Bitch gets wet from coarse sex

Bitch gets wet from coarse sex
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My name is Mary I am 18 years old and this is my story… I was walking home one day from my friend Amy's house it was about 9:00 pm and I was walking on the sidewalks in my small development.

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And as I passed a lamppost I heard a noise from behind me and something strange caught my eye. It was a shadow but it was in the direct light of the lamppost I walked over to see what was casting the shadow but there wasn't anything casting it.

I was attracted to the shadow. I couldn't explain it but I needed it I longed for whatever it was. I looked around and then bend down to touch the mystifying shadow. As soon as my hand touched the shadow I was overcome by its powers.


I was pulled into the shadow, it spoke to me, and it gave me its powers. It told me its story it was once a great and powerful sorceress and that she protected the land and people with her magic. Until she was imprisoned in this shadow realm, and that the only way to escape was to destroy the realms keeper.

The keeper must be destroyed to release the sorceress and the only one that could destroy the keeper was a chosen human. I was that chosen human. I asked the sorceress what I had to do in order to destroy the keeper she said "you must poison him with a dagger that I will give you". I asked the sorceress "why should I do this for you?" and she explained to me that she would give me powers beyond my dreams.

So I agreed, She told me how to find the keeper. That I must travel through the realm to a door. So I set off to find this door.

I walked for a long time and there I saw it, the door. I walked up to it and slowly opened it slowly peered in and saw a man, standing behind a desk. So I charged, dagger wielded, I leapt the desk and plunged the poisoned dagger into his back.

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The dagger dissolved and the man burst into a wall of green fire. All that was left were ashes. And as I turned to walk back to the door, it disappeared. I panicked and started to run to where the door was moments before. Suddenly the shadows on the floor grabbed my feet and held them tight I struggled to get loose but I couldn't move my feet.


Then I felt a presence looming above me I turned around and saw it was a black and red reptilian creature about 7 foot tall. It was grinning and walking towards me. I tried to break loose but couldn't. He came over and stood in front of me.

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He ripped my shirt off, and pulled my pants down. I started swinging at him, but with the shadows he chained my hands above my head. He licked my face with his tongue. Then he pulled my bra off, and incinerated my bra in his hand.

He had a wicked grin on his face as he flicked his tongue at me. He looked down at my waist and I couldn't help but to look down at his crotch and I saw he had an erection; it was huge, at least 1 ft long and 3 inches wide. Then it hit me&hellip. He was going to rape me. I struggled to get loose, and I screamed but it was no use. He grabbed my thong and pulled it up my ass and into my pussy.

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Then he ripped them off and thrust his middle finger inside my small cunt and tried to stick his tongue in my mouth but I clenched my mouth shut and moved my head away. He then moved me to a laying down position and spreaded my legs.

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He rubbed his cock head against my clit. Then he forced his gigantic cock into my pussy. I screamed in pain and he kept pushing and pushing it into me. He forced his whole cock deep inside me and made long deep thrusts it hurt like never before. It felt like he would split my pussy open and he kept thrusting his huge cock into me.

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I begged for mercy but he wouldn't stop. I felt a warm liquid fill my cunt he just planted his seed into me. As he slid his cock out of me warm black liquid dripped from his dick. As if he didn't think I had enough pain and suffering he moved me to a standing position and leaned me forward. As he towered behind me he pressed his dick against my ass I begged and pleaded for him not to. He laughed a wicked laugh and said in a demonic, and deep booming voice "you will be my slave I will use you until I am satisfied ".

He positioned his dick at the entrance to my ass and thrust his dick into me.

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I screamed louder than I've ever screamed. As he pushed it into me, I felt something rip and a hot liquid flowing down my ass as I was in extreme pain.

He moved his dick in and out almost all the way in, me screaming the whole time. He finally pulled it out after what seemed like an hour.

As he walked away he said "we'll finish this tomorrow" and he started to laugh, leaving me there naked and in extreme pain to spend the night.