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Homegrown sextapes exposed jerkersworld com ebony
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This girl wanted to come over to my house to put music on her iPod. Her name was Gina. She was brunette, big blue eyes, about 5 feet 6 inches, small perky breasts, nice tight ass, perfectly shaped body, since she was a dancer.

She was a year older then I and she had just graduated high school. Over all of our high school years we had become great friends. I had gotten to know her and she was.well. she was really slutty and kinda ditsy, But I had enjoyed being her friend. We both knew we were attracted to each other, but she had a boyfriend. Well none of that would matter today. She was going off to college and wanted some music on her new iPod before she left and that's where this story begins.

We had arranged that she would come over to my house around 4:45-5:00. She called me at 4:50 and said she just got in her car. She only lived like a mile and a half away so I knew it wouldn't take long.

She pulled her light blue sedan that her parents bought her right in front of my house. My mom was going to be home at 5:30 and for my plans to work my mom couldn't have known that she was at our house. So I walked out right as Gina was heading out of the car.

She was wearing denim booty shorts that covered her ass but left very little to the imagination. She had a yellow Hollister tang top on that enhanced her small breasts. She was revealing a lot of skin. I could see her pink bra straps slipping out from under the straps of her shirt. She had black flip-flops on and some big sunglasses that she put up on her head when she got out of the car. I said, "My mom might be having guests over later, so maybe you should pull your car down the street a little?" "Sure!" She did just that.

Then hopped out. We greeted and hugged each other and then started walking up my driveway and into my house.

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I kicked my shoes off at the door and she pulled her flip-flops off. We proceeded to the living room computer, making small talk, chatting about what music she wanted. I sat down on the computer chair and opened iTunes. She came over and sat on the arm of the chair lining up perfectly so her ass cheeks were splitting the arm of the chair.

We laughed and joked and kidded around and started putting together a Playlist. Her butt started to slide down the arm of the chair slowly, which was revealing more and more of her butt right next me. I was so tempted to reach and grab at her butt, but I would have to wait. I was searching for music through my computer and I "Accidentally", (not so much) opened a porn video I had pre-set up on the computer screen.

It was just some soft-core porn of this girl with very small breasts. I said "Whoops!" and she giggled about it. This next comment was key. I then said, "Do you think your boobs are bigger then hers?" "Hell yes they are!!!" "I don't know. I mean she had a lot going. . ." She grabbed my left hand and placed it on her left boob. "See! Mine are way bigger" My plan was working. It wasn't abnormal for us to be so close and comfortable with each other but I was hoping today would be my lucky day.

"Well I can't really tell, I mean she was shirtless so I could kinda see what she looked." Her fingers reached to the bottom of her tang top and she pulled it off and over her head revealing her white, pink and purple polka dotted bra with pink bra straps on it like I thought.

She then grabbed my right hand and placed it again on her left boob. but now she was shirtless. She said, "you have gotta be kidding me? Feel me I'm like almost twice as big as her" Then I said, "well its kinda hard to tell through this bra because the girl on the video was completely naked so I could just see everything very easi." She sat down on the arm of the chair but this time with hr back to me.

I thought, crap I hope I didn't do anything wrong, so I just sat there and waited and went back to looking for music. Then she said, "What are you waiting for? Unclasp it." My heart jumped. Yes!!! It was working! I reached my hands over and fiddled with it and got it undone and the clasp was split. She let the straps fall off her shoulders while still holding the bra up to her chest.

She turned to me then let it fall. When I saw her tits my penis twitched in pants and it slowly started to get hard. Her boobs were small but sooooo amazing. Her nipples looked so delicious. They weren't hard yet but that didn't stop me from wanting to suck the life out of them. She guided my hands up to her chest to grab onto each of her breasts.

I sat there for 10-15 seconds feeling her petite breasts and then I reluctantly pulled my hands away and said, "Well I think I'm decided. You might just have slightly bigger boobs then her." "Yes! See! Told you!" ".But she is definitely more attractive then you. Like she has the whole package" My goal was to guilt trip her into feeling jealous and to make her want to compete against what I said.

She did just that. In an aggravated way she started pulling off her shorts and saying things like, "Oh! I'll show you! You have no clue! Just watch! Look at this!" It was working. My plan was working. She was tugging her shorts down her legs. She was wearing this purple lace Victoria Secret thong. She kicked her shorts off her ankles and then put her hands on her hips and looked at me. She looked SO FUCKING HOT!!! But I couldn't let her know I thought that.

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I just kept looking at her with a strange look on my face. There was a long awkward pause. "Fine! Fuck it!" She said. She reached for underwear. I started getting excited. She curled the top of them down and she slid them done to her ankles. I then saw on of the most beautiful things in my life.


She had very well trimmed pubs leading in a triangle pointing straight down to her Pussy. Her vagina was right at my head level with her standing up and me still in the chair.


I could feel my dick getting harder. I was at about half way. Luckily I was wearing jeans so she couldn't see anything. I felt like her pussy lips were calling to me. GOD DAMMIT! I want her so fucking bad! She was looking at me with a kind of an angry face on. "There! There you go!

You've seen it all! I then got up the guts to do what I needed to do. "Can I touch it? Just to check for sure?

"Touch what? This?" she put her hand on her pussy and wriggled her hand a little bit. Tapping touching and flicking her fingers up against her ever so soft pussy lips. "Go A-fucking-head".


She seemed mad at this point but I knew it was only going to get worse when I showed her something very soon. I reached my hand out and placed my palm against her pussy and I slid my hand down till my pointer finger and ring finger were on her pussy lips and my middle finger was right above her clit.

I rotated my hand around while keeping my middle finger still touching her. The back of my hand was now against her and I slowly used my pointer finger and ring finger to split open her tasty pussy lips as I slid my finger slowly into her.

It was so wet and nice in there. I could have stayed there for hours but I knew that there would be more fun later. I slowly pulled my finger out of her pussy and brought my hand away. "What do you think now!? Huh?!" "Well I think I have something to tell you." Here it goes. My weapon of mass destruction.

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"ummm, Gina so your going off to college tomorrow." "Yeah? So?" "Well I've always found you attractive, You've known that, but I want to.

do something . a little more before you leave" "Wait? What?" "I want. a.going away present from you." "Are you asking to have sex with me!?" "I'm not asking you to have sex with me. I'm telling you." "We've been good friends for the last three years. I don't know what your trying to pull here but you can't make me have sex with you!" "Well this video can." "What video!? "This one!" I started playing a video of all of the previous events that just happened.

"I had my web cam on my computer video taping the whole time. I caught everything you did on tape. From you get complexly naked to letting me feel you up. If you don't do what I tell you I will send this to your boyfriend and your parents and I'll put it all over the Internet and your face will be ruined for life. So either you do what I tell you for the rest of the night or this video gets sent out everywhere!

You got that?" She started weeping. "You got that?" "ye.yea.yeahhh" and she went right back to weeping. "I love you as a friend, but my sexual appetite wants so much more. And tonight it's going to get what it has been waiting for for so long.

Now stop crying girl this is going to be as fun for you as it is me. No one will ever know about this. Now come and sit on my lap and lets finish this playlist." She slowly walked in front of me still sniffling with tears running down her face.

Her ass looked so amazing. I wanted to grab it but I decided to give the girl a little break. "Sit down." I said.

She placed her naked body down on me, accidentally placing her bare pussy right above my half hard penis inside my pants. There was jeans separating my cock from her vagina, but she could definitely feel my 7-inch high school penis poking at her underside.

I reached my arm around her and I continued making the playlist. I would ask her from Time to time, "Do you like this band?", Pointing to a group name with my mouse. And she would murmur a yes or a no and I would add them or pass them up. This went on for like five minutes and she was slowly getting more comfortable with being naked and doing what I wanted. It was 5:30 and I heard my mom's car coming from down the street.

"Okay Gina listen to me" I got up out of the chair, which forced her to do the same. She must have known what I was going to say because she started to grab her clothes and got ready to hide. I told her, "Drop the clothes and run out to my backyard and go in the shed I'll be out there in a few minutes." She stood there kind of stunned. "GO!" I said. She then dropped what clothes she had scrapped up and she ran towards the back door and then out in to my backyard and to the shed.

I grabbed her purple thong, Polka dot bra, denim shorts, yellow tang top, her sunglasses, and her flip-flops. I left her iPod on the computer but that was no big deal. I ran her clothes to my bedroom and I threw them under my bed. Then I went back to the living room and went in front of the computer and opened my Facebook right as my mom strolled in. "Hey mom how was your day?" Trying to be as normal as possible while still knowing I had a beautiful naked girl stowed in my shed.

That was now my personal sex slave for the night. "ehh, Pretty good, little stressful, but alright. It'll be fine. Oh that reminds me. I'm going on a blind date tonight so I won't be back till late. I'm going to go shower and then I'll be leaving" "Alright mom.

Sounds good." She headed for her room and I could hear the water for the shower running. I went to my room and reached under my bed and found Gina's denim shorts. I reached into the pocket and I pulled out her phone. I threw her shorts back under the bed and then I proceeded to the backyard. I went to the shed and I opened the door to see Gina standing in the corner next to some Rubbermaid containers with her legs crossed and her arms crossed over her chest. I left the door open so there was some light in there then I walked up to her and handed her, her phone.

"Don't call or text anybody just me." "Where are my clothes?" "You won't need your clothes. In fact you wont need your clothes for the rest of the night so get used to being naked okay?" She looked disturbed but oh well. "I want you to take your phone and take pictures of yourself and send them to me. I want pictures of your pussy, your ass, your tits, everything. So until I come out here again I just want you to keep sending me pictures.

You got that?" "Ugh huh." She mumbled "What are you waiting for? Get to it." She started taking picture first starting with her tits I turned my back and started walking out of the shed. Then I turned around. "And one more thing." I threw her a small cucumber that I grabbed on the way outside. "Enjoy!" I walked back to my computer and started chatting with my friends on Facebook. When I received the first picture of herself pinching her nipples I thought it was so hot. I went back to Facebook when I got a picture of the cucumber in her mouth.

Oh my god! I started talking to my friends again when I got the next picture of her with the cucumber waiting at the entrance to her pussy. Oh shit! The next picture it was in her vagina and in then the next picture it was shoved even farther. Holy Fuck this was amazing! I kept getting pictures of her mouth, her tits, her pussy, her ass, and the oh so lucky cucumber. My Mom then came out of her room in a nice but appropriate dress with her car keys and her purse and then she said "Goodbye sweetie!

Just letting you know, I called up a girlfriend and we made it a double date and we are going with her and her boyfriend and so I'm going to stay out at her house tonight. I hope you don't mind being home all alone tonight? The words rang in my ears!

ALL ALONE! WOOHOO! "Oh, I'll be fine Mom. So I'll see you tomorrow morning? "Actually I'll just head straight to work from her house and I'll be home later tomorrow afternoon." "Alrighty, I guess I'll survive." Jokingly. "Here's an ATM card in case you want to order some food or something." "Oh awesome!

Thanks mom! "That's about it. Okay I'll be off then. Stay Safe!" She kissed me on the head and then headed out the door. I heard her car start up and then zoomed off. I looked back at my phone and there was 6 Pic's from Gina. I browsed over them very quickly getting hornier and hornier with each one and then I put my phone down and headed out to the shed.

When I opened the door to the shed I saw Gina on top of a Rubbermaid container with her legs spread out and her phone pointing directly into her pussy.

I saw a flash, which showed me, a very articulate look at what was down there and it looked beautiful. I then closed the shed door, which made everything pitch black except for her face, which was illuminated by the cell phone that she was looking into while sending the picture.

I walked over to her and pulled the cell phone from her hand and I turned it off and placed it on the floor. Everything was dark now and we couldn't see anything. I reached out and grabbed onto her. I ended up grabbing onto her arm, which I then followed up to her shoulder and then down to her chest where I then placed my other hand and I pinched both of her nipples.

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I then lead my lips to where I thought her mouth would be. I touched her cheek with my mouth and then I started moving my lips toward her mouth. She turned her head and said, "Wait!

Stop! I have a boyfriend!" "You will do what I want if you want to keep it that way cuz I'm sure he wouldn't be to happy seeing a video of you naked with some other guys hand in your snatch would he? Would he?!" I reached my left hand toward her face and I guided her lips toward mine.

I let my tongue out and licked her lips and forced my tongue into her mouth. I used my fairly long tongue to explore all over her mouth while my hands journeyed her body. My left hand found her ass and started to fondle andplay with her butt cheeks while my right hand went straight for the prize. It slowly started to trace the entrance to her pussy each time getting closer and closer and just grazing her pussy lips until I inserted a finger in her hole. I felt her squeal into my mouth with pleasure.

I kept forcing my finger in and out of her, moving faster and farther in each time. I then relinquished my tongue from her mouth and slowly licked all the way down till my head was right in her crotch.

Her pussy was dripping juices down her leg. I kneeled down, accidentally kneeling on the cucumber, which I scooted to my side but kept close cuz I wanted to use it later.

I then pushed my mouth right against her pussy lips, while I moved my hands to her knees. I started to make out with her pussy lips just like I would with a girl's mouth.

I then spread her legs open till she was almost in the splits position. I gave her pussy a big Raspberry with my mouth.

Blowing and flicking my lips all over her vagina. She started moaning.

I then plunged my tongue inside her vagina and started making love to her pussy with my tongue. I forced it in and out, tongue fucking her repetitively. "OH MY GOD!" She said, "OH JBRANDON FASTER" I kept raping her pussy with my tongue, forcing it deeper and deeper and going faster and faster until, "OH SHIT! IM GOING TO CUM! KEEP GOING!" My dream was coming true. But there was so much left to do so I stopped and pulled my tongue out.

She asked, "What Are you doing!? Keep going!?" I reached up and slapped her right across her left tit. "AHHH! Shit!" "I'm in charge around here. So don't tell me what to do!" Then I slapped her on her right breast. "AHHH!" That'll teach her. I reached down and grabbed the cucumber.

Then I brought my mouth to hers and started kissing her and inserting my tongue into her mouth. I wanted her to taste what her pussy tasted like. She deserved to know how tasty it was and why every guy craves it so much. I aimed the cucumber to where her pussy was. She didn't expect anything because she couldn't see anything cuz it was so dark.

I knew where her pussy was cuz I had my hand on her waist and so I could tell exactly where it was. I moved the cucumber closer and closer and then I dove it right into her vagina.

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"OWWW! FUCK.ugh. Oh yeah! Fuck that feels so nice!" I had slammed it very far up into her pussy and I kept it there for almost 15 seconds. I slowed started to pull it back down but then I shoved it right back in. I pulled it in and out and in and out, fucking her with this cucumber. I was thinking in my head, what it would be like to be shoving my cock into her repetitively. In and Out In and Out In and.Fuck I wanted her so bad! I pulled the cucumber out before she had a chance to orgasm.

I'm sure she was probably mad about that but what the fuck did I care. I Stood up, Slammed the cucumber in her pussy and walked out. "I'll be right back" I walked into my house and I headed to my closet.

I pulled out a few ties that I had from weddings and dances and things like that. Then I headed to my mom's room. She had a queen-sized bed with 4 bedposts on it. But I would use that later. I headed straight for my mom's underwear drawer. I dug under her underwear and I found her vibrating dildo.

She didn't know I knew about it but I had caught her masturbating one time and I watched her put the vibrator back in this drawer. I would also use this later I grabbed it and the 4 ties and set them down by the computer in the living room. I brought one of the ties out with me into the shed.

When I opened the door I saw Gina Masturbating with the cucumber. I told her to stop and then I headed over to her and took the tie and blindfolded her. "What are you doing to me!?" "You have one rule and that rule is listen to everything I say or else. So shut the fuck up and follow me." I grabbed her phone and then I pulled her hand and led her out of the shed and into my house. I sat her down in the computer chair. Still blindfolded I took her legs and used the ties to tie each of her legs to the legs of the chair so that now her legs were spread exposing her beautiful pussy.

I then took her arms and tied them around the back of the chair. She was now completely exposed and blindfolded in front of my computer and all I could hear was her complaining. I ignored it all though. I opened up a play list of my favorite porn videos and clicked play.

I turned the sound on so she could hear what was going on but couldn't see. I started recording with the web cam. I took her phone and some tape and taped the phone against her crouch so that the phone was touching her pussy. She reacted right away. Then I took off the blindfold. She was forced to watch all these videos of girls being tied up and raped in the mouth, the Pussy and the asshole.

She looked like she was in horror and bliss at the same time. Scared about these videos, but horny as hell from just working her pussy with a cucumber and then being in the predicament she was in. If you asked me it looked like she liked it. I went into the kitchen and grabbed 2 chip clip things and a paper towel. I put the paper towel under her wet pussy.

Then I took the bag clips and clipped each of them on her nipples. "AHHH" I didn't care. I walked behind her and I started massaging her boobs. Then I whispered into her ear referring to the videos of these bondage scenes. I said "This is what is going to happen to you" "PLEASE DON'T!" I slapped her across the face.

She went silent. "Don't argue with me!" I took one of the ties and I tied it over her mouth creating a gag. "That'll keep you from talking!" I backed away and went to sit on the couch. I looked over at her and her eyes were closed. I walked up to her and I grabbed her face. Her eyes instantly opened. "You keep watching these videos till I say stop" She mumbled a sound of agreement. I walked back to the couch and sat down. I pulled out my phone and started dialing her phone, which was so conveniently attached to her pussy!

5 or 6 seconds later I see her jolt and squirm, as I hear a faint buzzing, and some moaning of the porn stars in the videos and some noise from under Gina's gag. I continued this game for another 7 or 8 minutes till I started to hear louder noises from Gina's gag. I walked over to her and I pulled the tie in front of her mouth down and she said "BRANDON! I WANT TO CUM SO BAD!!! PLEASE GIVE ME MORE!" Please give me more?

That was exactly what I wanted to hear. To be continued