finger and clapped right next to her ear but she showed no reaction. So I began by taking of her tight blue jeans and her small shirt, just leaving her in her red lace bra and panty. I saw a wet spot on her panty and wondered if she was wet or if she had pissed herself because she was drunk so I took her panty off and smelled them, she was definitely wet from sexual arousal.

I proceeded to take her bra off an admired her beautiful breast, they were round and pretty big so I checked what size they were and I was surprised to find that she was a C cup.

After feeling and sucking her nipples I decided it was time to eat her out. As I began to eat her out my sister moved a little and this scared me a bit thinking that she was going to wake up any second, yet I continued to lick her pussy. I licked her for another 15 minutes and then I heard her moan, and I was yet again startled but I continued, after some 20 minutes my sister finally cums all over my face.

Her hot juices flow through my face and I lick it and savor her taste. By this time my cock was rock hard and I was tempted to put it in my sister but I couldn't do it, it didn't feel right taking her while she was passed out, so I just went to the bathroom and jacked off, after jacking myself I went back to her room and cleaned her a little so that she didn't wake up with her own dried cum on her tights, and I also dressed her with her pajamas and went to my room to sleep.

Before I laid down to sleep I check the time and it was 1:30 AM, I had been molesting my sister for about an hour and a half, I couldn't believe it. That night I went to sleep and dreamed of everything I had just done to Rachel.

I woke up Saturday morning around 10 am and my sister was still sleeping in her room so I went downstairs and ate some cereals and watched tv for half an hour. Since my sister was still sleeping I figured I would wake her up and give her something for the hangover I was sure she was gonna have.

Assuming my sister to be asleep, I just walked in her room, to my surprise, she was wide awake and changing, to be more precise she was naked. She tried to cover herself and I froze.


"Don't you know how to knock" Rachel said I was still frozen because I wasn't sure what to say or do in a situation like this. "Will you leave" Rachel said I finally was able to move and left her room, all said was I'm leaving the aspirin for your hangover on the floor next to your door.

I went downstairs and watched tv, about half an hour later my sister came downstairs and to my surprise she didn't look like she had just been drunk the night before. She came into the living room and thanked me for the aspirin and for taking her upstairs the night before.

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At this point I was wondering if she remembered anything else that I did. Luckily she didn't and if she did she didn't mention it to me. After 20 minutes of silent tv watching she finally said something and it shocked me. "Did you like what you saw?" Rachel said When I heard her say that I was shocked and confused, I wasn't sure what I should of said but then I finally said yes.

From that moment on my life changed to something unbelievable.

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"Do you wanna see more?" "Yes, but isn't it wrong" I said hypocritically, knowing that I had just sexually abused my sister last night. "You didn't have that problem last night" Rachel said. This caught me by surprise; she remembered what I had done to her last night.

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"What do you mean?" I replied, trying to deny what I had done "You woke me up when you were eating me out" she said in a relaxed tone "I'm sorry, its just that you looked so hot last night, I couldn't control myself, please don't tell mom and dad" I pleaded "Why are you sorry, I didn't say I didn't like it, anyways you didn't answer my question, do you wanna see more?" "Yes" I said again So my sister began to undress in front of me and then she cuddled up to me and with it only being Saturday morning I knew I was gonna have more fun with my sister for the rest of the weekend.

If this story gets good comments i'll post the second part that i already have written.