Blair sucks her stepsiblings big cock

Blair sucks her stepsiblings big cock
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* * * * * A Tale of Two "Tribbies" by rat_race * * * * * I could barely believe what I was seeing with my own eyes. And it was all taking place right in front of me, in real time. My ex-girlfriend, Susie--who used to be my girlfriend, up until about a week ago--was "getting it on" with her best friend, Sharon, in the back yard of Sharon's house.

Meanwhile, my friend, Davy--who was Susie's older brother--and I were both hiding in the shadows behind the 5-foot-tall rock wall that separated Sharon's back yard from her neighbor's back yard, and we were secretly witnessing those two young dishwater blondes, who were so caught up in the throes of their own lesbian passions that they never noticed our two pairs of peeping Tom eyes that were popped up just over the top of that rock wall that evening.

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Barely one week before this, Davy, Sharon, Susie and I were all part of the same Scooby Gang. And we had been for quite some time. We all lived on the same street in my neighborhood, and we were all close to the same age. So we related to each other very well. We used to hang out together all the time. But what we four Scooby Gangers all really loved to do the most, was to secretly sneak out of our respective homes very late at night, and then rendezvous together somewhere outside in the shadows behind the trees and bushes and other neighbors' houses, so that we could sit and talk, and basically enjoy each other's company.

And believe it or not, it was that innocent. Talking quietly and joking around occasionally was pretty much all that we ever did together, whenever we would sneak out at nights like that. Oh, yeah. There was one more thing. I also used to hold hands with Susie, and put my arm around her shoulders or her waist, and even lean over from time to time and give Susie a big juicy kiss on the lips, because she was my girlfriend at the time, and we were "going steady" with each other.

If you want to get a good idea of what Susie looked like, just picture the girl Muppet (the one named "Janice") who was the guitarist for the Muppet rock house band on The Muppet Show.

In other words, my girlfriend, Susie, had mastered that classic thin, lanky "California girl" look. And just like her Muppet counterpart, Susie was also virtually flat-chested. But honestly, that didn't matter me at all. In fact, believe it or not, to this very day, flat-chested or small-breasted women turn me on the most.

And I was head-over-heels for Susie at the time. I loved the way that her entire body looked, just as much as I loved the person who was inside that awesome-looking "California girl" body of hers. And so you can imagine my disbelief and total shock when Susie had met with me in private just the week before, and told me that she was breaking up with me. I was devastated by that unexpected piece of news!

My friend, Davy, on the other hand, was nothing less than elated when he found out about Susie breaking up with me. Susie was his younger sister, by about a year. And he wasn't too thrilled that his little sister had taken a liking to his long-time friend.

Davy was about a year older than me. But despite our age difference, we were very close friends, and had been for many years. Shortly after I had reached puberty, Davy had taken me under his wing and patiently taught me all about "masturbation," and "sperm," and other sexually-related stuff like that.

So Davy and I had a special bond, and one which had been unintentionally threatened by my romantic relationship with Susie, over the last several months. Basically, during the daylight and evening hours, I was hanging out more and more with Susie, and less and less with Davy. But late at night, our whole Scooby Gang still continued to get together to sneak out--that is, until Susie finally broke up with me, which brought everything to a grinding halt.

Then about a week later, on a Friday night at around 2:00 AM, I was woken up by the high-pitched sound of a coin being steadily-but-gently tapped against the glass of my bedroom window.

And so I got up out of bed and went to the window to investigate. And there was Davy on the other side of the glass pane, motioning for me to open the window up. When I did, Davy explained to me in a forced whisper that he knew exactly why Susie had broken up with me, and that he wanted me to sneak out with him right away, so that he could show me why.

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To be sure, that was a very cryptic thing for me to hear coming out of Davy's mouth. But of course, it did manage to pique my interest enough to make me quickly get dressed, and climb out of my bedroom window to join my friend in whatever "unexpected adventure" that he obviously had planned for the two of us that night.

As soon as I was standing in the grass on the outside of my bedroom window and had closed the window behind me, Davy took off, walking down the street towards Sharon's house at a very brisk pace. I naturally followed him, wondering why he was taking me towards Sharon's house. "Why are we going to Sharon's?" I asked, struggling to keep up with Davy's energetic pace.


"Shhhh. Just be very quiet and follow me, okay? You'll see for yourself soon enough," Davy quickly reprimanded me. And with that, Davy walked past Sharon's house to her next-door neighbor's house on the other side, before carefully opening the gate, and entering that neighbor's back yard. I followed right behind Davy, and he ever-so-gently coaxed the gate closed behind us, leaving us both standing on the long, narrow strip of land between the neighbor's garage wall and the 5-foot-tall rock wall immediately to our left.

It was a warm, clear, moonlit summer night. And it was very dark outside. "What are we here for?" I asked again, but this time in a very soft whisper, directed into Davy's right ear. "Shhh," Davy whispered back, just as quietly, "They'll hear us." "Who'll hear us?" I whispered back.

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"Shut up, and just listen, okay?" Davy advised me. And sure enough, I could hear all sorts of subdued, strange sounds coming from Sharon's back yard.


They were those special little sucking and licking kinds of wet sounds that only human lips and mouths can make. And then I heard a soft, whimpering-through-the-nose kind of sound come from what was unmistakeably a girl's voice; followed and overlapped by an open-mouthed, breathy, long-lasting "ahhhhhh" sound, obviously coming from a different girl's mouth.

Davy went over to the rock wall and peeked over the top of it, motioning for me to follow suite. So I went up to the wall, just a few feet on the over side of Davy. I stood up on my tiptoes, and peeked over the wall, just like Davy was doing. Before me, was a scene that I could have never imaged in my wildest dreams! On the other side of the rock wall was the clothesline in Sharon's back yard. You know? The kind with two, rounded, "T"-shaped, metal posts on each end, and four wires strung across tautly between the the two posts, which are about 20 feet apart from each other.

Well tonight, one of the four clothesline wires was being used as the roof structure for a large makeshift tent, that had obviously been created by clothes-pinning several bedsheets together, and then using rocks on each corner of the sheets, to hold them down and form a classic tent-looking upside-down "V" shape, that was wide-open at each end of the makeshift tent. The back porch light was on the far side of the makeshift tent, and shining through the flimsy cotton sheet "walls" of the tent, so that I could clearly make out the shadowy outline of two female bodies that were moving all around very close together, wrapped in an embrace.

And thanks to all the little slurp-slurp sounds they were making, it was obvious that these two girls were "getting it on" with each other. Then I heard a very soft Sharon's voice say something like, "Ooh, yeah. That's it, baby." And then an equally-subdued Susie's voice said something like, "Yeah. You like that, don't you?" "I don't just like it. I love it. And I love you," said Sharon's voice, which was still barely above the level of a whisper.

"I love you, too," Susie's whispery voice replied.


Davy and I moved down the wall a little ways, until we could finally peek over and see directly into one of the wide-open ends of the large, upside-down "V"-shaped tent. What Davy and I initially saw took my breath away for a few moments.

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Susie was lying on top Sharon, passionately French-kissing her, while she was actively fingering Sharon's pussy. Susie had a T-shirt-style, below-the-knee length nightshirt on. But it was hiked up around her waist, with her bare slender hips and tight butt-cheeks hanging out, because she wasn't wearing any panties.

At this point, Susie's breasts were still hidden up under her lightweight, plain-looking nightshirt. But keep in mind that Susie's "breasts" were really not much more than just glorified, puffed-out, enlarged nipples anyway. Sharon, on the other had, definitely could have worked at Hooters, if she had wanted to. But right now, she was lying on her back--on top of what looked like an opened-up sleeping bag--underneath Susie. Sharon had her head on a pillow, and she had her legs spread far apart, in order to give Susie easy access to her bare, hairy honeypot.

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And just like Susie, Sharon was wearing what I initially thought was a below-the-knee length nightshirt, with no panties on. But Sharon had her nightshirt hiked all the way up under her chin, with her bare voluptuous breasts hanging out underneath the crumpled-up material of her nightshirt (which I later realized was actually a lightweight, summer-style nightgown).

And she had a cupped hand around each fleshy globe on either side of her chest, as she was squeezing and massaging her own bulbous breasts, while she was letting Susie finger-fuck her pussy. Perhaps the best part, was that the two girls just happened to be facing the other direction under the tent, so that Davy and I were treated to the "feet, legs and crotches" view of their lovemaking.

From this angle--and thanks to the back porch light that was steadily shining through the cotton sheet tent wall on the far side, making the whole inside of the tent glow like a giant open-ended lantern against the dark sky outside--it was easy for us boys to see each girl's pussy, and to see just how differently their two pussies looked from one another. For example, Susie's pussy mound was noticeably smaller than Sharon's, and it wasn't anywhere near as hairy as Sharon's was, either.

As Davy and I continued our peeping Tom activities, it didn't take long at all for my penis to become fully-erect. And naturally, I did the one thing that I always do whenever that happens, and I'm alone somewhere: I reached down into my crotch and began fondling my clothing-covered penis. And then I remembered that Davy was standing just a few feet away from me.

So I glanced over at Davy for just a moment, and even though it was very dark where we were standing, I could tell from the outline of his body, that he already had his hand down in his own crotch, and he was doing the exact same thing that I was. The two girls "went at it" for quite a while, with Susie French-kissing Sharon while she was energetically finger-fucking her pussy.

And of course, Sharon would writhe around underneath Susie, each time that Susie was making her cum. And then all of the sudden, Susie sat up and pulled her fingers out of Sharon's pussy. And I heard Susie ask Sharon, "Are you ready, sweetie?" "Oh, yeah," Sharon quickly answered back. All I could think was, Why are you asking Sharon if she's ready?

And what exactly is she ready for? Then the very next thing that Susie started doing to Sharon literally made me cum in my pants. While Sharon continued lying on her back with her legs spread apart, Susie repositioned her body over Sharon's, so that she was sitting up, with her legs in a scissored position with Sharon's legs.

Susie now had her bare vulva pressed right up against Sharon's bare vulva, with her pussy crack at about a 45-degree angle to Sharon's pussy crack. Then Susie began humping away at Sharon's already-wet pussy mound, acting as if she were actually fucking Sharon. And that's when I automatically orgasmed, unloading a whole wad of sperm directly into the crotch of my "tighty whities." At the time, I didn't know that "tribbing" even existed, much less that it actually had a name.

But there I was that night, secretly witnessing it happen right in front of me, in all of its full-blown glory. To be honest with you, it was almost too exciting to watch. But I also couldn't bring myself to pull my eyes away. Susie rubbed her vulva against Sharon's very slowly and methodically at first. But pretty soon, Susie was literally slapping her mound up against Sharon's on each inward hip-thrust, just like a super-horny, dick-less bunny rabbit who was on a mission to make baby bunnies with Sharon.

While Susie was doing that, Sharon reached across and pulled Susie's nightshirt up over her head, taking it completely off. Then Sharon reached up and started tweaking Susie's tiny titties between her fingertips.

Susie responded by reaching down and grabbing hold of Sharon's "C"-cup size breasts, one in each hand. And she just held onto them, as she was leaning back, looking upward towards the top of the tent, while she continued humping away at Sharon's pussy, until she finally orgasmed.

And it was very easy to tell when Susie started cumming, because not only did I see her entire body shudder convulsively, as well as hear her make some pretty strange gurgling noises and vocalizations, but I also saw her squirting all over Sharon's pussy and lower abdomen.

Of course, at the time, I thought that Susie was peeing all over Sharon's pussy. And that thought only served to quickly get my dick rock-hard again, inside my already-gooey and sticky underwear. And that was a pretty painful experience at first--and one which I'm sure that most you guys out there can relate to--because by the time that my dick had begun "growing" again and stiffening up, the tip of it (where my piss-hole slit is located) was already sperm-glued to the inside of the front panel of my cotton underwear.

I had to literally yank the glued underwear panel away from the tip of my dick, so that it could keep on "growing" and become erect inside of my pants again. The worst part was that I couldn't make a sound while I was doing that. The best part was that the stinging pain only lasted for a couple of seconds. At any rate, to make a long story short, after French-kissing each other and hugging for a little while, Susie and Sharon eventually switched places, with Sharon being the one who was now sitting up on top of Susie.

Sharon finally took off her nightgown and began humping away at Susie's pussy, "cowgirling" her just like a pro.

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Let's just say that it was obvious to me that this definitely wasn't Sharon's first "pussy-riding rodeo." At some point while Sharon was humping away at Susie, I came inside my underwear for the second time that night. And immediately afterwards, I suggested to Davy that we should go ahead and leave, before we got caught by the girls.

I told him that, if we waited until after the two girls had finally finished their lovemaking for the night, there was a much better chance that they would catch us spying on them. Davy quickly agreed with me, and we both quietly made beelines to our respective homes.

Once I was back inside of my house, I went straight to the bathroom to wash off my dick and put on a clean pair of underwear. And I'm sure that Davy did the same thing, when he got back to his house. Considering what he and I had just secretly witnessed, it would have been damn near impossible for him to not have ejaculated inside his pants and underwear at least once.

That very next afternoon, I just happened to see Susie and Sharon hanging out together in the front yard of Sharon's house. But this time, I knew their "big secret." I knew that they weren't just friends with each other. No, sir. They were much more than that. They were in-the-closet lesbian lovers, and seasoned "tribbies." And I also knew that I didn't have a snowball's chance in hell of getting Susie back as my girlfriend--despite the fact that I still wanted to fuck her so badly, that I could barely stand it.

And course, I now understood why Susie had been so evasive about certain things, when she was having her little "break-up talk" with me the week before. For example, when I had asked Susie if there was another guy involved, she had steadfastly insisted that there wasn't.

And at the time, I really didn't believe her. But now, after what Davy and I had secretly witnessed last night, I really couldn't blame Susie for not wanting to admit to me the real truth about why she was dumping me. And later that same day, as I was jacking myself off, I fantasized about Susie, and about her cute little titties, and about her wonderful "pissing" pussy, and about the awesome tribbing what I had witnessed the night before.

And I wondered if I would ever get the opportunity to secretly watch Susie and Sharon "in action" again. But unfortunately, that kind of stuff only happens in a perfect world. Oh, well. C'est la vie. * * * * *