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Robin Valej and Paul Hunter
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Once again my account registration failed. Is there something I might be doing wrong? Would love some help with this so all of my stories can be together. My Whole Family Needed Me 3 I hardly slept. I knew that I had to finish it all today, but two ideas kept buzzing around in my head like angry wasps. Number one was how was Katie going to handle me dominating her. It was easy with my sister because I have always taken care of her and my mother clearly needed to be taken care of after what happened to her.

But my sister has remained relatively strong considering what had happened not 2 days ago. Number two was what in the world should I do with Aunt Lucy. I felt like she should face her comeuppance for how she betrayed my mother. First thing's first. I had to make my escape to my room so Katie and Nessa wouldn't get suspicious before I had complete control of the house.

I gave my mother a final kiss on the lips and a smack on the ass before I left her in her cum-soaked, sweaty bed.

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Our cum-soaked, sweaty bed. Luckily, neither of my sisters were back from school yet. It was only about 2:30 so I had about an hour before I would even expect them. I could have taken the opportunity to get a quickie in with mother, but I wanted all of my strength for later today.

I hopped in the shower and found myself hardening while thinking about taking Katie and making her mine. She would try her hardest to fight me off, she'd kick and scream and get hot and sweaty just like mother. I would rip her clothes off and in minutes, be pounding away at her tight virgin pussy while she begged for more.

I resisted the urge to jerk myself off and blow a load all over the shower walls. If my cum was gonna be anywhere it would be inside Katie's snatch. I got out and dried off. I threw on nothing but a pair of boxers and a t-shirt. I texted Jereme and asked him to get all of my homework and bring it by after school so I wouldn't fall behind. I was ready. Nessa was the first to come home.

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She had a queer look on her face and seemed a bit spacey. She went straight up to her room and locked the door behind her. I figured it was just that preteen mood swing period that everyone has to go through around her age. About 10 minutes later, Katie finally walked through the door.

"Hey Zack, how was hooky"? "You wouldn't believe me if I told you" I chuckled "Do you know what's up with Nessa? She seems to be taking this extra hard I mean I know dad is a scumbag and everything but she seems like she's gonna start cutting or something" "I don't know" I responded, "She left for school like an hour early, maybe she is trying to avoid someone" "Or meet someone" she winked, "you never know maybe she's got a little boyfriend.

Well it doesn't matter anyway I'm sure she'll get over it" I agreed and then followed her upstairs. She looked at me weird and disappeared into her room. I stood at the door ready to go in, but I got the feeling that Nessa might actually be going through something serious. Before I went to her room I had to make a quick phone call… Knock Knock. No answer. "Nessa its Zack let me in" "I don't want to talk to anyone right now" she responded Luckily I had the key to her door anyway.

I just had to slip into mother's room.

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The keys were my responsibility now anyway. I retrieved them with ease as mother was still in her sex coma with a giant smile on her cum-stained face. "Nessa I'm coming in right now ok" I keyed into the door and saw Nessa face down on her seemingly tear-soaked pillow.

She confirmed this when she started to sob her eyes out in front of me. I tried to comfort her but she slapped my hand away. "Don't touch me. Get away from me"! She shrieked and I stepped back confused. "What happened to you"?

I asked and she sobbed out the whole story. "He made me do it with him, he made me come early to class today and he did so many nasty things to me.


It didn't feel good like when you did it to me. It hurt and he stuck his dirty thing into my asshole and it hurt really bad. I tried to scream but no one could hear me and he shoved my panties in my mouth to keep me quiet. He hit me Zack he hurt me"! I couldn't believe what I was hearing. After talking with her for half an hour I found that her homeroom teacher had gotten her to come to class early today and raped her in his classroom. My sister was brutalized and I wasn't there to protect her.

I told her to take off her clothes and let me see how badly she was hurt. She gingerly took them off and bent over for my inspection. Oh my God, was all that I could say as I stared at her now gaping hole.

Dry cum stains were all over her gaping ass and pussy. There were even small blood stains on and in her poor asshole. The smell of sex was prevalent in the air around her holes it was almost intoxicating.

I contained my thoughts of how beautiful she probably looked getting pounded against her will. I got a wet towel and gently cleaned her then rubbed some ointment on her to avoid infections.

Luckily the ass had worn a condom so I wasn't afraid of pregnancy or disease. Not from him anyway. "Zack why did it feel so good when you did it to me and it felt so horrible when he did it" she sobbed "That bastard forced you to do what you didn't want him to do and what you weren't ready for. It didn't feel good because he didn't want to take care of you. He just wanted you for his own selfish needs. Are you ok Nessa? Are you sore? "I'm ok Zack thanks for taking care of me.

I was really sore all day, but now it's not so bad it just hurts when I poop" she laughed awkwardly and I laughed with her. I felt that she needed to be reminded that I was here for her. So I started slowly kissing her from her lips to her neck, then to her tits. I stopped there and sucked gently on her cherry bites.

I pinched the other while I had one in my mouth. She moaned as I slowly made my way down to her sweet pussy. Tiny hairs were starting to grow on her tiny mound and they tickled my face as I began to kiss her outer lips. I spread her lips with my fingers and I began my assault on her tiny clit. I could smell the fuck that she had earlier on them.

The smell was so pungent it made me hard immediately, but I continued to focus on her. I licked her hard clit first slowly then I picked up speed and really began to flick my tongue over her sweet pussy. "Oh Zack yeahhhh uhhh ohhh I need this I need to feel good make me forget ohhh take care of meee" As I continued my clitoral assault she began to buck her hips and squirm around.

She got wetter and wetter and her juices started to squirt into my mouth and I slurped eagerly at them. She tasted so good! Her juices tasted so sweet but sour at the same time. As her orgasm approached, I didn't want to, but I had to stop.

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"Oh Zack I was so close why did you stop"? She asked with a begging look in her eyes. "I need you to be quiet today ok baby no screaming" I said with a serious look in my eyes. I didn't want my mother or Katie to know what was going on yet.

She complied and I continued to lick.

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It wasn't long before she was bucking wildly and squirting her delicious juices into my mouth. She wanted to scream but she put a pillow over her head and I could hardly hear her moans. When her orgasm finally subsided I asked her if she wanted to help me with something. She eagerly agreed to help me with my next task. I told her to put on a thong and bra and wait outside of Katie's room until I called for her to come in.

I walked out of her room and straight to Katie's, I barely had time to wipe the juices off of my face with the inside of my shirt before I reached her closed door. I knocked twice and then just came in. She was clad in nothing but a bra and see through panties. I couldn't tell whether she was wet or sweaty but I did know that I could see right through to her beautiful hairy mound. She had it shaved in a perfect triangle. I couldn't wait to taste her. "Nice manners" Katie said as I stepped toward her with my full resolve.

"I know why you're here right now. I know last night you fucked our little sister all night in order to 'take care of her'. I know that you're probably thinking of fucking me and mom too just because we're sad over dad right now. I'm letting you know right now that it's not happening." She said matter-of-factly. "Look Katie, you're my big sister and I've always looked up to you.

You're beautiful and you're confident. Everyone seems to like you and gravitate towards you. I used to see you as bulletproof, but now I know more than ever that you really need me. You didn't get me in trouble because you know that Nessa needs me. You're talking to me instead of going to tell mom because you know you need me to do what I'm about to do to you.


You're strong but you need me to take care of you, you need me to dominate you" Her eyes got watery as I stepped towards her. "I won't let you do it to me Zack just get out! I don't need you and I don't need anyone. Why should I let you take care of me if you're just gonna betray me like dad!" "I love you Katie, I'm doing this all for you", that was the last thing that I said before I made my move.

I lunged at her and pinned her to her bed. She was struggling with all of her might and was actually putting up a good battle. "Get off me Zack I don't want this! I don't want you to do this to me please don't." I didn't respond I just started to bite and lick and suck at her neck. My hardon returned instantly and I started rubbing it all over her wet mound. My cock sprung free from my boxers and it was basically rubbing right against her clit through her wet panties.

"You can come in now" I said and her eyes grew wide as Nessa slowly walked in and marveled at the sight before her. She had clearly been listening to what was happening and was fingering herself outside the door as her panties were drenched and she had just changed. The musky smell of her sex mixed with Katie's began to fill the air and I basked in it. I told Nessa to come and help me take care of our big sister.

She walked slowly towards her sister and touched her for the first time. "Nessa I don't care what Zack told you I don't want him to do this to me. He's forcing me he's. "He's taking care of you! Just like he did with me, he's going to make you feel good and keep you safe. He's not like Dad; he really loves us and wants to be there when we need him. So instead of fighting him you should get on your knees and beg for him to fuck you!" Katie was shocked at how our sister was speaking up to her for the first time, and she realized that Nessa really believed what she was saying and there was some truth to it.

But she still wasn't going to let it happen without a fight. At this point she was starting to fight so hard that she began to sweat. She was slipping away until Nessa pulled her thong off, jumped on top of Katie's face, and smashed her cum-soaked pussy into her mouth and nose. Her smell penetrated Katie's nostrils and she writhed around to try and get her off, but she eventually had her arms pinned above her head by Nessa and the rest of her body pinned down by me.

I pulled Katie's panties to the side and bent down to take a quick first taste of my beautiful older sister. I gave her a few flicks of my tongue on her clit and then jammed my entire tongue into her virgin cunt.

She was already wet! I couldn't believe how good her juices tasted. It was like sweet nectar from a ripe peach. I reluctantly pulled my tongue out of her and spread her legs wide to finally conquer her. I could hear her muffled cries and pleas that she was screaming into her younger sister's sweet pussy.

I wasted no time and I crammed all 5 ½ inches into a hot tight pussy for the 3rd time in 2 days after being a virgin for 15 years. I felt myself tear through her poor hymen as I lunged inside of her and even though it was muffled; I could hear my sister's cry of plain loud and clear. I paused for a second to get her used to the feel of my cock inside of her; it was going to happen a lot more from now on. As I started to move I felt her tight pussy muscles clench around me and try to keep me from moving.

Katie sounded like she was either crying or moaning into Nessa's pussy, but it didn't matter which at this point. I needed her to acknowledge my dominance. I needed her to submit to me. I might even need to impregnate her to make her mine. I had just started moving in and out when I heard a loud scream come out of not Katie's, but Nessa's mouth, and it was a scream of joy! Nessa had just cum and squirted all of her juices into Katie's mouth! I heard slurping noises and realized that Katie had already given in.

She was eating and tasting and slurping at Nessa's sweet pussy. I took this as a sign and began to pound away at her tight wanting pussy. Nessa fell off of Katie and started to slurp away at her tits from the side and all I could see was Katie's eager face. I pounded into her flesh like an animal and I bent over to shove my tongue into her mouth.

She returned my kiss and our tongues began to dance as I shoved my cock in and out of her tight wet pussy. "Zack I knew you were right! I didn't want to believe it, but you are what I need. Please never stop fucking me, make me your whore oh my god give me your cock!" she started to scream as I lifted myself off of her and really started to pound her with all of my might.

"I'm so sorry I doubted you my baby brother I love you so much fuck me hard!

OH UHHH IM GONNA CUM SOON MAKE ME CUM ALL OVER YOUR HARD COCK!!!!!" I had never seen this before in real life. My sister came and squirted all over me! She squirted out so much cum while she bucked and spasm all over her bed. Nessa stuck her tongue in Katie's mouth and made out with her while she played with her nipples.

After seeing Katie squirt and my sisters making out I couldn't hold it any longer. KATIE YOU ARE SO FUCKING TIGHT OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU I'M GONNA CUM SO DEEP INSIDE OF YOU "Yes Zack please cum inside me please give me a baby!

I'd be so happy to give birth to your baby uhhhhhhh" She began to squirt again as I pumped gob after gob of my load into her freshly fucked pussy. I was still hard inside of her when we both came down from our high. I kissed and licked all over her and told her I needed to take her virginity.

She looked confused as I turned her over. I leaned down and started to lick and prod at her virgin asshole. She moaned and squirmed as I inserted a finger into her sweaty hole.

It smelled like a clever combination of lotion, cum and sweat. I held her panties to the side with one hand while I poked my second finger into her with the other. "Nessa come get under Katie like this" I said as I positioned her face right under Katie's cum filled snatch.

She started slurping up all of Katie's and my cum and juices then she started to suck on her big sister's clit. Katie moaned even louder at the double assault that she was getting.

She was ready to be taken. I took my fingers out of her. I spread her ass wide with both hands and suddenly popped my head into her virgin asshole. OWWW ZACK THAT HURTS TOO MUCH PLEASE TAKE IT OUT PUT IT BACK IN MY PUSSY "Don't worry Katie it's going to feel good in a second just trust me" She nodded and I started to slowly sink my cock deeper and deeper into her hole until my balls hit her cunt.

Nessa started to juggle my hair balls with her tongue. "Oh Zack that really hurts uhhhh don't move yet ok it hurts too bad. But I love how you're filling me up so much! I love you and trust you Zack don't hurt me please" I assured her that I would never hurt her as I slowly moved myself a little bit out, then back in, then back out a little more, and then right back in. I started to move in and out at a faster and faster pace until my whole cock was going in and out of her tight asshole.

All of her muscles were clenching my cock like a vice grip. I knew I wouldn't last very long inside her. Her groans of pain were soon replaced by moans and pleas to go faster. THAT'S IT FUCK ME OHH NESSA LICK ME IM SOOOO CLOSE OH MY GOD NESSA FINGER FUCK ME YEAHHHH I LOVE THAT OHHH IM GONNA CUM SOON OH GOOOOOOOD She squirted all over Nessa's face for almost a minute as her third orgasm washed over her. After seeing Nessa's cum covered face I could hold it no longer.

I had the greatest orgasm of my life as I came deep inside of my sister's ass. At the same time, Nessa was screaming as she came once again into her big sisters mouth. I pulled out and spurted my last few drops all over Nessa's face and had her suck my cum and shit stained cock clean.

Just as I pulled my cock out of her mouth I heard the door open. "What the hell are you kids doing"! I turned around to see Aunt Lucy standing in the doorway.