Teen couple gets some help amateur mature

Teen couple gets some help amateur mature
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Tess was ecstatic to be settled into her own apartment. She had grown up in a small town, and had been looking forward to finally living in a bigger city. After finishing two years at a local community college, she had packed her things and made the big move. Now came the hard part, finding a job.

Her only lead was a long shot, a cousin of her best friend from high school. The friend had spoken to her cousin Alice about Tess, and Alice called Tess.

They had spoken several times, and Tess had told her about her life, her expectations, and her education. Alice had lived in the city for two years. She promised to help, and told Tess to call her after she had found an apartment. Now that she was officially a big city girl, Tess called Alice to let her know that she was in town, and was looking for a job. "You're in luck, girl!" Alice said. "I found a great job about three months ago, and they need another girl.

Call this number right now and speak to Alexis Stone. She'll set up your interview." After a brief call to Alexis, the interview was set for 10AM tomorrow. Tess was a little nervous. All she really knew about the job was that it involved secretarial work mixed with assorted office tasks. She was confident that she could do the work, but like most people, job interviews tended to intimidate her.

The next morning, after her shower/hair/makeup routine, Tess caught a side view of her nude body in the bedroom mirror. She turned and took a long look at herself, and did a slow spin. She had to admit that she looked damned good.


Her long dark hair hung past her shoulders, and nicely surrounded her face. Her big green eyes had long lashes, her nose was straight and tidy, her lips were full, and she had a great smile.

Her breasts were a nice C cup, full but not so big as to be in the way. A trim tummy curved into just the right sized hips, and her long legs could always turn heads. She drifted into thought. Her last boy friend had asked her to shave her pussy, and she was convinced that she'd never let it grow again. She loved the smooth feel. Too bad that he'd been so self centered!

She had stopped seeing him and didn't regret it. The day she dumped him she had purchased her first vibrator, and it had been her only lover since. She'd have to find somebody, if not for love at least for the sex. At ten o'clock Tess was shown to Alexis's office, and told that Alexis would be there shortly. As she waited, she saw a stunning young woman through the glass wall overlooking the main office.

The girl had beautifully styled blond hair, and a slightly stern expression made sharper by her almost cat eyed glasses. But then she smiled, and the stern look gave way to a gorgeous face, Her tight business suit showed large firm breasts and a trim, curvy figure.

"Wow", thought Tess, "if she's the competition for men around here, I'll need to look my best." The girl entered the office and said, "Hi, you must be Tess, I'm Alexis." Tess stood and extended her hand. " Nice to meet you Alexis.

I am indeed Tess. Thanks for seeing me today." " My pleasure. Now, Alice told me that she has spoken to you, and she explained that you are best friends with her cousin. She also told me about your background and your schooling. I'm pretty sure that you can handle the job, so why don't I explain what we do here and you can ask questions as we go?" Alexis explained that the company was quite large, and occupied two floors of this building.

They also had two other offices in the city. Each of the executives had their own personal assistant, but they needed a floating group of people that could fill in as needed, anywhere that they were needed.

This group, which they called the "Pool"consisted of six people, which all happened to be girls. They filled in for the executive assistants as needed, and were also responsible for everything from office supplies to running errands to pitching in with big business projects. Alexis then explained the pay structure. Sometimes the hours were long, but they were paid overtime. What they needed was a team player who was sharp as a tack and wasn't too full of ego to sometimes get her hands dirty.

" I'm the leader of the Pool, and one of the six. I'd be your supervisor. Any questions? Tess thought for a moment and said, " No, you've explained it quite well." "So what do you think, are you interested? Do you want to be our new Pool girl?" asked Alexis with a sexy grin. "I'd love to be your new Pool girl!

" answered Tess and matched with her own full grin. "Great! That was easy. I'll see you Monday morning at 8AM in this office. You can shadow me for the day, meet the other girls, and start to learn your way around this place." Tess squealed an excited thank you, and with a handshake they said goodbye. As she stepped outside, she smiled wide and felt that she had finally left the small town behind.

On Monday Tess wore her best, and tightest, business outfit, and met Alexis in her office. Tess was shown her desk and computer, then she and Alexis were on their feet most of the morning meeting people and running around. She met the other four Pool girls. She had spoken to Alice on the phone several times, but had never met her.

Alice was a tall, thin, very pretty red head. Jackie was short and curvy with a quick laugh and an infectious smile. Liz was about Tess's size,(they could probably wear each other's clothes) and had dark hair and full lips like Tess. Carli was a little more "urban", with spiky short blond hair, a few piecing on each ear, and a thin, runner's body.

When lunch time came, the "Pool" girls all went out together. The girls insisted on buying, saying that it was a tradition to welcome the new girl. They had a great time talking and laughing, and by the time they left they had all become friends.

By two-thirty, things had slowed down, and Tess was back at her desk. Alexis had emailed her a bunch of things to read, and Tess had read about half of them when her company Instant Message window popped open. It was Alexis. "Take the elevator to the basement and meet me there. I need to show you something." "OK, see you there," Tess responded. Tess rode down, and Alexis met her by the elevator in the basement.

Alexis smiled and said "There is a supply and storage room that the we rent to store all of our office stuff. You'll need to come down here sometimes.

Here's your key, please don't lose it. Follow me." She lead Tess as they snaked through a series of corridors until they came to a room marked with the company logo. Alexis used her key, opened the door, and lead Tess into a big room.

There were piles of boxes containing office supplies near the door, and old couches, tables, desks and chairs toward the back. Tess was surprised to see that the rest of the Pool girls were all there. Alexis closed the door. Before Tess could ask what was going on, Alexis started to speak.

"Tess, every month, and every time the we bring a new girl into the group, I like to have a private meeting down here with the entire group. Since we are in and out of the office so much, I want us to have a time to just talk and discuss any concerns. Today I have three things to say." "First, welcome, Tess! We're really glad that you joined us. We can all tell that you'll be a great addition." The other four girls all joined in, chattering their welcomes.

Then they each stepped close, and one at a time gave Tess a warm hug and a kiss on the cheek. Tess felt her eyes getting wet with tears. "Thank you all so much, I don't know what to say! I'm new in town and I need some new friends. I already feel that I've made five great ones!" The girls all came in closer again and touched Tess' arms and shoulders as they voiced their support.

Alice pulled a tissue out, and tenderly dried Tess's cheeks then handed her the tissue. After a few moments, Alexis spoke again. "The second thing I want to say is this,Tess. We all work long hours, and that cuts into our personal lives.

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So, we all pitch in to help each other personally. If Liz's got a date and needs to leave early, we cover for her. If Jackie needs a Monday off after a travel weekend we all pitch in, even work late, to cover for her." Alexis gave a lopsided grin and continued."If I get lucky on a week night and need to come in at noon the next day, we cover each other. And, we'll gladly do the same for you," Tess quickly responded ," Oh, absolutely, please girls, if I can help in any way, please just ask." Alexis continued.

"We know that, we can tell even after knowing you so short a time. And now the third thing. This is a little more personal yet. We have to get you into the right frame of mind to hear this part.

Girls?" All five girls closed on Tess and grabbed her arms. They pulled her over to a table near the back of the room.

Tess could see that the long table was padded, and had hooks and clips around the edges. Tess started to panic as the girls easily tossed her on the table on her back and held her down. Alexis leaned over Tess, and touched her hand to Tess's cheek. "Don't fight us Tess, we're not going to hurt you! We like you! But we have to do this before I tell you the last thing. Just relax and trust us. Please." Tess started to relax a little.

Suddenly, she felt a padded handcuff snap on each wrist and her arms were immobilized above her head. She started to kick, but two girls grabbed each leg and pushed her feet up near her ass. A cuff snapped around each ankle. At the same time, Alexis pulled a wide leather strap across her mid section, and tightened her hips to the table top. The girls step back while Tess screamed and frantically tried to break free.

Alexis returned and put her hand back on Tess's cheek. "Relax, honey, and let me explain.

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Please relax, Tess. I promise that we won't hurt you. Please trust us, please relax. Please, just listen to what I have to say." Tess stopped fighting. She knew that she couldn't get away. She spat out the words "Alright Alexis. This is really fucked up, but I guess I have no choice. Say what you have to say." Alexis took a deep breath and began to speak. "OK, we told you that we're really glad to have you working with us and we honestly, sincerely meant it." Alice, Carli, Jackie, and Liz all voiced their agreement as they stepped in close around Tess.

"We also told you that we always help each other to have more full personal lives. We meant that, too, we'll do anything to help you." Again the other four voiced their agreement. "The third thing I told you was even more personal. So, here it is." She paused, and Tess looked into all five faces. Each girl offered her a smile, and they all had a look in their eyes that Tess couldn't quite identify. "With the long hours, it's hard to even get time to masturbate, much less meet guys.

We get home dead tired at ten o'clock, and have to be back here at eight in the morning. We're all young and horny, and we need some sex in our lives." "That's what we use this room for. We're all straight, and we're all looking for a guy to spend our life with. But, we have an itch that isn't getting scratched.

So, we come down here and pleasure each other whenever we get the chance.

Two of us can sneak down here and not be missed." Tess was stunned. "But you said you're all straight! And you pleasure each other?" Alice leaned in close to Tess's face, smiled and whispered "When you're totally horny, and haven't been laid in a while, you just want to cum.

You don't care who's mouth you cum into, you just want to cum.

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Well, this is the special help that we give to each other." Tess was too shocked to speak as she looked again at each girl. Now she recognized the look in their eyes. It was lust. "Look, you girls can do whatever you want and I won't say a word to anyone. But I'm not a lesbian. I've never been with a girl, and I have absolutely no desire to do so." After a pause, Alexis answered, "Tess, when was the last time that you got laid?" Tess blushed and stuttered before she replied.

" I don't know, I guess its been about six months." "Six months?" asked Alexis. "Aren't you dying for some sex?" Tess didn't respond. Alexis continued.

"Do you have a vibrator? You must be wearing out a lot of batteries. How often do you masturbate?" Tess blushed again and didn't reply. Alexis pulled Tess's chin so that Tess was looking her in the eye. Tess finally said, "About once a week, I guess. I just got my own apartment, so I don't really know how much I'll do it.

Alexis smiled a warm smile at Tess. "God, Tess, you are so beautiful, and so sexy. Don't you want someone to squeeze your breasts and suck on your sweet nipples?" Alexis slid her hands to Tess's tits and gently squeezed them through her silk blouse, then rubbed her thumbs over Tess' hardening nipples.

Tess drew in a quick breath. "Tess, we need someone in the Pool that fits in. I know that you're not a lesbian, but if you can't help us out, I'm afraid that you might not be the right person.

So, think about it tonight and give me your answer tomorrow." She gave Tess's nipples a hard squeeze, and Tess's eyes closed as she gasped. "We're going to give you something else to think about." Alexis started unbuttoning Tess's blouse, while Jackie lifted the front of Tess's skirt to her waist and slid the back up under her butt.

Alice quickly brought out scissors, snipped the sides of Tess's panties, and pulled the remains out from under her. Liz and Carli each grabbed a knee and pulled them wide apart. Alexis unclasped the front of Tess's bra and pulled her open blouse and bra off to the sides.

Tess blushed in shame as all of the girls stared greedily at her exposed pussy and tits. She opened her mouth to protest, but Alice had already lowered her head to Tess's pussy and begun to lightly lick her clit. Jackie and Alexis leaned down and each softly took one of her breasts in her hands and began licking and sucking the nipple. Tess screamed loudly as all of the overwhelming emotions burst from her. It didn't take long. In just a couple of minutes, Tess's head was moving from side to side, and she was trying to buck her hips onto Alice's tongue.

She briefly thought about how wrong this was, when suddenly, the slithering tongues brought her to a hard orgasm. Tess howled, shook and shuddered as she came. As she started to descend from her high, she tried to speak but no words came out. The girls rotated, and Liz began to lightly kiss Tess's shaved mound and all around her outer labia.

"Nooo, stop, no, please." Liz sucked Tess's clit into her mouth, noisily sucking it hard and deep. Tess screamed again and began thrashing her head and loudly moaning. Two different mouths were attacking her nipples, sucking them much harder than before, mixing the hard sucking with firm nips and bites. Tess had barely come down from her last orgasm, and this almost violent attack was overwhelming.

The hard sucking and biting on nipples and clit soon shot Tess over the top again. Her head whipped back and forth as she screamed her release at the top of her lungs. The table was rocking, almost bouncing from Tess's violent movements. The assault continued through a long, wailing orgasm. Finally the other girls backed off. Again, no words came from Tess, only whimpers and moans.

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Tess felt like she was floating as all five girls began to gently caress her body. Hands softly rubbed and gently squeezed from her face and neck to her tummy and legs. Soft kisses and gentle licks followed the roaming hands.

Tess's eyes were closed as she slowly regained her breath. Time slowed in Tess's mind as the caresses and kisses continued. She didn't know how long it had been when she suddenly felt fingers enter her wet pussy. This was the first time that she had been penetrated. She jerked her head to look down at a wickedly smiling Carli, who was using two fingers to quickly and firmly fuck Tess's cunt. The hands on her breasts each grabbed a nipple and began to pinch them hard and twist them roughly.

Tess howled again and tried to raise her body to combat the hard tugging on her nipples.


She looked to see Alice and Liz pulling her nipples as hard as they could away from Tess's body. The hard fucking of her pussy was shoving her body against her restraints. Tess screamed over and over, tears running down her face. Not able to scream any more, Tess was whining "No, no, no" when her orgasm suddenly hit her. This one was massive, and Tess screamed and shook for what seemed like minutes.

She could hardly breath as her nipples and cunt were ravaged throughout her orgasm. Finally, she collapsed, and all of the fingers retreated. Tess could barely feel the soft massage as it began again. She just floated in her daze. She felt lips kissing her lips, and tongues sliding into her mouth. Her thought were too jumbled to form. Again, time lost all meaning.

Tess felt someone gently touch her clit and her eyes opened. Then she felt a different wet tickle. She struggled to raise her head. Looking down, she saw Jackie lightly licking her asshole. Tess gasped loudly at the sensation and her head fell back to the table. After some time enjoying the strange new feeling, Tess felt what must be a finger push into her asshole. God, it felt so different and so good. Tess started to push back against the finger.

Jackie chuckled, Alice held up a long, thin vibrator in front of Tess's eyes. As Tess watched, Alice handed it to Jackie. Jackie removed the finger and replaced it with the vibrator, which she pushed deep into Tess's ass. Tess gasped as she felt the vibrator turn on. The soft kisses and sucking returned to her nipples, soothing away the hurt. The thumb rubbing her clit began to rub harder as her asshole pulsed to the thrusting vibrations. Tess couldn't believe it, she had never cum this many times before, but she was climbing the peak again.

She couldn't howl any more, but she was moaning constantly. The vibrator started to pump more quickly and deeply, and within minutes Tess was shuddering with another violent climax. Finally, her body fell back to the table, and she felt something press at her pussy. Two hands lifted her head so she could see down her body. Alexis had climbed onto the table between Tess's legs. She was naked, and God was she beautiful. She leaned up over Tess's body and rubbed her long, hard nipples back and forth across Tess's own nipples.

She then smashed her full tits agains Tess's tits, and moved her face to Tess's. With a loving smile, she gave Tess a deep kiss, sliding her tongue all around the inside of Tess's mouth, then sucked Tess's tongue into her own mouth. Breaking the kiss, She kneeled, and Tess saw the big strap on cock hanging from her body.

Tess was now constantly shivering and twitching. With the vibrator still humming in her ass, she watched as Alexis firmly shoved the big plastic cock all the way inside of her. Tess grunted loudly as Alexis's hips bumped her own. Alexis began pumping hard as she stared into Tess's eyes.

Tess tried to speak. "Alex-is, what-are-you, nooo, ohhhh, fucking-me." Alexis started to fuck her as hard as she could, with deep hard pumps bottoming out in Tess.

Tess had one last scream, and it ripped out of her as she convulsed in orgasm. She shook uncontrollably as the other girls held her down to protect her. Tess shook and wailed and shook and twitched, and Alexis continued to pound her hard. The orgasm went on and on, like an electric current through Tess's body.


It continued on, with Alexis still pounding away, and the vibrator still in her ass. Suddenly Tess's body shot up to a near sitting position. She saw Alexis smiling, then her own eyes rolled back in her head and everything went black.

Tess woke up still on the table. The handcuffs and the strap had been removed, and a blanket covered her body. It took her a minute to figure out what had happened. Then she felt her body being pulled to a sitting position. She looked up to see Alexis hugging her tight. Alexis smiled and said softly, "Wow, you really did need to get laid.

That's the first time I've actually seen someone pass out from cumming. You are so beautiful when you cum. It took a another minute before Tess could speak. "Where is everybody? What happened?" "The other girls had to leave." Alexis smiled warmly. "I stayed to help you home. When you started to stir, I called a cab. We all pitched in. Here's money for the cab, and for one to bring you back tomorrow. Come on, let's get you up." It took some time, but Alexis slowly got Tess to her feet, straighten her clothes as best she could, and gently wiped Tess's face with a warm towel and brushed her hair.

She dipped the towel in a bowl of warm water, pulled up Tess's skirt, and softly wiped her pussy, ass, and thighs clean. Then she helped Tess to the elevator, and into the street. Tess still couldn't really say anything. As they waited for the cab, Alexis spoke to Tess. "Like I told you, it's your decision about whether this job is right for you.

It's still early, so go home and get some sleep. We'll talk tomorrow. Oh, and one last thing. I told you that we Pool girls cover for each other. There is only one exception, and that is orgasms. Those we keep track of. As of now, you owe each of us an orgasm. Keep that in mind as you consider what you'll tell me tomorrow." Just then, a cab pulled to the curb, and Alexis help the rag doll Tess into the back, gave the driver Tess's address, and handed Tess the cab fare.

Alexis gave Tess a kiss on the cheek, whispered, "I love you. See you tomorrow," and slammed the door.