Chaturbate hotnwild mamada y anal con jovencita de colombia

Chaturbate hotnwild mamada y anal con jovencita de colombia
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Carrie squeezed her legs together and tried again to concentrate on the report she was reading. It had been a difficult morning to be at work.


Her thoughts were off in a fantasy world and she didn't particularly want them to get back to reality. She had dreamed during the night of running naked on a beach, of wild stallions with massive erections and an assortment of unknown men getting pleasure from her.

When she had awakened this morning, she had found herself gently rubbing her swollen clit with her fingers. From the flowing wetness between her legs, she had known that she had been doing this for some time and continued until the time had forced her out of bed.

As she had dressed, she deliberately neglected to select a bra and the satiny fabric of her dress still caressed her erect nipples. Normally, she may have been uneasy at work by her obvious lack of undergarments but today it only heightened her excitement. The pointedness of her nipples had drawn glances or an outright stare from every man who had walked into her office and she had made no effort to conceal them.

She had frequently leaned back in her chair, resting her arms on the arms of the chair as the men attempted to carry on legitimate office protocol. On more than one occasion, they had left her office holding papers in a peculiar fashion in front of themselves. One such occurrence had just taken place with one of the men she found especially appealing and this had been responsible for her pressing her legs together.

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She regretted not having her fashionable short hemline pulled even higher than it had been, possibly allowing a glimpse of the lacy garter belt that she wore. She smiled to herself as she thought of her wicked fantasies. If he only knew that she never wore panties, it would please her. How would he have reacted if he had known that she had mentally pulled down his pants and slid her mouth over his erect tool as he stood talking to her?

Carrie entered the bathroom and, locking the door behind herself, slid her hand up between her legs. In only a few seconds, the first of several orgasms pulsed through her body. She leaned against the wall for support. What she really wanted was a throbbing, erect cock stroking in and out of her but this would have to do for now.

A little later, after the flush had gone from her face, she returned to her office. Though the quick masturbation had been immensely gratifying, it had done little to change her mood or alter her desires. She had turned down two luncheon invitations and chose instead to walk in the downtown mall.

The wind caused the skirt of her dress to flip around wildly at times and she could feel it press tightly against her excited pubic area. She walked aimlessly, looking in store windows, watching the people and enjoying the warm sun. Was it by accident or subconscious thought that she found herself in front of an adult bookstore that was on a side street from the main mall area. Pausing briefly, she entered. The brightly lit interior surprised her.

She had thought of these places as being dark and secretive. Several men looked her over as she walked in and their eyes became riveted on the protruding nipples that were clearly outlined by her dress. The assortment of sex toys that were openly displayed drew her attention. As she looked them over, a few of the men came over to stand near.

She felt the obvious bulge from one as he stood behind her and gently pressed himself against her rear. Another commented on a particular phallic object's ability to stimulate and added that it, of course, couldn't compare to the real thing. How well she knew! Brushing hands seemed to feel her all over as she stood looking at the display of devices. The objects varied wildly in design and color, from two and three inch long extensions to eighteen inch dildos that were massive in circumference.

Vibrators came in models from a set of tiny balls to those over a foot long and were either hard plastic or covered in soft flesh like material. One even had a natural looking foreskin that slid down on the shaft as it was stroked. Several of the men moaned as she picked it up to slide her hand up and down on the cool shaft to see how it worked.

Flesh colored rings covered with soft rubbery tips were everywhere, along with lotions and creams that promised hours of enjoyment. She finally selected several of the rings and a couple of the flesh like dildos, including the one with the lifelike foreskin. A man offered to show her how they were all used. She thanked him but said that she already knew and didn't have the time anyway. His hand gently but firmly squeezed her rear through her dress and another slide his hand down her shoulder and into the vee of her neckline.

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She felt his fingers caress the softness of her breasts and circle over her nipples. She made no attempt to escape and soon had several hands rubbing and probing her body. She felt fingers of two different men explore her wet hole.

She moved her legs further apart as they both slipped inside. She could tell that her wetness was dripping down her legs and she pressed down on the digits that had so quickly filled her. The sign over the draped door stated "X-Rated Movies - 25 cents". She had just noticed it. She made a few more selections from the display and gave the man behind the counter her credit card. As soon as he had placed the items in the bag, she picked it up and made her way to the draped door.

She knew that her audience would follow and the desire to try some of the devices she had selected had overcome her. Inside was a larger room lined with several small cubicles. Each cubicle was covered from view by a curtain. Carrie selected an empty one and, pulling the curtain aside, entered a three foot by five foot area containing a small screen on the wall and a fabric covered chair. Without re-closing the curtain, she hurriedly unbuttoned the front of her dress and stepped out of it, draping it across the back of the chair.

She stood in only her garter belt, stockings and high heels. As she turned to the front of the booth, she could see that the men had all followed her into the room and were gathered around the front of the booth. Sitting down on the front edge of the chair, she took a large hard plastic vibrator from her bag.

She turned it on, leaned back, spread her legs and pressed it into the slit that was still dripping wet. The high speed of the vibrator made her tingle as she placed its tip directly on her swollen clit. Her legs opened further and draped over each arm of the chair.

Her cum was running out and coating the hard phallus in her hand. Her free hand clutched her breast and her eyes closed as the sensations came over her. As Carrie pressed harder with her plastic tool, one of the men slipped one of the rubbery rings over the foreskinned dildo and slowly slid it into her.

She was pleased at how natural it felt and raised to meet the thrusts he was now providing. As she occasionally opened her eyes, she could see that the men were taking turns using the dildos on her.

She knew that her legs were as wide as they would go and that everyone was watching as the tools slid in and out, being covered with her own white fluid. After a while, this proved too stimulating to control and a shattering orgasm overtook her.

Her moans were easily heard throughout the building. The vibrator, still running, fell to the floor after the third such climax. Carrie's legs remained hooked over the chair arms. Opening her eyes to the rustling sounds, she saw one of the men leaning over her and felt the end of his cock as it sought entry. She guided it with her hand and moaned as he rammed its full length into her. He stroked in and out rapidly and within a minute or so groaned as the gush of hot juice pulsed out of him and into her full cunt.

She joined him as he came off. As he withdrew, she could feel the rush of fluid run down her crack. Almost immediately, another took his place. As he entered, everyone could hear the sucking noise that her dripping hole was making on his tool.

This one, larger than the last, stroked slowly and she could feel the little tips of one of the rings as it caressed her protrusion. He stimulated both of them for several minutes, causing some of the other men to get impatient.

After he had released his load into her and pulled out, the others picked up her chair and moved it to the center of the larger room. As the third one ran his length into her slit, another pressed the tip of his erection against her lips.

Her mouth opened and took him. Both men pumped in her as she shivered with orgasm after orgasm. During a brief rest, Carrie walked through the draped door into the main room. She was still dressed only in her garter belt, stockings and high heels. A quick call to the office informed them that she would not be back this afternoon. Something important had come up! Several men in the outer room had come into the store since she had first gone into the movie area and when she returned to her chair, they all followed, joining the group that was already there.

In moments, the new comers had joined the activity. Carrie's legs were again draped over the arms of the chair and, one after another the men stuck their cocks into her. They could feel her muscles clamp around them as they pushed in and pulled out. Her contractions were involuntary and simply a response to what she was feeling. She soon lost track of how many men had been in her or of the number of times she had come off with their pounding cocks.

Her stockings had become soaked and she slipped them off. She ran her fingers into her open cunt and then sucked them to taste the flavor of those who had already entered her.

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She could not get enough. There were not enough men in this city to take care of her right now. She needed more. She wanted more. As the afternoon progressed, she got more.

She pressed her cunt up to meet each of them and thrilled at the feeling when they shoot their hot juice into her. Finally, the young black man who ran the store, came into the room. He commented that they had best call it a day. He was afraid that someone might believe that the store had arranged the whole thing and close them down.

Carrie opened her legs wider and invited him to be her last for now. It took no encouragement for him to accept the invitation. As he lowered his pants, Carrie reached out to take his rod in her hand. It was just what she needed for a finale. Erect, it was a full 13 inches in length and much larger than she could reach around with one hand.

She used both hands to stroke it before she guided it inside. Within a few strokes, he had its entire length in her and she screamed with pleasure.

The wet liquid continued to drip out as she humped up to meet his thrusts. She was coming off on almost every stroke.

Carrie had never taken such a large cock and found that her enjoyment matched its size. After many minutes of almost continual orgasms for her, he uttered long and low guttural sounds as he stiffened even more and shoot off a huge load of white jism into her.

She felt it spray against the end of her cunt and nearly fainted from the lustful feelings that overcame her. When she regained her composure, she could smell the musty odor of sex all over her. She put her stockings in the bag with her new toys and, thanking the men who were still there, left the store.

She headed home where she knew she would continue her activities. Her satisfaction was nearly complete.but not quite! Now she was going to go home to Doug.

It had been a good business trip. Things had flowed smoothly and a contract had been concluded earlier than Doug expected. It was good to get home in the middle of the afternoon and get out of these business cloths. He fixed a jug of Margaritas and went to the top deck to relax.

If the neighbors hadn't gotten used to me running around naked yet, they had just as well move. Modesty was not a big thing with either Carrie or himself. More correctly put, maybe lack of modesty was a big thing with them. As he sipped the first drink, he became aware of how horny he was. His cock persisted in jutting out in front. It had been four days since he left town and that was too long for it to be inactive.

The busy schedule of the trip had preventing his thinking about sex to any extent but the relaxation now was putting the real priorities into focus. He stroked his cock slowly, wishing Carrie was here to take care of it but knowing that she didn't leave work for another hour or two.

By the time he finished the second drink, it was fully erect all the time without even touching it. The afternoon sun was very warm and he lay back in a chase lounge to touch up his all-over tan. A half hour or so had passed when Doug heard the front door close and Carrie saying a "Hello". He replied that he was on the top deck, had some Margaritas and all she needed was a glass. It was about then that he realized that it was too soon for her to be home but that it was certainly a pleasant surprise.

A few seconds later she came up the steps leading from the patio to the deck. A wide smile was on her face as she appeared and she was making some comment about hoping that he had gotten home early. As she came into full view at the top step, it was very obvious that she had not been at the office for some time. Her dress was unbuttoned its entire length, she was wearing no bra and her stockings were missing. Only her garter belt and heels accompanied her dress for attire.

She carried a large plastic shopping bag in one hand and an empty glass in the other. Doug returned her smile and, although he knew, he asked what she had been doing.

There was little question about that as the smell of sex was all over her. He poured the margaritas. "I've been getting my socks fucked off," she replied, taking a long drink from her glass.

She spread her legs slightly as she stood in front of him. The inside of her thighs were wet. She dumped the contents of the plastic bag at the end of the chase lounge.

Her very wet stockings tumbled out along with an assortment of dildos, vibrators and cock rings. The items were all covered with wet and dried cum and the stockings were twisted around and over them, producing a solid mound of musty smelling sex tools. "I've been shopping too and I got even more than I bargained for," Carrie grinned. Doug's cock was sticking straight up and he reached over and felt her cunt.

It was sticky and wet and matted with cum. He could feel her pinch as he touched her and she uttered a soft purr. She sat on the lounge next to him with her legs spread and told a story of having sexy dreams this morning, going to work horny, going for a walk at lunch and straying into an adult book store. Doug's cock throbbed as she talked and he began stroking it slowly as she told of being felt and rubbed and then virtually inviting a group of men to watch her masturbate and to fuck her.

She was rubbing her clit as she described the events and soon came over, straddled Doug's legs and lowered herself on his erect tool. It slid into her easily. Her cunt was dripping and well stretched from her visit to the bookstore. She continued telling her story as she rocked back and forth on his stiff rod, pulling it nearly out and then dropping back down until she took it all inside her.

At one point, she rose off his cock long enough to put one of the rings over his erection and then again slid it into her snatch.

Her dress had long since fallen away and the odor of her afternoon was strong even though they were outdoors. She told of losing count of the number of men who had fucked her and jokingly complained of having a sore mouth from sucking on so many big cocks.

Her cunt got especially wet as she described her last cock.

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It was certainly no surprise that her cunt should be as big and wet as it was. A very well hung black had taken care of her just before she left the store. To hear her describe him, he could have easily been a dark, wild stallion instead of a man. He had obviously pleased her, as had the others, but not satisfied her; a feat frequently difficult to do for anyone.

Her mood was still lusty and wanton.


Doug's cock was enjoying the result of her feelings. She rose again from his erection and lay down on the adjoining lounge chair. Her legs were wide and she spread open the puffy lips of her pussy with her fingers.

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"Can you see the cum and cock juice?" she asked She wasn't really looking for an answer. She had mostly wanted to have him look into her wet hole. She knew it turned him on to have her be whorish and it turned her on to be looked at in such a manner. She spread it open as wide as she could and stuck all the fingers of one hand in and pumped them in and out. They were covered with white liquid as she withdrew them and suck each finger clean.

She then asked that he stick a dildo in her and requested the one that was about 14 inches long and 2 1/2 inches across. It met little resistance as about 8 or 9 inches disappeared inside her.

He stroked it in and out while she stuck her legs high in the air and, grabbing her knees, pulled them as far apart as they would go. "Get the camera and take some pictures of me," she insisted. "Not the Polaroid! I want the guys at the drug store to see these when I take them in to get developed. They always go through the envelopes when they get back and I want to give them a show." Doug hurried down to get the camera case.

It was kept loaded with film and lenses mostly for just such occasions. It took only seconds after he got back to start shooting away. Her legs were still raised and she pushed the huge dildo in as far as it would go. Click! She pulled it out until only the tip was touching her lips. It was coated with cum. Click! She put her mouth down over it and sucked as she spread her cunt with the fingers on the other hand. Click!

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His cock throbbed as he looked through the viewfinder. Maybe the guys at the drug store will at least leave the negatives!

She got on her hands and knees facing away from me and, holding the base of the dildo against the cushion of the lounge, pumped up and down as he took wide angle and close up shoots of her show.

One roll of film after the other went through the camera as she twisted and turned, using all of the devices that had been in her shopping bag.

Doug could finally no longer be a cameraman. He sat the camera down and shoved my face into her dripping cunt.

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His tongue flicked her small erection while she moaned and thrust herself up to meet him. Her orgasms were load and long and he knew that much of that was for the neighbors' benefit. She got off on letting them hear her almost as much as she did in letting them see her.

He replaced his tongue with his cock and pounded it into the gaping hole between her legs. He could feel the wetness again coat his prick. The enlarged head rubbed the inside of her and produced an exquisite sensation over his body.

He masturbated! He pumped his cock hard and fast and then slowly, each time shoving it in as deep as it would go. Her muscles were like a wet mouth sucking on his erection, pulling the load of cock juice closer to spurting out. Each stroke sent electric shocks down into Doug's balls and his own groans joined hers.

Her tongue roamed his mouth and he sucked it. His toes curled into the cushion and he held her shoulders so that the thrusts would not push her away.

It was obvious that she too was masturbating with his prick. Her eyes were half open and glazed.

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She didn't care where she was or who was with her. She simply was allowing the animal desires to control her body and mind. He continued to ram his stiff cock into her as his balls banged against her ass with each stroke. Though he wanted to continue forever, he also wanted to feel that surge of release that comes with orgasm. He could finally not hold back any longer.

Doug's cock stiffened and contractions started deep between his legs. The gush of white cum shot out of the end of his cock and into her already wet snatch. One squirt and then another and another! His cock was pumping out its juice in long gushes and he could feel it running out of her and down her crack, covering his hair and balls as it went. They were both moaning and screaming as the orgasm peaked and then subsided with both his cock and her cunt pulsing with contractions.

She sucked the last small streams of cum out of him with her smooth, wet pulses. They lay exhausted with sleep rapidly overtaking her. Many hours later, the rays of the rising sun awakened her, laying with cum covered legs still spread, in a pool of wetness caused by the excitement of the afternoon.