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Hot guys blowing cock at the pool
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Cameron Chameleon Chapter Two: Do Blondes Really Have More Fun? I managed to make it home from the school, stopping to change form in an ally behind a nearby petrol station. I didn't move as fast as I normally would have, my mind was still reeling from the day's events, so it was getting on to about five thirty by the time I got back to the house and the sun was beginning to set. I hurried inside and locked the door behind me; bitter experience had taught us all that is wasn't safe in Scarlet Acres after dark.


I hurried up to my room and looked in the mirror; staring back at me was the same face I had always known. Not all that impressive or unusual. Average hight and build for someone my age, maybe a little on the skinny side, but besides that totally normal.

I looked closer at my eyes and focused on them, thinking how they were just the ordinary shade of brown like ninety percent of people. As I focused they began to fade and all of a sudden I had bright, acid green eyes, what's more my vision wasn't impaired at all. Maybe not so normal after all.

I practised well into the evening; I guess that now I accepted that I could do this it was much easier to let the changes wash over me. The excitement of watching my own body warp and shift, responding to my very will, was more then enough to keep my heart racing and make the changes easier. Eventually I found myself getting tired; I mean that kind of tired to the bone feeling like I'd been sprinting flat out all day.

I looked at the clock and saw that it was just after midnight. Without even getting changed I flopped back on the bed, my mind still racing with the possibilities that went along with what I had discovered. With so much going through my head I thought I would never get to sleep. But no sooner had I rolled over on to my side to try a get more comfortable I caught a glance of my alarm clock and saw that it was now in fact just after mid-day. Don't you hate it when that happens?

I had of corse set my alarm to wake me up for school, however I must have so exhausted that I had slept right through it to the point of it simply giving up and turning itself off.

Despite what I now knew about our vice principal I decided to forgo school that day, besides it was Wednesday now and most kids felt by this point that they deserved a half week break. As if my brain had been planning while I was asleep I stood up in the exact same spot I had been in the previous night and continued the changes.

This time however I was being much more specific as to what I was doing. I realised that the devil was truly in the details. When I tried to change into someone I already knew it was like, it was them, but more like a photo then the actual person. I had to focus on getting these tiny little things just right.

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Things like eye colour or the lines on their face or even the shape and feel and texture of their hands. After taking off my cloths I found that when I focused on a particular person, say Arnold Schwarzenegger, my entire body would now change, instead of just my face and size. It was like I was providing the template and something else was filling in the gaps, to a certain point.

This gave me an idea, something I think all guys have wanted to try but few have ever really had the chance. It was probably the strangest feeling you could imagine time a thousand, feeling parts of you that you may be very fond of disappearing as your whole body contorts in a way that should have hurt like hell but you barley even feel. This time when I looked at my naked self in the mirror I couldn't help by smile a little.

This was cool, this was seriously unreal, and what more this, along with all the other shifts I had done today, made me incredibly horny. I had to tell somebody, a secret like this was liable to burn me up unless I had someone to share it with. My parents were quite distant from me at the best of times and most of my friend were either sceptical or would freak out if they saw something like what I was now doing.

But there was one person I could tell, someone who had shared a secret with me once. Someone who I now felt I could trust. I changed back into my cloths and adopted what I now thought of as my 'default' form.

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I was a bit more relaxed then any of my other forms; like the difference between wearing a business suit and track pants. That was how I was coming to think of it, like I was trying on different suits. I crept out the back door into our small overgrown yard, even though it was too small really to be called a yard. The stars were just starting to come out as I hoped over the waist high chain link fence that separated us from the other houses. The one next door looked identical to ours in every way, just like the one next to it and the one next to it.

A single light was burning in the back window, the blinds were closed and I could hear music playing. I reached up and knocked on the window, the music stopped suddenly and I heard a chair shifting across the carpet. Moments later the blinds flew up, assaulting my eyes with light and the form of a young girl silhouetted against it. When she saw it was me she disappeared and after a minute or so unlocked the back door.

"Hey Kas," I said as I look into the dark house to make sure she was alone. "How was your day?" Karen, or Kas as she was known to her friends, was probably my closest friend in the whole damned world. We had met on my first day on Scarlet Acres and I had liked her instantly. She was looked at as being a bit of an emo, but that was just because she had short cropped black hair and a slim petite figure.

She had a real 'screw you' attitude towards most people but if you could win her over you'd find that she was actually very sweet, caring and open-minded. As a guy I had noticed her body and would be lying if I said I didn't find her attractive.

However this wouldn't have mattered in the slightest because you see Kas was a lesbian. She had confided this in me about a few months after we me and I had even been there when she came out to her parents about nine months ago, they however were not as open-minded as she was and were only now beginning to talk to her again.

She got heaps from people at school for her being gay but it didn't bother her. As she had said to me once 'I find the idea of kissing a guy about as appealing as you do'. "Jesus Christ Cameron," she said, pushing me in the shoulder "Where the hell have you been? We were about to start checking dumpsters." "Yeah well, some stuff come up," I said, finding it a little hard to come up with the right words.

"Can we talk about this inside?" For a fleeting moment I saw the inner Kas peek out; that caring sensitive part of her that most never ever knew existed.

She stepped to the side and allowed me in to the house, giving my shoulder a little pat as I walked past her. We walked down to hallway to the lounge room; it wasn't much, just a TV, couch, a few pictures that had her family doing those fake smiles you're supposed to do for portraits. We sat down on the lounge and I found myself totally at a loss as to what to say.

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I tried, had about seven false starts, and then decided that there was really only one way to go about this. "Cameron, seriously," said Kas, leaning in towards me "What's the matter? Whatever it is I can help." I noticed the looking at the crook of my elbow and realised that she was searching for needle marks. I almost laughed at this, and then I remembered why I was here.

"Its just, look," I stood up and turned to face her. "There's something I can do, I have to show you, but you have to promise me you won't freak out." "Okay," she replied, sounding more like a question then a statement. I thought for a moment, trying to come up with a way to do this that wouldn't scare her too much, despite what she'd said I knew that this was still going to be pushing the limits of weird. "Who would you say is the sexiest woman in the world?" I asked. I saw Kas relax a little, probably thinking that I had been with a girl for the last few days, well she would have been half right.


"Mrs Steven's," she answered after a moment. "Why?" I closed my eyes and pictured the form of our English teacher in my minds eye. Saw every one of her curves that I had spent so many classes studying and all at once felt my body begin to undergo the changes. I grew probably another four or five inches, felt my hips push out and my normally broad shoulders droop and curve slightly.

I opened my eyes and saw Kas was completely still and silent, watching as my hair grew out like a time-laps video of grass growing. My chest got heavier like I was about to cough and all of a sudden my shirt was way to tight for me as the breasts envied by all who saw them blossomed forth. My face itched as my normally squared jaw rounded out and my hair cascaded down over my shoulders turning bright blond as it did so. I felt rather then saw my dick slither back up into my body like a piece of string up a vacuum and my balls migrate up wards and sink back in forming the lips of my new women-hood.

The changes took less time then when I had changed in Mr Tomes, even thought these were far more extreme, I figured my body was getting used to it some how. I looked down at Kas and saw her staring back at me in a mixture of fear, excitement and something else that I had seen before but couldn't quite put my finger on.

I stood there and let her stare at me for what felt like an eternity, beginning to worry that she had stroked out on me. Finally she stood up, seeming smaller the usual and looked right into my eyes. "Well," I asked, hearing the soft voice of Mrs Stevens issuing from between my lips. "What do you think?" "That," replied Kas, looking my up and down in a very through way as I held my breath, waiting for her reaction, "is the coolest thing ever!" Relief flooded through me and I felt the sudden urge to sit down.

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I more fell onto the couch then sat and felt like I was having trouble breathing. Kas immediately saw my discomfort and put her had on my shoulder; I felt a spark of pleasure corse through me even though this was not the first time we had touched. "Are you alright?" she asked "I mean, it doesn't hurt or anything?" "No, no," I shook my head "it's just, my chest feels kinda tight.

You don't mind if I take this off do you?" I asked tugging at my t-shirt that was stretched across my now ample chest. Kas just shook her head, still a little stunned by what she had seen and, after a bit of a struggle, I pulled off the shirt and sat there in all of Mrs Stevens's glory. "Is it still, you know, you in there?" asked Kas tentatively as if I might suddenly bite. "Yeah I'm still me," I answered in the breathy female voice I was now using. "I mean I still think like me and everything, I just, look different I all." "Oh this is so cool," said Kas "it really is.

But how did you do it? I mean, did you, like, fall into some toxic waist or get bitten by a mutant chameleon?" We both laughed at this and felt my breasts jiggle up and down as I did so, I also noticed Kas noticing my breasts jiggle up and down.

"I really don't know," I answered "but you're right it is kinda cool." "But it's real," she asked, still eyeing my new form. "It's not an illusion or anything?" "Go ahead and see for yourself." I said, sitting up a little straighter. I had expected her to touch my face or hands, instead she reach out with both hand began to fondle my new boobs. The sensation was, I don't really know how to describe it, it's like what the nice feeling you get when rubbing your cock, only it was on my chest and somehow, I don't know, more.

I didn't have a dick to get hard at the moment but I did feel a damp heat coming from between my legs, just below where my dick normally would have been. It was then that I realised that Kas was still rubbing my tits, sounds weird to say 'my tits', despite the fact that she had said she just wanted a quick touch to make sure that I was real, but the girl wasn't stopping.

Her hands kept massaging my chest and I figured that I should give her a taste of her own medicine. I lifted my now very feminine hands and stretched out towards her chest.

Her boobs were tiny compared Mrs Stevens', barely more than bee stings but as I leaned in and grasped them as best as I could Kas let out a small gasp and froze where she was. I looked up and saw her face just inches in front of me; a mask of confusion and lust.

I could see that she was insanely turned on at the moment, but at the same time was baffled by the situation.

She could see before her the women that her and so many others lusted after, but at the same time she also knew that inside was a guy, a guy that she had known for a long time. He next actions proved that despite everything love, or in this case or in this case desire, will always win out. At the same time we both leaned in and kissed each other, it was unlike kissing any girl I had before. My lips were just as soft as hers so it was much more gentle and tender and had an effect on me that I didn't know anything could, and I could tell it had an effect on her.

She kept on rubbing my tits and I did the same to her, it was a little awkward with the two of us trying to reach around and through each other's arms, however Kas seemed to have a solution.

She slid forward and reached around like she was trying to hug me; I twisted towards her as she drew me forward. She spread her legs apart and sat herself down on my thigh. I was bigger than her, I always had been, and I could feel the heat from between her legs on the bare skin just above my knee. Her breathing in my ear quickened and I could feel her heart flutter as she slide herself forward, not only did this mean that she was rubbing her pussy on my leg but it also meant that she was rubbing her leg on my pussy.

I could feel a sort of, I don't really know how to describe it, being a guy I had never imagined that I would one day be in possession of female sex organs. The sensation was warm and pleasant, I think that the only real way to describe it would be to say that it felt like my cock had been flattened out across my crotch and up inside me.

It was weird, but in one of the best ways that something could be weird. Kas was now on her knees and was sliding herself up and down my leg, I could hear her breathing heavily though her nose and her back was arching more and more with each thrust. I reached around behind her and grasped hold of her hips, thought they were still clade in her jeans I was still getting a good feel of her tight little ass. I pulled her towards me and drove her thigh deeper into my own pussy.

I she groaned deeply and then did something a little unexpected. She stood up very quickly and grabbed me by the shoulder, pulling me up with her. I was a little worried that she had finally gotten too uncomfortable with the situation and was going to ask me to leave. Instead she grasped my hand, turned on her heal and headed out into the hall leading me behind her.

I had some of an idea, or at least a hope, as to where we were going. For once it seemed my instincts were right; she opened a door and we entered her bedroom, it was a small room containing nothing more than a small closet, desk and single bed. She turned and fell backwards onto the bed, dragging me down on top of her.

The bed creaked underneath us and Kas leaned in and kissed me even harder than before. Her hand snaked its way down between us and quickly found its way down the front of my pants. Once again I was overcome with strange but pleasant sensations, things that my usual body would never have been able to feel.

The tingling feeling spread through-out my new form, from the top on my head to the souls of my feet. There were parts of my womanhood that seemed to be more receptive to Kas' touch and I could sort of sense where they were. It was a truly enlightening moment, I was able to feel things as a women felt them, I was getting a sort of insight that no man in history had ever had. I could tell what it was that women would like without needing to be told, a new sort of intuition arose in my mind and I just knew where Kas would want me to touch her.

As her fingers continued to explore my lower region I pulled my lips away from hers and placed my mouth over the small tendon on the side of her neck. She shuddered beneath me as I closed my legs, trapping her hand and upper thigh between mine.

Not wanting to be out done by me I felt her hand squirm around against my now wet pussy. She grazed against the soft brush of pubic hair there until her fingers slid down the slit between and poked tentatively into my opening.

It was yet another strange feeling, and yet at the same time it was so natural I wondered how it was that I had never experienced anything like this before. My heart raced and I ground my pelvis down onto her hand, feeling her fingers slide further up inside me. I leaned back, lifting Kas' small frame up with me until we were both vertical and allowed my own hand to explore down the gap between us. she shuddered as I found my way into her, instinct and intuition guiding me, letting me know where I could touch her to make her feel as good as she was making me feel.

She whimpered and groaned as the two of us fingered each other; our boobs pressed together so that they rubbed the others erect nipples. I could tell that Kas wanted more, I don't know how I knew but I was right, she leaned on top of me, pushing my bigger form back onto the bed with her now lying on top. But she didn't stay there for long, she slowly slide down my frame until I felt her head brush against the top of my woman hood which was now aching to be touched.

My legs opened automatically, my knees bending upwards so that I was laying chicken spread on the single bed. I propped myself up on my elbows and looked down just in time to see Kas' face burry itself in my crotch.

If being fingered by her was good, being eaten out was completely unbelievable. A shock ran through my body. From the tips of my toes to the crown of my head, it was quickly followed by another and another, hitting me in waves that forced my hands to close tightly on the bed sheets as if I was unconsciously trying to hold onto the face of reality. "Holy shit," I heard myself moan in Mrs Stevens's husky voice. "I didn't know how, holy SHIT!" From between my legs I could fell Kas chuckling to herself, the way her mouth vibrated as her tongue lashed my swollen clit and three of her fingers quickly worked their way in and out of my pussy, well all this together, it was like I was in another world of pleasure.

My whole body ached with sensations that I can't even begin to describe, I lifted my arms and fell back onto the mattress. My hands came around to the nipples on top of my huge breasts and began working their nipples like a set of radio dials. This sensation travelled down my body until it met the waves of pleasure coming up from where Kas was devouring my pussy. As they met I felt my knees bend and my hands clamp down on my chest.

I screamed something I can't even remember to Kas, all I knew was to I wasn't telling her to stop. It felt like getting hit by a truck, the level of pleasure was unlike anything I had ever felt before and as it tore through my body a tiny, still coherent part of my mind thought to itself: "So this is what having a female orgasm feels like?" It lasted for only a few moments but it felt like an eternity, I was sweating and breathing heavily.

I looked down to see Kas' smiling face looking up at me, her lips smeared with pussy juice. It had been such an intense experience feeling for me that I had to return the favour. Kas slid upwards and once more kissed me on the lips and I tasted what I assumed was, well, myself.

I reached down and grabbed hold of her firm little ass and began dragging her upwards, she cottoned on pretty quickly and spread her legs, crawling up over my chest until her pussy was right in front of my face.


I allowed intuition to guide me as I dove into her womanhood, breathing deeply the musky scent of her arousal. My instincts must have been right on the money because Kas lost her balance and had to throw out her hands to stop her slamming face first into the wall. She gasped as I gently flicked my tongue out onto her shaven mound, just touching the tip of her clit.

I brought a hand up between her hips and, a little awkwardly I admit, started rubbing the entrance to her love tunnel. "Oh don't tease," she groaned above me. I bent my head forward and took most of her clit in my mouth at once, sucking on it gently as I slipped first one the two fingers into her. "That's right," Kas moaned, shuddering on top of me, I had the feeling that she felt the need to guide my actions, like I didn't know what I was doing.

Truth be told I didn't really, but after the earth shattering orgasm she had just given me I could tell what it was that would work or her. I began working my fingers in and out of her while I continued to suck on her swollen clitoris, the feeling of her pressing down on my chest was amazing, the very texture of her skin on my nipples felt good, as in really good. I could see out of the top of my eyes that she had taken on hand off the wall and was using it to rub her tits just like I had done.

I stepped up the pace of my fingering, feeling her squirm and groan above me as her hips started to rise and fall. "OH FUCK!" she screamed all of a sudden, throwing her hand back on the wall where she started to beat it with her fist. "OH FUCK! YES! OH FUCK YES!" She was throwing her head back and forth and pounding on the wall like she wanted to break it down.

I lifted up my free hand that had been resting on her calf for balance and gently, but firmly, placed it on her ass. At this she screamed and shook and I thought that the bed was going to give way under us. I didn't slow down, just kept fingering and sucking her as she rode through her orgasm until finally she collapsed against the wall, letting out a content sigh.

I slid out from between her legs and helped her off the wall until we both fell back into the bed the pair of us breathing heavily. I felt as though I was changing back to my default form, then I realised that I was just sweating like a whore in church. Kas was smiling more then I had seen her since, well, since ever really.

"So how was it for you?" she asked rolling over and snuggling up next to me. "Different," I said after a moment "like, really different, but in a good way." "I never thought I'd get to get Mrs Steven's," she sighed, "Yeah well I wish I could share the experience with you," I replied, "But I can only become her.

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Unless I can find some who she wants to get with, become them then seduce her like that." "Wouldn't really matter if you could find them," said Kas, laying her head on my shoulder and sounding as if she was about to drop off. "Everyone knows she's fucking Tomes as it is." She went to sleep after that, truth be told I was feeling pretty wiped out myself. I lay there in the form of my English teacher staring at the celling and thinking.

From what I knew Mr Stevens was married to some guy who worked as a taxi driver. If I could get a good look at him I might be able to copy his shape and get in the sack with her. But to tell the truth I was much more hoping to be able to fuck Mrs Stevens in my own form, not just a borrowed one.

A plan began to form in my mind; from what I knew about the taxi drivers in this town, at least the ones in Scarlett Acres, they were a pretty, shall we say, volatile bunch. If her husband was like that then there was a pretty good chance that she would be willing to do anything to stop him finding out about an affair, that's if the rumour were true and she was screwing Tomes.

I quietly slipped out of Kas' bed and crept back over to my place. I shifted back to my default setting and, although I was seriously exhausted my mind was racing with just how I could go about blackmailing my English teacher, just like you heard about in those online sex stories.

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Once, as a bet back at my old school, I had walked to P.E. wearing a frilly pink too-too complete with blond wig and, while I would probably be beaten to death if I tried that here, this kind of reminded me of that experience. The cloths Kas had lent me were perhaps a little less conservative then I might have liked, white cotton blouse, tartan skirt and ankle socks, but Jesus Christ on a crutch I looked good.

Everyone there was starting at me; ever guy and most of the girls I walked past were either giving me the quick up and down loot or else ogling blatantly. Most people might have been put off by this but for me it was empowering, like I was in total control of everyone who started at me.

It was also probably one of the biggest turn-ons I have even experienced, and after what had happened with Kas the previous night I was feeling a lot more comfortable about feeling sexy as a women.

I had adopted the form of one Jessica Pical; she was the girl who I guess theirs is one of in pretty much every school. The insanely hot, unattainable beauty that hides a personality so evil that she made demons from the darkest pits of hell seems like kindergarteners.

I had been a little worried that by taking her form I might have ended up like her, something I once heard about vampires. It was lunch time and the halls were crowded as I made my way through the school towards the AV room. This was basically where the teachers kept all the TV's, cameras, projectors and other stuff for classes. It was manned by a small group of people who were basically the pinnacle of nerds in the school.

I often thought that the reason that they volunteered for the job was so that they had a safe haven from getting flogged every lunch. I knocked on the door and could see someone trying to peer at me at me through the frosted glass. After a moment or so the door unlocked and I could see a be-speckled eye looking at me through the crack.

I smiled in a way I thought was friendly, but must have looked like more than that because I heard whom ever the eye belonged to stumble back and fumble with the catch on the door. It took them maybe a little longer then you would have expected to open up but when the door finally swung open I saw that it was Kyle, and he was looking somewhere between terrified and excited.

Kyle was a guy I had known from around, nothing major, just someone I'd say 'What's up?' to in the halls. Also I had once made my self known when he was getting harassed by a pair of douche bag one day but really that was about. Looking down at him, I was about a foot taller then him even in my default state and Jessica was still a good few inches on him, I came to wonder how he had managed to survive here as long as he had.

The guy looked like he'd was malnourished and the ginger hair and thick rimmed glasses didn't really help his cause. "Hi…hi, Jess, Jessica I mean," he stammered, it occurred to me then that they didn't really get that many visitors to the AV room, much less blond bombshells like I was now. "What, ah, I mean how can I…um can I do? For you that is?" he finally managed to get out. I just smiled at him and watched as he almost fainted, this was cool, like having a super power, another super power that is.

I walked in to the dim dusty room and turned to see Kyle shutting the door behind us, as if hoping to hide this beautiful woman from the rest of the school. "Hey Kyle," I said, still a little put off by the high girly voice that I saw speaking with "I was hoping that you could help me with something?" he nearly fainted again when I said his name, I suppose he was surprised to find out that the hottest girl in the school actually knew him by name.

"What kind of a favour?" he sounded a little disappointed, thinking that I only wanted his electronic equipment instead of his equipment.

To be honest I really felt kinda sorry for the poor guy. "Well," I began, leaning back on the bench and letting the skirt I was wearing ride up even further then it had already.

"I need a camera, something small that can record stuff onto itself." He looked a bit confused by this request, and for a moment I thought he would tell me to get lost, but then I put on one of that innocent little girl sort of smiles that girls can do in a way that stops any guys brain dead.

He nodded and muttered something along the lines of 'Just a sec' and, looking like his neck would snap from trying not to look at my bust line, began ferretting around to room. It took him a few moments to find what it was he was looking for.

He called it a 'fish-eye' camera; it was about half the size of a phone but had a picture and sound quality way beyond any mobile. He methodically packed it into a small cardboard box, along with some leads that I was able to guess were for charging and computer hook-up. "Now you can't let anyone know about this," he said, trying to sound stern, but the effect was kind of spoiled by the face I could see him trying to look down my top.

"If they find out I was lending this stuff to…to…to you I could get expelled." Again I really felt sorry for the poor guy; I mean this obviously wasn't the first time that a hot chick had swaggered into his little hiding place and gotten his help by shaking their ass a bit.

I was wishing that there was something that I could do for him when I noticed the bulge in his pants, quite by accident of course, and realised that my feminie walk through the halls had left me still ragingly horny. It didn't take a genius to figure out that there was something I could do for the both of us.

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I walked up to Kyle and put a hand on his shoulder, being slightly taller than him this wasn't hard. My other hand snaked around his waist until it was resting on his belt; he looked more shocked about this than anything else.

"Well," I breathed, in an intentionally sexy voice that I could tell got his attention "Seeing as how your taking such big risks for little old me, I guess I own you something special." Leaving a sweating Kyle where he stood I swung my sexy ass around and walked over to make sure that he door was locked, the last thing I wanted was this getting out.

I then made my way over to one of the desks and, turning my back to Kyle, reached down grabbed the bottom of my skirt and pulled it up over my hips, exposing the big but tight and sexy as all hell ass of Jessica to king of the nerds Kyle. Now at this point in my life I had never had any homo-sexual tendencies, never even looked at a guy in that way.

But at that moment I was in the body of a woman, an exceptionally gorgeous woman, and I was exceptionally horny. I bent forward over the waist high bench until I was resting on my elbows, I could hear Kyle breathing heavily behind me and that just got me even more turned on. "Well come on then," I said, turning to look back over my shoulder.

Kyle was wearing a look of utter disbelief, he must have thought that this was some kind of elaborate gag designed to get him in deep shit or simply make him look foolish. Then he started looking around at the walls and shelves in a totally random way and I was worried that he had totally spazzed out on me; then all of a sudden he walked over and grabbed my round feminie haunches in one hand while the other reached into his trousers and began fumbling with his cock. I turn around to face forward again, anticipation heightened by the feeling of his hand on my ass.

I unbuttoned the top button of my blouse with one hand and reached down, rubbing my nipples which were erect and eager to be touched. Suddenly Kyle seemed to get his act together and pulled his cock out of his trouser. I felt it slap against my butt and he started rubbing it up and down my ass crack. It felt amazing, his warn hard dick rubbing against my asshole, but I didn't want to get fucked there, I wanted to get fucked in my now aching pussy. It occurred to me that Kyle had never been with a girl before and literally didn't know what to do, fortunately for the both of us I did.

I reached back between my creamy thighs until I could grasp his cock; I felt a shudder run though him as I did so. He wasn't particularly big, not like porn star huge or anything, but compared to my default form he was respectable, what I would consider to be average. I better positioned myself and guided him into my waiting pussy, as the head of his prick slid into me I felt as though a missing piece had been replaced, like I was whole again. He pushed his way deeper and deeper in to me, not knowing what Jessica would have really felt like I had opted to make her vagina as tight as possible.

"Oh god," he moaned deeply, as his dick finally bottomed out in me "You're so tight. Are you sure you're not a virgin?" "You sure know how to make a girl feel good," I groaned back at him, not turning around, just enjoying the fullness I was feeling.

"But seriously, you'd better hurry up and fuck me, lunch will be over soon." He didn't say anything, just pulled back a little and began slowly pumping his dick in and out of my pussy.

As he went I could feel myself getting wetter and beginning to loosen up. As I did so he began picking up pace, grabbing hold of my ample hips and slamming his cock into me as hard as he could. The feeling was amazing, it was like, when I was a guy there's that little spot right under the head of you prick that I basically the centre of all the sensations.

Well as a woman it was as if the inside of my pussy was lined with similarly sensitive spots and every time his Kyle's manhood slid over then a shot of pleasure was sent through me body. The faster he went the better it felt, I don't know if it's like this for every girl or if it just had to do with the transformation that I had undergone but as far as I was concerned faster was better.

"Come on," I grunted, lifting myself up on one hand while the other fondled my erect nipple. I started grinding my hips around on his dick as if I was dancing and heard his breathing heavily behind me. "Fuck me harder, make me cum." Many things could be said about Kyle but you couldn't tell me he wasn't accommodating. He picked up speed and I lowered myself back down to give him better leverage. I leaned down so that my tits were now only just brushing the top of the desk and I started driving myself back every time Kyle thrust into me.

The result was that my nipples were brushing the rough wooden surface with every movement and all this together was driving me wild. We were both going nuts, my hips were beginning to buck uncontrollably as I tried to get more of his length into me and Kyle was panting like he was hyperventilating and I could feel his hands digging into my waist as he tried to hold on for the ride.

"Oh shit, oh crap, I'm gonna, I'm gonna cum!" yelled Kyle, leaning like he was trying to do a backflip. "Cum then," I heard my self shouting in Jessica's sensual voice, "I'm cumming too. Fuck me I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" My pussy contracted around Kyle's cock and a shock wave of pleasure rocked through my body. My arms and legs went ridged as I screamed my lungs out to the wall in front of me.

As I did so if felt to warm splatter of Kyle's cum shooting deep into me and heard him making almost as much noise as I was, almost.

Our screams were drowned out by the ringing of the lunch bell, probably a good thing it went off when it did or half the school would have heard us cum together. Hell for all I knew they all did anyway, they might well have, the amount of noise we were making. I knew I was going for late for class but I didn't care, I took the both of us a moment to recover until finally I felt Kyle slip out of with a reluctant grace. He seemed very happy with himself, I mean, it wasn't as if he had just lost his virginity to one of the hottest girls in the school, but he had made her cum, holy crap had he made her cum.

"Can this just stay between the two of us?" I asked as I straightened my cloths. "Who would believe me anyway?" he said in a strange tone, like he knew some who just might.

I picked up the box of stuff and made my way out of the AV room, as I left I saw Kyle flop down into a chair and tuck his dick back into his trousers. Walking through the now empty hall I wondered just what would happen if anyone found out the Jessica Pical had shagged Kyle, well, if it did get out Jess would never hear the end of it. But I didn't care; anything that happened to her would be more then well deserved. I switched back to my default form in the boys room and changed into some cloths that wouldn't get me branded as a cross-dresser.

I packed the camera gear in my bag and made my way off to class. As I walked a strange though occurred to me: What had happened to Kyle's cum? I couldn't feel it in me anywhere and not that much leaked out, so where had it gone? Had it been absorbed into my body, or was I in danger of getting pregnant? Now wouldn't that be funny. I put the thought from my mind and started thinking of what I was going to be doing this afternoon, I had the gear, and now I was going to use it to get something that just about everyone in this school wanted.

To Be Continued…