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Young russian boy penis gay porn Ethan Gets Off Being Whipped
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A life saved is a life earned-Part one (Foreplay) I was never the most popular kid in school.


In fact I was never even really part of the social scene. My name is Evan and I went to a fairly selective and wealthy private high school in Eastern Massachusetts and just wasn't the right fit. I lived in a fairly rural suburb of Boston. My neighbors ran a farm; the others ran the town dump and had a pet donkey and cow. It was a cool town called Fairborn and had its own character to it. Most of the kids at my school came from wealthy suburbs like Weston and Wellesley and Newton.

Most were liberals which contrasted starkly with my fervent libertarian conservatism. It was a classic New England prep school full of geniuses and hockey and lacrosse players. I played baseball but was never a star. I was more of a self-described adrenaline junkie. My greatest passion was Freeride Mountain Biking, but I was an expert free and backcountry skier, an adequate kayaker and aspiring skydiver.

I was just never quite different enough to stand out and never the same enough to fit in. I was entering my senior year at 17 and had already planned my first skydiving trip after my 18th later in the year. But, before the school year started my school took the senior class on two day whitewater rafting trip in northern Maine. So one cold and stormy day I drove to school.

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The previous week we had been feeling the remnants of a tropical storm that had migrated north. The torrential downpours had been on my mind. I was excited knowing that the Kennebec River, our destination, was flowing at a season high of 7800 CFS. I had been rafting many times and the high water levels were getting me extremely excited.

I settled into the five hour bus ride and fell asleep. When we arrived, our whole senior class numbering just 80, in our two coach busses we were assigned cabins and made our way inside to get out of the damp drizzle.

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Most of the girls in my grade were fairly attractive and watching them run off through the rain, their nearly fully grown breasts bouncing in their wet class t-shirts had me salivating over the rest of the trip. Late that night a group snuck out, including me and met with a group of the girls in the game room. Most of the other guys were hockey players and that classic 6 ft 180 and ripped.

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I ended up hustling a little pool, something I had learned from my dad. It turned into bets for clothes. I won a lot of underwear from the girls, but when things got steamy I was left alone, too shy to try and get involved. I wasn't exactly a hunk. I was about 5 ft 8 and 160. I wasn't real ripped but I was stronger than most kids my size. I was also a black belt and had spent 12 years learning to fight so I was fairly coordinated.

But, my inability to get the girls had always hurt my social standing. I left dejected. The next morning, the morning of the rafting was a bright cheery and hot day. The river was warm and we didn't even need wetsuits, which all the guys appreciated because when the girls put on the extremely tight life-jackets, it nearly squeezed their boobs right out of their bikinis.

I, as I always did on high flow days had packed a knife into the right pocket of my suit and a roll of bandages and tape in the left. I few guys made fun of me for being scared but I knew all too well how much could go wrong once the flow got so high. The trip started out on calm water. For about three hours we drifted down stream. Nearing noon, we started to hit rapids.

The water funneled down into a canyon where we would lose all cell service until the end of the trip.


The last rapid before the canyon was a really neat pour over called Crossbones. I was on the second to last raft. Just as we went over the pour over I saw the boat in front of us flip.

Then I saw two girls, Eliza and Jill, pop up out of the water.

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There was a stretch of calm water after Crossbones and the two were enjoying the ride after the whitewater. Suddenly I saw both of their heads go under again. A bunch of thoughts raced through my mind. These were two of the nicest girls in school. I had never really been friends with them but they were nice and we would talk during free periods. Eliza was the classic short with huge tits.

She was about 5 ft 2 and sported a beautiful pair of 34 D's. Jill was about 5 ft 5 and a tri-varsity athlete. She was slender and athletic with a pair of tits around a large B cup. Both of them were beautifully tanned and best friends. It was Eliza's birthday. Nobody else saw it but I knew exactly what had happened, foot-entrapment.

They had let their feet dangle in the shallow river and they had been caught by something on the bottom. This usually means death. It's almost impossible to rescue someone once they have been pinned to the riverbed.

I have never been formally trained in any sort of survival techniques, but being an outdoorsman, I had picked some up along the way. Additionally my dad had been a naval officer and his best friend, my godfather, had been a navy fighter pilot.

Hanging with them had taught me to think fast and stay calm. In an instant I ripped off my life-jacket and jumped off the upstream side of the raft. I floated down feet first about two feet underwater until I saw the two girls. They had their feet caught in an old safety line wrapped around some rocks on the bottom. I grabbed the rope and hung on with all of my strength. Just then a shadow passed overhead and I realized that it was the last raft going by. There goes our last chance of a quick rescue I thought.

Jill was still conscious, but Eliza had been knocked out on a rock. I saw the look of fear and panic on Jill's face and knew I couldn't let her die, nor would I let Eliza go on her 18th birthday. I was able to quickly free Jill with my right hand while I worked my way towards Eliza.

I had to use my knife and I cut her lose in about two seconds as the razor sharp blade whipped through the line. And they thought I was scared. I grabbed Eliza and floated to the surface where I saw Jill had already made it to a rock strewn beach at the edge of the canyon.

She had quite a gash on her right forarm. I began rescue swimming with Eliza out cold in my arms for the same beach. I saw the last raft drift off into the canyon. It took all my strength and skill to make it to that beach.

Past it the banks were shear rock walls. There was no chance of survival if we drifted into it. Finally I hit the shallows and picked up Eliza, even with the massive amounts of adrenaline pumping through my veins I was dead tired. Jill who was no ditzy bimbo ran over and checked Eliza for a pulse as we made a beeline for the soft moss under the pine trees at the back of the beach, Eliza in my arms.

"No pulse," Jill cried to me, afraid her best friend was going to die. I set Eliza down on the moss and unsnapped her life-jacket, her bikini top stuck to and came off to.

I was confronted with a set of beautiful tan tits the likes of which I had never seen. "CPR," I said calmly, "keep checking pulse." I placed my hands between Eliza's two beautiful breasts and began pumping. On the first two pumps, jets of water came shooting out of her mouth.

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By the tenth, Jill had a pulse. But she still wasn't breathing. I place the life-jacket under her neck to open the airway and started giving her rescue breaths. I had always fancied her. She was fun and spunky without being annoying. She was tough too, never afraid to mix it up with the guys, just my kind of girl. I never imagined our first kiss would be mouth to mouth resuscitation.

Suddenly Eliza's eyes popped open. She looked at my face, lips on hers. She pushed me off, clearly shocked by the position. Realizing her state of undress she covered herself and ran into the woods. I heard faint sobs. I took to bandaging Jills wound and just I finished she looked at me and said, "I'll go tell her what happened," and flashed me with a beautiful smile." I fell on my back exhausted and fell asleep.


I awoke to a soft whispering in my ear. "Evan, sweetie, wake up. Eliza wants to thank you." I opened my eyes to see Jill kneeling next to me.

She winked. I looked between my legs to see what was going on. To my surprise, I wasn't wearing any shorts, and quickly covered my crotch. Then I noticed Eliza.

She was completely naked. She was crawling across the moss on all fours with he wonderful chest hanging down. I looked back up at Jill, she wasn't wearing a top either. I realized what was about to happen. Jill saw the look in my eyes and immediately bent down a placed her lips on mine. At the exact same moment, I felt Eliza's hands softly pull mine away from my semi and her lips close around my quickly hardening shaft.

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