Indian muslim straight men cock movies gay Zeno Kostas Fucks Blake

Indian muslim straight men cock movies gay Zeno Kostas Fucks Blake
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My daughter and I had recently moved to a new town, and I suggested we both join a health club, a way for us to share some time together, as well as getting in shape and lose some weight, not that either one of us were that bad looking. Andrea, my daughter is 16, and looks amazing in her workout leotard, a perfect tight teenage body with firm 36c breasts.

OK class, pair up.I see we have 2 newcomers to our class, since everyone already has a partner, I suggest you two be partners for today's class.

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For those new to our class, here is how we perform 'sexercise.' Usually it takes about 20 or 30 minutes to warm up, if we were doing a normal cardio routine, but as we all know, sex brings the heart rate up, and starts us sweating almost immediately, that's why we use sex instead of aerobics, its a quicker workout that yields better results, also, its just more fun!

There were about a dozen other couples in the room, that's when we noticed that the drapes were closed, no one could see inside, and there were mini mattresses on the ground as opposed to work out mats. My daughter and I faced each other, we were in the center of the group, and I guess no one imagined that the two of us were related, although there were 2 other couples that seemed to be mother and son, judging by age and appearance.

Now class, lets begin, men, stand behind your partners, and begin stroking her shoulders, and gently press your groin forward so that your are in contact with your partner's ass. ladies, if you feel your partner starting to get hard, its perfectly normal. And now, men begin to caress your partner's breasts, squeezing, and kneading gently, but firmly. Dad.I.oh, dad! My daughter started to sigh as I began to hold her breasts in my hands, I could feel her apprehension starting to ease, and my cock began to get rock hard as I pressed it against my daughter's ass.


OK, now pull down your partner's top so that you can feel her exposed bare breasts. Mom, I can't reach., I heard someone say. Me and my daughter turned to watch as the son tried to remove her mother's top.

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Watching her remove her top and expose her tits to her son was such a turn on, I leaned forward, caressing my daughter's bare breasts, we both sighed as we watched that teenage boy start feeling up his mom. Gently, easy, ooohhhh, yes, like that, that's it, keep it up just like that baby, give mommy a good workout!

Everyone started to breathe heavier, and we were all getting excited by the 'workout'. Now, men, take one hand and start to caress your partner's mound. Women, let your knees bend and gently lie down on your mats with your partner. As soon as I started stroking my daughter's pussy, her knees instantly buckled, and we both fell down to the mat. I used one hand to feel her breasts as the other stroked her mound, I could feel her getting wet.


I had to release my cock from my workout suit, and I noticed others had done the same. I saw how many of the women were holding their partner's cocks, and I pointed this out to Andrea, she got the message, and started feeling around for my cock nervously. Suddenly she found her prize, it kind of surprised her for a second, just holding it, not moving her hand, then she started to squeeze and stroke it.

She whispered to me, I wonder how far this is going to go? It looks like we're all ready, OK, men lie down facing up, ladies, remove the rest of your clothes and straddle your partners. My daughter stood up, obviously she had no idea anything like this was going to happen, she watched as all the other women removed their clothes, I guess it was peer pressure, that made her follow suit, she nervously removed the rest of her clothes, I looked up to see my beautiful daughter completely nude.

God she was a sight!

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My daughter watched as all the other women sat down on their partners laps, she was the last one standing up, all eyes were on her, but eventually she sat down on my lap, my cock sticking out against her pussy. Now, you men, you know the rules, as soon as you feel as if you're about to come, tap your partner on her ass to let her know to stop moving, that way you'll prolong the workout.

Ladies, you know the drill, hold your partner's cock against your pussy and move up and down against it, and when you're ready, place the head inside.

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We both looked around and watched how the ladies were bouncing on their men's laps, again, my daughter was the last to start, but eventually she got into it.

Now class, once you have your partner's cock inside you, raise your hand, once all the hands are in the air, then we can begin. It took about a minute for everyone's hand to be up.except my daughter's. Again, I guess it was peer pressure, having everyone look at her, waiting for her to 'catch up to the rest of the class' as it were.

Finally she reached down, placed the head of my cock at her opening, and pressed down on it. The feeling of my daughter's pussy on my cock was so intense, no words could properly describe it.

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We both stared at each other intently. OK, class, now UP and DOWN and UP and DOWN, one and two and one and two.

All the women started to move in unison, (or as close as possible), and, again, my daughter was the last to start, but eventually she began to rise and fall on my cock. Deeper and deeper it went inside until she rested on the bottom.

You there, no stopping, keep going, up and down, up and down. Again, my daughter felt the eyes of everyone on her, but she complied and resumed her motions on top of me.

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Oh mom, I can't stop, its coming out!. A few of us started to giggle, but we turned to see how the young boy was pushing up with his hips into his mother. She held him there until he finished.

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Its ok, baby, I got a good workout today and I'm sure you'll do even better next time. The smell of sex was so strong, the sweat from everyone pouring off our faces. Eventually everyone finished except for me and my daughter, once again we were both the center of attention. I tried my best to keep from coming until my daughter had gotten her orgasm, but I guess being so exposed in front of so many strangers made it hard for her to go to that 'special place.' Two of the ladies came over to help, each started to feel and caress one of my daughter's breasts, then began to suck on them, this got her going, she closed her eyes, then I could feel her groin squeeze me.

OOOOOHHH DAD! Many of the women were shocked to hear that we were father and daughter, and you could hear them start to gasp and whisper. Finally I held my daughter's hips, closed my eyes, and lifted my hips up, releasing my come into her pussy. A few people started to applaud, and someone brought over a towel and put it around my daughter's shoulders. Andrea leaned forward, sweat dripping down onto my chest. OK class, great workout, see you all again next time.

My daughter, tears in her eyes, grabbed her clothes and left for the showers, leaving me there alone with the rest of the class. I then went for my wallet and started to pass out hundred dollar bills to everyone, thanking them for a great job in helping me have sex with my daughter.

It took me months to round up enough prostitutes to set all this up, but in the end it was so worth it!

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