Richie banging Dolly Leighs pussy doggystyle

Richie banging Dolly Leighs pussy doggystyle
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George jumped up grabbed his torn robe and headed for the door. He was cussing himself for not making Crystal put on her night clothes before she fell asleep. As he neared the door it rang again. He jerked it open to see Clair standing there glaring at him.

"What the fuck is your problem Clair? Give a guy time to answer the fucking door before ringing it off it's hinges." Clair just pushed past him and entered the house. " Come with me George this can't wait." Clair headed to the kitchen.

"I need some coffe and you better fix yourself some too." george clanced at the clock on the stove 4:00 am."Why the hell are you here this time of night? What's this all about?" George was now pissed at her for several reasons but waking him after what happened just a few hours ago was at the top of his list.

"George first cover that up. How did you tear your robe like that? And please get some coffe on?" Clair was staring at his exposed cock and he realized in his hurry to get his robe off he had torn it from the tie string all the way to the bottom hem, leaving an opening right in front of his cock." Thats a long story but I didn't know it tore that bad.

Sorry." Shit he had just said he was sorry to Clair, his former sister-inlaw. She was his ex's twin sister and they had hated each other for years. Now she was here at four am and acting all strange. "Clair I'll fix the coffe but you need to tell me why you are here at this time of night.

Why the hell didn't you just call?" Clair hung her head and almost wispered. " Tom kicked me out last night. Well early this evening around eight oclock. I was here earlier this evening but you and Crystal were busy with eachother. I started to call the cops on you but changed my mind." Clair raised her head and once again there was a glare in her eyes.

"I need your help getting my things and getting even with that sorry bastard Tom. If you agree with what I want then I'll keep my mouth shut. If you won't help, well then I'll do what I have too." George slumped down beside the counter and dropped his head. He couldn't face the fact Clair had caught him fucking Crystal and was now using it to force him to help her.

" George what's it going to be? Are you going to help me or what?" when he didn't answer her she reached over to where he was setting and grabbed his cock which became semi-hard immediately. "The first part of my plan I am sure I can make you enjoy. I want you to fuck my brains out, just like you were pounding your daughter when I saw you through the window. Now get up George I am not going to call the police and I can promise you no one else will ever know either.

Now get up and lets talk over coffee." she gave a slight tug on his cock then let go. George managed to fix two cups of coffee and joined Clair at the table. As Clair downed the last of her coffee she handed the cup to George. " Another cup please.

I need you to call Tom and ask him if you can borrow some tool or something. When he agrees I will go with you and get my stuff. It's that simple. He won't show his ass if you are with me, and i don't have anyone else who will help me." George refilled both cups and sat and listened to her. He knew he would help her but still had no idea why she was turning to him for help.

He hadn't spoken to Tom in over a year. He had to admit he really didn't care for Tom much. Tom had told him several times that he should have stuck by his wife no matter what. Tom was to dumb to understand that he had tried to stick by her, but she refused to let him. Her dope was far more important to her then anything else, even her daughter or him.

"Well George what do you think?" Clair's words brought him back to what was going on in his kitchen. As he looked at her he could see her skirt was now hiked up around her waist, and she wasn't wearing anything under it. He had a direct view of her shaved pussy. His mouth dropped open, and he swallowed hard like he was swallowing a big glup of water all at one time. "Wow! Ughhh.You are serious aren't you? I mean you really do want to sleep with me?" Clair smiled and grabbed his hand and pulled him over the edge of the table.

She leaned over to meet him and planted a long deep tongue kiss on him. She was done with her coffee and done talking for now. She stood and kissed him again with even more passion. Her right hand found his cock again and she stroked it.

George didn't wait to be invited to check her out either. His right hand slid under her blouse, and bra, and he cupped her left breast and squeezed it. Soon they were removing her clothes and George let his robe fall to the floor. He had every intention of taking her right there on the kitchen table when Clair pulled back.

" No you don't. Where is Crystal sleeping? She doesn't need to wake up and catch us." George thought for a second then he took the lead. "The guest room is at the other end of the house. " We will go there.

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I am going to enjoy this Clair. You know that don't you? I have wanted you ever since I first met you years ago." George was talking as they walked to the guest room. " I didn't think you were the least bit interested, so I never tried to start anything with you." Clair looked at him and then put her arm around his waist as they walked in the room. " I was married to Tom and felt I had to be true to him. But now it's pay back time for his cheating on me." With that she kissed George long and deep.

They had taken the time to gather their clothes and George now threw them in the corner. His hands were all over Clair.

He squeezed her 34D tits and ran his hands down her slim waist to the top of her shaved pussy before sliding them back up to squeeze her tits again.

Hell he thought she was a duplicate of his former wife in size, and figured she weighed about a hundred pounds and stood at a nice 5' 1". Even her shoulder length red hair was the same. He kissed her neck and then her shoulders working his way down her body. Next his mouth found her left tit with it's three quarter inch protruding nipple. It was Hard as hell, yet soft and smooth. He suckled it for a few moments before trying the other one.

"Oh George we should have done this years ago." Clair was having trouble breathing as she moaned her pleasure of George working her body over, at the same time as trying to express her desire for him.

He was busy exploring her body and working down toward her pussy. His right hand found it first and he loved the fact that she was already soaking wet.

He slid a finger in to her and she moaned loudly. He slowly fingered her pussy as he moved her to the bed. Once there he gently layed her on it with her legs still draped over the edge. She was wet as hell but very tight.


He had a finger sliding in and out of her and was trying to get a second finger in. He was already starting to sweat. Then he heard her soft voice. "Please George fuck me. Oh yes! God that feels so good!" He felt her body spasm as she reached her first climax. Clair squirted her own juices out onto his hand and the bed. "Now George! Please I need you in me!

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Oh God i can't wait any longer fuck me George!" He had not even tasted this pussy and he wasn't about to pass up the oportunity to do so.

he pulled his fingers back and drove his mouth hard against her pussy. He shoved his tongue in her as far as possible and she screamed. "George you motherfucker that.Oh God I'm cummmmmming! Oh God Yessssss!" Clair was yelling at the top of her lungs.

George continued to eat her pussy as she shot her love juices into his willing mouth. He had never had any woman who squirted her juices. He loved the taste of her and even though she was screaming for him to fuck her he was in heaven just eating her pussy out.

He had her clit in his mouth and it felt wonderful. It ws about a half inch long and about the size of a pencil. He would suck it then flick his tongue over it then suck some more.

Clair had her fingers tangled in his hair and was pulling him even tighter against her pussy. She was humping that pussy against his tongue and screaming for him to fuck her. He pulled back from her pussy and raised up enough to allow him to line up his cock with her inviting pussy lips.

He shoved forward and her lips parted for him to enter her. George managed to get the head in her but had to work at getting the rest of his 9 inch cock in her. Thrusting in and out going deeper with each forward thrust until he was burried all the way to his balls in her.

She grabbed him around his neck and they kissed long and hard. her tongue exploring his mouth and his tongue was exploring her mouth.

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Their tongues fought for minutes before he started to pump his cock in her. George wasn't worried about taking it easy on her. Quite the reverse was true. He wanted to fuck her as hard as he could and as fast as he could. He pounded her hard and fast and knew it wouldn't last long at this pace but this was what they both wanted him to do. Moments later he felt his balls tighten at the same time as Clair screamed she was cumming.

They came at the same time and it seemed to go on forever.George could feel her juices shooting against his cock and his own rope after rope of cum shooting into her womb. As both finished they collasped and lay joined for minutes afterward. Clair kissed George and let her tongue do it's dance inside his mouth for a deep passionate kiss. " Thank you! I needed that more then you will ever know baby." Clair was speaking so softly he had trouble hearing her because of his own rapid breathing and heart pounding.

They kissed again then George got off her and lay on the bed beside her. "God that was something else." George then rolled on his side facing away from Clair. "Why Clair.?" George asked, but then stopped. "Why what? He thought for a second before continuing. "I mean why did you tell Crystal that a stiff dick was a man's way of showing his love for a woman." Clair laughed then sat sraight up in bed.

" Are going to tell me you didn't love what just happened? And you damn sure seemed to be loving it when I saw you fucking the shit out of Crystal.There are all kinds of love George. I loved the feel of that big cock of yours sliding in and out of my pussy. That's one kind of love. Love of sex. Then there is the fact that I have been in love with you for some time now.

For years George. I also love Crystal." She then started crying and snuggled into George's back. George was shocked, and confused. Wasn't it Clair who had ignored him for years, acting like you was better then the rest of them? Wasn't it Clair who had told him on more then one occassion that the only reason she came around at all was to see her neice? Now she was telling him she had been in love with him for years, why?

She was married to Tom and saying she loved him? Taking all this in to consideration why had she told Crystal the shit she did? Was this all part of her scheme?

As these thought were racing through his mind, Clair was pushing against his back and sobbing into his shoulder. Her left arm was draped over his waist and her hand rested on his cock. George noticed his cock starting to get hard again. But before this went any further he wanted some answers. "I'll be right back. Call of nature." He tryed to sound like everything was normal. He needed to get to the bottom of this and laying next to her with her hand on his cock wasn't the way to get those answers.

He got up went to the bathroom and pissed. Then he sat down and put his chin in his palms. What was Clair's plan that she wanted his help with?

Was what she told Crystal part of the plan? Could he really trust her, knowing how she had acted in the past? Was there something else going on that he wasn't aware of?

He did come to one conclussion. He would take his two weeks vacation so he could figure this all out. He went into the living room and phoned his assistant at home. He glanced at the clock on the cable box 5:23. Fred should be up already. The phone rang three times before a female voice answered. "Hello" she said and sounded like she had just woke up. " Sue this is George is Fred there? I have some things to get straightened out at home and need him to take over for a couple weeks." He tried to sound like it was no big deal, him taking off without having planned it with Fred.

" My God George, what is wrong. You don't just call and say you are taking off like this.

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Is Crystal ok?" Sue came across as scared there might be something seriously wrong. "Everyone is fine Sue. I ugh. just need some time off to ugh. get some things around here straight. Where is Fred?" George was fast trying to come up with something that sounded beleivable.

Sue was right he didn't do things like this. hell in the last 9 years he had only took off twice. Once with the flue and the other time when Crystal had broke her arm at kindergarden when she fell off a swing. " I have a relative visiting that has a problem they need my help with.

UGH. It's something I promised to keep quite about Sue." George was partly telling the truth and hoped he had sounded calm about it. "Fred! It's George. He needs to talk to you so hurry up." Sue was a small woman about 4'10" and maybe 90 pounds soaking wet. There were two things big about her though. Her 36D tits which she liked to show off by what she wore. George thought they were far to big for her size, but Fred had paid good money for them as he had said on many an occassion.

The other big thing was her mouth. When Sue spoke she sounded like she was the boss, laying down the law to whom ever she was talking too.

"Hey Buddie what's up?" Fred was always the happy type. One could almost see the smile in his voice. How the hell he and Sue ever got together he still couldn't figure out. Fred stood at 6' 2" and weighted close to 250 pounds. Like himself Fred had a body in great shape. Lifting and carring steel beams, and other building material had provided both with six pak abs and real good leg and arm muscles.

"Well you going to tell me what's up or not?" Fred laughed. "Ugh I have some relatives here who need my help with a very personal problem and I told them I would. So I need you to take over for awhile. Plus I figured I could take a couple weeks vacation and do something with them." George knew Fred would love taking over. He just hoped he wouldn't ask too many question which he wasn't about to answer even if he could.

" Love too. Need my help with anything? If you do you know all you have to do is ask." Fred was all excited and George could tell he wasn't going to ask questions. "Thanks Fred I knew I could count on you. I'll give you a call if I need you but I think I can handle it myself. They want to keep it quite for now." He knew Fred well enough that he would not pry unless he asked for his help.

" Gotta run Fred. Talk to you later. bye." Fred couldn't have cared less really. He had been after George to let him do more anyway. Now he would be running the business for a couple weeks.


" Bye Buddie catch you later. Don't worry about a thing pal if I run into a problem you know I'll call you." Fred hung up. George went and put on a fresh pot of coffee and started fixing breakfast for himself, Clair, and Crystal. He put the bacon in a pan and walked to the guest bedroom to get Clair. She was setting on the side of the bed and her eyes were red from crying so much. George walked over and pulled her to her feet. He gave her a long deep kiss.

" Get dressed Clair. I called Fred and told him I was taking some time off. Everything will be okay. I will help you and you can stay here as long as you want.

Now get dressed and I'll meet you in the kitchen." George kissed her again and headed for the kitchen to finish fixing breakfast. George got busy cooking eggs, bacon, and his favorite home made biscuits and sausage gravy. He was so busy he forgot about all the questions that had been surging in his mind earlier. It wasn't until Clair walked into the kitchen that the questions flooded back in. The first question kind of summed it all up. Why was this beautiful, hot woman who had scorned him for years, now standing in his kitchen wanting him to help her get back at her husband?

But there were so many other questions too. What was behind her tell his daughter a stiff cock was a sign of a man's love?

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Was she being honest when she said she loved him? Many questions and so far no real answers. "Clair it's time for some answers." George pointed to a kitchen chair and poured two cups of coffee. " As you know, I have a buch of questions that I need answers too." Clair cut him off. "George if you give me a minute I can explain every thing. Some of it is going to be hard on you but it's time to get everything out in the open." George stared blankly at her. Another question poped into his head.

What was she meaning about getting everything out in the open. " George you remember when my sister left you for over a month, because you were trying to force her to get help with her drug problems?" George shook his head yes.

" Well she came to our house and while she was there her and Tom slept together many times. I was working nights and didn't know anything about it until the night she left and came back to you." George couldn't beleive what Clair was saying. His former wife had screwed her sister's husband in her own house? " Why the hell wasn't I told about this?" Clair leaned over and put her hand over his mouth. "Let me finish George there is a lot more to it. Her and Tom not only slept together but she got pregnant by him.

I need you to be honest with me because I have to ask you something very important. Was she telling the truth about you not having sex with her for several weeks after she came back to you?" George didn't know what to say or how she knew about him not wanting sex with his wife when she came home.

"Yea it's true. It was almost two months before we made love again. That's when she got pregnant with Crystal." Clair cut him off. "No it isn't. Crystal wasn't born early like she told you, she was full term.

Crystal is Tom's child not yours and I have proof. I am not telling you this to hurt you but you need the truth." With that she pulled a paper out of her pocketbook and instructed him to read it. George took the paper and opened it up. Paternity test of Infant child Crystal Lynn Davis. He looked at the results. 99.996% positive Thomas Brandon Smith is the father. George collasped in the chair as all emotion drained from him. " When was this done?" Clair reached over and took his hand and squeezed it.

" It was done just before they left the hospital. The only one's who knew was myself and Tom. By the time the results were back my sister wasn't speaking to me, so she never found out.

We decided maybe having a child would get her to straighten up. Instead she got worse and by then you had excepted Crystal as yours. I admit I hated Crystal for a long time because she was the child my husband could never give me." "I'm sorry you were never told. But you loved her so much and you were. are a great father to her.

The reason I was crying so hard earlier was because of what I did to both of you. I told Crystal the things I did because I wanted to force you to fuck her. I kept telling her that if you loved her as much as you was telling her then you would show her your love by putting your penis in her.

I have been telling her these things for a long time." As clair talked George sat there like a zombie. He couldn't beleive what was being explained to him. " Tom promised me that he would never cheat on me again and I told him if he ever did I would get even by doing something to his daughter. This all started about two months ago when I walked in on him fucking a litttle whore from where I work.

I went off and beat the hell out of her and told Tom it was over. I stayed though, until last night when he came in half drunk with some bitch he picked up at a bar. There was a big fight and I came here. What I did to you and Crystal, I should never have done." George had let what was said sink in now it was his turn.

"So what you said about your feeling was just another lie? Don't you think it's time to confess it all. No more bullshit! Is that clear?" Clair glared at him. " I am tell you the truth! All of it so set there and let me finish George. I was telling you the truth about loving you. At first I felt sorry for you being stuck with a child by yourself and her not even being yours. But over time I came to love you more and more. When Tom wanted sex I was thinking about you.

About how great it would feel to have you holding me and making love to me. For over a year I thought about leaving Tom and coming to you. You want honest then here it is. The only reason I didn't was Crystal. Every time I would look at her all I could see or think about was she was the child I couldn't have, My husband and sister's child.

The child he would never give me. Tom had a vasectomy right after he got her pregnant, knowing I wanted a child of my own. That's the reason I resented her so much. He said that he didn't want children and tried to tell me my sister wasn't pregnant by him.

The baby wasn't his. I forced him to get the paternity test because I knew she was his. For too long all I could think was the bastard could knock my sister up but didn't want children by me and got himself fixed so he wouldn't. I started talking to Crystal several months ago, when she asked me why boys stand up to pee and girls set down. I put one of your tapes out so she could find it. Then I walked in pretending to catch her watching it.

I told her women have a vagina, which she calls a virgina. and a man has a penis. I told her the man and woman in the film loved eachother very much and he was showing her how much he loved her by putting his penis in her. Then I asked if you ever showed her how much you love her. I kept talking to her about you having sex with her and told her to even call me when she had gotten you to show her how much you love her.

She called the other day and told me about you taking her. I know you are pissed and i am so sorry I did it. Can you ever forgive me for that?" George looked her straight in the eyes and then pulled her close to kiss her.

"No one held a gun to my head and made me fuck her. I have already come to grips with it and enjoy her tiny pussy. I know you may not beleive me but I will, as you put it show her my love again and again.


I want to show you my love also if you want me too." Clair didn't wait she wrapped her arms around him and almost screamed. " Oh God yes I do want you to show me your love again and as many times as you can." She started to massage his cock but he stopped her. It was time to get Crystal up for school. "After Crystal leaves for school we can finish talking." He called Crystal and told her time to get ready for school. When she came into the kitchen she ran to Clair. "Aunt clair what are you doing here?

I'm glad you are. daddy can I stay home with Aunt Clair?" Before George could answer Clair spoke up. " Honey I will be here when you get home okay? I might be staying here for a long time would you like that?" Crystal loved the idea and then hugged Clair. "Remeber our special secret is just between you, and me. . and your dad." Crystal smile and shook her head yes. "I promise I won't tell anyone. Daddy are you going to show Aunt Clair you love her too?" Clair looked at George and he smiled at her.

" He already has honey and he's going to again. If fact he is going to show both us how much he loves us. Aren't you George?" George got a huge smile on his face. " "Yes baby I am going to show both my women how much I love them. Aunt Clair will be living here from now on if she meant what she said. Maybe we can even give you a baby brother or sister to play with." Clair smiled and was shaking her head up and down as hard as she could.

This was what she wanted very much. Crystal Jumped up and down with joy. George was smiling from ear to ear. None the less he was still wondering what tomorrow would bring and what pleasure the rest of the day would bring. He was hoping for it to turn into a long night also.