Busty teen sixtynined and fingered

Busty teen sixtynined and fingered
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Jen sat in the back of her car wishing she didn't have to move. She loved where she lived and now she had to go back to the neighborhood where her mum grew up. Her mum said she would like it but Jen wasn't too keen. She was an only child, 14 years old with C cup perky tits, brown hair the flowed down to her shoulders and a pretty face on a slender body. The car pulled into a lane, and Jen got a glimpse of the name of the street where she'd be living.


She couldn't get a proper look, but she could have sworn it had said 'NudeVille.' Jen shook the thought out of her head. They pulled into her street but no one was around. It was raining slightly so she figured everyone must be inside. They pulled into their new drive and entered the house. It was nice, and had already been made and furnished.

Jen was tired so she went straight to her new room. She'd seen it before and it was bigger than her old one. Jen sat down at her laptop. She was feeling kind of horny, so she opened up a porn sight and undressed. Jen always fingered herself. She was getting horny a lot more recently. She toyed with her clit and stroked her pussy lips. She had a shaven pussy, with the odd bit of hair. She slid her finger in her dripping, hot cunt.

A pool of pussy juice had puddled at her arse crack.

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She put her feet up on the desk and pounded her pussy with three fingers. On the screen in front of her a guy was pounding away at a hot blonde whilst she ate out another girls pussy. Jen was feeling so horny, as a her juices began to flood her hand.

She was rubbing her clit with one hand and pinching at her hard nipples with the other. Jen could feel her orgasm coming, so she pounded harder and faster into her pussy, rubbing her G-spot whilst one hand rubbed her clit. Jen came with power, as a waterfall of cum exploded all over her. Her pussy contracted and the cum flowed all over the seat and her hand.


She brought her fingers up to her mouth and sucked off the cum. It tasted so sweet. Jen was tired, so she closed her laptop and crawled into bed naked. The sweet smell of her cum filled the room. Jeb was awoke the next morning by her mothers gentle voice. 'Jen, honey, get up' Her mother, Haley, said. Haley was an atractive woman. 36 years old, she was young compared to most mums and she looked even younger.

She had 36C perky tits, and a body much like her daughters. Only she had wavy blonde hair that fell down past her tits.

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Jen sat up, making sure the covers kept her breasts out of sight. She gasped though, as she saw her mother standing in front of her naked. 'Mum, what the fuck?' Jen said. Her mother laughed.

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'Honey, there's something you should know about this neighborhood. Everyone here fucks.' She said. Jen was confused, until her mother explained that everyone in the little village fucked one another, all the time.

Jen was amazed. She didn't know weather to be turned on or disgusted. Her naked mother was making her wet though. Jen let the covers drop, exposing her tits.

'Oh honey, those are lovely!' Her mother said. the mother looked at her daughter and kissed her. It was only a peck, but Jen pulled her in and they tongued like lovers. Jen climbed out of bed and kissed her mother, fondling her tits as her mother stroked her pussy.

A gasp escaped Jen's mouth, as her mother kissed down her neck onto her tits. Haley sucked on each one for about thirty seconds, and could feel her daughter getting very wet. Haley was wet too as she stroked her finger up and down her daughters hot, wet pussy. Haley kissed her way down Jen's stomach and finally knelt before her cunt. She rubbed her daughters clit and kissed around her sopping thighs. Jen was so wet she was dripping from her pussy. Jen couldn't bare it any more.

'FUCK!' She screamed as she ground her pussy into her mothers face. Haley tongued Jen's pussy, sucking up all the pussy juice. Jen was grinding her fanny on her mothers lips as she pushed her mothers face into her. Waves of pleasure surged through Jen with each lick of her mothers tongue in her steamy cunt. 'OH GOD MUM! I'm GONNA CUM!

Jen screamed as her mother flicked her tongue over Jen's throbbing clit whilst fingering her cunt hard and fast.

'FFFFUUUUUCCCCKKKKKKK!!!' Jen screamed as she came. Her jizz exploded over her mothers face, tons of it bucketing down onto Haley. She lapped it all up and continued tonguing her daughter as she shuddered through the most intense orgasm of her life.

Waves and waves of pleasure rushed through Jen at the feel of her mother tongue on her cunt. 'OH MY GOD MUM, THAT WAS AMAZING.' Jen said as her mother climbed back up her, stopping and spitting her daughters cum all over her tits. Haley licked all the cum off her daughters boobs and shared the cum with her daughter. They tongued the cum between them. Jen loved the sweet taste as her mother dribbled it all over her chin and into her mouth.

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Jen swallowed it and decided she wanted to make her mother cum. Jen pushed her mother onto the bed and straddled her, grinding her still dripping wet cunt against her mothers. Haley moaned in pleasure as her daughter fondled her tits and kissed down her mouth, biting her lower lip gently. The two steamy pussies were still rubbing together. Jen kissed her mothers neck, sending shivers down Haley's spine.

Her daughter then moved on down to her mothers tits and began circling her hard nipples, making Haley gasp. As Jen started so suck on her mother tits harder, the door opened.

Both woman turned to see Jen's father Dave in the doorway. Dave was tall and muscular and built with broad shoulders and a small waste. He had hair like his daughters with a handsome face. He stood naked as Jen watched his huge cock grow at the sight of his daughter on top of his wife. 'Come on in honey. I'm so fucking horny right now, I need a cock up me now!' Haley said.

The two girls got down on the floor and into a 69 position, mother on top. Jen started to lick at her mothers pussy, savouring the sweet juice dripping out of it.

Jen flicked her tongue over her mothers clit, making her gasp. It felt so good for Haley, she thought she was going to cum right there and then. Jen continued to eat out her mothers hot, wet cunt when she noticed her dad spitting into Haley's arse crack. She helped spread the cheeks apart as her dad entered her mothers anus. He groaned in pleasure as he got a rhythm going. 'OH FUCK! YES, FUCK MY ARSE!' Haley screemed. Jen watched her fathers balls slapping against her mothers arse.

They looked so tempting so she reached her neck and started sucking on them. Her father groaned in pleasure. She got a rhythm going so that she fingered her mother in time with her fathers cock.

Jen continued sucking her fathers sack whilst slipping more and more fingers in her mothers slippery cunt. Every time another went in it would send shocks of pleasure into her mother, making her gasp.

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'YES! OHHHHHH FFUUCCK ME HARDER!' Haley yelled, loving the feel of her husbands cock buried deep in her arse and her daughters fingers in her cunt. Jen slipped her fourth finger in, and wondered if she couldn't fill her mothers pussy with her hole fist. She stretched her mothers lips apart, making more pussy juice dribble onto her face. She slid her thumb in past the knuckle and made a fist.

'OH FUCK! I'm GONNA CUM!' Haley screamed. Her daughter gave five hard pumps inside her pussy with her fist, making her scream in pleasure with each one. On the fifth, waves of pleasure surged through her whole being as an explosion of cum erupted all over her daughter, showering her in sweet jizz. 'FFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKK!!!' Haley screamed as she rubbed her still flooding pussy on to her daughters face.

Jen willingly lapped it all up as her father announced he was about to blow.

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He came all over her face, combining the two flavors. Haley got off her daughter and Jen stood up, her face still covered in a mixture of both her parents' cum.


She kissed her mother passionately and then her father. Her two parents licked the cum off her face and shared it around. Jen's tongue twirled with her mothers and she tasted the cum in her mouth.

She then kissed her father and could taste the same in his mouth. The threesome swapped the cum and kissed as lovers for about 10 minuets, when Haley announced she had washing to do. She kissed her daughter one more time and left, still naked. Jen and her father watched Haley's arse jiggle as she walked away.

Haley said she was going to watch so T.V and her dad said she'd join her. The sat on the sofa and watched some movie, Dave casually fingering her daughter and Jen stroking her dad's cock. Jen decided she liked her new home. Feel Free To Comment on any issues (Don't just say 'it sucked' tell me why) and make any suggestions/improvements I could make in my next chapter. Reading this back through made me really wet.!

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