Saucy staci is a cum loving slut

Saucy staci is a cum loving slut
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You probably want to read Chapter one and 2, 3 and 4 first. The first chapter does not have much sex but certainly introduces the main characters to you. Sex is abundantly present in chapters 2, 3, 4 and 5 --------- The Eleventh Elven Elevation Chapter 5 Interlude ---------- "Alex", whispered Cindy, "is not this carriage a little big for horses?" "No Cindy, it is not horses that are going to bring us to Seattle. From Caracas to Seattle is 4000 miles. We will be in Seattle in 10 hours, horses do not run that fast." "4000 miles in 10 hours, what kind of magic is that?" "I don't think it is magic Cindy, all these people in this carriage are calm.

This thing looks a little like that picture of a train in our instruction book, see? Let us copy their behavior. We are driving now, let us enjoy the ride." ------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- The Eleventh Elven Elevation Chapter 5 ---------- The next few days I practiced climbing techniques at home and even did pull-ups in the trees in the secluded garden behind the house.

I watched the park on the other side of the road in which I now spotted a parkour. Interested I went to it. With even more interest I looked at the moves of the people in this parkour.

One of them came to me and said, "Why don't you give it a try. It is easy, you can choose your own game, path, tricks and you can make it as easy as you want." "Call me gay, but these are expensive climbing shoes and I do not want to ruin them.

Do you mind me doing parkour bare feet?" "No, I will not call you 'Gay'. I will settle for something appropriate. Be my guest 'Numbnuts'." I took off my shoes and started running at a warm-up pace, long strides, avoiding little stones and branches. When I came to a tree I tried to mimic a monkey, swinging from branch to branch. I do admit, immediately after starting this parkour thing I was in a zone or something. Pure concentration on legs.

Constantly having my chi as the pivoting point. I saw what to grab for way before I had to. My concentration always a few steps ahead of my game. My heart leaped with joy. I really did not get why I was tired after 5 minutes of parkours already and I needed to stop. I sat down with my eyes closed doing breathing exercises.

Talk about lack of oxygen. The same guy sat himself opposing me. My shoes in his hands. The moment I had the strength to open my eyes and did so, he offered my shoes to me, "Wow, from your lean muscled figure I knew you were supple, but this was madness, how come I don't recognize you.

I thought I did parkour long enough to know my champions." "I never believed in competing." "Ah. But who taught you those moves, they were out of this world man. You looked like Spiderman, without the web thingy." "And my mother warned me going out this morning not to stand out too much. I guess I failed." "Don't worry, no witnesses. I won't tell on one condition." "Can I refuse?" "Tomorrow afternoon 3 o'clock.

Be here. It's going to be fun." "I cannot do anything else than what I showed you." "Really?" "Think so." "Bummer." "I've got my breath again. Why don't you show me what you want me to do?" "Ok. Here we go." He ran ahead of me to a clearing in the park into a paradise of beams, walls, and bars on split levels.

It was mind staggering. I stopped to watch him go at it for 10 minutes. Then he came back to me. "What do you think?" "You make it look easy." "Have a go yourself." And I did for a few minutes. "Well?" "Do that tomorrow and it will be Salem all over again." "That bad huh." "Worse. You're alien." "Same old, same old." "Really dude, can't you tone it down just a little?" "Impossible. I can only scale up. This was easy." "Where are you from?" "Alaska." "No way, is it Alaskan Supermen Invasion Week?" "Why?" "Word is, there was an Alaskan alien sighting in the Seattle Bouldering Project the day before." I held up my shoes.

"Portia?" "My sister." "She claimed to be messaging to her sister." "Correct, and Claudia messaged me." "What was the big deal?" "Claudia wants to be a doctor, she got her MCAT with a top score last year, but she is not accepted in WSU." "I saw the list today, there is a Claudia on it.

I am certain. What's her last name you said it is?" "I haven't said it is Holleeder." "Yep, that is the name I read on the list. Claudia Holleeder is accepted, Mike. 100%. She will get a letter of approval within this week." "No way." "Way." "You're an alien." "No, I'm from further away." "Any more surprises." "Only. It's my nature." "Mark my words, I said it first. You'll burn brightly." "Mentioning the obvious?" "Mind if I summon Claudia to come here.

She is not going to believe me." "Can't she wait for two weeks?" "No, girl stuff. Giving up. Things like that. Ever heard of? Pms and worse?" "No, I freed myself of the sisterhood and took control myself." "Lucky bastard." "Only the first name is inconclusive." "Claudia is here in 10 minutes.

We can do one run." "Go ahead." ----------- I fished two water bottles out of my backpack when a girl came walking to us.

No, not walking. Gliding. My horns grew immediately and something else grew as well. "She'll eat you alive." "Sounds like she is giving you trouble" "Tame the shrew, please." "Friends it is then?" "For life dude, just extract her from our household." The shrew stopped millimeters from entering my aura and said in a menacing voice; "Are you the Adakai guy?" I was not planning to budge so I countered shrewish; "Are you the Holleeder bitch?" "Mike, slap him, he stood your little sis up." "No.

It was the other way around, she was making a tool off of him." "Spill your guts Adakai guy. What do you know I don't?" "Rephrase your last sentence, please." "Lick my boots, idiot." "Suck my dick, bitch." "You wish, moron." "Be very careful with my wishes, slut." "I think you are a buffoon." "I think it is too hot to have your blouse all buttoned up." < I think it is too hot, loosen two buttons on your blouse Claudia. > Claudia loosened two buttons and said, "I am perfectly alright the way I am." "Then why did you loosen two buttons on your blouse?" < Loosen another button, Claudia, for me.

> Claudia loosened another and said, "I did, I uh, I did not loosen two buttons." "Are you perhaps showing off your tits for me, slut?" "Mike, slap him for calling me being a slut." "Claudia, sis, you are being a slut, unbuttoning your blouse as he says you to do." "When did you see my name on the list?" "When was the last time you overlooked your name on the list?" "Who are you?" "I am the guy who got you on the list." "I do not believe you." "That is not my problem." "Prove it." "Pull your shoulders back." < Pull your shoulders back Claudia.

> Claudia pushed her tits forward, almost into my face. They were big enough to leave me very little aura in between the two of us. Mike saw water burn. And perhaps more of his sister as ever before. "You can stop wishing, buster." "Because your tits are already on my face?" I almost felt sorry for the girl, she now knew she was not in control of herself and in turmoil with herself between hoping I would stop or go further.

I just could and would not give the last nudge. Talking would have to seal the deal. "Why is it you say you know I am in the program. How can you know?" "I have leverage." She was now audibly panting.

"You are someone with power." "I am trustworthy with credibility." "Who do you have leverage over?" "Ms. Vandereeken." Claudia fell in my arms. Crying from happiness. Crying from arousal. Her mind in turmoil of wishing to be able to 'punish' Ms. Vandereeken and being punished by me.

"You are in the program, Claudia. You have to do the rest yourself. Anybody wants to go for a swim?" "Yes, but there is no pool here." "Let me solve the problems, please. Follow me." It was Mike following us. Claudia was more being held up by me than walking herself.

"Girt, answer me." "Depends on the question." "Why didn't you take advantage of me?" "Who says I didn't?" "How old are you?" "Old enough." "I do not have a swimsuit with me." "I think we have some that would fit you ." "How come I'm this wet. What did you do to me?" "Haven't you been this wet the past few months?" "No, yes, but not this wet. It's overflowing." "Give me one hour, you will be released.

I promise." "Ok, let's go then." --------------------------- I introduced my guests to Alasie, Vicky, Wilma, and Daphne lounging next to the pool. Upon my request, Vicky took Claudia to get her a bikini. They had about the same size.

Mike and I jumped in the water and started lapping until Mike said, "You sure there's a bikini for Claudia? She is well stacked." "So are Vicky and Alasie. Although Alasie's are a tiny bit bigger" "Someday you are going to spill what you did. Claudia is not alike who my sister used to be, but I wish she could have been this way always." Both girls came back changed into a bikini.

Claudia was wearing one from Alasie's collection and her tits spilled a little from the cups. I took notice and made an effort not to drool. "Are you sure the top is comfy Claudia?", I asked "It has to be. There aren't larger available. Why asking? Like you are going to command the women here to go topless if nothing was available?" "Ladies, you heard the girl.


She actually wants to go topless." My ladies unhooked their bikini tops and took them off. Mike and Claudia stood flabbergasted. I was hanging on the side of the pool looking up into Claudia's eyes, well, I was trying to look her in the eyes.

Her covered tits were massively in the way. "Please do not feel compelled to take yours off. These girls are used to swim topless. It is your choice", and I started lapping again. < Master, Claudia is a much better choice to claim and protect you than Vicky is. Vicky has too much trouble to keep up with medical studies with you. Claudia just might be able to keep up and be with you on campus all the time. And she is not of Elven heritage. She will not become a thrall as easy as an Elf does.

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> < Thank you Alasie. Close your eyes and enjoy a small orgasm, but do not be too obvious about it. > I swam back to Mike, who was talking to his sister. They stopped the conversation when I neared them and Claudia said to me, "Girt, I was hoping to learn something more solid about my application on WSU.

All I have now is just a bloke saying I am in. That is not enough for me. I need more." Daphne stood up and walked to us. "Claudia, I heard you saying you need to see the list. If you would follow me please." Again Claudia left the pool.

"Dude, thank you." "For what." "For changing my sister. She was hell to live with last year. And she was hellish to all blokes trying to get into her pants." "I did not try to get into her pants." "Hahaha, yet!" "Believe me, Mike.

With me, there is no trying. I only do." "I would not mind living here." "I would mind having you live here." "So, are you fucking them all?" "I don't kiss and tell Mike." "That means Claudia will be quite safe here.

Five women and only one man. I will tell her to go for it. Will I see you tomorrow in the park?" "Yep." Mike climbed out of the pool and walked up to Vicky, Wilma, and Alasie. ----- Claudia and Daphne sat down behind Daphne's computer and Daphne logged into her WSU-account, clicking directly into the list for next year's approved medical applicants. "Oh my god, I am really on the list. But I do not recognize those screens." "Those screens are related to my work with WSU." A knock on the door startled them both.

"Come in", Daphne said and Mike stuck his head through the door. "Sis, I have to go. Things to prepare for tomorrow. Why don't you stay?.

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I'll excuse you for dinner." "Excuse me for dinner? You make it sound like you are willing to move my wardrobe as well." "If you want to live here, you have my blessing, Claudia.

I cannot think of a more safe place for you to be. Mom, dad, and Portia will be delighted. If you play your cards right and become a member of this sorority you might save your family some cents. You getting into WSU is costing them a bundle." "How is that Mike, with safety here?" "Five women and one man. How safe do you want it to be? Besides, I know you too well. You want his hands in your pants.

I saw the looks you gave him when he wasn't watching.


So, see you tomorrow?" "Three o'clock wasn't it?" "Yep. Still is. Bye now." "Didn't Girt tell you this approval comes with a full scholarship and a career fund?" "No. Is it?" "It is. Your father, mother, brother, and sister do not have to spend one cent on you. I know it sounds alien to you. It will all be in the mail within a week." "Who are you guys? This just does not happen." "My name is Daphne Vandereeken.

And I say things like this do happen. I know it firsthand." "Ms. Vandereeken, mother of Pearl Vandereeken?", Claudia asked with a raised voice. "Please take Pearl out of the equation dear. She almost ruined my life, but no more." "Will you tell me about it?" "Everything darling, everything.

Now, you go get your guy." "Says a beautiful topless woman, living in a house with three other beautiful women, running around the house topless and with the one man I am after and whom I now know for an hour and a half. I'm getting mad, aren't I?" "All the more reasons not to let him slip away now, is there? Suppose he finds out you're a nutcase. Come here girl, so I can take your top off, it hurts looking at you." Claudia was too far gone in her dreams of being with her Girt to notice Ms.

Vandereeken stood very close to her with her hands around her to loosen her top and to pull it off. With the garment gone their nipples touched, electrifying both women.

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To Claudia's surprise, she liked the feeling and did not step away, feeling happy Ms. Vandereeken did not step away either, remembering she wanted to dominate Ms. Vandereeken.

"Are you into girls Ms. Vandereeken?", Claudia asked, touching Ms. Vandereeken's breasts. Claudia's breasts were touched in return, "Please call me Daphne, Claudia, most certainly now we are on tits touching terms. No, I am not into girls. But. If I thought it would please Girt I would kiss you this instant or eat your cunt out." Daphne caressed Claudia's vulva while telling Claudia where her tongue was going to be. "Hmm, you're so wet already, you're as much a slut as I am, are you not?" "Yes Daphne, you got me.

In other words, this sorority is for Girt's pleasure?" "No, you have got that wrong girl and I think you sensed what is going on here. I think you saw the bliss in Alasie's eyes when you passed her walking out of the pool." "What do I have to do to get what Alasie got Daphne?" "Watch me and learn Claudia." --------- "Say, Vicky, why don't you come in the pool with me." Vicky jumped in the water and swam over in my direction.

"Yes, here I am. You want me to suck you?" "No, I want you to be happy. And I am afraid I have been neglecting you. Come here, I want to hold you." Vicky pressed her jewels into my chest. I held her head in my hands and read her moods. I saw she was happy but missed something. And I was giving exactly what she was missing just by holding her. She missed being loved. "Ooooh Girt, I love you so much. How did you sense I needed this?" "That's an easy one, Vicky.

I needed it myself as well." "Why can't I become your thrall as well. I want to." "We talked about it, Vicky. I love you too much. Do not throw away your life like that. "Are you saying Alasie, Wilma and Daphne threw away their life?" "You know very well that for them, being a thrall is a reward." "Then reward me as well." "And face your father telling him I have rewarded you. No, you tell him you want this Vicky. Go see him in Juneau. Tell him what you want and then come back if he wills it.

Tell him Alasie and I think a medicinal study will be a too big a strain for you." "And you will give it to me then? You will make me happy when I come back?" "That is all I want.

To see you happy. There is not a single thread in my body not wanting you and everything I am is screaming for you to be happy Vicky." "And you will give it to me then? You will make me your thrall when I come back?" "Again Vicky, I want to see you happy.

But I also want you to finish your study and not having to cope with my hormones. "Then fuck me now.


I want your dick. I need your dick. You owe me, Girt. You cannot send me away without fucking me. So fuck me. Now." With the both of us standing on the bottom of the pool and the water to our neck Vicky climbed me and fed her pussy with my pecker. "Unghnmm, yes Girt. Now that is nice. Unghnmm, yes. Squeeze my tits baby, yes, yes, unghnmmm. Claudia entered the pool house. With her top removed she was a lot more alluring.

Her breasts only swayed a little, in spite of them being big. "Can I join you two in the water." "Does-nun-hnnn't bot-huuh-hrrr youhhhh, Clauhh-diaa-hhh, thahhht weh-hh're ung-hnnmm, fuh-cking?" "No Vicky, I'm just waiting my turn." Claudia came into the water, standing with her back to me.

She made it easy for me to reach to her left breast with my left hand, standing proudly on her chest. Claudia grabbed Vicky"s right hand and laid it upon her right tit, begging, "Oh yes, Girt, Vicky, please toy with my tits.

They are so sensitive, unhnm, yes." "Should we be jealous of Claudia, Vicky. Coming within seconds and not being penetrated?" "I'm not jealous Girt.

Somehow I feel Claudia belongs here as much as I do, perhaps even more. Rest assured I will be back soon.

I am not going to miss this, this elevation of yours." "A what? An elevation? What are you talking about?" "Uhgnmm, uhnngmm, uhnngmm. Ooh, Girt, please stop. I'm so sensitive already. Please just hold me?" "No problem gorgeous." I held her in my right arm for a long time, and yes, my other hand was fondling Claudia's left breast for a long time as well. "How come I am doing this, Girt?", Claudia asked. "You tell me, Claudia. Nobody else but you made all the decisions. I could have, I would have if needed, it just wasn't necessary.

All I know is that I want you and I have made an encounter with you a reality. All I know is that now we have met, I also know why every single woman on a plane from Juneau to Seattle got aroused when I caressed my Wilma's tits." "You mean you were on the OLM- whatever number it was two weeks ago as well. Where did you sit? I don't remember you." "I was in business class and shortly after take-off I toyed around with Wilma's tits, getting all women aboard aroused." "Shortly after take-off, I had this fantasy of someone with authority over me to fondle with my tits.

I remember that. I just cannot make the connection. I could not have seen it happen. And yes, I was already aroused, I was sloshing in my panties for the past few months, but I went extreme on the plane.

My poor parents, they offered me a holiday to get some rest themselves, but I came back worse." "It is okay Claudia, you can come. It is alright.

Come for me. I want you to." "Aaarrgghhhh, uhngnnmm, ooooooooohhngnmmmm, uhmgnmmm, uhmgnmm, uhnngghhnnmmmmm. Hmmmmmmm, thiiis issss sooooohhhhhh gooooooohhhhhd." < She will be at it for a while Vicky.

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I want you to go see your father asap. Firstly because I want you back again way before colleges start and secondly because I want everybody on the same page. And I am sorry for having to say this. > < You don't have to say it. It is evitable that both your hunkering quivers for each other on the plane were being resonated with all those women's own sexual vibrations.

They kept their arousal because no one felt a release from neither of you. It is good what you did with all women, make them forget it. Don't worry Girt. Alasie told me everything. Claudia needs you for a while. I am not jealous, I couldn't be. This is so beautiful Girt. I'm off to Juneau. > < I could not have said that better Vicky, know that I love you. > Vicky released herself from my one-armed hug and waded to a steps hanging on the side of the pool, climbing out.

Disappearing in the door she blew us one kiss as a goodbye. I embraced Claudia from behind her with both my hands now. Hushing and cooing in her ear. The girl was still coming in little quakes. Very slowly I lifted us up from the water into the air and laid us together on a double flattened lounger, cooing all the time. Claudia came back to earth a good half hour later, disorientated.

"Shh, it's ok Claudia, you just had an orgasm. The first in my presence. So, that was a small one?" After a slap on my arm, Claudia said, "Sorry, I don't remember ever having an orgasm if this was one. I think I was so frustrated all previous years because I could not get my release. It does not matter how you did it. But I can feel we are so unbelievably alike. I bet you are going for the genetic program like me. I just know it. You released me. You gave me my spot in the medical programs on WSU.

I don't even think it's weird I heard Vicky think to you about what happened on the plane. I'm so happy you took the time to find me. I'm yours. I will love you forever. Did you really make us float through the air onto this lounger? Now that is weird mister.

What else are you capable of?" "I don't know. I guess if you can think of it, I can make it happen.

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I just do not use it too much. A little as possible I guess. I am too afraid of rippling effects from my actions. But seeing you this happy is something I can value." "I'm afraid my family is going to kiss your feet, if they trust you, that is. Well, Mike trusts you, that is a given. Portia hates you for standing her up during your lunch together. I will have a few talks with the girl, but there is a little voice in my head that says you have to make good with her." "I'm afraid you are right.

I will make up with Portia." "You know what ripple that will cause, don't you? I don't have a problem with it though. She deserves a break, but please make it so it is not permanent. I love my sister, I do, but I don't want to love her physically." "Yes, ma'am.

Anything else ma'am?" Claudia slapped me again, "No Jeeves, that'll be all. I'll ring your bell when I want to ring your bell again." "As long as you don't wring my bell, ma'am." <<Slap>> "Thank you, ma'am. And being in such a violent mood ma'am, why don't you go afflict your family instead of your life saver. Tell them where you want to sleep the next few years." "An ultimatum Girt? Already?" "You're right. Tell them where you want to sleep tonight.

Tell them you have to nurse me, practice on me. Tell them your medical practice dummy is available tonight. Tell them your newly acquired pet cannot be moved out of this house. Tell them he is not housebroken yet." "My parents will never let me sleep with a guy they have not been introduced with, so you're coming with me." ----- Good things are over before you realize you have something going and we had not yet entered the Holleeder residency or; "Son, you have got some balls to show up here.

I just heard from Portia you are the guy to stand her up during a lunch. Tell me why I wouldn't have Mario here beat you up." "I don't want to see Mario hurt sir. And me standing up to Portia, not entirely true sir.

I think it is the other way round sir." "Mario, take him into the garden and beat him up, just teach him a lesson. Mike needs him tomorrow in parkour." "Mario, I will gladly be escorted outside, but if you make me to have to defend myself, you will not be able to walk for a week and that is the best I can do for you. I only know how not to get hurt." Mike added, "Mario if I were you I would take his warning seriously." "Orders are orders.

You mister, outside in ten seconds or I will make you go outside." When Mario stepped into the garden and tried to grab me for some Italian two-handed hug, Mr. Merculief or some embedded knowledge of krav maga took over my actions.

I remained standing up, but Mario ended up lying down with an almost shattered kneecap. "Sorry folks, but Mario cannot run again like earlier today in three weeks. Do you have your things Claudia, are you coming?" Claudia screamed at me "You, you hurt Mario, you beast. Get out of my house. Get out of my life. Get out!" "He, Claudia is back," said Mike. I valued Claudia enough to check her mind and saw a mild bipolarity.

As easy as turning on the lights I switched her bipolarity to almost nothing. She focused her eyes on me, back to Mario and to me again, "Girt, you could have been hurt, you idiot.

Don't ever do that again," and stepped into my embrace, slapping my arm. I thought it prudent to use Krav maga to defend myself against Claudia but I could not help myself saying, "Claudia, if you want me out of your life, you have to let go of me." Claudia did not set me loose but I wanted to feel Mario's knee to see whether I could lighten his burden or not, so I pried her arms away and squatted next to Mario and felt his knee.

"Mario, see to it you have an ice bag on your knee. There is some bruise." Being able to bend the knee a little without whimpering from Mario I continued, "It is not damaged either. It can hurt a little up to a month, just do not go running or do anything excessive and you will be as new.

Seeing a physiotherapist and having it taped will do wonders as well, just listen to his advice." "Claudia, I have been talking to Mike for the past few minutes and I will follow his advice. Go with the boy and get your Ph.D. Come see your mother when you can. Son, are you really an alien?" "I'm afraid not sir.

I think I am worse. My heritage seems a little vague." "Come sit in my office, I want to have a word with you." "Yes sir, oh, my compliments sir.

This is one office, beautiful. And the chess table, sir, I love this room. Do you play chess, sir?" "y- eh no. I don't play chess. It is just a beautiful table and the pieces are extraordinary. I know the rules. That's all. But now, business. Son, how is it possible that my girl is in the program suddenly?

I moved heaven and earth, last year and this year. I could not get her in. And then some punk from Alaska comes saying she is on the list and what do you know! My baby is going to be a doctor. Tell me. Tell me slowly, she does not have her wits from me." "Sir, you moved heaven and earth for your daughter. Why?" "She is my daughter, I would move heaven and earth. I love her." "Exactly. The same goes for me, with the small difference I consider myself lucky not to be her father.

"You know the girl for 8 hours. Don't bullshit me, son." "I have known the woman I love since she was on a flight from Juneau sir. And yesterday I learned it was Claudia, sir." "Are you some psychic son. Should I be scared of you." "I would not know sir. I only know one psychic." "I will send Claudia to go with you, but remember.

One complaint from Claudia and Mario comes messing your life." "I would not deserve anything less sir. Do you want me to give Mario a key to my house?

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It will save us all a lot of trouble." "You willing to do that son?" "Sure sir, why not." "Get out of here, you're fucking with me." "I'd rather not sir." ---------------- ---------------- You know by now my grammar is far from perfect, well neither am I.

I do wish you like my story though. Even in the worst case scenario, it is junk, a good result does tickle me and makes me want to perform better. I think you are in for a well enough ride, if it were not I would not have written it.