Twink skinny young native american boy gay porn Ian Gets Revenge For

Twink skinny young native american boy gay porn Ian Gets Revenge For
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Mikayla: "im sitting in the kitchen waiting for the babysitter* Luna:. -walks up to the front door and ring the doorbell- Mikayla: *i walk up and open the door* oh good, your here, come on in Luna: -walks in- Thanks for hiring me ma'am I really needed the money. And Tyler is such a sweet boy, I love babysitting him.


Mikayla: *smiles* well thank you Luna, and youre welcome, youve got a great record. ill be back before 12, there is money for pizza on the counter. and Tyler needs to be in bed by 9:30 Luna: Okay, where is Tyler?


Mikayla: hes up in his room Luna: -nods and starts heading up to his room- Mikayla: *heads out the door* bye you two! Luna: -I say hi to Tyler watching as he plays videogames- tyler: hi luna *goes back to his games* Luna: Hi sweetie what are you playing? tyler: call of duty *his eyes still fixed on the screen* Luna: Can I play? tyler: yeah if you want *hands you a controller* Luna: -starts playing with you- (luna loses track of the time as hours pass) Luna: -looks at the clock- Okay Tyler it's 9:30 go to bed.

tyler:aww come on, just a few more minutes Luna: No Mister off to bed. tyler:fiiiiine *gets into bed* Luna: -leans down kissing your forehead- Night sweetie.

-heads downstairs to watch t.v.- Mikayla: *at 10pm i walk through the door* Luna: -smiles- Hello ma'am. Mikayla: helle luna Mikayla: *hello Luna: How was your date.

Mikayla: it was ok Mikayla: how has tyler been? Luna: That's good. He was great as always, we played a little Call of Duty then I sent him to bed. Mikayla: thats good, want a drink?

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*heads towards the kitchen* Luna: But ma'am I'm 18, I can't. Mikayla: oh its ok luna Luna: Okay. -follows you to the kitchen- Mikayla: *hands you a drink but before i do i slip a sleeping pill in* Luna: -takes a few sips and starts feeling sleepy after a while- W-what's happening? Mikayla: *smiles* luna, are you ok? Luna: A little tired I think? Luna:. Mikayla: *i watch an you fall asleep* Mikayla: *as Mikayla: *you wake up tied to a table* Luna: -tries to get free as I struggle- Mikayla: *you notice your naked and suddenly feel a sharp whip smack your stomach* Luna: -blushes crying out a little- Mikayla: hello Luna *you feel the whip smack your breasts this time* Luna: -cries out again- M-ma'am what are you doing?!

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Mikayla: well luna, you see. tyler isnt my son, i didnt have a date tonight, and that wasnt even my house. the family that lives there is on vacation.

and tyler, well he has no idea whats going on Mikayla: i just payed him $100 to pretend to be my son, and he agreed Luna: W-why are you doing this?! Mikayla: because, i was hired too. its what i do Luna: H-hired?! Who hired you? Mikayla: well thats not for me to say, he said if i told you i would have to kill you. but i just want to do this part of what he hired me to do Luna: -blushes- Why does he want this?

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Mikayla: well lets just say, you hurt him and he hasn't forgotten *whips you again this time on your pussy* Luna: -cringes- Mikayla: *you see me pull my robe off and you see a huge strap on fall out Luna: -whimpers as I see it- I-it's too big ( about 16 1/2 inches long and about 5 inches around) Luna: -tries to close my legs- Mikayla: im sorry Luna *i pull a switch and it spreads your legs apart as i position myself between your legs* Luna: N-no!

-squirms- Mikayla: *in one quick thrust i shove 10 inches in* Luna: -screams as it stretches me feeling my pussy grip it- Stop! Luna: Please let me go!

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Mikayla: i cant luna *i pull out and slam in again, this time reaching 13 inches in* Luna: -whimpers as I moan blushing asI get wetter- Mikayla: *i look at you and pull out, i pull out a pair of nipple clamps and apply them to your nipples and squeeze them at hard as possible, then i slam in again going 15 inches deep* Luna: -winces as you clamp my nipples getting wet at their sting moaning in pain as you push it deeper- Mikayla: *i grab your hips and force the strap on all the way in* Luna: -screams getting wetter moaning a little in pleasure- Mikayla: *i pull out and i take off the strap on, i pull another out, this one 19 inches long, 7 inches around, and place the tip on your ass, i also take an 18 inch dildo 6 inches around and shove it all the way into your pussy and using tape i hold it in there* Luna: -gets wetter as I moan- Mikayla: *i slam the dildo into your ass going only 5 inches in* Luna: -moans more blushing as it starts feeling good- Nooo.

-I say weakly- Mikayla: *smiles* *i pull out and slam in again this time going 10 inches in, i see trickles of blood come out your ass* Luna: -gets wetter as you fuck me- Mikayla: *i pull out and grab your hips, then i slam in with as much force as i can get shoving all 19 inches into your ass* Luna: -screams feeling my ass stretch more- Mikayla: *smiles* *i rip the tape off your pussy and watch the dildo slide out, i then take two more dildos off the table each one about 10 inches long 4 inches around, i grab the 18 inch dildo and shove it in then i shove the other two dildos into your pussy and start slamming in and out of your ass as i hold the three dildos in your pussy* Luna: -moans too horny to resist blushing as I look up at you with big blue eyes- Mikayla: *i continue fucking you brutally* Luna: -keeps moaning my breasts bouncing- Mikayla: *i pull out and let the three dildos fall out of your pussy* Luna:-gasps panting hard- Mikayla: how was that Luna?

Luna: G-good. -blushes- Mikayla: *smiles* do you want more? Luna: -nods- Mikayla: *i smile* ok then *i walk over to a large door and open it, all you see nothing in there since its way to dark to see in there* Mikayla: do you want to know whats in here Luna?

Luna: -blushes- No. Mikayla: to bad *a small red light starts shining in the opening that slowly grows larger* Luna: -whimpers seeing the red light- W-what is it? Mikayla: well, its a portal luna, you see my employer wants something that just inst possible without using a little, witchcraft. so ive read up on one specific spell, opening a portal to the nether world Luna: What does he want?

Mikayla: he wants you useless luna, so worn out, and used up that no guy would every want you, and since your so pretty i knew it couldn't be done with out some help Luna: -blushes feeling scared- Mikayla: *you see the portal opening up and strange creatures step out, some are very tall with cocks reaching 25 inches in length and other with many tentacles varying in size* Luna: -whimpers seeing cocks and tentacles blushing- W-what are those?

Why can't you just make me yours instead? Mikayla: oh, you will be mine.

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but i need to finish my contract first *a tentacle reaches up and pulls you off the table as one of the tall creatures moves in front of you as another moves behind you* dont worry luna, it should all be over soon Luna: -whimpers as the slimy tentacle grabs me- Mikayla: *you feel the creatures put there cocks up to your ass and pussy and suddenly slam in* dont worry Luna, you can be mine after this is over, no guy may want you, but i will Luna: -moans loudly as my holes stretch again- Mikayla: *the creatures stretch your ass and pussy to the limit as the shove more and more of there cocks in, soon the have about 22 inches into your pussy and 24 inches into your ass* Luna: -blushes moaning louder- So big!

Mikayla: *suddenly the pull back and shove all the way in, and with unnatural speed and power they start they start fucking you* Luna: -cries out as they pull out and drive on home again- Mikayla: *i sit there and watch as they fuck you in both your ass and pussy at super speed* Mikayla: *smiles* Luna: -moans loudly getting wetter- Mikayla: *a tentacle from one of the monsters finds your mouth and shoves its way in* Luna: Mmph! -blushes crimson trying not to gag- Mikayla: *the tentacle begins making its way down you throat* Luna: -gets wetter as I taste it- Mmph!

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Mikayla: *suddenly the stop, then shove in as far as possible as they fill you up with cum* Luna: -my eyes widen as I cum hard milking their cocks as they fill me- Mikayla: *the tentacles drop you, as another creature with two cocks walks up behind you, his cocks are also 25 inches in length but also 8 inches wide, he grabs you by your waist and lifts you up and slams you onto his cocks, one in your pussy and one in your ass* Luna: -screams feeling my holes stretch more painfully- Mikayla: *it fucks you brutally for about 5 minutes, then it cums filling you up, to the point where cum is spilling out of your holes, he then starts trying to fit both cocks into your pussy* Luna: N-no!

P-please! Mikayla: *it slowly shoves and you can feel your pussy stretch wider and wider* Luna: Unnh! -feels them stretch again getting soaked- Mikayla: *the monster gets in deep enough to where its really stretched apart, then shoves in all the way* *i seem a bit worried as i see blood start coming out of your pussy* Luna: -screams in pain- Mikayla: *i watch as a small puddle of blood begins to form on the floor, as the creature fucks your pussy bruatlly for the next 7 minutes or so before unloading what seems like a flood of cum into your pussy* Luna: -screams weakly- Mikayla: *he drops you onto the floor as blood and cum pour out, then a creature with many tentacles grabs your wrists and ankles and shoves a tentacle 9 inches wide into your ass* Luna: -screams as the slimy tentacles slide into my ass- Unnh Mikayla: *i walk up to you as it shoves the tentacle deeper and deeper* ok, Luna since you will belong to me anyway, do you want me to tell you who hired me?

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Luna: Y.Yes. Mikayla: *smiles* well, it was your ex, david from three years ago. you broke up with him and ii guess he never did forgive you *as i say that it shoves its tentace very deep into your ass as you feel it go deeper and deeper* Luna: That's.

Unnh. Because. Oooh. I started liking girls instead! Unnh!!!!!! -cums hard for 5 minutes- Mikayla: well, i guess he didnt like it that much *it shoves the tentacle so deep it reaches your stomach* Luna: -whimpers feeling it in my stomach- Mikayla: *it churns around then starts pumping in and out as it enlarges another 2 inches wide* Luna: It feels so weird! -moans getting wet- Mikayla: *stands there and watches as it shoves another thentacle 8 inches wide into your ass and another 10 inches wide into your pussy* Luna: -screams in pain-p.please.stop.​.


Mikayla: oh luna, you know i cant do that *takes a few steps back* Luna: please. Mikayla: sorry *the creature shoves the tentacle in your pussy ever deeper meeting the other two tentacles in your stomach* Luna: -screams as i feel the three tentacles moving and churning around- Mikayla: *one of the tentacles in your ass shoves deeper moving to your throat and wiggling its way out your mouth, then suddenly you feel large lumps fall out of the tentacles in your stomach * Luna: -i freeze in fear as i feel my stomach begin to fill up with these strange lumps- w-w-whats happening?

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Mikayla: well Luna, you see these creatures need to reproduce since there are no females in there world, they need human females *as i say this it finishes fulling you with what you now know to be eggs,* Luna: -i turn pale at the though of giving berth to demon babies-

Mikayla: *the tentacles release a flood of cum distending your already bloated belly even more, as the tentacle in your mouth covers you in cum* Luna: -i want to throw up as my stomach distends even more- Mikayla: *the tentacles pull out letting you fall to the floor* Luna: -i hit the floor and using as much strength as i have i feel my stomach, it moist to the touch and feels like a water bed with lots of golf balls floating around in it- Mikayla: im sorry luna *i walk out of the room as a creature walks up with a 30 inch long cock and 15 inches wide, it grabs you by the waist and shoves 27 inches into you in one powerful thrust* Luna: -that thrust send me over the edge as i feel intense pain but am to weak to scream- Mikayla: *i look back a blood is flowing out of your pussy* Luna: -i feel the wall leading to my womb is destroyed by the monsters cock, i start losing vision as the creature pumps its cum into me and continues fucking me harder and harder, i hang my head and see a mixture of blood and cum flowing out of my ruined pussy- Mikayla: *i sit there at the door watching as as the creature fucks you till it cums another 3 or 4 times and lets you go* Luna: -i whimper a bit when i hit the ground- Mikayla: *i see the creature stick it whole hand in your pussy with no struggle whatsoever* Luna: -i think "thats what he wanted, my pussy is ruined, its so worn out and used up, its useless, its so lose i could put three baseball bats in there with no problem at all"- Mikayla: im sorry luna.*i turn away as another monster picks you up and shoves i hand into your ass* Luna: -i just flop around as he picks me up and dont even whimper as he fists my ass, im to weak to do anything and as i feel blood pour out of my ass the world around me goes dark- to be continued