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Chinese couple fuck hard on sofa
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Harry Potter and the Spellbook of Desires Chapter Twenty-Six Ron's Happy Birthday Part One Morning Wood Disclaimer: This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, nor does it have any affiliation with its author.

Story Codes: mf, cream pie, grope, hp, inc, magic, spank, unif The Second Task of the Triwizard Cup had gone exceedingly well for Harry Potter; not only did he manage to score extremely well; he was able to take advantage of three very attractive and unconscious girls.

Hermione, Cho Chang and Gabrielle Delacour had all been at his mercy; tied to a post, deep under water and completely defenseless.

Instead of getting caught molesting three innocent girls, Harry had been rewarded extra points from the Judges for his valor and a little something extra from Gabrielle's gorgeous older sister, Fleur. And because Ron had helped Fleur's sister also, Fleur promised to properly thank both of them as soon as possible.

She told them that she'd fuck them both whenever and wherever they wanted, just for saving her little sister. Harry and Ron had decided on Ron's birthday, a week after the Second Task, as the perfect day for plowing the young French witch, who was all too eager to satisfy their sexual lust.

Hermione's day had gone quite differently than Harry's; she had been placed in a coma-like state for the Second Task, violated repeatedly by angry and retributive house elves and then to cap it all off, was taken advantage of by one of her best friends while she remained in a dormant state several feet below the surface of the water.

However, both sexual violations were done onto her while she remained unconscious and although the house elves blew several loads of cum in and on Hermione, there was no physical evidence to link them to any acts of sexual delinquency. Since the end of the Second Task, Hermione and Ginny had been having a very difficult week; both had revealed to each other that they had caught Draco Malfoy stocking them wherever they went.

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One minute, he was completely visible and the next he was gone. Hermione postulated that Malfoy was tracking both her and Ginny's movements, formulating a plan to ambush them and subjecting them to some sick and perverted spell work.

After Hermione told Ginny about what she believed Malfoy was up to, the two decided to stick together between classes in order to be a more difficult target for the sexual predator.

Hermione was sick of being Malfoy's little sex toy and although Ginny had only once fallen into one of Malfoy's dastardly schemes, Hermione was sure that Ginny would soon become a very visible target. Like Hermione, Ginny had developed into an extremely attractive and desirable teen, but unlike Hermione, Ginny fully intended to explore her sexuality. However, she did agree with Hermione in having no intention of letting Draco Malfoy sexually molest her without expressed consent.

There was only one problem with trying to stave off Malfoy's underhanded and somewhat elusive tactics; they had no way of defending themselves or exacting any kind of suitable revenge. There was only one thing to do; they had to get their hands on the Spellbook of Desires. After the Yule Ball, Hermione had long suspected that the book had found its way back into the hands of Harry and Ron. The sight of Ron slamming the full length of his thick shaft into the all too eager Padma Patil during the Yule Ball had convinced her that he had somehow tricked the relatively innocent teen into succumbing to his sexual advances.

It was because of this that early on Monday morning, the duo decided to meet in the common room and formulate a workable plan to get their hands on the valuable book. 'We'll split up, you work on Harry and I'll work on Ron… We have to make them give us that damn book!' said Hermione, telling Ginny the plan for getting the magical book in the process. 'Do anything you have to… We need that book!' Hermione emphasized, as she hiked up one of her new skirts a few inches.

She had ordered several new sets of clothes since the house elves had been stealing and shrinking all her older clothing.

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It was extremely ironic; that after she no longer had to wear the short slutty skirts, she now needed them the most.

Ginny quickly caught on, hiking her skirt up even higher than her friend, as if she was competing in 'Who's the Biggest Slut' competition. Hermione reflexively undid one of shirts buttons, showing a little more cleavage in the process. Ginny smirked and left Hermione to find Harry, while Hermione went the other way to find Ron. Hermione had overheard Ron talking about getting an early start on Monday and going down to the Owlery to send off some mail.

She therefore decided to make her way out to the Owlery to see if he had made his way. Ron had fully intended to go out to the Owlery to send an order out for some Chudley Cannons sportswear.

Harry had given him a catalog and told him to pick any one thing and buy it. But because it was his birthday and because he wanted to sleep in as long as possible to rest up for their scheduled afternoon foray with Fleur Delacour, Ron had told Harry to run out to the Owlery instead, while he slept in.

Dean, Seamus and Neville, having been woken up by Harry and Ron's early morning conversation, decided to make an early start and they therefore made their way down to the Great Hall for breakfast, leaving Ron all alone in his bed. As Hermione ran out to the Owlery to ambush Ron, Ginny crept up to Harry and Ron's bedroom.

Because Harry had left for the Owlery before Hermione and Ginny had formulated their plan in the common room, Ginny had no idea that it was Ron and not Harry sleeping in. Before running up the steps to their room, she watched Dean, Seamus and Neville groggily stumble down the stairs and leave Gryffindor Tower for the Great Hall.

'YES!' Ginny said to herself, happy to have Harry on her own. She planned to look around for the book first, and if she couldn't find it, she'd use some of her other developing talents to discover the whereabouts of the Spellbook of Desires.

She stealthily crept up the stairs and quietly opened the door to Harry's room. The room was dark, and her eyes had a difficult time adjusting to the dark atmosphere. She looked under beds, through desks, tried opening trunks and did everything she could without waking the one other person in the room. She made her way over to the last trunk beside Ron's bed and bent over, trying with all her might to pry open the magically sealed trunk.

Ron was in a deep sleep as Ginny tried her hardest to open his trunk. He stirred in his sleep and believing he was still in a dream, he opened his eyes and looked over at Ginny, who had her ass sticking straight up, right in front of his face. He quickly noticed that her skirt was extremely short and to his utter joy, she was wearing a very tight pair of floral patterned panties.

After seeing this, Ron knew he was dreaming; he was obviously fantasizing about Hermione in her short skirt and tight panties again, and like always in his fantasies involving Hermione, he made his move by grabbing her ass. 'Mmmmmm… Harry!' moaned Ginny, not yet realizing that it was not Harry, but Ron squeezing her pert little teen ass.

Instead of turning around and reciprocating, Ginny remained still, letting Ron massage her juicy butt, while she moaned in approval. Ron, dazed and inattentive, failed to realize that Ginny had called him Harry and instead of pulling his hand of his sister's lovely and shapely ass, kept on massaging it with increased vigor.

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Just like in every other fantasy, Ron quickly followed by slowly pulling down her panties and moving his fingers towards her moist clit.

Ginny reciprocated by wiggling her ass in anticipation of being fingered; she moved her juicy ass closer to the edge of the bed and patiently waited as two fingers ran up the length of her smooth legs and towards her warm twat. She let out another low groan as Ron's fingers pressed up against her womanhood and quickly broke through the tight hole. Ginny bit her lip and continue to moan as Ron began to thrust his fingers in and out of her loosening cunny.

Ginny loved the feeling of having her pussy being stuffed and although she enjoyed the sensation of a good cock more, the quick and skillful thrusts of the two fingers in her tight pussy were more than enough to satisfy her. 'Ahhhhhh! YESSSS!' groaned Ginny, as she went through a powerful orgasm a few minutes later, feeling her warm juices roll down and out her pussy while she continued being finger fucked.

She instinctively began to thrust her hips backwards into the fingers while she went through her orgasm, attempting to extract as much pleasure from the vaginal assault as possible. Ron felt Ginny's juices roll down his fingers and onto his hand and after a few more thrusts, he pulled his fingers from her soaking wet pussy and into his mouth to taste to the culmination of his efforts.

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Ron was pleased to discover that Hermione tasted better than ever, and as he sucked the last of his sister's juices from his fingertips, he felt her cold hands pulling down his comforter and then his pajamas to get to his extremely hard six inch cock. 'Ahhhhhh' groaned Ron quietly, after he felt Ginny's little hands grasp his big shaft and tightening balls. Ron still believing that he was dreaming, couldn't remember the last time one of his fantasies had felt so good as Ginny worked both her hands on his cock and balls.

If there had been just a little more light in the dark room, both Ginny and Ron would have realized who they were with, but because the darkness effectively concealed each other's identities, both brother and sister continued with their incestuous acts.

'Mmmmmmm!' moaned Ginny, as she put her mouth down on the bulging cock and began sucking on the tip. She hadn't had the good fortune of tasting much cock lately and as the tip of her tongue playfully flicked across the tip of Ron's penis, she quickly remembered how much she loved the taste of a good dick.

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Ginny couldn't believe how good Harry's cock tasted and after a few minutes of sucking the tip, her desire to engulf even more of the flavorful lollipop overpowered her. She quickly engulfed the entire six inches and began deep-throating the tasty cock in long smooth strokes.


Ginny may have been a rookie, but it was quite obvious that she was a natural, as she had no difficulty in accepting Ron's six thick inches of raw manhood.

Ron's endurance was quickly waning as his cock was continually engulfed, something that usually never happened so quickly in his usual fantasies, but Hermione's skill at sucking cock seemed to have improved greatly since his last little fantasy.


Before he blew his load however, Ron managed to push Ginny off his throbbing cock just in time. Although the blowjob was one of the best he had ever experienced in his dreams, the thought of blowing his load before slamming his shaft into Hermione's sweet teenage snatch was unthinkable. As Ron's cock cooled off from the near orgasm, Ginny started tearing off her clothes; she knew what was coming, and was out of her clothes and on the bed in less than a minute.

She lifted her leg overtop of Ron and straddled his waist in preparation. Before guiding his hard six inches into her moist and clutching teen pussy, Ginny leaned down and gave who she thought was Harry, a long deep kiss, forcing her tongue into his mouth and passionately making out with him.

Ron, although still in a dreamy state, responded to the kiss by wrapping his tongue around who he thought was Hermione's explorative tongue. As they continued to make out, Ron felt a hand reach back and grip his hard six inches, guiding it slowly towards her wet tight twat.

Ginny continued to passionately kiss who she believed to be Harry as her hand gripped his cock and moved the tip towards her wet hole.

She slid it in slowly and although she had already had an orgasm, her slick hole was still extremely tight. Ginny let out a few painful grunts of exasperation as she moved her shapely ass down, slowly engulfing more of Ron's manhood into her pussy Again, Ron was astonished at how tight Hermione was; his usual fantasies involved Hermione being tight, but nowhere near as vice-like as the Hermione in his current dream. Ron groaned in slight discomfort as more and more of his cock was swallowed up by Ginny's eager teen pussy.

Ginny's pussy clamped down harder and tighter on Ron's stiff dick as she continued to slowly slide down pole. Her pussy became more accustomed to Ron's width and length as time passed, and she began to slowly move up and down on his prick with a little more ease. It was still painful, but as she quickened her pace, she went through a second massive orgasm. The sensation of Ron's big prick in her tiny tight hole had resulted in extreme friction, and as Ron began moving his hips in concert with her own, the impending orgasm was imminent.

'Ahhhhh!' moaned Ginny, as she threw her head up into the air and howled in orgasmic pleasure. The orgasm was more than enough to lubricate Ron's throbbing rod, and as Ginny came down from cumming, she felt Ron's big warm hands grip her pert teen ass. 'Smack… Smack… Smack!' Ron slapped Ginny's white ass three times before he gripped her waist and started helping her bouncing by moving her ass up and down, pounding her ever-harder on his stiff cock. Ron's fantasy had completely taken over, and as he felt the familiar sensation of Hermione's warm juices roll down his cock, he quickened his pace in order to reach his ultimate goal as quick as possible.

He gripped her ass tight as he began pummeling her sweet peach harder and faster, using Ginny like a fuck doll for his own selfish fantasy.

By this time, Ginny was numb from the waist down in pleasure; she had her hands on her own breasts, massaging them, and was nearly drooling in satisfaction. Her pussy was being mercilessly pounded, her ass and tits were jiggling uncontrollably and she was in orgasmic bliss. 'Cum in Harry! Shoot it deep inside me baby! I wanna be full of cum again!' Ginny moaned in Ron's ear.

Ginny fully intended to use a pregnancy potion after her little sex session; although she wanted to have Harry's baby, she had an inkling that both her parents and Hogwarts would have a problem with a third year student getting pregnant.


After her last visit to the hospital wing for a pregnancy potion, Ginny had asked Madam Pomfrey for a few extra vials, just to be safe. Although Madam Pomfrey was concerned about Ginny's already active sex life, she consented; not wanting any student so young to go through an unwanted pregnancy. If Ron hadn't been so wrapped up in his little fantasy world, dreaming about plowing his longtime lust Hermione Granger, he would have realized that he had just been called Harry and that it wasn't Hermione's voice that had asked for him to cum in her, but his sister's, Ginny.

It was the request to fill her young cunt full of his warm cream that had caught his immediate attention, and as Ginny began to bounce up and down in rhythm with his thrusts, he knew her request was about to be fulfilled.

His panting and pace quickened and his sticky end became all the more apparent. 'UNGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!' grunted Ron, thrusting one last time as deep into Ginny's clutching pussy before spilling his hot load of sticky cum deep inside her. Ron held her hips still as his cock continued to spasm, painting her womb with massive amounts of his potent seed.

Never had he experienced such an intense orgasm in his dreams before, but as more and more of his cum poured into her, his cares melted away. So much of his hot semen poured into Ginny, it began to leak out of her with each spasm of his cock. It took several more pleasurable seconds before Ron's massive orgasm finally subsided with a final guttural grunt of release.

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Ginny buried her head into Ron's chest as she felt Ron's cock begin to spasm and ejaculated deep inside her extremely fertile teen womb. She never knew Harry could cum so much and so deep inside her, and as the last streams of seed were planted deep inside her, she completely forgot about her true purpose for seeking out Harry.

As Ron's cock finally subsided from pulsing deep inside her, Ginny remained on top of him with her head resting on his chest. She enjoyed the afterglow of their passionate love making, but after a couple minutes, she leaned in and gave him one last kiss before pulling his softening cock from her cum-filled cunny and getting off his bed.

As Ginny got off his bed and made to get dressed, Ron's eyes closed again and he quickly and truly fell back into a deep sleep, unaware that his dream had not been fictional, but real, and had not been with Hermione, but his sister, Ginny. Ginny, almost just as clueless as Ron, pulled on her panties, skirt, and dress shirt, forgetting all about her mission to get the Spellbook of Desires and instead, walked off towards the door; tired, satisfied, and full of hot sticky cum.

Instinctively, Ron pulled his pants and bed covers back over himself as he began dreaming and snoring again.

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Just as Ginny walked out of Ron's bedroom and down the stairs towards the common room, Hermione came running in through the portrait hole. Hermione had evidently run into Harry on her way to the Owlery and had asked him where Ron had gone off to. Harry had truthfully told her that Ron had gotten him to go to the Owlery while he slept in.

As Harry explained where Ron was and why he had sent out an order through the Owlery, Hermione could tell that his eyes were running up and down her slutty attire. Hermione quickly ran back to the Gryffindor common room ahead of Harry and the first thing she saw when she entered, was a completely exhausted Ginny. 'Bed… Too… Tired… Sorry!' mumbled Ginny, as she stumbled over to the girls' staircase and made her way up to her own room for some much needed rest.

There was still an hour before the start of class, and she fully intended to get a power nap in before struggling through a long day. She knew nothing would quite match up to the amazing morning she had just had.

As Ginny slowly stumbled towards her room, Hermione could have sworn that she could just make out a small trickle of a white substance rolling down one of her inner thighs. It would be up to Hermione to extract the necessary information from Ron, find the Spellbook of Desires and exact some much needed revenge against the sex crazed Draco Malfoy.